Garden Harvest - Candy Onions, Cabbage, & more

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hey guys I got a beautiful morning here in southern Virginia and looking at the background behind me what's so beautiful about it it's cloudy which is nice to have in the summertime when it's so hot keep that temperature down a little bit got a lot of things I want to try to get through today got some pic and I need to do get some squash and zucchini out of here probably go ahead and pull this section the can the onions up get all these big cabbage out of here the ones that haven't split the worms haven't gotten to I probably going up to the raised bed too if I have time to get those canned onions out those are going to be the really big ones these right here beside me not so big but got a lot of things I want to get to today let's get to work the first thing I'm going to do is get all the squash pick she coming in pretty heavy right now that's a good little nest of squash and zucchini right there and you can let your zucchini get a whole lot bigger ones like this and even bigger you can still eat them they do good for zucchini bread but if you want the best-tasting get them when they're small about like this that's some real good eating same thing with the squash as long as it hadn't turn big and yell if you put your fingernail in and still kind of saw it's good to eat but if you can get them a little bit smaller they'll always be a whole lot more tender these baskets right here work out great a friend of mine gave them to me I got half a dozen so of them and the good thing about them they got handles on the end where I can carry them and they're all opened up so I can spray it wash this stuff off and make sure that before I give this stuff to somebody it's already been cleaned like to come in here and clean off the blossom ends and get the dirt and stuff off of them down here on this the end of a row I transplanted some beets a while back they're not as big as what I had in the greenhouse but I think there'd be the perfect size for pickling so I'm going to go ahead and pull these things out too I don't see any reason to call the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records but for pickling size I think that's the right good size be right there that'll work out just fine I got my helpers out in the garden today just roaming around while I'm out here working I just turned them loose from the chicken tractor raise one end of it so they can walk up under it and I'll keep an eye on I don't think they're going to do any damage as far as messing with the plants there's enough bugs and things in here right now all to keep them planted busy that's right girl tear up that ground I appreciate the out on the opposite end of the same row is where I got some more candy onions at they haven't had as much time to grow as the ones I got in a raised bed up there I got these in the ground kind of late so they're not going to be as big well I said they hadn't done a whole lot but there's actually some pretty good-looking onions up in here that's a nice one there real nice that's getting closer to what I usually expect out of them a lot of others a little bit smaller have one on miscellaneous red when stuck in here some pretty good onions for no more work than I put into them and if you want to see what happens to cabbage when it drowns this is on the end of the row we had so much rain I had a few plants down here too just drowned all the leaves droop down and expose that little head right in the middle up next I need to get all this cabbage out of here and what I want to do is just pick everything and go make some phone calls maybe send some text messages and tell people this is what I got come get it if you want it that way I know that it's going to somebody who actually wants it as opposed to me just riding around and delivering it to people that I think want it what I had was the early round Dutch right here and the early Jersey Wakefield both of these make pretty tight heads around us naturally a little bit bigger some good-looking cabbage this is the kohlrabi that are planted I lost some earlier ones to the rabbits the groundhog one or the other and it has some more just both on me right away so don't have as many in here as I had anticipated but being is that we don't eat a whole lot and I don't know that many other people who do either anything that I make will be a plus so let me go down here and see if I guess the kohlrabi out of this row all right these kohlrabi right here they are beasts to cut with a knife I tell you and I call them alien turnips that's what it looked like with all the leaves coming out the side but they do taste like a turnip where you're supposed to do you're supposed to peel this thing and then you can cut it

I think I need to cook it first all of my broccoli has bolted going to seed and it's not much good for seed because it was a hybrid variety the only thing it's doing right now is providing some pollen for these bumble bees and they are having a field day with it all right guys we rolled it along right now what time is it y'all never see me aware what doesn't matter what time it is the Sun comes up and Sun Goes Down and somewhere in between you need to get the job done so I don't worry about what time it is but I think it is time for me to get the wheelbarrow or the backhoe one or the other what I'm gonna do is just pull all this stuff up somebody asked me recently do I have a compost pile yes I have a compost pile it's not a little small one like this it's a pretty good sized pile but I'm going to pull all this stuff up get it over there try to get this stuff cleaned out and do a little bit of planting but if it's okay with you Dennis I'm gonna go get something to drink sir and when it comes to something to drink my beverage of choice is well water we save the Gatorade bottles when they have Gatorades just fill them up with that good well water that's hard to beat

now that everything has been picked harvested cleaned up time to take the tiller and go down through there and loosen this stuff back up see if I can't make me some little rose to plant a little something else in here

you can kind of see the road that I'm going to be working with now instead of having I think three or four rows right here going to be one row right in the center and then another half a row at the end of the kale you notice how pretty that kale looks I'm going to keep that going long as I can so we can keep eating off of it and always have some good greens to give to the chickens

and to give me some idea where the center of the row is I take my trusty old blue hoe go right down and make me a little trench

first up will be my sweet potato squash just drop them in the ground about a foot fourteen inches apart something like that next up is the Waffen butternut squash these got much smaller seeds in them and on the end down here y'all heard the old Mother Hubbard well this is old blue Hubbard blue Hubbard squash all right guys I think I'm done right here I was able to get the cabbage and onions out get everything cleaned up get some more stuff planted and it been fortunate I already had a couple of people come by today wanting to pick up some vegetables so the stuff that's on the back of the truck right now is already starting to dwindle away

and there's only one thing left to do right now let me go show you the big candy onions this is the bed of onions that I planted behind the greenhouse got half of it is the candy onions half of it is red Weatherfield onions and also got some garlic in there from elk hound this is the onion that came out the garden that's a nice almost soft ball sized onion good-looking candy onion right there put it beside that one and suddenly it doesn't look so big that's a big old onion right there it's getting hot so I think they're about done go ahead and get some of these things out the biggest ones anyway and you compare the size of the two onions this one is nice I'd be very happy with something like that but this right here that's one of them bloomin onions in the making now that's what I call a real nice mess of onions as in beautiful candy onions in that wheelbarrow rather than pull all the onions up at one time I'm going to leave these red ones in here it's a variety that I'm not for me with as far as how big they can get I'm gonna give him a couple more weeks and see how they progress all right guys that's that at the beginning it was a beautiful day it was nice and cloudy we did have a shower rain come through there right in the middle of the day and kind of wet things a little bit not too bad just a little light shower then the sun's come out it's got very humid but the wind has stayed down one of the reasons that I don't do a whole lot of garden videos outside is because every time I get ready to do something it's windy and I just I don't want to make those kind of videos even with the coldest mic the wind is just very difficult to contend with so I let stuff slide and just do things the best I can today was a very productive day I was able to get a lot of stuff picked in the gardens got some beautiful produce got some more seeds in the ground really enjoyed the time out here being able to do this and not have to contend with the wind right now my stomach is growling reminding me that yes I have breakfast but I haven't had my lunch yet so I need to go get a little something to fill that empty space in my stomach so hope that was helpful y'all take care in Lord willing I'll see you next time if you found this video to be helpful informative entertaining or just downright funny don't forget to

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Hot weather is here, so it's time to get some things out of the garden. The Candy onions did great again this year. I had plenty of cabbage, beets, and kohlrabi. The squash and zucchini started producing well too. After I got everything picked and cleaned up, I planted some winter squash, hoping to get something that will store for a few months.

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