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oh no oh oh no I join join join wake up turn I need your wake up during World War II oh whoa what's up dude okay okay okay so you know how it's my birthday yesterday right yeah and you know how it's wanting discipline steel for a very very long time yeah dude you look so excited when you got it - yes so I tried to make a little campfire because you know that's what I wanted to do and ruin I made a big campfire where did you make it behind our house isn't in that mountain over there no Geron I made a really big campfire come outside Oh what first we need evacuate we need to get out of here join Nick no dude Nichols did you do this I could I mean - this is a really really good plan steel yeah apparently dude I thought it broke after like a few uses that's your lazy like dude if I just litter how I just a little bit dude boy goes crazy drink I know crazy it's a little crazy dude just stop it what is wrong with you next time you get down when you get down here and evacuate hurry dude dude girl we can't leave without you we can't leave this fire like that dude here I'll just put it out oh it's really hot - Oh tell me you you don't think oh dude that's actually really hot why did I do that oh no I'm the one who did this I have to put it out oh okay do it I'm gonna do it are you need to stop it goes around some of you good nigga I'm gonna you okay only one you do this gonna be another way drew we need get back up waiting in our house we need get down to the floor of this stuff boys yeah I think there's actually water over there dude there's a lake right behind our house that we normally go swimming out I'm gonna die wait wait water that's a that's a brilliant idea drew and we could use water to put the fire out dude yeah yo my my mom actually dude she gave us like you know how you got the flint and steel yeah well dude she got me some buckets dude so I can give you some buckets dude really I think she gave you those buckets so you know you could put them on your head cuz she didn't want to see your face ever again I don't think that's exactly how it happened but dude come over here I need to give you a bucket Nick what do you mean I just I just got down to the ground behind you good buddy buddy buddy there's water over here man are you some sort of mystical creature that can teleport oh that's actually really wet water that's good we need really well our nichols dude just come over to me oh hey your mound you dude I just jumped down oh dude that's some water right there isn't it yeah take the bucket too man I got my own okay okay sure we're going to have to use these buckets um how do we put out all this fire with a bucket of water well Nicholas it's not just one bucket of water is it's two buckets of water my friends hey I did a gern Oh have some fire it's really good hard-working dude it's kind of working it's well it's kind of working but dude okay here yo yo we need to start hire Nick if we just do it down here we won't get all the fire you know you're right so we've gotta go into the center of the bonfire exactly Nick you know what I see where I'm gonna do it whoa there's so much fire Nick this is okay oh it's so hot all this hurts I don't like I don't put it out during it's so hot sure and try not to breathe in smoke stop drop and roll you know stake stay low to the ground you gotta stay low to the ground okay okay I'm sick oh don't okay dude I'm gonna do it right here Nick I'm gonna pop the water down whoo-hoo here we go here we go here we do it here we go Boop do it OOP I'm trying I can't do it dick I can't hope I got it I got it dude I got it enjoying um uh that didn't work all too well Nick everything's still on fire dude how are we going to get the fire gone during this is for soon Oh are we doing it's our house going to inevitably be burned to the ground hey you know what is there any other options that we have Nick I have one more option turn I do I just I still want to do it joy but if I have to all do it join Wow okay Bart you're watering you oh dude dude turn turn we have no hope take my boat I have one as well we're going to sail away from here June we can have the sail away from my problems where's Nick fix it's your boat how many why do you have your boats with you are you sure we can make it where are we even get a sail - good it's gotta go over here during this is the only place where we can sail away the fire is spreading really quickly drew and if you haven't noticed this there's no hope for this entire force honestly Nick I think you're right that's really sad we're gonna have to do it Nick lead me to the ocean man leave me to the river then let's run my man yeah we'll have to find some other place to light on fire I mean not light on fire yeah you mean let's let's not light it on fire actually yeah that's that's kind of what we need to do I'm sorry jura news I didn't mean to this one still you know she's just so powerful what do you stop it what are you doing oh she can see that powerful drink what's a 4-3-3 drink I need to get rid of it I needed to quit on the water water folks oh oh oh there you are you good no we gotta get rid of this Flynn she'll join Oh begun yeah and stay there oh no Nick it's coming out oh no here's the mind of its own Nicola no drone rod we have here get in the water and we need a sail away let's sail into the ocean here's the ocean away come sail away come sail away with me I got a sail with my fault we gotta go up the water falls into the ocean with me oh no does your boat break huh sure Yoshii this way up there manually and then go to the ocean the ocean this way Nick knows the oceans that way it's a slippery slide a boat but the ocean this way oh no what happened to my boat well I know that Ronnie's got go quick like sanic we don't need a vote we need a mountain and this looks like the place to live and hey Nick you know what what nothing bad happens in the mountains right I sure hope not because it's our new home here we go man okay well that forest fire was really dangerous but now I guess we get to live in the mountains man wonder what adventures we'll have here right Nick yeah boy II

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