Avoid These Guys in India (& Get To Your Hotel Safely!)

by: Karl Rock

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so there are four ways you can get back to your hotel from the airport firstly you can go outside you can just meet any taxi driver and these guys on the street out here just gonna extort you bargain Bihari runs main market any main market

how much is this to go there [Applause] Wendy dollars American I have rupees how much rupees many person one dress that my trophies buzzes in the I'll check here first

is really Thursday morning [Applause] okay you hear me 1,000 biggest winter stuff face it it's a company guy it's okay thank you get out of New Zealand how many did you always tell me a good price amazing price [Music] really 1800 give you these enable press [Music] you know it's okay take care to first thank you listen right

if you don't extend early don't say a second even give you [Applause] solutions company yeah Frankie

really wing cardigans baggage I'll check here how much is paharganj visually just the main market for Aragon this is the prepaid taxi booth right outside gate two let's see how much the hottie gun just from here how much is bhai - guys 400 okay so you can see here that there's a police barrier and the police barrier ends at the road these taxi drivers are gonna wait for you to leave that barrier to move away from the police and then they're going to come to you and they're gonna start offering you these crazy prices that first guy was three times the amount of what the prepaid taxi was and he'll try and convince you and use every every trick in the book to get you to come like then he brings in his friend and his friends half the price you know it still seems like a good deal and down to 600 now but and weirdly if you just go to the prepaid taxi booth it's just gonna be 400 but the drivers going to try screw you again so what he did to me last time was I'd pre paid for my ticket and these tickets just for one person it's an exclusive taxi ride you don't have to share if anybody for this driver told me we're gonna wait here for five minutes and then we're gonna take a few more passengers and and go to where you're going so he wanted to load the taxi up as a shared taxi when all of us Hessen Jers had paid in a full price for an exclusive ride not a shared ride thirdly you can take the metro and the Delhi Metro is like the London Underground is amazing it'll take you anywhere and it leads directly from the airport it will take you right into the center of Delhi enter by hardigan's where most foreigners will stay here the only complexity here is that you're going to need a metro map so you know which line to take and which station to get off that you're gonna need to GPS as soon as you get off so you can find your way to your hotel you can take an uber from outside the terminal too but the problem here is as soon as you book that over the drivers gonna call you is that speaking to you in Hindi hello Mara egg mannan ya mean a semester Hebei

okay so these are what the exit gates looked like and there's actually six of them so once you exit this gate you're gonna see these pillars behind you and there are 18 of these pillars because this is one's number 14 and you're gonna need to tell the driver to meet you at one of these numbered pillars so you can tell them pillar 14 gate 14 and then the next problem you have is you've also got these taxiways you've got three lanes out here and the uber drivers are usually gonna meet you on the furthermost Lane to tell them the pillar and then go out to the lane and wait for the driver look for a number plate you'll see a bunch of people looking at their phones and waiting for their uber so find them and you'll find the uber drivers I don't think they're allowed to come along this this first row to the second road chicken road is just attacks these first roads just for I'm not even sure it's no one on it buses and things but the third lane is for all traffic the final way that I advice most of my friends to take is to get the hotel to organize their death picker they all have a driver waiting for you outside one of the gates of the New Delhi Airport and the guy will have your name on a card and that's gonna get you straight to your hotel think you can start taking the metro us are taking ubers and India you can't enter the airport unless you're flying so

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