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[Applause] [Music] sherry yes sir meet mr. Kurt von Keller a dear friend from Frankfurt he's my guest he will be staying with us for a few days Kurt this is sherry my personal assistant you won't find a more trustworthy or hard-working man and he will guide you and assist you until you go back home to Germany it's pleasure to meet you sir and looking forward to make your stay comfortable okay sherry if you can bring the car around now I need you to take mr. Keller back to his apartment right sir Oh Jerry Kurt is a very rich man okay he will be very handy to have on board so you must look after him anything he wants and I mean anything sure sir don't worry cart [Music]

[Music] dolly dolly or it they are when you peel the egg did I give Aldi süd Bianca suckage opinion he let me to be healthy [Music]

[Music] Peggy let Odie dolly

yeah the auditor they are



[Music] Johanna - yeah okay so you wanna be that he don't come on the dolly dolly ability a catalog of all the dollar Ali

yeah [Music]


[Music] bacon baby nouvion aha latke Yaya run babe Aliana who pity people OD on dolly [Music]


yeah [Music] honey dost okay me legato numeira nama gana yada javadi alligator like comment car keys rule the show the III UK day youtube channel news subscribe carlo

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Title: Yaar Chadeya Singer: Sharry Mann Lyrics: Rav Hanjra Music: Snappy Mastering: Naweed Ahmed (Whitfield Mastering) Mixing: Bauss P Label: E3UK Records Video Director: Navjit Buttar Assistant Director: Haninder Aujla Editor: Sarabjeet Sohal Special Thanks: Kamal Dhillon, Hameer Sandhu, Roger Russel, Manpreet Kalsi, Rose Redrup, Gautam Sharma, Deepa - Kabir Hairdressers, David Hall - Hall Music Studio, Bharat - Flute, Maninder Saini - Recordist, Jagz Dhaliwal, Goldy - Famous Media Online Promotions - Gold Media (https://www.instagram.com/goldmediaa)

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