Career Ending Spikes in Smash Ultimate #8

by: YEET Smash

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and see if he can hold this momentum here [Music]



it's gonna be a challenge but it should be a good match because I'm husband's we got whoa oh my god I no doubt that a farmer Campinas okay okay oh what a combo Wow firming down a stock yeah I think right now he's just trying to focus you see already oh my god what did he expect to happen there for smashing or the Fox clash all right I'm gonna hype up Mario too much because you are we might see a good edge guard come rise I was gonna have to go into crunch time right here




we're at so now Jim is just hanging back a bit you know like he's chillin messing around with some boys and clouds yeah he doesn't doesn't want to get hit by any poison gets the revenge people uh puffing off of this Truman he's a math teacher you know he's a smart guy not gonna throw out any unsafe options all right Banco not afraid to get a little ballsy and Russians still doable for him he's got him on stage the town air is gonna do it the clutches down there phrabang taking that stock Wow wait what's that toast I thought those an effort [Music]

[Laughter] yeah oh this is a huge he goes back to them



[Music] but zona getting some hits in here and there he was able to take a stock last game but talk and making it look like a three stock is imminent yet so I don't know if he has a oh my goodness what a fun guy Wow yeah what a fun guy and that's Justin Rosa all right


yeah obviously all right where's the box goes high and actually makes it all the way back impressive wow that's the laser and that's something that has like that walk Oh gets it you know he knew something we did

oh my god this awareness because I said get on we [Music]

Cephas Ike's Ariel's not the spark you need in this matchup with the read so beg to get the down smash so clutch trying to get penny off of them yeah and now I mean the next level is let's see if okay good okay yeah we got another thing but he's off stage in depth that was rude uncalled for Betty you're that's it so he was dead its twenty three twenty two out of three

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