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what is this episode so we're gonna make an episode of short and sweet wine about just trying to roller-skate in to spin on our front wheels did the question I get all the time

[Music] [Applause] just one that there's one a simple romance nothing more nothing less from you just this an identity when it's like nothing what you do how you feel as long as you can show me a good time I don't need promises honestly no big deal as long as you can show I so I'm gonna find say the first that's what this for me at least getting comfortable just balancing on my front wheels and even though my toe softer in the way I'm gonna make it work but like when I do this I can feel how my core has to be engaged and how I can like steer where I want to go I like maybe not what as well but you know up

I think another important thing to notice whenever you start to spin you should actually sink into it you don't want to like it's gonna be hard to balance it on your legs your body off

oh yeah you don't I was older with the yes looks like I think the dream is that it's spinning at Jason who's the one from that video which was beginners world prep on attempt for the most spins on toes together dig get it now what is feels like 25 or something with Allah yeah and his whole thing is like like an ice skater like you bring two sounds

my nails just kind of go but if I keep my choke when it's in then I keep it going a bit but I think the other thing is that you really you want to back in sometimes I feel it when it's not too good funny and I have both weight on one leg with the other at the boys the nicest spins or when both feet completely parallel like the whites the world okay yeah he's one side and then you Cole goes like that I got like to be with the up shell and he was saying that you should like to start closer you know because and using that the fact is that first you need to get it slow and from this load you can like see you get real comfortable exactly and he was he like first like just the middle right so he was like first by to look like the help with her top and a ball I'm never like when he is like feeling like so fast he never touched starts pirate he throws like slow and from there like the like artistic skaters it makes anything they get their balance and they have their Center and then they aggregate it yeah bring it there their hands and whether their own game and this heat is my crazy yeah that's great advice they're gonna go maybe I'll try some with that but I still got to get these toe stops off ya next time damn glass all really I'll say that they are amazing because you know you're yeah

it saves that part from being wasted right so I really like them

yeah the first step you gotta get the yeah bending what are these that's the conditioning yeah I guess I would hit my oh oh but it's what you went down huh yeah yeah straight leg oh but your I won't started to use my tombstone no I said it when you're doing them you can just go in your toy stops but just practice to get out straight then when you get it terrible I think I can't coming up like straightening my knees as I'm doing and I'm throwing

you're also like them it looks like you're not quite like when you go you're like putting your arms up and it seems like you should be more like like oh yeah I love a Jason

so reach about iron

where you looking at I don't know I just kind of do it out but my main thing is thinking about that because I think that makes it all you got to just keep

okay I got it I got it

what was yours coming so I don't hear then that's my setup my turn keep up try and keep that position all the way around that's like one two one two

you know and then I'm trying to remember all of Jason's voice cuz Jake we need Jason Jason come and visit us it's still sunny I know it's getting cold in London you should be here and then he said I think also that you can't you have to keep looking at it's like the whole thing they sayin but I would like give the string at table yeah exactly you have to keep it

okay looking of any like little steps that we could get people to like filled up getting better at this I mean I think not my thing is that I just like Oh save me before I just throw it and I just go over but just like committing just doing one like just going oh yeah I get really good at let's get one nice one complete yeah call it a wrap okay yeah this is like doing one and I'm a pepper too it's kind of hard to stop again none of us are total experts in this area so in the future maybe I'll get somebody that's pufnstuf a stable Jason waiting for you alright so uh well link Jason the caption below that you could hurt a baby so all my code while doing the most pins funny Stokes yes yeah alright so we gotta go Jason help us make this video next time until then everything that I've ever learned mostly has been just figured it out

so I'm going to say number one is just to do these like non-stop just keep going over and over do some where you spin and long if you can and do some where you limit your spins to try to spin once maybe try just spin twice you can get really comfortable balancing on those front wheels engaging that core and I bet you one day you're just gonna like unlock it and be able to spin like marijuana balanced on just their front wheels for the longest yeah [Music]

[Music] next and thank you guys so much for watching this episode of Planet rollerskate thank you for hanging out and supplying my awesome wardrobe for today look amazing a great tips I'm looking forward to ski tomorrow my friend many spins yeah be sure to LIKE comment subscribe let us know your best tip for teaching your friends how to spin on their front wheels and until next time [Applause]

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