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you know saying people coming here they might not know the way we behave in this country and we need to make a loan I understand that but I think if you make an intention to reside in another country you have to familiarize yourself with their laws their rules and their customs I think plenty of laws and rules in other countries that we don't necessarily have here for instance if I went to Saudi Arabia and drove a car I'd be thrown into jail now that is information that you know I should know before I go to the country and I think I think it's a bit of a bit of a double standard and a little bit just a little bit ridiculous I I understand that people may not know but you know familiarize yourself especially if you want to live here we ought about your culture coming to me yeah yeah I mean yeah it was that has been a culture of children getting smacked misbehaving I mean I grew up in a Jamaican household around Jamaican people and it is culturally okay to smack your children but when you live in England it's not and that's the rule that everyone has to adhere to and I think I don't ever see that it was that it was a problem especially when it became a law here I don't recall anyone going against it and definitely not being let off for it I don't this matter in this case the father came to Britain 10 years ago so that's yeah he's had 10 years yeah no yeah what's Laura what's legal and illegal and obviously the law about smacking children was passed in 2004 so it's not exactly a new piece of legend I think for him but if it if it was a case of such a family who've just arrived in this quell right we should have a banner at all entrance polls ports ports everywhere there people are coming in to written that says fit in or get lost

because I love the fact that people from all over the world live here and I don't think it's enriched our society so please don't think that's a racist statement but shouldn't you acknowledge that they have got a different cultural groups for very long should you just give them a bit of time I know did you know you never smoked supposed to squeeze their eggs I was not here like a few months ago and there was a bloke in there and he had two kids we've been wanting a pushchair and one little girl that was being quite naughty and I just see him and I went oh no a lot bigger than her what you're doing they just looked at me and he looked quite embarrassed and ashamed away done it sort of lost it and we all lose it now and again but by losing it like that you're as its interest because you don't see it that much yes since you said 2004 when we were told you know this is you can't do this anymore we used to see people's lives a lot I grew up with my Welsh granny who didn't ever hits us for every summer holiday she made a birch rod and put it over the door of our cottage and I went there for my school holidays every year and as I arrived she just point out it was an opera you know rhymings yeah I definitely don't believe in hitting kids I don't believe in anyone heating anyone I think you know violence is not a good environment for anyone particularly you know if you're living in fear in that way and I know people might think oh I grew up with it and it didn't harm me I really think that you know we can we can communicate better with our children that's tiny son challenge yeah and you can't always just say well we that's how we used to do it Julie says attitudes to corporal punishment have changed over the years but we should remember that this isn't the case in all countries so this man may not know better or maybe that man if you're here on holiday then fair enough if you're intending to live here no Ellen says how ridiculous before long we'll be condoning everything we're in Britain we should not changing our judicial system to suit other cultures this is an absolute joke Danielle says yet again we're questioning ourselves and our own laws in fear of being considered racist I think if people apply to be British citizens I'm sure this is part of the citizenship test I'm sure that people who who want to become British citizens have to answer questions on this because it is really important as my mum used to say you beat the devil win to live and I think that's true it really does good point perhaps we've had for you as saying it's ridiculous you know if you come here

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