MLB The Show 18 Conquest Tips & Tutorial (How to Beat Conquest)

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all right so one of the most important game modes in diamond dynasty is conquest and at the beginning of the year there's a lot of new people coming into the game and a lot of people are really confused on how exactly conquest works and even some people who had Emily the show 17 or 16 might actually still be confused on this game mode because it is a little bit you know weird how it works so but once you get a hold of it once you kind of understand what you're doing and what the actual goals are you can actually get through it pretty quickly so this is what conquest looks like it's a board game where the objective of the game is you want to control all 30 territories on the map I guess 31 considering you have one extra territory with all 30 MLB teams so you want to control every territory on the map you really want to control all 30 strongholds like this rocky stronghold this Kansas City stronghold this Texas struggle that's the like the main goal but really you want to control every single territory conquest is all versus the computer you don't have to play a single inning online against anybody else it is all against the computer and it's all three inning games and one of the reasons you really want to do conquest is because a lot of really really good rewards come out of that game mode so if we go over here to collect and we go to programs scroll down you'll see conquest has two different tabs conquest part one and then in conquest extreme at this point I'm not sure if anybody has actually finished the first conquest run-through yet but I mean look at these you get an 80 overall Gold Joaquin Benoit 81 Adrian Gonzales 81 Ron Guidry 83 Ian Desmond 84 Marco Estrada a 4 Jim Edmonds and then these ones are all question marks or haven't been unlocked yet so these could possibly be diamonds they could possibly be really good players so as you move through the conquest board over here if you press r1 you can see the missions you want to dominate all the different divisions all the different regions of the actual board so and then there's some other missions which I'm not too sure about what these are yet and then when you actually get every single territory in the map you get yourself a ten-pack bun so there's reason definitely to do conquest and then if you look at the conquest extreme mission tab this one is all like grayed out right now we don't know anybody that's in this there could be an immortal in this at this point we really don't know so a lot of good rewards are going to come out of conquest so you definitely want to get your hands on it and you just want to knock it out early because you can actually earn a lot of stubs and a lot of missions through it alright so now that we're back on the board I'm gonna show you how exactly conquest works and I'm gonna tell you guys how you should probably start off your board and tell you how you can play this game mode so you can see what I have right here I have pretty much the top left of the map I have the Mariners completely blocked off I have a pretty good amount of spaces right here but I'm actually gonna restart just for the sake of the video this only took me about like 15 minutes to do so it's like really easy to do this so I'm gonna go ahead and press Start and I'm just gonna restart my whole board boom here you go you can see I've restarted my whole board and I took my FaceCam off so you can see the game details in the bottom right corner of the screen because that's actually really important so there are four different phases in conquest you have the attack phase you have the steel fans phase you have the reinforced phase and the move fans phase so let's walk through each different phase so right now we are on the attack phase you can see in the bottom left corner it says attack expand your empire and the attack phase when done select skip phase from the pause menu so what we have right now in the bottom right we have our fans this is our first turn we don't have any territories and we have 6 million fans so what that means is that we can just press X and then we can start to branch out and extend our territory so we'll go ahead and put will go in an attack here boom attack here boom attack here I'm just blocking off my stronghold so I don't really get messed with with the CPU that much and boom once you have all your spaces with one fan you cannot make any more moves to that turn so that turn is now done we have put five five five spots on the board now we are at the steel fans phase guys the steel fans phase is completely pointless all you need to do is press Start and skip to reinforce phase basically the steel fans phase all you're doing is you press X and you can play a team and then you can take fans away from them but at the end of the day if you're trying to beat this mode fairly quickly this is just gonna be a huge waste of time you don't need to do this at all so just go ahead and skip the steel fans phase and move on to the reinforce phase now the reinforced phase this one basically lets you add on to the territories that you have already been conquering so you can see it to the left of my stronghold I have this one with one fan if I press X I can reinforce this with three million fans now the reason you can do that is for every three spots every three spots that you hold in the map so one two three four every three spots you get another million fans so I was able to do that so right now we have eight million fans I should get another million after this next turn so now we're on the move fans phase this one will be useful later on down the line in the conquest board but you don't really need to worry about it right now right now your main focus should just be getting as many spaces on the conquest board as possible so we're gonna go ahead and skip this phase for now and then we are back on the attack phase so just like the last attack phase we're just trying to get as many spaces on this board as possible so we're gonna keep filling it out and keep going up and I recommend you could really go any direction that you want but I highly recommend you guys go up here to the the West like the northwest region of the map because there's a lot of open area up here which allows you to get a lot of spaces which will help you just get more fans overall so once again we're on the steel fans phase so we don't need to worry about this we're just gonna skip that every single time and we're gonna skip back to the reinforce phase so now we can do the same thing that we did last time add more fans and boom once again we have three million fans in that territory now if you look in the bottom right we have 10 million fans with 8 territories once I get another territory I'm gonna get another increment of fans so the next reinforce phase I am going to get one more set so I was able to do I put three fans here the next one I'll be able to put four so we're gonna go ahead and skip the move fans phase again and we're gonna go ahead and go over here and we'll go ahead and go over here alright so once again that move is done now we're gonna go ahead and skip the steel fans phase and now we are back on the reinforce phase so now as you can see I earned three more territories and boom I have another million fans that I can put in my territory so every three territories that you get you get another million fans so that's why having the board control and getting territories is such a big deal because it gives you more fans and it'll let you actually move along farther in this board so we're gonna keep going right here I'm just gonna kind of do a little walkthrough of this so we have the next move fans phase we're gonna skip that just like always and now we are gonna continue pushing this onto our board right here so we're gonna let's just go this way and block off the twins you don't this isn't really like like the best thing to do but anyway skipped let's skip the steel fan phase now we're going to the reinforce phase as you can see we got another three territories now we have 13 so now we have five million fans we can put in there so the more territories you get the more fans you get meaning the more uses for your your territories so now we're gonna keep attacking keep attacking and I want to show you guys what happens when you actually get up to like a well you actually have to fight another team or battle another team in a territory I want to show you guys what you should do there so once again we're gonna skip this now we got three more territories so now we are able to reinforce this one now we have six million so like I said the more territories you have the more fans you have it'll just make it that much easier on you to just keep adding territories keep getting bored control that's literally all this game mode is about is having the most bored control over every other team so here you go we are now going into the next steal fans phase and I'm one at a percent skipping this just like always and now we're on the next reinforced phase just like last time we're gonna keep adding fans into this lead territory because this is kind of our attack 1 we're gonna skip move for now and now right here I might end up having to face a team maybe not in this attack turn but maybe the next one there's a chance I'll have to face another team and we will see how that goes so I'm gonna probably have to back myself into a corner right here and boom alright so as you can see I have two fans right here and I can't make any more moves without going into another team so right here I'm going into the Mariners territory you don't want to do this right now you don't so basically what this is is you can be right here and you can choose if you want to go to this one you can attack the Mariners so you can either play the game or simulate the game you always want to simulate these games guys there's no reason to play these games the thing is I only have a medium chance to win this game and I don't want to lose this territory right now this is very important to have every territory that you can at the beginning so I really don't want to lose this so I'm just not gonna play it I'm gonna stop and I'm just gonna skip the turn and I'm gonna keep those two fans up there so now we're gonna go to the next steal fans phase okay we're gonna go ahead and skip this again and now we're on the reinforce phase so we have nine reinforcements so I'm gonna go back to the same tile and I'm gonna reinforce it with everything so now we have eleven fans in that one area and now we're gonna go ahead and skip to the next attack phase and boom so now instead of it being a one to one fight now it's an 11 to one fight so I'm gonna go over here boom attack them and now I have a very high chance of winning this game through simulating so I'm gonna simulate it ten million to one and let's see oh my god I press X and they're taking a couple fans but boom we did win the game now we have nine million and we have that territory and basically you're gonna want to keep doing this and you're gonna want to keep attacking these as long as it's a high problem there's really no point in doing it if it's medium you'll just end up losing some territories every now and then like you'll still be able to win some don't get me wrong but you're gonna lose some territories that you're not gonna really want to focus on so now I'm gonna show you guys how the move fans face works so let's say so let me just finish up this turn really quick I'm gonna simulate this on high and this one actually challenged me right there so okay so you can see I got to I don't want to face either one of these I don't want to attack their stronghold because they have eight fans in there I only have two if I do this then I have to play on legend and that's really not what you want to do you want to get these games on like rookie or veteran so we are down to two fans right here so I'm gonna go ahead and skip the rest of this attack phase we're gonna go ahead and skip the steel fans phase of course now we are on the reinforced page so let me tell you how this works this is interesting so the reinforce let's say I want to reinforce this territory right here the same territory that we've been working with and boom now we have a twelve million fans but let's say I want to actually attack a different part of the board this is where the move fans phase comes in so let's say I want to get this tile up top right here I can actually move these fans into another territory just click X on it I'm gonna move all of them over and now our fans are in a different territory you can only move one thing per move fans phase so now I'm gonna go up here get this extra tile and then we're gonna go here keep attacking all of these high probabilities sim games and then you know that's basically all conquest is guys is just getting bored control attacking territories when you have a high probability of winning and then basically surrounding each and every stronghold so that way you can play these games on rookie so I'm gonna keep Simeon I'm gonna keep stimulating these games right here six - this is a medium one so I don't really want to do that I'm gonna go ahead and skip the face so they have two fans each and you know I'm not really looking to do that so next up is gonna be the steel fans phase of course we're gonna simulate that now we have the reinforced phase and they have three each this is gonna be an interesting 117 and then we're gonna go ahead and skip this so let's see am I still gonna be able to play on hi-yah all right so hi so we're gonna take a lot of fans away from the Giants right here 14 1 13 0 nice and then I don't believe this will give me a high pro do they took that one back get out of here Giants Giants are making me mad I like to be a perfectionist and kind of block off every single team so now we have those territories out of the way right here and go hi so you guys can see what I'm doing I'm literally just trying to get as much board control as possible because that overall will give me the most spaces the most fans and it'll make it the easiest when I actually knock out these big strongholds so now none of these are gonna be a high-probability so I'm going to skip this and now I'll show you guys what happens when you actually want to attack a stronghold so you have the territories which are well the numbers are so the ones and twos and threes and stuff like that the strongholds are where the logos of the teams are the strongholds are a big deal so we're gonna go and skip this we're gonna reinforce this with 14 million fans we're gonna skip the Move fans phase so I have 14 million fans if you press square you can see how many fans they have in there so if I have 14 and I want to attack the Mariners stronghold I have the option to play on a veteran veteran is the the easiest option I have basically the more fans you have the bigger the mismatch the easier the difficulty will get normally you're gonna want to just play this on rookie but I mean veteran is you know still fairly easy so I recommend just keep working to keep working on the board and then you can just play all of these on rookie but basically that's how conquest works guys you're just gonna want to control as much of the board as possible get as many fans kind of block off as many strongholds as you can so that way when you get a lot of fans they will be much easier to play you'll be able to do most of them on rookie and make sure you guys go to the west because they have the most spaces for you to play with once you start going into the central and the east there's a lot of strongholds near each other the West is pretty wide open so it's a pretty easy way to get it started so yeah hopefully guys this conquest tutorial helped you I tried to explain it the best I can but I feel like maybe I didn't do a great job but let me know if it helped you and let me know if you understand what I was about down in the comments but thanks for watching guys drop a thumbs up on the video if you did enjoy subscribe to the channel if you're new I will see you the next one peace

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