Stool Scenes 57 - Riverwalk Gamblers

by: Barstool Highlights

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beautifly died your beard that's tricky [Music] [Applause] [Music] still seems episode 57 Charles David Braun one of my favorite players growing up the great same with blue max having agreed here you know all right now one person one number you may know Firebird is your local Dunkin Donuts I got to tell you what these go twos they said you could keep them both for yourself I've heard that's your move kind of a fatty and I said your food with anything because you're my friend and I said all right I'm gonna get John to come to Italy start bro don't get is it good yeah jeez I've been waiting all day to evening I know you like trying too hard me to do this though no it's still hungry I'm sorry there's gonna take longer John described the you go to four people won't do get yourself to dump you sandwiches to three or five bucks to this family over group you get it on this up you got your tacos here you got your croissants with the bacon you got sauces on a croissant you get what every one two three or five bucks depending on your choosing let's make it yourself go to thank you for doing the average while I ate that was a very good welcome if I appreciate that one thing that may not have been as scrumptious as these Dunkin Donuts Kevin gets a pimple popper thing I don't know man Monday morning it's like what the fuck are we doing here this is disgusting

these are gonna make your wallet I ordered it like yeah it's he in microseconds gotta be like a hole in this thing yeah this kind of feel good yeah well we uh it looks like baloney it does oh oh it's already kind of loaded ready you're zoomed in all day long yeah get it get it out actual human insides gross yeah okay looks like ramen noodles oh fuck is wrong with you oh you got a good one that's okay it's just like like the shit that comes out of a person what is something wrong stop it don't touch me with that fucking puss and stop licking yeah it definitely could be you think they just been storing human puzzle this month hearted just licks it so I hope not yeah you said it took two months to get here that's because they've been loading it up with people popping their pimples

no stop


I feel feel great headed off to masters hang out with mr. gay player bars boondoggles goes pretty good excited singing - there is the workgroup a little bit of a lightweight you know of the side from pimple popping people just sat there silent Robby's gone for plays going pilgrim gone PMG gone Dave gone while our accent was out of the office in San Antonio so we got a little clips back from my boyfriend e what would it should be with that office manager Brandon doing something stupid what do you do I guess he booked him out of hotels like 80 dollars a night with like hair all over Dave's bed just like some things that's kind of predictable no I have you switching to chaps but it rains like why don't you rent your car so you could leave like Tyrone does what and what planet are you on you rented a car and left I mean this is one of the all times om date weekends I know you rented a car for Barcelona you fucking left you drove to Houston like how we gonna drive around I'll be back at 1:30 with a fucking you talk guys I mean no clump of hair I have made millions of dollars millions and I am staying at a depth of carpet is soap this is like wow I won't put my blackout worker

we're switching I'm going the West

what a clown I don't do I fucked up yes I felt like shit I had two days that I needed made the cuffs lost 79 couple money and I had Laker now I felt like Jordans put anybody in that room with me morbid disaster 19 year old kid staying at a fucking 99-cent hotel today and that I gotta fucking that I got so much hair on the side and you shout at me too I had a huge clump that's why I'm leaving Tommy I'm a fucking tens of millions of dollars I'm not gonna stay here for a week fair enough what a pretty nice night I'm betting $10,000 a king I got fucking nine nines no unbelievable is really a move why did we buck this everything else was taken he said because we switched late late so the original but I sent him I I said all right all set for 20 West Market Street I sent them this I go I saw this people gonna be like you're douchey I like at some level the talent we have who travel watch don't want stay at $0.99 hotels dance should be a nice place P of T should be at nice place I should be no other company would ask their talent to stay at the fucking nickel hotel for a week straight it's like hey guys go on the road for a week and we're gonna put you up in a fucking trash compactor with fucking hair I Hotel first of all half the carpet is just soaked soaked my bathroom my shower PFT shit his like shampoo as Oh was just half full like everything it's like well we need to block and I know tell rooms fine and then put like no offense to you guys put you guys and like shit and put like bone or the company may be in a fucking place that doesn't have hair all over the place and soaking wet floors it's just crazy like I am an owner of a company I'm like the second biggest now shareholder in this company and you put me there I don't ask for much - I'm not like a high main sky but when users have an entire fucking head of hair in the shower it's gross and then Brittany takes the car and just disappears that's crazy move

I like heard him saying like I'm going to Houston it just didn't factor like oh you're taking the cars like you it's such a preposterous thing to be like oh you're gonna rent a car and then just leave Julianne's won't bite everybody knows the rules we try them all till we try them all pretty fucking good Frankie pretty good Christmas Dave sure I mean he wears a lot of clothing items that make waves I don't know this Michigan shirt it's like wasn't really been well-received pull those are pretty middle school you can't pull those are like you wearing on a golf course you wearing like middles from the picture day I don't know I'm not gonna throw a lot of judgment at least it was a a fashion-forward shirt it was multicolored and had a little bit of this a little bit of that but dealing today it's a polo shirt I'd only 2018 is your folder your host big cat we have Dave PFT chaps were in a closet we are not on the Riverwalk with every other major radio station news station we are not even close to the stadium with every other network major radio station shout out to 90 9:30 a.m. the answer so breaking news stimulating talk I guess we're too late serious still I don't think they says seriously in the sense that like I don't know what show they have a studio for near the Riverwalk or near the stay yes someone someone is is basically sitting across from the stadium right now in a beautiful studio totally and with people who nobody's interested them listening so it's a trash crowd and we're sitting here we I actually we did that riverboat towards a river we could have had a huge event yeah I do nuts yeah but keep asking more Wednesday event well actually we're just we're in the studio yeah 10 stories up over a UPS the side of the highway

Dave big game tonight huge how you feeling I don't know I mean Tommy smokes is my guy he's not doing so well yeah every Michigan fans come up to - believe it or not his look like is Tommy right now they're not asking about anything else they like how's Tommy feeling tonight because I think Michigan fans we know where it's a smart University Villanova is better than we yeah we're trying to make content but we saw a ladybug just walk right in front of talk Tommy's clearly never picked up ladybug before yet no idea he'll it's a you know thought it was poisonous I mean Tommy is he is a sickly little child he thinks everything's poisonous he was greatest ly slow eaters he just came for barbecue and he's a slow eater and we said Tommy what's what's up with you eating so slow he says well I like to take sips of my coke after every bite and like I'm nervous about choking and then things like we'll have you ever choked and Tommy said well no because I take the sips doesn't produce enough saliva because he's always pissing it up tell me you just worry about this twins pirate it's up full count right now leadoff guy for the twins I think people don't realize is Tommy is content in the fact that it is there's been some hilarious videos and tweets that have come out between you and Tommy being around and gallivanting around the country together but he's not content in the fact we were in the office and the night that you Tommy was gonna go over to your house you told YP you're like hey just just so we're clear right now like YP turned off that I've never seen you tell him to turn off the camera he said turn off that camera and then you looked at time he said just so you know this is not about content this is about me winning games so you're coming in my fucking house we don't have to put anything on camera we don't have to do anything on you know periscopes it is about me winning gambling leadoff walk by the way oh are you going with this shirt for the game yeah why are you a Brahmin it doesn't look like it looks like it looks like a sweater vest you look like Jim Tressel it looks like a taco is that actual Michigan gear it's from state and liberty that Michigan company yeah I don't you put an M on I'd like what you a person late and it does look like you're wearing like a performance fleece jacket yes it looks like you I only have one M shirt with me it's dirty yeah it looks like you went to Michigan game with like your four best friends who are a bigger Michigan fans than you are and you just wore your clothes up with the same looks like an old Navy shirt that you got this shirt pocket reviews right now we're just roasting the fuck out of this shirt it would be fine I think what really doesn't do the trick justice is the little yellow strip that goes yeah that's where I'm weirdly placed yeah it's amazing blue I thought they're gonna be like oh man you got the Bob Kraft like different colored collar I'd like to check the Pantone's on that - yeah yeah I don't think that's the correct blue you're not killing the state Liberty shirt state liberty and advertiser Corey it's great advertisers are trying to do some good you know what's a great shirt is great shirt we're just not to Michigan yeah don't stand up great it's amazing bleep I mean it's pretty clear you get on the job you know yeah I need a visor and maybe a bottle of Viagra to wear that shirt if you had a visor on you could call all right let's take another break well I have a polo shirt that has the little bow Shambo and I have that one's nice I liked out no it's huge it makes me look fat okay I got it look at that yeah look I really look fat okay then maybe I'll switch shirts out where your dirty shirt you wore it on Saturday night yeah answer the one that brought you that's a good point mm-hmm you don't want young horses midstream yeah come on maybe put Tommy yeah Tommy wears a shirt Tommy says no jumpsuit today yeah he's got the porridge all right I'll go back to maybe then I'm sure I'll see I don't like stretched out next oh I was just saying it's not a break night pretty apprai but if Michigan wins it's a good spot that like I'd much rather be 7 point underdog right if you're some point favorites and then you lost it would right it's over that's why but I'm aware I feel good Eugene such a gene I mean that would be the end of it Yeah right when we saw her get wheel bios the gambler and me Tommy like that's come on in and gambler and me Tommy like your spot where you're at right now is so exciting because you can become a more right does not show up if you went like are you just grow it there's no other confluence of events that works out perfectly to put you in this very situation how are you health wise and if the prunes go on a run yeah but it's patented college basketball like that's what we started calling the games with and everything yeah this is in an avalanche yeah I'm like going back to your first date there hey this

that's got to be the guy that

[Music] [Applause] I didn't expect to see it that's for sure shirt went back to what I want in the other day good luck chefs you feel bad that you made him change the golf it huh I think I did the right thing those that ugly shirt but now it's going up against a pretty tough opponent Villanova by me he's getting shit on by Bertha's not the worst thing in the world that is the worst thing that's one of those things people just tell you but when you look like an asshole this is good luck but I've heard that falling upstairs is good luck it's not good luck you just look like a fucking idiot in public the same game you not help you step back in the ledge right so that's not really good luck I like my immediate they go don't feel bad but right I knew when I saw this and that's not really good luck that's not actually got shit on one time and then that's great that is unbelievable what yo yeah let's go to

get shit on bud yes oh my god what a guy Tommy it's not this kind of Tommy so to turn around time you just about shit on by a bird what a great fucking look and that is great luck Tommy Tommy

that's great luck that's a well-known fact that's like absolutely want a luckiest things I can have are they're probably 10-second it's like walking from here to here to the cutting up right at all all right go Michigan I mean you can't well fight against some bird getting like even bird shit on the evil actually would be that word Tommy

that's outrageous ine was all the outside but maybe for second you guys haven't read it olive oil I just do it let me take a picture of it then you're only caption should be hey Brooke I know you like what you see like we're eating inside first yeah don't have like the instinct to come outside and eat outside

Tommy is coming out with us wait we got all those with red and oil so he turns around to get the bread so from him pretty here's his own bread outside I'm here he walked there's an ID in there into there that was it and then we'd even know what half of as the guy in a Michigan cause being like whispering don't be like you have it I turn around like a bird shit all over all

just fine in the river it doesn't never wash again and if Michigan woods change

[Music] a lot and that's how much better I'm like this close to just turning around just punching to combat my selves give no surrender stand like you motherfucker

thank you awesome one will try to take

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