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by: Christopher McCarthy

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the following YouTube clip is to demonstrate the ease in which our Hercules conversion can be fitted to the landcruiser truly the 78 series Land Cruiser true P is the ideal platform to convert into your Overland campaign vehicle you will notice that the tools that were using here are found in most basic workshops there are only one or two specialized items rev that gun and pneumatic shares that you may need to source from specialists such as your pneumatic supplier always inspect the vehicle completely and thoroughly before undertaking the conversion just to make sure that there are unforeseen marks and damages to the vehicle that you did not bring to the clients attention always be sure to cover all the internal parts seats dashboards in the area that may be susceptible to damage while undertaking the complaint

we have chosen to remove all internal parts as we will also be undertaking further conversion work in this particular vehicle however if you are only doing a roof replacement it would not be necessary to remove all internals be sure to hang on to parts certain parts will be going back into the place certain parts you will not use again allow you to make a roof cut out be sure to keep all the handles and parts that are removed from the vehicle that certain parts will be reused certain parts or not

at the rear end where the Highmark brake light is fitted we remove this brake light in certain vehicles they like to reinstall alternatively we put a handle in that position it's the choice of the client what they might prefer to do once we have completed stripping the internal lining out of the roof we then set about marking the external area for where we're going to cut with the shears this is approximately sixty five millimeters up from the gutter line or around the windscreen area the new roof conversion will hide the cut line once it is installed once we've completed marking out the area where we need to cut we will then draw a nice pilot hole into the roof in order to get the shares in to start cutting the roof conversion these pneumatic shears cut through the roof like a hot knife through butter and within a few minutes you will have the entire roof portion cut out of the roof nice and clean no shavings lying around no very sharp edges to concern yourself over once the roof has been removed you will need to find the four mounting points that were holding the cross braces on the roof you will need to now cut these prices over 25 millimeters from the top after cutting these down you will roll out at the bottom hole to receive an eight millimeter rib net and now you are able to mount the bracket that is going to help bolt down the roof to that point we will reuse the existing six millimeter hole above and we will use the eight millimeter hole that you've now created in the base of the bracket which will fall to the roof mat once the brackets are in position we set about treating all the cutoff roof area or rasp roofing so we paint rust repellant all the way around where we've cut the roof because a tall metal is exposed

once you finish painting the the exposed edge we then add a pinch of all trim to that entire lip around the roof it gives it a far more professional and safe finish that is supplied to you with the kit once we've fitted the trim around the top edge we place the roof conversion over the tripi and possibly sometimes do a quick drive fit just to make sure that it's all working and fitting nicely and we lift it again and put some cross members underneath with some foam around to protect the roof conversion so that we can start to set up and apply the glue where needed I like to apply a double line of glue just to be sure to prevent any risk of you having missed portions or a lying air or or or wind or water to possibly get past those lines although it's highly unlikely once the installation or the roof is dropped into place you can now get some help and if you can just lift the roof up pull out your your cross braces and slowly lower the roof into position the pure way to the roof will allow it to seat nicely but if it feels like it's not you need to pull down and you can set about from the inside bolting the brackets into place which will pull the roof firmly down into position at the rear of the trip you will need to mount the two stainless steel throw the catches that lock the roof down these you will need to drill through from from the inside because they do help to bolt the Truby roof to the vehicle so you have the four brackets internally that hold it down and the two brackets at the tap at the back so it's those six points that are fixing it into place but the set glue is all that's really required to hold it in position the bolts are there as a rudimentary extra support the shadow awning mounting brackets for the tribute are self-explanatory they are placed in position on the back corner and long down the length of the awning at the front they mounted to the owning the triple conversion itself and when you position them you will see where the required holes need to be drilled

we've now fitted you're a tree be Hercules conversion it's a good idea to just test it to pop it open close it down check that everything's working nicely and that it's good to go make sure that you cleaned up polished up and hand over to hopefully a very happy

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