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the reading shoe company founded in 1905 is still predominantly a work boot brand our heritage product is all made here in the States all the leather comes out of our tannery all of our boots are made in one of our two factories yet we don't put American flags on our boots you know put American flags in our boxes we've been around for you know for so long and I think we've done it a certain way that has been you know true to our community to our employees to our customers we can pull from the tandem II on a regular basis to make sure we're feeding the plant and its most efficient way possible you're using a US cattle and we're using steers not cows steers are a little bit beefier tougher the loaders a little bit thicker

the triple stitch which is very unique to red wind so we run it through our Puritan sewing machine so as this thread is going through gathering wax and then the triple stitch is going through with wax so it's an incredibly durable stitch the machinery this is made on the tannery that this leather comes out of the factory that every producer then it's it's the same tannery it's the same factors the same machine that is making boots for the worked vision that could be made for a very highly technical job it's probably more than a guy who just wants to look cool on Saturday needs but it's the Redwing way you can go along to buy parts for this it's no longer available so whenever these sewing machines need repair any parts our machine shop has to mill the specific card and repair it here internally the last is the actual shape of the boot so this really defines what the boot is ultimately going to be looking like

okay so here you can see this course filler you know it will maintain that somewhat sponginess throughout the life of the booth and in essence creating your own custom midsole so the more you wear your red boots and more confident are going to be if it doesn't fall into a foot

a lot of people wear their boots or the shoes for a long time and they become super comfortable it's their shoe and they love it and maybe the first thing to go might be the outsole but they don't want to give up that 4 or 5 10 years that they put into it so Redwing offers a repair service and we might get a pair of boots back that simply just need to be resold and cleaned up work wear is obviously something that's that's out there and it's very strong in the marketplace today I think that you know we like to feel we're part of this trend that's happening but I don't think the rock we're going to be tied to a trend I think that we're you know our hope and I think that we feel that you know we're going to be an everyday item and immense commands closet we hope that these

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Red Wing Heritage kindly brought us out to Red Wing, Minnesota to see the mecca of handcrafted workwear: the Red Wing Shoes factory. The bustling place is an endless expanse of leather, sewing machines, stitching and hot wax thread and has been producing workwear for over 100 years. Renowned for their sturdy boots, the team at Red Wing gave us a behind-the-scenes peek at how the durable footwear is composed by a handful of skilled craftspeople.
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