Martin 2018 HD-28 Review & Demo

by: Alamo Music Center

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[Music] hello youtube this is Chris McKee with Alamo Music Center in San Antonio Texas you can find us online album today we're doing a review for you of some of the guitars in the Martin standard series that has been reimagined for 2018 now if you've been watching our videos you have seen a review that we did last year of the reimagined d-28 and a few years back Martin did the same treatment with the D 18 and so I'm excited and glad to finally see it come to the rest of the standard series lineup what I have in my lab today is a 2018 Martin HD 28 dreadnought so before we talk about the specs on this specific guitar let's talk a little bit about what's different with the reimagine 2018 standard series all of the guitars now feature a vintage tone or top or an aged toner to give it a lustrous vintage appearance they all now have iconic inlay patterns to follow suit with their models from kind of Martin's golden era some of those are still going to be dot inlays but other models that previously might have had a dot inlay now I might have a slotted snowflake inlay for instance like on the triple o 28 model the head stocks have changed they all now feature the more antique or old-style logo and then the tuners are all open back aren't tuners with the butter bean style tare knobs which I like they give it a great appearance they feel good as well bracing is more scalloped across the line that doesn't mean all of the guitars have scalloped bracing the d-28 for instance which we've reviewed still has tapered bracing but it's a forward shifted tapered bracing but other models that previously had a taper bracing like the triple o 28 there now scalloped antique white binding graces the bonnie on all of these and where the playability comes into play is on the neck so all of the next now feature one and three-quarter inch bone nut and then a modified lo oval neck profile which basically just means that it's really comfortable for a larger percentage of guitar players it's not too wide it's not too narrow and the neck has a very comfortable shape to it that plays very fast up and down the neck so that's really what martin's done with the entire lineup is given it this vintage feel and appearance but with modern playability taking it back to what their guitars would looked like eighty years ago but making that making sure that they play well today that's what you're gonna find from the standard lineup and it's fantastic they're iconic how can you argue with what they're done and I'm very glad that they've done it on the HD 28 specifically what you're going to find that separates it from say a D 28 is the HD stands for herringbone and that is this hand inlaid wood marquetry around the the top border here which is beautiful and really sets it apart from the d-28 that's what you'll also see from other models like the HD 35 the triple o 28 it's this herringbone pattern which is what the guitar originally had back in the 30s inside the bracing is scalloped bracing and it's 5/16 inch Scout bracing so that sets it apart a little differently from the D 28 brother that it has on the lineup as well and as I mentioned on the neck you have a bone nut at one and three-quarter inch with a modified lo oval profile on the neck and bone saddle as well here the back and sides are as they always have been it's premium Sitka spruce on the top with beautiful East Indian rosewood back and sides and tortoiseshell pick guard that d-28 style or 28 style rosette around the sound hole there and tortoiseshell pick guard another thing that will if you don't see the back of them set the 28 series apart from say a 35 series is the neck black binding instead of cream binding is what you'll find on these models all in all the bracing on this one compared to the tapered bracing is going to give you a more open sound a little bit more emphasis on the low end and generally it just fuller more projecting sound so with all that being said and covered let's let you hear what it sounds like [Music]


so that is the reimagined HD 28 for 2018 all of the models like I mentioned in this series have been gone over by Martin and kind of brought into the future by looking into the past reimagining them and bringing about a guitar that has lush history and modern playability to give you one heck of an instrument this is a fantastic guitar great Lowe's great highs a lot of sustain and just rich warmth throughout the entire spectrum of the instrument so if you'd like more information about this guitar go to our website at alamo music dot-com there you will find pricing and full specs about this model as always I want to thank you for watching and don't forget to hit that subscribe button

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The Martin guitar that started it all, the sound that carved out rock, country, bluegrass, and folk, the 2018 HD-28 Dreadnought has been reimagined for the modern player. East Indian rosewood, ebony and Sitka spruce, combined with vintage appointments and classic herringbone deliver a powerful and rich tone. Let's take a closer look and listen to the other upgrades and range this legacy instrument has to offer. **Demo begins at 4:31 HD-28 →

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