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hey I'm not hey welcome back today okay playing game grumps we're we're doing the show called game grumps my name is Aaron my name is Dan yeah oh my god glad trees dan oh my god I know oh my god I know you're gonna have to start over again ah yeah it's pretty gross I I'm just gonna go to Shamar I don't care really don't care yeah cool and I take care I think so I think so I'm just gonna go to fucking Shamar I'm gonna talk to some stupid assholes you're gonna tell me to talk to some other stupid assholes I'm gonna go to a fucking gate and play some shitty game I don't want to play bla bla bla talk to you good luck good thanks that you don't mean it cuz you're just fuckin words in a program it's all broken up losers hordley - oh I'm so sorry for the tough time to be at work oh jeez there's nothing I could do about it either except maybe mine and mope around hmm I'll go over to the pickle lub God everyone's face is awful in this game oh my god well you're done they just want me to go to had a bath yes you're done I'm not done okay I got earrin to talk to no I did not Aaron his pop the old man is on ass son alright he's taking a liking to me sure now he's in fucking palm tree square this is such a weird wild goose chase to talk to people you just talk to this guy no I know I did [Laughter]

we're broken man we are this game has broken us what Dennis the Bettis took one episode to do Sonic Unleashed has taken 37 or whatever this is uh God alright the shrine is open so now I could do some fucking Shamar levels neat oh thank god oh please just just let it explode in my weave just give me an excuse to be like oh we're done darn geez oh yeah my we caught on fire you're like with the lighter against the wheel I know someone spilled gasoline everywhere geez I'm gonna complain for 10 hours about another wheeze horribly made or whatever I don't fucking know oh geez alright loading now loading here we go you fucking like two seconds of Careless Whisper by George Michael yeah but they couldn't afford the rest of it that it sounded like the sax like it's called a needle dropped in what's that mean it means when you use licensed music in a television show huh I'll a needle drop what what does that mean it means when you use LASIK you know I don't like what would it what is the look when you drop a needle on a record okay yeah anyway so thanks for joining me on my learns the Hollywood tips go ahead and subscribe to my channel slash game grumps slash asian ass porn 69 guy guv Frigga and subscribe to my youtube website yeah for more inside hollywood info subscribe to fuck palace door ass eater 21 dotnet the pain the pain oh the pain at youtube-dot-com you sweet yeah and just get some more tips yeah you're gonna love them just like the tip of my penis oh you're not gonna love that one well that's that one that was gonna surprise it personally I could go on and on about why you'll like the tip of my penis but you know Dan doesn't seem to think it's so great because he's fuck you got a like a thirty inch penis or got it I got it and huh okay okay explodes oh that's why it died in the other their their little their little self-destruction bombers yeah I feel like I didn't waste all my time now now that I learned that I feel like I didn't waste my life away with playing this dude oh my how many times do you think the game designers had to listen to this fucking song I'm sure they put it on mute at a certain in fact they probably didn't add it until the end they just cut and paste it in everything oh yeah all right ship it they just bought like a note it's like add music here yeah they just like when the game was gonna ship tomorrow they were like fuck and they just like just add replaced add music here to this song fuck might find replace whatever this song done done we're done perfect I love it it didn't even listen to it I just don't understand how something how do you think this game sold probably pretty well really yeah let me I want to look it up because it was it was a Wii game which was a hugely successful console a hugely successful character and I'm pretty sure it was like well regarded the sonic unleashed I was gonna explode sales gonna do it gonna explode go do it here we go nice it seems Sonic oh my god oh my god it seems Sonic Unleashed has eclipsed five million in sales holy shit do you want to know when that post was written when July 6 2010 Wow so it's gotta be it was a huge hit it's an enormous hit 5 million just was a five million seven years ago Hodel or just for though I believe that's total good lord yeah it looks like that's Xbox supply that by 60 and that's the that's the gross sales not even talking about expenses I'm sure the game's budget was like I don't know like five no 10 million Sonic Unleashed Sega's third best seller Wow yeah and now and now and and we wonder why so many people are like fuck you I loved it looking 5 million people at the 5 million purchases yeah yeah and people rented it and or like gave it to their friends after they sold it the game stopped and then read they rebar is a used game oh my goodness that's amazing I think that was just the Xbox 360 that is a lot of money okay so the Wii the Wii was much less what really yes we version sold less less surprising 2 point 1 6 million oh well that's half what do you mean two point was did you say the 5 million was that specifically Xbox yes that was Xbox oh oh my god dude yeah yeah and that incredible so that's even more oh yeah way more over 7 million sales of this one fucking game yeah this one game where they couldn't even bother to cut out a jpeg of the moon that's incredible to me man everybody loves it I mean for a kid right for a kid it's it's it's it's mindless you're killing stuff it's not like horrible no it's it's not offensive it's like lots of cartoon colors yeah it's it's it's pretty crazy locations and they got a cartoon hedgehog who's like it's like to do about different cultures it's hard to understand but like easy to like not have that be a big deal you know so that's amazing I'm happy for you Sega you know I'm really happy for you anybody who achieves success that's cool man you guys did it you fucking knocked it out of the park you sure did you sure did it what was it what was it that made it sell like cuz this isn't any better than I guess this was the best 3d Sonic game at the time really generations didn't exist that colors come out I think yeah well no no no I don't know after those are the two that people keep saying those are the good ones I mean we'll find out because we're definitely fucking playing them yeah of course we are Morris and like I think Sonic Heroes had just come out which people typically don't like although there are a couple hardcore fans

yeah wait oh crap it's a boss the Jazz is going crazy oh okay cool that's not jazz anymore that's acid Jack yeah drum and bass oh boy oh made of acid maybe that's the whole thing maybe maybe these little guys are jazz and then these guys are acid jazz oh yeah that's probably what it is careful you're a low on life yeah low on motivation and and morale maybe I died you die you say I've died what could I have done oh it's so sad when you're just lying there like Oh I don't know what just happened there but off there you must have had some kind of berry thing that was a kind of fucking item or whatever I don't know oh yeah there was an item that did that really yeah we we discovered it last time oh no I'm thinking of Paper Mario where there was that like mushroom or whatever that brought me back to life after I died maybe the game's like alright you tried yeah you did your best I don't want you to replay this fucking level again just go ahead just go ahead maybe maybe only get sent back when you like fall off something like maybe if you just die where you stand well it doesn't matter now you did it the stage is clear I've done it yeah and you did it I'm so proud you've done this I can't believe you've done this oh fuck I got more rings than there are rings wow you see that I do how was that possible three son medals dude stage complete oh I'm so proud of you thank you well let's see that oh okay that's the big red thing that I was talking about like maybe when that completes the game is over but I don't think so I don't know yeah I don't know a defect I don't know next time on getting grams next time on game grubs I mean shit no turning back now we're in this I love you I love you and I love you lovelies we'll see you soon man you got a lot of points there so much force directed the lovelies when I first said it but I love you Dan yeah I'll just I'll step and I'll step in the middle I'll take that love bullet later

well your improv skills just next-level

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