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here's a site they don't mention in the travel books now and I wanna date you and now please give me your number sorry max the guild caster 600 X is a powerful machine wait dokgo I don't even know these people dead max this is supposed to be a family vacation so come over here and flex for us

there's waterfalls on each side of this volcano found the weeping volcano time to go baby come we're gonna take a family selfie Oh Aloha do you have anything that could distract my entire family will I go wreak havoc oh great thank you a nice fanny pack said no one ever

[Music] great family anyway I picked up some brochures there are so many fun activities here look there's an art class at the crafts Hut starting in five minutes of course you do because you're not an idiot here's your brochure for kitesurfing that's kind of cool I'm down hey we're supposed to be doing things as a family yeah well Hank just let him go kitesurfing and we'll take Chloe to the crap but all right fine but we are all gonna meet up later at the luau for pork time a family time perfect now everyone is a fun Hawaiian thing to do go do that bite you can't just go off by yourself yeah tell her dad if I'm stuck with our annoying family so are you Maxie's horrible words are right you can either go with them or come with us fine guess I'm going kite surfing wait shouldn't we I'm very really yeah [Music] okay let's start with the kite surfing lesson who wants to go first how about you how about I hit you with a coconut I mean Billy why don't you go hi man hey where I think you're going you need to fill me kite surfing Sonya show I have a girl in the island feed in the straps awesome are you gonna grab this hold on tight time for an evil distraction kite surfing is a safest extreme activity in Hawaii as long as you properly train the good news is it's almost the end of shark season Aloha [Music] baby we gotta help him where'd she go

yeah telekinesis can't reach him okay there's no one looking Nora trying to use your ladies to come down from the kite okay

nicely from the kite come on [Music] Hey goggle slinger the goss's way to go Halima Calaca volcano you must saw with the hummingbird as he follows the rainbow across the hibiscus just tell me ATV hundred bucks an hour charge you too Hank Thunderman

I think so hold on I have some water mayor

[Music] much better now to find Phoebe figure out what's going on


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