This Climber Has a Terrifying Moment on a Notorious Route | Nick Brown: Stone Kingdom, Ep. 4

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[Music] [Applause]

rarely get into the pocket easily come on Mina good come on Zeke come on now we've got you come on get that foot up come on come on Mina try hard come on come on come on come up keep going come on back in yeah nearly I've always had always looked at it and I get kind of like a let's talk it's just it's there and it's impressive and it makes you want I'm it

yes come on come on up up up bit more yeah right foot in the little pocket

there was a certain amount of shift in mentality to climb unfamiliar because like you say it involves some trad climbing and I'm mainly a boulder but really the hard part of the climb is like a high ball seven seas Devon c-plus to the break so I guess I kind of compartmentalized it and thought of it as a high ball bold problem then some some decent gear and then just don't mess it up

good come on Mina nice you're on it I did come on in son

Krim come on hundred percent kick up Riley pull hard come on yeah come on in come on Mina come on come on stand up there Rach come on right for a write-off come on come on it's good come on come on come on big hold massive hold come on Mina Rock up it's good go up come on you good keep going keep going up keep going up Mina yeah you going up Mina [Music] I know have a clear heart come on come on don't be like really good come on in the back of my mind although I thought of it as a boulder problem up until the break in the back of my mind there was always okay when you get to the break it's not over you know you're not at the top got me yeah right all the way up

good come on come on Mina that's what's on it's good sit round bring your left hand in come on come on I mean I mean I'm good right for come on come on Mina my mum and you good oh yeah it's good come on big jug big joke relax relax Eddie I mean a relax good hold you've got it right if you need to but I would just really rock up on that thing you could even just match it and rock over Mina so my feet were feeling a little bit like not as solid as they would normally and yeah had some had a bit of a close call [Music] [Applause] okay please out together come on just put your foot on and had to take a deep breath and I guess almost block it out pretend it hadn't happened I mean what was I gonna do you either jump or fall off climb to the top or try and down climb I mean your options are pretty limited so you just have to kind of push on



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Mina Leslie-Wujastyk is a super strong climber who has never trad climbed before. Naturally, her first attempt is on 'Unfamiliar', a notoriously hard E7, 6c (5.11b) at Stanage in the UK. The higher Mina climbs, the longer the runout, the worse the potential fall. As she's making the final moves and trying to swallow her fear she gets one final, nasty surprise that almost sends her into a huge fall. It wouldn't be climbing in England it someone wasn't scared. Director: Nick Brown Producer: Nick Brown Athletes: Mina Leslie-Wujastyk Sports: Climbing This Climber Has a Terrifying Moment on a Notorious Route | Nick Brown: Stone Kingdom, Ep. 4 ------------------------- EpicTV produces hundreds of EpicTV original extreme sports series, with new video releases every day. Visit

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