7 Secret Erogenous Zones On Guys

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hey guys I am Danny baby and I'm here for my future husband come banks today we're gonna talk about and show erogenous zones which you're such an expert I couldn't even pronounce it I was gonna Rogen this it's a good thing you're clever yeah so for people who don't know erogenous zones are basically kind of like it's like you're hit in the g-spot so I'm gonna point these out in your body and you're gonna rate like on a score of one to ten how pleasurable they are and I kind of feel like you're a little bit of an expert when it comes to pleasure I mean I touch myself often enough and so the reason that I'm going to show you these are our gemstones is because I've been working on all these kind of like erotic very naked program things that we're doing and it's like Tantra and it's sexy and it's juicy anyway if you guys want to check that out it's called a walking your rhotic body and i'm gonna put the link down below and you can watch a free preview so enjoy so what we're gonna do with you it's called body mapping people at home can do this it's great because everyone's body is gonna feel different but you're basically kind of like tuning yourself in through the parts of your body that feel really good I don't think most people realize how much pleasure of their bodies are capable of I should also say that all of them are very camera friendly except for one except for one so we'll save that one for the very end which means everyone's ass fat so we're doing right now so you ready to get started I'm ready to be touched okay I should warm ahem so are you ready for the first spot it is the foot it is the bottom of the foot Oh oh my god you want me to wipe my feet off then because my feet sweat okay please do it's not unnatural should I embrace it please like your feet well I have really big feet you know why you have such big feet though cuz I wear big shoes to balance off your giant peanuts alright it's a member of a score of 1 to 10 [Music]

poor for they're not that sensitive where I'd like someone with like really ticklish feet you could probably like do that and it would have a bigger effect okay so for this one turned sideways a little bit okay with your arms up a little bit [Music]

hey what was that oh seven and a half seven minutes high cuz you wouldn't think that that actually would feel good so the Mexican your nipples oh yeah go ham sandwich what does the against them with me they go ham like go ham but like ham sandwich just makes it more fun to say okay people are so hard and then you think I used to have me peers so what was that well mine can handle a lot so I'm gonna go like five honestly I'm used to a much more rigorous kind of like what I get in there we got wait why aren't I doing these pots to you - they're over me this is it alright so this one's a little lower so they're not gonna be able to see it but it's the insides of your thighs and legs [Music] Oh giant penis my face is a really attractive person in front of my penis I want to go with the six middle of the road the middle the road yeah this one's the earlobe alright if you're doing the earlobe yeah tweak it a little bit but suck on it for our purposes of me not sexually assaulting you I'm just gonna use my hands so there's this and then you can also incorporate the cheek intuitive by going like this like really slowly [Music] very sensual sensuous Asli essentially eight for sure and eight yeah I like when you brought the cheek into it too okay if you were in bed with someone imagine like really kind of like dominating their like body and like pulling like really kind of getting into it we're correct and so you start up at the top of the forearm you come down key fingers the spot is the armpit that's where we're headed you come down here

okay what was that that was six there's one left no this is the appropriate one so it's like underneath your balls I'm like the bottom side of your balls your gooch your taint no no no it's not so your taint is like right there oh you're talking like right underneath the belt Isis everything's happening so do you want me to do to you or do you want to do it to yourselves what is awkward I don't know you're gonna do it to me okay good straight right you are so comfortable starts my job I'm gonna go down here and I'm gonna stay up here and I'm gonna do this little part okay move this giant spring out of the way yeah there's like throw it over your shoulder and [Music]

and just climb it is it really them yeah I couldn't picture any of these spots like really like throwing me like I said through the roof it's still pleasurable enough that I could I could weather having sex or just hanging out it's very intimate this one yeah and like when you're making eye contact I'm doing it like I feel especially now we just need like with everything that's going on to have a connection yeah absolutely I don't know it just feels really good so your homework for all you guys at home is to do this for yourselves and what isn't though in the comments what is though in the comments what feels good I'm like so distracted by the fact that there's this like giant penis just like dangling down I'm so used to being naked that I don't even like think about it I guess so helicopter and you wouldn't so Calvin thanks for being here people should really follow you on twitter and instagram all right well for everyone at home thanks so much for watching and as always more to come subscribe to your

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