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please welcome backs on other videos today I am doing a collaboration with fami BC right here on YouTube and she's also known as femida beauty on Instagram and we decided to do a Valentine's Day themed inspired collaboration to share with you guys so the design that you're seeing on the screen is the design that she came up with and it is absolutely beautiful and bright and I am in love with it so I would link her video in my description box below so you guys can go ahead and check that out after you watch this video and I did include it in the cards on the screen above as well so this is the design that I came up with I created an alcohol ink dripping heart nail art design but for me I like nail art that could be worn even after the Valentine's Day holiday so I did do my acrylic application already so what I'm going to share with you guys today is just the Valentine's Day inspired nail art tutorial and I'm starting off with this gorgeous blush pink color from the McCart company you're watching just one coat here on the screen but I did go in with a second coat curing in between each coat for a full 30 seconds making sure that I also clean up my sidewalls and cuticle area if I get any products on the skin with some alcohol I might clean a brush before curing

although that is fully cured I'm going to take some jam gel and just need to put a little bit to the cuticle area and immediately on top of that I'm going to coat the entire nail with my IBD intense seal and I'm just going to take three Swarovski crystals and I'm going to place it to the cuticle area now I did do one big one in the center and two smaller sizes on the opposite side I went ahead and I kill this nail again for 30 seconds now on my index finger and my pinky meal I'm going to be taking this plum gel polish now this is also one from that macaque collection and I'm going to go back in with the blush and I'm going to create an ombre using these two gel polish colors now to do my own really I am using my ombre brush from wildflower nails and when I'm creating my own breeze with the gel polish I like to make sure that I have some alcohol on my brush because it just helps to give that nice smooth even blend now this is only the first layer so it doesn't need to be that perfect so I'm really doing the most as usual but you can just give a nice rough blend clean up around the sidewalls and critical areas and then go in and kill that and I'm just going to repeat the exact same thing with the second coat

and I'm going back in with my Jam gel of securing my hombre and I'm placing it to the cuticle area over that purple and I'm going to go over it again with my IBD intense seal because I will be applying three Swarovski crystals in that area as well now I am using crystal clay asuras keys today and I'm just going to go ahead and kill this nail when I'm finished with it and I'm going to go in and repeat the exact same thing on my pinkie nail as well [Music]




those two nails are done I'm going to be taking my bro birds brush and going I'm going to be drawing a heart trying to get it as even as possible on both sides and the reason why I love using grill birds brush and go as my job pins is because it does not cure with our tacky layer and the consistency of the gel is nice and flexible and easy to maneuver with my brush I don't need to go over it multiple times because it's also a really nice and opaque [Music]


so before I go in and kill my heart I am going to be creating my jobs one time so I am going to take some gel to the tip of my brush I did pile it up a little bit created a dot and then with a very light hand I'm going to pull that seam drop all the way back towards the heart now I didn't want used to be perfect at all effect that I had for the heart was to create a dripping pins effect so now I'm going to go in with the alcohol inks that I made and I know I promised you guys a video on how I made them and it is coming the reason for the delay is I was catching my royal to get MC nail polish bottles over here and I really didn't want to import them because then I would have to pay customs to clear it so after asking my nail supply store for the longest while they finally got some MC polish bottles for me so I have that video already recorded I just have to edit it and post it for you guys be on the lookout for that make sure your post notification is on so after applying the alcohol ink I'm just going to take some acetone mixed with alcohol on my 3d brush and I'm going to be create saying some of those veins inside of the marble now if you guys want a more in-depth as to how I actually accomplish my alcohol ink marbles I would link that video in my description box in the houses action you guys can go ahead and check that video out as well now one thing I want to mention for this technique you do need to make sure you have extra details in whatever shape you are doing so in this case I needed more veins in my heart because when I go in and I top coat I am to lose some of them so you do need to make sure that you have extra detailing normally when I'm doing any sort of marbling whether it be sharpie or in this case alcohol inks I will suggest you guys make sure you wait until it's completely dry before you're going in with your top good this time I just allowed it to dry for a couple seconds and I'm going right in on top of that with my new wife gel topcoat and you guys are going to see it gives this drag source of dripping effect and this is exactly what I wanted so yeah I mean I had it in my mind and I was so glad that it turned out the way that I wanted it and as soon as I got that dripping effect I went in and I killed acne on to my ring finger I am going to start off with a strip of white just to cover my natural free end again using my white brush and go gel pins and this time I'm using my ugly ducklings striper brush I am going to be rolling my fingers so that that gives me a nice even line on both sides rather than facing up with my striping brush to make sure that it's even and as soon as I'm happy with it I am going to go ahead and fill in those two lines and I'm going to kill that now this really doesn't need to be perfect because I am going to go in and outline it with my black gel paint afterwards but you just need to make sure that it's even all the way across the nail going back in with that plum gel polish I am going to be creating a sort of a cone shape at the free edge of the nail when I'm happy with the way the bat looks I am going to go ahead and flash here just for five seconds and then I'm going to take the blush pink gel polish and I'm going to go ahead and outline that




[Music] before I go in and kill this Neil for a full 50 seconds I'm taking my white gel paint once again and inside of my purple I'm going to create an oval shape at the tip of the nail so now that my nail is fully cured I'm going to take my alcohol inks and over the white I'm going to be creating my marble now I didn't want this marble to be blended too much because then all the color would be faded by the time I apply my gel topcoat I still wanted a pop of color so you just see me adding more color as I blend and as I create those beans inside of the marble [Music]


so the final steps to this design is as I wait for that marble to dry I am going to go in with my black gel paint and I'm going to be outlining all the white areas as I do that I went in with my bling gel and I applied some Swarovski crystals some micro beads and a gold metal Arrowhead and then I apply my Joel top coat to be honest guys that was it for this set and I really love how it turned out you can rock it for Valentine's before even after because it's multifunctional and I really love when I create seasonal designs that can be rocked two to three weeks after the season has passed and if you enjoy this video go ahead and give it a big thumbs up and if you are interested and eager to see my alcohol ink video leave me a purple hearts emoji with your comments in the comment section below and I will see to it that that video is definitely uploaded for you guys don't forget to click on the link in my description box below and check out Sammy's creation for this valentine's day collaboration he's had writings and she has some love with her as well leave some lip emojis in the comment section so that she knows that you guys came from watching this video if you're not yet subscribed to both our channels I would really appreciate it if you go ahead and click on that subscribe button and while you're there please turn your personifications on so that you don't miss a beat the next time a new video is posted definitely stay tuned to the end of the video I did include two video clips and some pictures to share with you guys with the final result and just a little quick disclaimer I did not use any apps for the video final result that was just crystals and the lighting guys they came through oh my gosh it was so gorgeous I couldn't get enough of it so that is it I am out now as always I would love you guys keep safe and I'll see you soon




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