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when it main thing when it oh stop dammit look she first time like first of all I like I even expected Yein have to do is Alma which he got me like that was cute like you got a heart let's see what it do flight crew FTC flight team stand up amen you wondering whose car man cuz he can sell about a background you know saying to shame me you first of all that shot man she know alpha wolf in his bit you know I'm saying finally came back from Houston the boy let me use the whip whip whip you know I'm saying I'm shooting the final scenes to a broke boy man after 30 years you know I'm saying definitely had to get this visual and the works and in this bit before I released any other visual ease for the rest of 2019 man a so forth bro but shouts to the man you know I'm saying living walking swag legend he's trying to leave shower leave the Swat Houston man and ain't cool I'm got to stay yeah does it mean something like it's just like if everybody's telling you that and that's that gets a sign but you know we respect your decision though whatever it is that I doubt but yeah man shot the Ponzi no I'm saying been following them for a little minute just wiping and videographer many a that came out you know I'm saying we've been shooting a video the last two days been putting in work no I'm saying all right FTC a minutes later tonight you know I'm saying on Valentine's Day I expect this shit at all you know that's why I didn't even bring my camera down it was gonna be me you know I'm saying my beautiful crush you know i'm saying miss jenny when it main thing when oh look she for the first time like first of all I like I even expected you have to do is Alma which he got me like that was cute like you got a heart let's see what it is FCC okay got the chip a she got me the pollo way why I yeah what is she got she got hold on him no I'm sleepy really went out though I like it look I know how you know I like polo like that though oh my gosh nah this is like guys is it this is a cuff one spot in it like if she got me to the boxers are on a sweatpants all the under Shores down you want you know you want that it'll be swagged up okay we got the boxes I'm saying can't go wrong these are like the basic colors well she got me to full polo what like look I don't know what the fuck to say like that was a most like don't you a dope-ass female like for real right for real I don't know what to say you looked into girl right now and you got me on you surprised you know like your night okay but not happy Valentine's Day to a baby girl thank you you ain't had to do this at all like I don't ask for nothing like I don't know the statement I'm speechless man let me know down below in the comments what I should do but I don't know no girl out there getting you know I'm saying they need you know saying some shit like this like on the fly like this is the most random thing but I pretty yeah I love it the pull of my favorite bread Oh okay all right what they looking like okay my favorite color blue yeah I mean I'm not gonna try and take something you don't want I mean I'm a polo man you know damn baby drove like she she must want a ring real soon hey but let us have some alone time you know I'm saying on this Valentine's Day your toes the road I'm gonna see y'all tomorrow morning yeah 7:59 a.m. FCC amen it's the morning and you guys know how I showed you guys a surprise gift by my crush I literally didn't even like expect anything like at all that's why I like the way I recorded it like you know usually like if somebody get surprised you know I'm saying you see the full thing the guy should have usually every time like I see my question anyway I'm kind of checking myself because like I always used to just have the vlog chairman decided to see here but my battery was actually charging you know I was even recording like a one battery but man I'm memory about to go to the barber and she just texted me you know I'm saying because you know she spent the night over last night then she was telling me that and uh you know I'm saying in a gift box you know I'm saying there is a card and I didn't even see it you know what I'm saying so i'ma see what the card says or you know I'm saying what it's looking like there is a God even look at this you know I need to see it yesterday man and like I said man like this is like the most thoughtful thing like she probably have ever had to like done Danny or like any girl really honestly you know I'm saying done like she didn't have to do all this it was already open you know what I'm saying I didn't even see that I always dreamed of finding mr. right oh shit what's the same inside but I never imagined that finding you and make everything else right to thank you for being the best ever I love you so much Chicken Little and that's my last name I mean not my last name you know I'm saying but my nickname I meant to say before you know I'm saying a troll start to be like flight we found out your name but Jenna if you watching this baby drugs you know I'm saying kid loves you too you know I'm saying you a dope ass woman you know I'm saying it's just like I wish a lot more woman would take cues and take notes you know I'm saying because as you guys can clearly see she doesn't do too much man and then for simple fact is that like both of us you know I'm saying know what it is and you know we're technically single but at the same time we still have certain boundaries and certain things that we set and everything changed it's just like she don't do too much man this is like one of the first things and you know I'm ever really had with the female where the connections been so strong and not one another was so ready to quit the jumping gun like she hasn't really even asked me like what am I going man shit you know I've seen an official boom boom bah you know I'm saying like I'm really taking this and letting the flow go but let me know down below FCC man like I think this is some cuff and material you know I'm saying for the future or something because a lot of you ladies on Valentine's Day was expecting to receive she literally flipped a whole motherfucking role look she flipped a whole role from now on Valentine's Day is about niggas because you ladies get nothing but sugar what's that what's that what's that what's that word um with a spoiler I'm gonna just say squirrel most you ladies they're having good guys going for themselves nine times out of 10 is getting spoiled every single day and just because it's Valentine's Day you guys expect us to get on our damn knees and just get you the world just because it's a supposed love them from now on thanks to miss Janet Valentine's Day is supposed to be for niggas so you ladies Evans watching us right now next time is Valentine's Day in 2019 you dedicate that to the nigga it's no longer about woman no more on Valentine's Day man I don't care if I saw crazy she flipped the rolls man you like I said America wait did I just say for next year 2019 for 2020 I saved you guys you know I'm Sam but man I better go ahead and go to a barbershop right now I'm Aaron get clean this Friday right now man especially for you guys you know if you office school right now that's watching this or you awful working you got shit to worry about man come right with the kid man come on let's dog yes sir you know the kid is filling himself shout to my main fame my main thing Wayne your lane crush crush Janet you know I'm saying for the drip you know I'm saying polo down you know I'm saying with the fresh trip that she supply to FTC you know I'm saying iced out in this bitch fashion over James LG belt in this bitch you know I'm saying Balenciaga I don't fuck with no body amen I might be know a lot of y'all man niggas feeling himself bro it's Friday look me they say if you look good you feel good I ain't no cat man a nigga is feeling real girl right nut man now as you guys heard earlier I will be going to the barber but first remember when I brought the radio when I was taking somebody specifically out on a date not too long ago but yeah man when I raged and broke the radio because I had a little static from the motherfucking um the the auction court or whatever it is man yeah so I'm giving this little audio sound thing that they had on here not too far from where I'm at and see what they're able to do over there but a do it within like an hour because I only have about like an hour and a half worth of time to spare nobody really don't because nigga been riding around got a radio man I said no go yeah you know I'm saying even though still do we're just coming soon you know I hate that son even though you know I'm saying new whip coming soon I still have to ride with the ready it want for the mean I just can't I can't be out here not having no type of radio for like music like is sold to life you know so we better go check it out like I said man after them and we gonna head to the shop y'all gonna see fresh-cut reacts and I really later man I don't even know what's really honestly going on like it's Friday it looks like it's about a rain so really not too looking forward to going out I'm actually more looking forward to this 2k event that's gonna be on my part when I strain make sure you guys check out my stream it's a whole nother world out there if you guys have not been on my streams man you guys have literally been missing out man literally we're exploding on that thing every day like you know I'm saying join the wave join the fam doing a game man be the first one especially if you guys have been sub to me since how long you know I'm saying like come on man y'all gotta be the oh geez there but yeah man we gonna hope we get this radio fixed man you know I'm saying ghetto-fabulous radio up in this bitch man it sucks about it because it's messing up the amp too so like with the radio being broken my amp in the back to 12 that I have you know it's broke too so I've not only been getting no music I've been getting no bass and the basis everything in the car so follow me man y'all girls radio plays male hopefully they can fix the issue alright man so the kid is about to get his whip repaired at this little radio shop right here and Glenda i'ma be back you know I'm saying I'm gonna go get my cut I'm gonna let them do it it's a smarter way you know I'm saying so hopefully this shit is nice and done when I come back yeah so we just got to the over just now man they gone um repair everything with the radium aside and it's pretty dope because they're gonna actually replaced uh the stock car one you know I'm saying even though I didn't really necessarily need it because I'm about an upgraded whip soon but this one that I'm about to get put into the whip is gonna have bluetooth and everything so pretty dope pretty dope you know I'm sayin so we underway like I said and cannot wait to get fresh it up because I'm like so so so yeah yeah back in the game back in the game there he is back in the game it's raining in his bed but I'm about to test his uber back and see what the whip looked a light bro but I don't get it fucked up bro we back in the game hide your ladies make sure your girlfriend is not seeing this right now you know I'm saying learn my face up cuz they take it what are you doing with your life right now man wake up stop being a square how you go sit up here and click on the video I know slip here and clicked on anything about social media without copy you submerge

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