Laggiest Round Ever! - Rainbow Six Siege

by: Macie Jay

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found a bomb think your way to its location to me all right let's see if we can make it into the building can we make it to the building we can do it we can do it oh oh this is where it gets risky chat can we make the rappel oh no no okay

five-speed 5-speed take advantage of this I kind of want to draw them to pass

all right oh my god I didn't mean load

oh come on okay okay big time like three seconds late I'm like out of that miss em away

oh my gosh that lag

in kitchen do you know where last one is okay

I think that was a nice doctor dr. Brooke are you kidding me

Oh Oh customs

oh god that's potato

I can add a new boost if I run out

standing no I wanted that for you

location all right we're going ham we're going ham we'll beat this for you snipers and they will love that it's useless this rings nasal but gisle sweet days please lesions on the second AC okay I'll go with you where you at all right I'll be the baby you wanna do you want to spend a minute to hunt for it you want this plan just playing on your right right side to you right yeah the UH I thought she said he's upstairs how did he get back inside I don't know alright I'll take it [Applause]


now we could did it let's go where the hell is he Magnum oh boy I don't know I couldn't find him in the mess of ash in Legion

I tagged Mira she's like 80 oh you must the diffusor to slow him last week main hall I got the door a he's probably someone can somebody get on my journey which one yeah yeah he's not inside of the drone that doesn't mean he's not close right you mean Alda oh yeah he is close to being off he saw the drone then he's back in reading oh wait a few been recovered let's go back in the hole 9:25 God if user is active protected at all cost defuser was to favor I don't hear beeping but yeah you got this

diffuser disabled good play I like that

yeah let me get this ace let me get this yeah oh dude oh them thank you I'll be a decoy great decoy

push it up push it Macy


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This was not a Castle glitch because no Castle was even played. I was on my default server and for some reason this one game turned out like this, every other game that day was fine. Live Streams:


Outro Song: Sophomore Makeout
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