Emmanuelle Caplette: Linear Fills Free Drum Lesson (English 2016)

by: Emmanuelle Caplette

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[Music] hey guys here's a manual caplet in this video I will teach you a very popular lick in gospel music we also use it a lot in German Day stuff [Music] this exercise is built in two measures we will be working 416 note at the time throughout the exercise that way we will be both to do the exercise at the same time first measure we will work on the first count so we will play two hits on the snare followed by two hits on the floor Tom like this

[Music] on the second beat we will be adding two kicks and to snare like this on the third beat we will add two bass drums and two hits on the tongue like this to complete the first measure we will had these four bad boys to snare and two kicks

[Music] you know the first measure let's work on the second measure we will play two hands and two snares so like that on the second beat we will be adding two kick and snare Tom do to Papa like this on the third beat we will add two floor toms with two kicks


and finally to complete this exercise let's add the last four notes floor snare floor snare with the kick check out the old thing the two measures

[Music] quick notes make sure to articulate every strokes to get a better interpretation focus on the 16 notes pills and muscle stress is the devil so stay relaxed at all time now I will play for you the old exercise at different tempos


[Music] where can we use this slick like I mentioned at the beginning of this video you can use this phrase in gospel music in Drum & Bass funk and many other style of music check it out [Music] hope you enjoyed this lesson I wish you a lot of fun with that lick I'll see you soon take care of yourself bye bye

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Lesson: Beginner / Intermediate Pre-Recorded Lesson in January 2016 During this lesson, I will teach you a very popular linear lick. -The exercice is built on 2 measures with a sixteenth note pulse. -We will be working four sixteenth notes at the time throughout the exercice, that way we will be both working it out at the same time. www.emmanuellecaplette.com



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