Baitman Live: Ep 16 Creature Baits! Rigging and Selection Plus New Products

by: TheBaitmanTV

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dang I miss my dream what is up everybody has joining me this evening here on the bait man page we're going to talk about creature baits tonight and as always once I get done I'm gonna upload this video to YouTube up on my channel really appreciate all the guys that's been subscribing watching the videos I just uploaded a video last night late last night like ex catching a few Jenks on Lake X so be sure to watch that video if you haven't be sure to give it a thumbs up and comment the more interaction we can get on the videos the more pushes these to the top and hopefully we can get a little add so I can buy some new cameras and some cool stuff for you guys what's up Tim hey Leo how's it going what's up trace again so it's not we're gonna talk about one of my favorite baits of all time is creature baits and I'm kind of going to avoid the beaver style baits because that's kind of a whole deal by itself so we're gonna talk about brush hogs and stuff like that hey thank you Brian I really appreciate it so do me a favor guys hit that thumbs up button for me make sure you hit the share button and we'll get going on the show but I do have a few new products I want to show you guys that just come in this afternoon literally Iran archery Tech is he's helped me put stock back in the store we've been hit really hard trying to get this place and website stock backed up for all you guys especially here during tournament season so do me a favor hit the like button share the video put it in your favorite group let's get a lot of people on creature baits tonight and I've got a few that are coming my secrets sleeper baits and I'm gonna give you some tips on rigging them as well but let's get into some new products I've had a lot of guys ask me about the Gary Yamamoto cowboy this is a new bait from Gary Yamamoto what's up Josh and it is kind of like a hybrid creature bait slash grub so this is the cowboy right here really long tails almost like a a double tail zoom Fat Albert and it's got a couple of pages right here you can Texas rig this bait you can use it on the back of a ChatterBait you can put this on the back of a football jig a very very versatile I've got several colors I'm going to put these on the website tonight after the show I'm gonna be gone for about five days I'm gonna take a little break and we'll want to get some stuff on there tonight I'm gonna do a little fishing what's up what's up brand yeah that'd be great on the back football jig you can really make a really bulky jig with this right here a back of a swim jig really really good what's up Bobby here's another color we got in this is just old famous green pumpkin candy you can't go wrong with this right here really good-looking color Matt you can fish this on the back of a football head itself like a witless Picasso brig almost like a giant spider grub I hear you David I put in a lot of hours too buddy wish I I wish I'd get a little break what's up AJ so that is the new Yamamoto cowboy it's about 4 4 1/2 inches long really awesome bait tactical bass has been talking about this I may have to take a pay take a few too late gex cuz I'm going back this weekend and I'm gonna try to catch some more James and I've got a bait I'm gonna throw a lot of guys been asking for this one too it is a swim bait and it's a big one this is from Chi Tech this is the 7.8 swing impact fat and that color right there that is electric shad and that just looks like a big old fat gizzard right there so I'm gonna bring this up on six or seven Alton jig head or maybe a ten out on a beast and slow all this up at Lake axe I guarantee I'll eat this on Kentucky Lake California I know Matt Tim's talked about it but it's basically the swing impact for eight I just did a big super super sized big meal gotta catch big bass I'm gonna try to add those up there tonight too I don't have that many but you can see this thing is like a baby laying on my arm it you know unless it have the longest arms in the world obviously don't but it's a pretty good sized swimbait but it's not real heavy just another option those gizzard shad lakes you know they'll crush this thing right here what's up Kimber Smith how you doing buddy hey Garrett rahl's Hey you're like one or two spots in front of my fishing partner at to Costa event good job today Garrett I definitely watch the weigh-in yeah load up at a rig with these things right here what's up Josh cross-layer Van Meter how's it going buddy we'll get a lot of people in yes I think this thing will move easy on a slow retrieve Matt Tim telling me it's got really good action also gonna tell you guys I'm gonna rig up underwater camera for Lake X so we're gonna try to get a lot of underwater footage a lot of baits this weekend what's up Lance Freeman a lot of my buddies joining in hanging out there at the coast at Table Rock and I wish every one of you look I wish you could all just win split it up yourself take all the money then come back to tackle freaks it's all ass just went and spent it tackle freaks ah Kevin you're fixing to see the actual creature by Yamamoto here in just a little bit so that's a couple of new products we got in also got a lot of stuff from owner hooks in we got the new owner of Ned rig heads there on the wall there on the website really nice got some new owner rigging hooks and I'm going to show you the rigging hook great for small creature baits fat bait stuff like that so I've got this big money bag full of creature bait tonight just come out of my garage and I'm gonna show you the best of the best in here what's up Barrett what's up rod and let me get a swig of mown dude and let's get started with creature baits and what better bait to start off with then the brush hog the brush hog is pretty much the first original creature bait and if you don't know what a brush hog is because not everybody watches these videos fishes all the time or knows a lot and we're trying to educate people this is a brush hog a very slender body you see a two large appendages back here always kind of reminded me of a grasshopper and then you got two long tails and you got two arms right here this color is actually called huckleberry this is a special run color it's basically like a peanut butter and jelly or a plum with a green pumpkin red top this is an awesome color what's up Michael you're right Jojo I'll tell you what it tears my rear end up sometimes in the morning but that is the brush hog now I want to show you how I like to rig it and I'm not a big fan of extra wide gap hooks but they were made for baits like this so one of my favorite hooks very simple this is Gamakatsu super-lon aw gee five all I'm going to Texas rig this bait 90% of time the other 10% I'm gonna put it on a Carolina rig this is an awesome bait for a Carolina rig because it's got all these appendages here and when you're pulling them around it really makes a lot of motion in the water these legs tend to have some swimming action so this is a five all super-lon hook extra wide gap you know it's a really wide gap on this right here great bait right now especially around shallow cover spawning time brush hog the big one is really good I'm gonna push it right here and then I'm gonna pull it out we're just gonna assume I have 17 pound fluorocarbon tied on that's usually what I roll on a brush hog creature bait and they're gonna put pull this right now and I'm actually gonna pull my eye into the bait knot for but I'll pull the eye into the bait to where it's nice and even and then I'm gonna push it down right like so this ewg hook a line up really perfect on the back of the bait and ITEX pose it if you see that hook I've just got the point into the plastic that's a good question Aaron I do think they're trying to accomplish something the same thing I think if you're on a lake that's got a lot of crawfish the brush hogs tends to get a few more bites the lizard when those fish are really spawning hard it's kind of forgotten about but man it absolutely catches them there's times you know how bass are they're finicky so there is a right way in the wrong way to rig a brush hog somebody said I'm a brush hog these two tails right here the way you know that is when you pull this bait and these things flap up go over your fingers see how they flap up that's the side you want your hook point on if you come over your finger and they don't really do much that's that's not the side I want I always want this side where they kind of really kick up that's the side I like rig up but really like a 5-volt ewg hook super line hook cuz I'm gonna throw this bait around heavy covered you 17 to 20 pound fluorocarbon now I also fish a brush all I got deep quite a bit but I'm gonna put it on a Carolina rig I will change the hook up on a Carolina rig to something like a fob lock just a standard worm hook something light wire but that is the standard size brush hog now maybe you're fishing River areas or maybe Fisher on smaller diet that's when I like this right here that's the baby brush hog very very popular you're gonna get more bites on the baby brush hog this cat colors watermelon candy one of the all-time bestsellers right here just almost very translucent and the green pumpkin they're purple watermelon candy I don't care where you go in the country they'll bite this color just gonna have a kind of a Bram color the baby brush hog I'm gonna go to the smaller ewg size hook I actually don't have one here with me go to like a three aw aw gee that's about the only Bates I'll really throw that in very slow retrieve I'm basically gonna throw it lift my raw tip drag it a little bit let's stop you can take these little baby brush hogs put them on shaky heads white color is great on bed fish as well finesse Carolina Riggins split shuttin that's that's really really good as well David it I haven't I haven't heard nothing from him I've been really busy so I checking my phone and wine but the baby brush hog has definitely been a standard on Kentucky Barkley Lakes for a long time get a lot of bites but you'll get bigger bites on this size right here and you can see the comparison baby in this hand a big one on this one right here there is also another brush hawk a lot of guys forget about this one and it is a dynamite flipping bait what's up Todd no you're the man buddy now appreciate it I hope you're selling lots of tires man I'm gonna need some soon I'm gonna have to come see we'll do a lot of video of you installing my tires so this is the forgotten bait this is the zoom super hog in a super hog is a very compact very small and it is made for punching grass mats flipping right in the middle of bushes you can use this on the back of a jig as well average weight I use depending on the water I usually don't go any lighter than a quarter ounce I don't go any heavier than a half ounce even out deep unless the winds ripping but typically in bushes I'm throwing 3/8 to 1/2 quarter ounce if I'm just going down shallow cover bank but this is the zoom super hog and personally you can put a really small flip hooking here I'll like this hook right here this is from owner this is the owner riggan hook I'll show you a little bit about it it is an extra wide gap hook but you'll notice four three off this is a very finesse size well actually in this little bitty brush hog right here the super hog this thing works really really good you see is almost the perfect size for this super hog you know it's not a super line right there you can see how good this rigging hook goes up on this super hog flip that around some covers some boat docks you can put it on the back of a jig you can actually pull these tails right here apart and you'll get a little bit more action it's got two places to pull it apart you can put this on a shaky head and then you can get the standing the craw fish thing where it's it's flared out it's pissed off that right there is the super hog that is a great bass especially in vegetation yeah man no problem Todd I'll come see you soon buddy great question William do I peg the weight on these I am a guy I do not peg my weights hardly ever unless I am punching vegetation I'm not going to say pegging is the way to go or not the way to go but I've always had better luck not pegging my weight the reason is when you hook up especially in cover or open water your weight can slide up your lawn when it's right down there and those fish come up real quick I'm always worried I'm gonna lose a fish but that's a personal preference one guy say peg it all the time on guy site say don't pay it so that's totally up to you on doing that now let's uh let's get into some mother company stuff let me put these to the side here let's talk about strike king real quick here's a great bait from strike king and it caught on fire last year very underrated bait is called the space monkey and very popular actually in Alabama Georgia I sell a lot of these down there to Georgia it's kind of a hybrid it's kind of a cross between a rage craw and a brush hog and this colors Falcon Lake crawl really good a lot of guys ask about a green pumpkin in red that is a really really really good creature bait space monkey very popular Lake Dardanelle guys really like this bait again if you want to you can pull these arms off and you're basically making a different version of a rage craw you can pull the legs apart I'm going to rig that just like I do a brush hog I'm gonna use the ewg style hooks on these baits right here and that is the space monkey from Strike King rage Tail now there's another bait from Strike King I'm gonna talk about and it's kind of a beaver style bait so let me get out of my bag of tricks here

y'all have seen this many many times this is the Strike King structure bug and this color is smoke water blue and I love this color and I actually use it on the back of my jigs quite a bit again slim profile you could consider this a beaver bait one of the most under rated baits up there I know a lot of guys that have a lot of faith in this bait when you come to a lay down with fifteen Tarot's on it they all drop it once you still catch fish if it's got Turtles I go away from it but that right there awesome flippin bait good on a Carolina rig really really good on a wobble head that structure head with the structure bug is a very very good bait fishing out deep you can pull the arms off this thing rig it on the back of a chatter bait or a rageblade awesome awesome action I'll bet yeah but off the head put it on jig this is a super versatile bait now I won't get real picky on colors just one I'll pull out my package this is awesome on the back of a black and blue jig also by itself and dirty water so that's the structure bug and they also make a magnum version that's about inch bigger and thicker guys that like them big baits they make it so let's put that one back in the bag that's from Strike King mr. twister I'm just picking up stuff this is the pocket hog and very similar to a brush hog it's the pocket hog if somebody has got in my packing jack this bait up in the world so the pocket hog very similar to a brush hog deer are fish skirted weights fall by flipping hooks or just a jig man Seth I do not just don't have the grass here like we used to if I fish grass and definitely have a punch rig the pocket hog razor for a mr. twister this one's watermelon candy very similar to the brush hog same style a body a very slender body two arms and two appendages now that appendages on the hog razor or not is long and is the brush hog but the trade-off is the tail is the same length and Mister Twister towels are really really awesome this thing has a tendency to float a little bit more it's got the the holes in the bottom here and they kind of fill up with air and make this thing stand up quite a bit really actually probably one of the better ones on a Carolina rig I really like this very good bait they got some awesome colors mr. twister does really good price 399 for a bag that's actually cheaper than brush hog it's okay right no big deal let's see what else we got on here all right let's move on because my battery guys is last and not at all I get a drink what's up Boston Brown very underrated creature bait coming up here I have used the game hog I've got several Blake they're at my house and they're kind of the packaging so big on the game hog oh let me go gotta go get a bait real quick guys

ooh sorry about that now back you cannot forget about this right here the game hog I'm sorry the big packaging was in the rage hog but this is the game hall from strike King thought people think rage bug rage hog all kinds of stuff space monkey but they forget about the game hog which is just a little beefier profile than the baby brush hog and has a lot of action Austan if he would have called me before 3 o'clock but man I don't think I could have got them overnight a team quick enough yes net bait has a great with Jojo don't have any with me net bait makes a great creature bait but that's the game hog I think it's the mad packet or the mad Packers awesome bait I'm running out of room in this shop but I promise I'll have some mad Packers in here pretty soon yup deep on the Rhoden are good for flipping more of a beaver style bait and I'll go over those next week but the game hog is it's got that coffee scent so just take you a big sniff before you're ready to blast off in the morning you'll get you'll get the juice ready I know Chris I ain't gonna give away your secrets but I know you like these game hogs yeah timber dogs a good good bait Kyle basically it's a knockoff of a brush hog but it's got that nice charmer sin on it really stinks good you know got that good stink hopefully we'll still be able to get charmers very soon great bait they make a lot of good stuff it floats everybody likes a good beaver Jojo I don't know anybody that doesn't if they don't like a good beaver they're probably not watching this show I'm just gonna be real honest with you but let's move on somebody said kinky beaver and Kiki beaver is a really good bait from reaction innovations built like your sweet beaver but it has the two little tails at the bottom so this is going to be more of a your traditional creature style bait wish yump still made a Suzy it was yes that is a good bait but this is the Kiki Beaver for all you that like a little kinkiness and your creature bait and a lot of guys forget about this when they sweet beaver this small beaver that but this is the kinky beaver and I use a different hook on this I'll use a WG bonus you show you guys a trick very soon instead of putting your hook point down the center of this bait let me see if I can get a get this five all which is really too big for all it's perfect for the beaver instead of putting your hook right down the center your hook point because these baits do tend to split at this spot if you'll go in you'll see this go in a little bit on the side and let it come out of the side and rest in that Center you'll save a whole lot more baits right there then you will if you just put it right down the middle you can get about two more fish and that's the kinky beaver ewg style hook I've even used a straight shank with these and done really really well does your beaver stink let me smell this none of the reaction innovations kinky beaver doesn't really speak it doesn't have any scent on it it's it's just a normal plastic bait but they got a new creature bait it's been selling really really well guys and I got to use it you'll see it on YouTube pretty soon this is the manbearpig and it's it's got more of that traditional brush howl style if you've watched YouTube you've probably seen me talk about this one this color is called Kusa special like a watermelon red with some black this is a great bait very slender profile man I don't think reaction innovations makes anything that sucks I mean there might be some bass that aren't as popular as others but for the most part and they make great products and they're all pretty unique one thing cool about this to see this little triangular shape right here this is the catch the hook of your eye or your keeper on like your flippin hook your own Lake of the Ozarks I'm getting skunked man throw aspro Rock Crawler you'll catch one I say it's uh but got a couple buddies tossing that around over there but this is the keep from bust in the end allows you to catch a few more fish it really catches that like an owner jungle hook the keeper or the grip pen on a must add speaking of grip pan I'm gonna talk about that really really quickly so let me get you get one of my own baits in here we'll go ahead and talk about this bait this is a Dean Rojas fighting frog all right I appreciate it Lee we got some more coming next week so this is the fighting frog and I kind of discovered this because a lot of guys were ordering these from me and fishing South Berkeley and I thought man let me let me get up on that what is this some guys call it the angry beaver but one thing that's cool about this creature bait it's got a very good swimming action and I found that this hook right here this is the mustag grip pen max is a must-have for this bait and it's actually probably one of the best hooks you can use for a d-bomb as well so I'm gonna show you why I like this hook so much and this is a for art size for our trip in max there's two sides to the the fighting frog there's a this side right here which is flat and then there's this side with the ribs in this little pocket so I'll personally rig it with this side facing the go in I come out at the first part of that little middle section if you can see that right there and this grip pan has the little pin and this is the holder bait come on down with it and I'll pull that hook until that grip pin is right there and then I'll go down and I'll push this thing up and you see that grip pin is holding the plastic on that bait and then this little slit kind of covers the hook point this baits a little tough to get the point buried in but man this thing will straight catch them you see that grip pen has got a hole to the head it's gonna keep your plastic from balling up on the hook set you'll catch a lot more fish like this this makes pretty weightless I really like this to pitch it right near a bush and let it sit there go up and down and then swim back to the boat that is a must add grip pen max flipping hook this is a four off they also make them an e WG as well which is really really good with these creature baits cuz this bulky plastic you don't want it to bulk up on a flipping hook and the way that pin is right there it just does not allow that plastic to do that so but the fighting frog is a sweet bait I actually really like this bait got some on stock on tackle freaks calm let me put this back in the package see what else we got in here see what else I got

I don't have any D bombs from what I've got is the missile Bates destroyer the destroyer is probably one the largest profile creature baits out there and as John Cruz said on our show a couple of weeks ago a really awesome betting bait very big large profile great on betting fish great on the outsides of grass you can swim this thing you can really slow what's up Jesse again the grip pin is a good hook for this if you're gonna flip it and let me find a D bomb and show you guys this real quick and I wanna give kudos to one of my buddies over at Murray State showing me this because I personally had trouble using ewg hooks or other flipping hooks and getting hooked up this colors dill pickle beaver bait you can see the difference d bomb destroy or the Destroyers a little thinner definitely a lot longer on the tail you're gonna get more of a swimming action than a flapping action but big tip for it so same thing on the D bomb I'll look this is why I like the grip pin come in and you pull it down in that little pin on these D bombs really holds right there in the plastic and all you got is just push that hook through and the cool thing is these ribs make it very very easy to Tex pose that plastic and you're ready to catch a few jinx they make a grip pen extra wide gap hook as well if you're not very comfortable with the flippin hook so just want to show you that guys the ribs on these things really protected very good this bait right here is very good on a wobble head buzzy man does make a creature I don't really carry any Blake I do have one pack of blueberry baby brush hogs I'm loading those on the site I've almost got that Rea regular brush hogs are on there we're trying to get more and more on everyday guys I appreciate but that's the destroyer put that my pal next bait I've got here is another one from Yamamoto pit boss is repackaging power bait and that it's true errant only available Bass Pro Shop right now so if you want power bait pissed bosses you got to go Bass Pro we're coming in 2019 that'd be available to tackle freaks calm and other retailers hopefully you bomb here this is one of my favorite creature bait very underrated Yamamoto flappin hog this thing right here is one those baits the pros fish all the time and you don't hear them talk about it I know this because I've seen them in a lot of these guys boats I've seen a rigged up it is just a really deadly creature bait designed the fish of really slow this is the normal size they also make a large size what's cool about this and let's compare it to the cowboy I haven't got the same color we'll compare this to the cowboy so you can see there's some creature hog inspiration cowboy creature hog notice they got the same style body whereas that cowboy is so much bigger this one's smaller this is design a crepe more swimming action this is gonna be a flat fall and when it sits down you're gonna you see how you kind of have the defensive position of a crawdad right there that's where this baits really really good they're super soft so they do tear up easy but man this is an awesome shallow cover pitching flipping bait big-time that is that is the Yamamoto flappin haul very good bait and you a lot of guys forget about it a lot of guys are winning money on that bait as well and I'll talk about it what's up Gary with Dale let's see what else we got we just got a few more to cover about 90% of these creature baits are on tackle freaks calm guys hit that code tonight bait man save 10% off we'll get your order out to ASAP I'm gonna be gone for five days but old Benji is gonna take care of it this is another good one a very underrated bait what hook on that flappin hog I'll use like a three or a four or a WG super-lon hook we're gonna go to like a three off flippin hook on that I personally like the owner hooks very well but use whatever you're comfortable with in this is the jackal chunk crawl and it has a lot going on and it stinks yes Robert we are getting more mr. twister stick baits I made another order probably be here next week and you ordered any you'll get them since they come in again guys to do apologize because our website is not linked up with our inventory in the store just yet we got so much inventory we're trying to get that done the next couple of months make things a lot easier for you chuckle chunk craw very underrated this bait is really really good for smallmouth they like it I don't know why it also makes an awesome jig trailer very good bait and it's got some stank on it I mean it stinks it's bad do not put these around your wife she's gonna get really really mad but the cool thing about this and I've seen guys they pinch these big legs off and they have this real small trailer or they'll pinch this off and all these little things don't have a just a normal like Texas rig crawl very very good bait that color is called just black and blue usually jackal has got some crazy Club that's just black and blue right there another really good creature bait and there's so many I'm not gonna name net bait mad Packer crawls really good who else makes the charmers makes a good one riot baits oh I got to go get another bait just second from gambling got to show you but this one is won a lot of money and that is the Biffle bug Jensen all you gotta do is send me a message I'll make sure we get it taken care of this right here is the Biffle bug and as you know it's daily on the Biffle hard head I always say this is the bait with the tongue because it looks like gene Simmons hey rock and roll all night buddy party every day got the big tongue on it and it flaps behind here and this is a really good bait believe it or not this is a really good flippin bait and I know guys that actually pinched the tongue off and flip it just like that do you have a Facebook page or just a website for my stuff chase tackle freaks dot-com buddy that's a website we also have a Facebook page but this is the website for the stuff man and then you can log on to youtube and watch awesome bait man videos but without a doubt tackle freaks dot-com that's where we sell these bait said no problem Jason I appreciate it man we'll have more grinches april 25th I got a ship date on those hopefully order some more I've even seen pictures of bask on the grinch already so that is awesome but give the Biffle bug a try this my favorite Coast Guard Bama bug I have a green pumpkin with some blue getting low on these gonna add more and finally another bait that uh Jason Christie Randy flowers tag Jason Christie the real Jason Christie the one that this is the biggest creature bait I have ever seen this well it's one of the biggest USA ones this is the Magnum Christie critter I mean this is a big-ass bait let's just be honest with you so what do you got these big creature baits is hard to find a hook well that's where owner has come in with these big jungle wad gaps so this is a five on hook

you just take this whole big jungle wide gap see how big that gap is get up in that Magnum Christy creature and just pull her on down there with all that big chunk of plastic now you got a magnum size hook for it this is actually a really good bait a lot of guys make fun of it this is a great Carolina rig bait you can go behind guys on fishing ledges with a big giant worm and throw this 11 on owner man you don't need a hook that big I'll be honest with you I think most guys don't wait to big hooks I know a lot of guys are throw 3 out on tench morning but 11 on you don't have to have a hook that covers the whole bait and the reason is if you ever see underwater footage of a lot of bass they attack the head now they do come from the back don't get me wrong but right here that's the head they want to kill it but that is a giant cricket hustle giant creature bait that is the yum Magnum Kristi critter tag Jason Christie right here the real Jason Krista y'all know that guy and I'm gonna be honest this is your little talk here there's another angler on Facebook his name is Jason Christie seems like a really nice guy but evidently a lot of people especially this guy called Randy flowers confuses him with the real guy and I crack up all the time because this guy is tagging the wrong person and everything but evidently today in the Bassmaster Elite Series are open another angler called him out and said yeah the real Jason the Jason Christie with the wild weight in the next guy was like yeah the real Jason Christie not the one that's an impostor and I guess a guy was Jason Christie was complaining not the classic Jason Christie was or this bait was said I had too many people around me today and the other guy said not really there shouldn't have been that much fish can she only weighed like two pounds and I was like I just cannot believe that happened so I guess it's just unfortunate that guy's last name matches that with one of the greatest fishermen out there right now but I am going to get on my soapbox for just a minute guys please when FLW or Bassmaster cut that comes to your hometown do not get on Facebook and say hey look at Moodle go note two pills a day I could be the lead make out here with that these guys that are fishing the tour they do this for a living they're traveling 200 days a year and they're putting up the entry fees a Chris the baby be back probably the first of May into April and I got a ton coming I mean a ton of babes trash fish should be here I'll spray or be here it's gonna go down at tackle freaks for big swim mates but what I'm trying to say when the pros come to your lake this is not your time to go out and say oh my god I caught 24 pounds Jason Lambert only caught 23 I'm king of the Tennessee River no you're not because you're not paying five six seven thousand dollar entry fees you're not fishing for a living oh there's a lot of these guys out there they don't get a check they don't make any money you're gonna go to your job if you got a job hopefully you do and you're gonna get a paycheck every week these guys don't get a paycheck every week if they don't catch fish your third line breaks if their lower unit goes out they may not get a check you can say what you want about the Cumberland 12-inch smallmouth rule let's just be honest fear waning 12 inch smallmouth you're not making the top 10 you're not winning also that dude had photos of bright sunny days when was it bright and sunny on coverman early in the morning that's it and you know I don't want to call he got out and I'm not bashing him as a bad person I'm it's different if say I'm out here fishing on Kentucky Lake and it's during the FLW event fishing my own tournament and hey I catch 25 pounds and it takes 23 too late I could jokingly say awesome man I had 25 pounds that I feel really good you know Kelly Jordan he only had 23 that's no big deal no harm no foul but I'm not gonna go and as Rodney character says I'm not gonna go to your work and throw rocks at you when I'm mowing my yard don't come on my property and throw your rocks at me I'm not you know I'm obviously not an armchair quarterback except maybe better coaching Butch Jones but who isn't I'm not gonna go out there and tell Tom Brady hey man I feel 60 yards I could win the Super Bowl four times come on and I just thought that was very very weird and not a good representative of the fishermen in Kentucky because we have some awesome guys and I think most people know better the guy got what he wanted he got a lot of attention you guys clicks and his likes but we all know that most of these guys on the tour really nice guys and from my experience really good guys and I hope y'all enjoyed seeing Zach birds make a big run and my boy Clint Davis had a great tournament finished in third place got that tackle freaks logo everywhere we got to st. clinch some more bass he's a good dude and I'm really glad to see some momentum Zach bird sitting in second in angler of your points I hadn't looked how he did open today but I'm gonna wave you on a note here guys we're fixing again to warmer water temperatures and I'm guilty of it we've all taken the hero photo you know three four baths take a photo wider out on the water catch photo release now I've taken some awesome photos in the fall or the spring with that water cooler and those fish aren't really spawning they're in a stage of in and out and you can hold them in there for a couple minutes an hour and take a photo I don't like taking them across the lake different if I'm in a private lake like like X but Kentucky Lake ledge season post spawn anywhere in the south guys take a foot catch it take a photo have your buddy take a photo release now if you got hook one or hit one of the tongue understanding from what I was told the photo put on my personal page of the dead fish there was something in his live well but I feel like this you shouldn't be putting fish in your live well and pray this is practice you shouldn't even be catching up his alan i versus its practice we talking about practice not a game tournament practice no fish in your live well in practice now if you're a god and you got two or three guys out then you're catching me cash and you want to put a couple in there and before you leave to the next spot before you still hot take a nice photo I get that you got to advertise but you don't need to haul them across the lake now guys are gonna said will you haul them across the lake and internment and you're right and when you do that you know the risk of hauling your fish from one part of the lake to the other because you get the dead fish penalty so there's a whole lot of difference between catching release in practice but guys I really appreciate it I'm gonna take a break for a few days if you haven't subscribed to my youtube channel slash the bait man TV I'm gonna do a giveaway to Lake X it's no I'm gonna get permission from Jimmy if he'll let me I'm gonna take a subscriber fishing on like X sometime but we got some giveaways coming up and let's try to get close to 5000 subs by the end of the end of April just about 400 more I'm gonna do lots of videos leave a comment in here what kind of video do you want me to do I love doing top baits top fives how to fish how to rig stuff tips and tricks swim back videos whatever you guys want has to be coming back in next week I'm gonna help Ryan get some of this stuff up before I go I'm gonna go put the Cowboys on the website and the fad context guys I really appreciate everything sorry I'm not mourn death I really excited about taking some off time and appreciate every one of you every week Thursday night seven o'clock central time right here on the bait man channel

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