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yo what is going on guys welcome back to another wager match now today we are actually doing the wager match against Ken Xue now if you guys haven't watched my first one that makes you guys go check it out it was actually me versus me Zoe I'll actually put the link down in the description so you guys can just click that if you guys want to basically with me Zoid we actually did 100 dollar wager so whoever actually lost it we would give them $100 but today we're actually gonna be doing something different now we're actually gonna be picking three kids each so you guys see this no debuff debuff and HTF so there's a bunch of kids here and now we're gonna be able to pick three of them and then kids who is gonna pick three so altogether it's gonna be six matches we're gonna reverse each other six times and whoever wins the most out of the six times then they actually win the rain I also forgot to tell you guys about that part but basically whoever actually wins gets our rain and it's the most expensive rank on the server as you can probably see in the title it's a $3,000 rank but there's actually a 90% off sale as you guys do know arcane and Phil always has with the 90 percent off sale it's actually a three hundred dollar rings and you guys are probably like asking why do you even need the rank you actually have famous rank like you have the best rank and then you know the game but that's actually the win-win part for you guys so whoever actually wins the rank gets to give it away to their fans so they're gonna do a giveaway on it and you guys get it basically so I mean if I went against Ken Xue then you guys get the $300 right but if Ken Xue wins then he gets the $300 ring and his fans gets it you know so it's actually a win-win for you guys so I mean if you guys want me to win you guys better put some good Luck's in the chat I mean in the comments what am I talking about and I do not want to lose the Ken Xue because I mean I beat this man like 13 times in a row okay don't tell him I said that but I'm just kidding but he is pretty good at PvP so this is gonna be a very big challenge so yeah boys whoever wins out of the six times gets the rank and let's get straight into this boys hope you guys do enjoy so for the kiss that I'm actually gonna be choosy and I forgot to tell you guys this but I'm actually gonna show you guys the kits that I'm using before I actually show Ken Zhu like Ken Zhu is gonna pick his three kids right now I'm not gonna know what they are I'm gonna pick my best three kits and we're gonna verse them so we're gonna come over here I mean we could be really cheeky with this and we could pick Archer three times in a row because I know a lot of like hgf players and stuff like I'm not trying to be mean or anything but you know HTF players are really good at poppy VP and they're not really good with the bow and you know ken zoo is HTF players so I can tell that he's not good with the bow but if you guys actually know my background history I'm really good with the like I don't mean to brag or anything but I used to be in the mcsg community like the minecraft survival games when it was actually alive and it was big but now it's actually like a dead community but I used to use the bow in it and I used to be a monster with this I mean if we want to we can beat them in that we're gonna pick that we're gonna pick the archer kit for one and then we're gonna verse them in you know a good old no debuff match I don't know what should we verse them at no enchants I mean that's the same as no debuff basically we could verse them as sleeve I think we're gonna do no debuff we're gonna do the archer kit and then we might do the good old combo kit because if you guys don't know Ken's ooh he actually doesn't jitter click oh the man gets like a CPS or something like that and me I actually get like 15 CPS so I can beat them easily in combo so I think we're gonna take that anyways let's hop back into the call with Ken Xue and let's discuss who actually is gonna pick the first case also I forgot to say this but if you guys can leave a like down below for me let's go for like 500 plus likes or maybe even a thousand likes on this video if you guys want more like challenge videos like this with other youtubers and collabs because you know we're actually spending our own money on this it's gonna be three hundred dollars out of our own pocket so if you guys can drop a like down below because whoever wins is about to drop three hundred dollars like come on bro y'all better to leave a like down below yes very ready -

okay yeah so you want to say three to one or how we gonna win on when we say free to one we say rock paper scissors I thought you said three to one already redo redo redo okay then you know what I'm gonna right now bro you know what I'm right now no I gotta change it bro you get it you know what I'm gonna right now okay okay so you ready yeah go you freaky new I was gonna do that oh my god I should have changed it but I thought you were like dumb and you weren't gonna like think about that I thought you did me in combo bruh and literally thought okay yeah I'm out of it are you ready yeah our first today will be Archer oh my god are you good at this no okay let's make a deal you're not allowed to choose the same thing over and over again okay yeah only one per so basically you can't choose soup again I am not good at this I'm not gonna lie wait yeah I actually can cobble you more than I you can call me okay I don't know if I should super not like I'm not good at this oh I can cobble you though

where's that ukb I forgot you can eat those things I should be eating them I didn't even know they were in my hotbar 50 seconds oh nice region oh yeah why'd you even like turn around like that were you refilling or something we got a drink speed you Dumbo oh oh oh you're gonna cut that out of your video that's it okay there's some more down bro oh dude your helmet dude oh god oh oh my stuff is breaking my stuff is breaking okay okay here I gotta get out of here this is not good for a pop you player I don't know I don't know I feel like I'm naked I don't even know when the super knife oh yes I just beat you at your own game bruh might as well just tossed me over the rink right now bro boom let's go bro wait are you good at this no I was like talking crap about you bro I was like HTF players don't know how to use this no no please don't tell me you're good at this cool no way we'll have the bro I thought you're good at this hey I used to be play mcsg by the way you know this one as well okay okay it is dude and you're EU so you like a round bro likers are really good at this so a weak weak those snowballs each other can we okay I didn't even know that you do you know my mom called me this leaf champion Retief Rindge

what's up a Loki Loki I'll tell you a secret right now I'm actually using reach and that's why I could reach over there you know yeah yeah I know you have to win playing around yeah so it's my turn to duel you so let's do a good old combo Matt oh no you got this map are you kidding me [Music]

you're actually good at this no let's just have a friendly match you know a little friendly you really want the right type bad oh my god you're actually good at this why what is wrong with you bro I can't hit you I actually can't hit you okay I'm gonna make you fly right now let's go come on keep doing that corner to my PP face right now we should never chose this oh never mind they're gonna die please oh no this is really bad no I might actually die I might what the heck dude you might actually make a comeback okay three two one so if I wouldn't one I basically went oh build UHC do you know I came from the build UAC community you know I beat Dante no I'm just kidding yeah why didn't you do this in Archer huh okay watch now I'm gonna buy you a bunch come on wait took so my mom is in my room I don't know why yeah you can see you're just cheating now oh my god this is unfair mom okay she's gone all right I'm gonna beat you even though my mommy became in my room okay okay you got I know how to get out of that oh I'm really bad at this no please don't vote me oh oh you suck you suck you suck bro oh you're on fire we'll have to hey why you like you bro oh man you actually like you what happened did your mom pull your router okay I need to actually like do some build UHC you know what I'm saying what are you doing you skip I run into that I don't even need to set you on lava oh oh please don't please don't please don't okay okay I can actually get out of this oh my god Carrie a build-up or anything I feel like the build you a she's weird on here I don't know why I'm so weird what happened Bradley what're you doing I can't even get you okay me so we got to so what's up what's up I want the right bro I want the right you know my viewers are pretty hungry dude they want it

you know what that means okay what's the table I've just realized I've lost time and I yeah that's $300 down okay double or nothing tasty all right you want to double or nothing oh let's just say that so wait wait we're gonna do a sudden death match for this right okay though if I lose right yeah I have to buy two runs okay you lied you're right right yes $600 and if I win you you have to buy rank instead a one rank or two ranks a one rank okay so you basically want to verse each other only one time yeah what do you want to win no D buffer what I'm at mine you can choose whoa I get to I get to choose I mean if I choose Archer I can just beat you really quick you know I'm saying I mean if you want to do that but I remember arch is all about look I could win this next one true but yeah okay I'll take it I'll take it $600 or did you taste these what's three hundred dollars down the drain boys I'm actually gonna cry well should I verse you indeed I don't know I'd be smart about the option you think yeah you're good at soup well I mean I beat us too I mean I think we're gonna have to do the good old no debuff bro we got to sweat it out I beat you like 13 times in a row in this row you know I say okay this is about to be 40 no Ken's over you good oh no no no no that's not good that's not good Paul that's not good oh thank you for the pot you better pie it yeah get away dude will you do it yes I see oh my god what was that hit right there I don't know I damn I'm like no turn down your reads oh we're okay you've got against me oh no dude BM the power dude if you only win the only one like on camera I'm gonna be so mad if you win this on camera cuz you know I beat you off camera not for t know we have you ever beat me once yet oh now I know why I'd beat you okay you being multiple times how have you been have you beat me for two tests oh you're not growing you know okay Oh keep on a growing me bro I like it I like it bro you're gonna regret now okay pull the way down let's get out of here drink this oh hell yeah I did well you're flying dude are you okay oh

do my reach is actually crazy right now you'll reach us on the fans me I mean your reach is pretty crazy too oh yeah I think I actually won I'm sorry for you kids ooh sorry oh my god please do you gotta let me whip it's actually bad please hit me once okay good Kenz ooh Kenz ooh this is actually really bad I'm at only zero pots how many pots for you I hope let's do it oh my god cluster yeah bro no way did I actually just bring it back

this is getting quiet up in here oh my god I do applaud kazoo you better start making them belt videos bones actually but you got to work for them bro oh you're gonna have to go on the street and start begging I'm not even joking dude you guys say you're not part of the deal unless you want to make it four rings what is that thousand two hundred that's like two thousand four hundred dollars no no that's wrong no 1,200 no my bath you see I'm good at PvP and minecraft but you know my math skills math skills not really that good what you gonna do scrub my floor what's the next thing okay what's the worst what is it I don't want to be down to rank even wave given two away okay if I lose not only to rank oh you have access right well you can post it whatever you want on my Twitter where one time or like forever time because I kind of might help some point for not only what am I gonna think of boys what's risky I can throw up on the line your YouTube channel I'm gonna change my minecraft name your age of my craft neighbor you're actually that cocky right now it's your choice okay so now I just think you should just not have to race you feel me oh my god I'm gonna give way to ranks you have access to my Twitter post whatever you want and I've got to change my minecraft name so what I do have to give away to run there's no going back after this there's no there's no going back never going back okay so what do you want to fight as you want to do no D buffer way you can do whatever you want oh I get to do whatever I want of course because I mean first dual Kenzi let me see let me see let me see dude you're gonna have a lot of debt right now bread you we're gonna have to do it no it's not I don't know about this this is actually gonna be very bad oh my god you're actually going up there oh hello fly already oh my god oh your dad your dad goodbye I'm sorry well you take like 20 Elza bill you what like his video no just kidding subscribe to kazoo and leave a like on his video alright well as you just saw we ended up losing somehow I don't even know how that was a loss that was that was the dumbest thing ever okay I should I never agreed to the double or nothing like the man kept on saying you want to do double or nothing oh do you want to do frickin triple or nothing right when I won the second time I should have just took the two rinks but the man just kept on saying so many offers and it sounded so good in my head but the man is actually really nice and he's actually letting me give away the ring so like I'm actually buying it with my own money and I'm gonna give the rank to you guys so if you guys want to enter into it all you have to do is comment your IGN down below make sure you guys are subscribed to my channel if you guys aren't subscribed I'm gonna be checking every single person that actually like wins and if you guys aren't subscribed to this channel then you guys will not be able to win so make sure you guys do so scribe and the last part leave a like on this video right here sis you know we just put a three hundred dollar drink on the line and you know we actually ended up still winning it in some way because we're giving it away and he's nice so yeah that's all you have to do to enter into the giveaway and if you guys did make it this far into the video make sure eyes go how should I rank down below I just want to see how many of you guys made it this far into the video and it's been tasty animal guys hey

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