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hello everyone and welcome back to my youtube channel my name is Jack Edwards and last summer I went interrailing which was one of the best things I have ever done today I wanted to sit down and make a video about all of the things I learned all of the top tips and tricks I picked up along the way to help make your trip more into rail than in to fail so I suppose the first question is should you go into railing and the short answer is absolutely yes if you are the type of person who loves an adventure you don't mind pushing yourself and you want to see more of the world but you don't have much time to do it and you don't want to do on a huge budget interrailing is for you you really get a feel for each country even if you don't stop off in the country just going through it on the train you get to see so much more you see all the rural villages and the farmhouses and the countryside and you know all of those things that you just would not get to see if you flew to a capital city explored the capital and then flew back home again you learn so much about yourself from traveling being quite self-sufficient and looking after yourself you just learn more ways of the world you have to communicate with different people you have to problem solve because problems do arise that will happen you know you have to book yourself into hostels meet new people in the hostels that kind of thing it's just the best character building you could ever do and also it's so much fun while you do it so now that I've solved the experience to you it's time to talk about packing emotional baggage nothing for you it is you will need a big rocks like a div style of rocks that you can use to get them in camping shots that kind of thing something that is pretty hefty and strong I had a bag that opened at the top but I think actually if I were to do it again I'd get a bag that opened kind of like a suitcase so you could pull it the zip all the way round if that makes sense just because then you can lift it up and get specific things after back without having to remove absolutely everything but the one thing that was an absolute game changer for me was packing cubes now packing cubes are basically like fabric cubic shapes that you can unzip and put your clothes into they usually have a mesh front so you can see what's inside it just means that every time you open your bag you can see everything that you've got you don't have to rummage around and lose things it just compartmentalizes the inside of your bag and makes it so much easier because those bags are huge and it's so easy to lose things in terms of things that you actually need to pack remember all your travel documents I kept smiling like a ziploc bag so I just had all of our train tickets all of our hostel reservations our timetable for the whole trip all in a ziplock bag it was just in the front of my rock stacks that I always had it also you probably need about like seven to nine kind of t-shirts or tops one two pairs of shorts and some swimming stuff you know don't go overboard underwear socks or the essentials the way that we did it was we bought enough stuff to wear for the first half of the trip and then when we got to Budapest which was our middle stop we went to a launderette and managed to kind of wash our clothes like we had to get this this random lady in the launderette kind of took pity on us and helped us do it because all of the instructions were not in English but we did get there in the end and it was quite an expensive I think we maybe paid about 50 pence purpose and we put all of our stuff in together we did for her lights in a dark wash and yeah that just made things quite easy remember all of your charges for phones cameras etc comfy hoodie you will need a comfy hoodie especially for those long train journeys it does get cold in the evenings something to sleep in if you're staying in hostels comfortable shoes are a must flip-flops or sliders to wear in communal showers and so important entertainment for the journeys brings a pack of cards a pack of cards will go a long way load some books onto a Kindle it's way lighter than carrying around loads of chunky novels and download loads of apps onto your phone ketchup in particular make loads of really addictive easy to play little games that you can just keep refreshing and it will never get old ever and finally you need a mini rucksack like a day bag kind of thing because you don't wanna be carrying that huge rock sack on your back all the time because it will kill you you will look a little bit like a human buckaroo but you you just have to be prepared that it's gonna happen sorry now moving on from that one of the top things that I learnt from travelling is that almost every international train station around here has lockers that you can leave your huge rock sacks in whenever you need so if you have to check out of your accommodation early in the morning you can leave your bag in the lockers it's locked for like I think you can have it for 24 hours max which is usually completely fine and go off into the city without that huge rucksack and that's such a relief we went to Vienna for example for 24 hours and the train station was on the other side of the city to our hostels so we when we arrived in Vienna we packed a little day bag and like an overnight bag and left are huge ruck sacks in the lockers then we walked around the city for the whole day ending up in the evening at the hostel and that way we didn't have to carry those huge rocks that's on our back all day also I completely forgot to tell you what route we did so we went from we started in London obviously some Pancras we went down to Paris on the Eurostar we then went across the Munich Ljubljana got the bus to Lake Bled then from bled I gone overnight train to Budapest we then went to Vienna then cesky krumlov which is a little city in the Czech Republic which could probably have been missed if we were to miss anywhere off from there we went up to Prague from Prague we went to Berlin and then Amsterdam and then back to London so we got the Eurostar both ways to and from London one really useful website for planning your trip is inter element calm this is what I used personally to like map out my route you can set the number of nights in each place you can just see it all on a map if I show you this was the exact plan that we have for our route it just means you can kind of see it tells you how long the journey times will be all of that stuff so this was great I think on every intro trip you have to go to Amsterdam it's such a cool place Prague is lovely and cheap Budapest again really really cheap and great Munich I loved the beer halls that was so much fun lovely on a hidden gem in Slovenia and such nice place there were some really nice places that we visited I know I briefly mentioned it that but overnight trains are a godsend with your internal path obviously you can only travel on a certain number of days spots overnight trains like the one to Budapest if you leave after a certain time I think if you leave after 7 p.m. it doesn't matter what time you get off the train it will only count as one of your journeys which is so good so overnight trains can save your money on accommodation and also you know we you just sleep on the train when it's you're exhausted from traveling all day you just sleep and so those really long journeys go so much quicker so once you're in a city how do you find things to see and do I used websites hugie before I went so I looked at like lonely planet go euro lots of other like travel blogs and that kind of thing also Instagram is such a huge one like you can look up cities and see you at the top kind of photo locations are and usually those areas that could get pictures from also have really nice little cafes or other things that you can kind of see and you get a real taste for the cities also it's really useful to look up the free attractions so quite a lot of things in Europe are actually free which is quite surprising I'm majority of the museums and galleries are completely free to enter and also if you just get a currency converter on your phone and because remember that not all of the countries that you go to will have the same currency like the Czech Republic Hungary doesn't have the same currency so if you get a currency converter you can actually work out we went to this place in cesky krumlov and it was a thousands and thousands Scot this tower and it turned out when we converted the currency that was actually like pennies for us we did occasionally pay a little bit extra to do exciting things so we did pay about 75 pounds I won't say in Lake Bled to do rafting and canyoning day we've kind of planned this in advance we knew that we wanted to do some kind of excursion when we were in bled in Slovenia and it was really really worth there I'll never forget that experience but it's back on the subject of three things which I know you much prefer to hear about there are free walking tours in pretty much any city hostels usually have all the information on those they just meet at a central location and then a local tour guide will take you around give you loads of insight and knowledge they're also really good for pointing out cheap restaurants and other free things to do but yeah they'll give you a whistle-stop tour of a city and they just work on tips at the end see just you can just tip them at the end if you want to I mean you probably should but even through just paying them five tips you're paying way lessen you would do for a paid organized tour so next I wanted to talk about my experience with hostels and I've never stayed in a hostel before this trip I was really anxious about it cuz I didn't know what to expect but honestly absolutely fine everyone there is so sociable has a similar mindset to you they're also probably traveling they usually really clean I think we the most we stayed in was 32 people in one room and it was completely fine because everyone keeps themselves for themselves usually are in little kind of groups anyway and you can stick together usually you get given a name badge which you put on your bed so that's your bed you've reserved that bed and honestly it's completely fine don't worry about it some things I would note firstly is the Airbnb or hotels can actually sometimes be cheaper than hostels so don't think oh I have to stay in hostels because we've stayed in some Airbnb that was so much nicer than hostels and we you know they were completely private and they will way jeepers like parents for example way way way cheaper to stay in a house in an Airbnb I mean also if you do book using hostel world then just be aware that they have a weird payment system where you pay like a little bit when you make the booking and you have to pay the rest upfront so just always know how much you owe and convert into euros and make sure that you've got cash because they don't use you don't take card and also sometimes they will try and charge you a little bit extra and so just be like oh no hang on just have your receipt to hand and they'll change it straight weeks they can't argue with hostile world hostels and Airbnb can also be the best places to find out about things to do in the safety so they usually have discounts for certain things like burnt trips maybe that all you know like a City Pass so usually have discounts they'll also usually have maps there which you can take I definitely recommend taking a map because Google Maps isn't always as reliable and it's not always as easy to find like big attractions there near you one thing also that is really good to bring is a padlock usually hostels have lockers within the rooms that you can padlock shop they usually charge you like two euros to rent a padlock but if you just bring one yourself then you don't have to pay that and that's just an extra little thing that you can save in terms of booking this accommodation always make sure you've read all the reviews on hostile worlds TripAdvisor all of that kind of thing and remember to consider who is writing that review for example we stayed at the most incredible hostel in Amsterdam but all of the reviews were quite negative because it was lots of older or middle-aged code people who had stayed there and complained that it was above a bar and that the bar didn't shut until 2:00 a.m. and it was really noisy we knew that we weren't going to be back before 2:00 a.m. so that was not a problem for us and I didn't notice any noise at all also always check where the location actually is quite often I'll say we're in Munich and Munich is a big place and they can be on the very outskirts of Munich and still claim they are a hostel in Munich so sometimes the really cheap ones are miles out likewise check how much public transport costs because if there's a bus that is one euro to get into the safety center then it's worth paying a bit less next I wanted to talk about my favourite subject ever food one thing that is so important to remember is the prices in capital cities really really vary so you can be walking down the street and there'll be three restaurants are super super expensive in your block we're just gonna have to settle for this around the corner will be a really really cheap place to get really good food in Amsterdam we you know we're on these big streets where the food was show extortion exorbitant prices walk around the corner and every I was telling Peter pasta every black lasagne everything for five pounds so easy don't stop for the first place that you see just because you're hungry also supermarkets can be really good for just grabbing some food there may be a couple of nights try and cook some food up in your hostels if they have a kitchen check in advance if they've got a kitchen in terms of money we spent under a thousand pounds on our trip because we were really cost-effective and I think that is probably a good amount it's kind of aim for I took some euros out with me but I took what's called a lute card so lute is a kind of company they make these cards that go on top of your online banking because their technology on top of a bank rather than a debit or credit card you don't get charged those extra hidden fees when you spend it abroad and it converts your money into local currency so again you don't get that added cost the other perk is that you can pause the card at any time without cancelling it so on the app you let you just press a pause button that can't then cannot be used at all and but if you find it you can just press play again and then it can be used again because if you cancel a card when you're abroad it's quite unlikely that you're going to be able to get another one and then you're kind of screwed the other thing that was really useful in organising this trip was making a spreadsheet so I have this huge document here which just has I'll talk you through step by step so here we have the date so all of the dates that we were away for and then have where we cup where we went to sleep because quite often you wake up and then go to sleep in different cities which is really really cool but also very very confusing and so I just kind of coded that so it was really easy to see I had all the Department training time so like when we would depart from one place and arrive somewhere else the accommodation address and name so that we could find them and then the type of accommodations there a hostel or an air B&B then here I had the total cost that we paid for that accommodation and then that divided by the number of people who were staying the night and then we've got the total costs down here so we paid 287 pounds 62 per person for the accommodation over the whole thing this was really useful I printed this document out and laminated it so each of us had a copy and then also I gave one to my parents just so they could see where I was and when and where it was meant to be staying but yeah that worked really really well and I was thoroughly recommend making one of these just to keep track of everything and I think that is everything I hope this video was useful I hope that this has helped if you're planning an inter out trip or if you're not planning one I hope that it's convinced you to book one because it's so much fun best experience I've ever had I've logged the whole thing so if you'd like to see a breakdown of each city what we got up to what we did I documented the whole thing in a series called off the rails which I will link at the end of this video and in the crotch box down below so you can go and check those out if you'd like and that's it thank you very much for watching give it a like if you liked it if you like and subscribe for more because we are getting dangerously close to 30 thousand subscribers what I've been Jack Edwards hopefully I will still be Jack Edwards next time you watch have a lovely day and I'll see you next time

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