Kingdoms II - Ep. 72: My First Ever Iron Farm!

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[Music] hey guys Wells Knight here and welcome back to another episode of kingdoms I hope you guys are having an awesome day I'm having a fantastic day today's the day my friends today is the day the lot of you have been waiting for for a long time we are going to build an iron farm I hope we'll be able to finish it today I hope that it will work but we're finally gonna get started on this so I've looked through I've been planning on building an iron farm in kingdoms for ages and I just never really kind of got around to it over the last couple days I've spent quite a lot of time looking through various iron farm designs kind of trying to kind of find one that fits my needs because I want a design that will produce a lot of iron but that's also relatively easy to build relatively simple and at the same time is going to I mean it'll take care of my needs essentially so there's the design that I've settled on I would say it's called the iron stream I'll put a link to the tutorial for it in the description it's designed by I don't know if it's EDA or ETA I'm gonna go with EDA EDA 740 member of the side craft server because of course it's designed by a member of the side craft server cuz like every technical build I ever make is designed by a member of the side craft server it is a 16 village resettable iron farm that produces approximately 640 iron per hour so the reason that I have gone with this farm over say like a single salad a single cell stackable iron farm or something like that is that I want an iron farm that if I go to it and I afk there overnight I am set on iron for quite some time that's that's really important to me I don't want an iron farm that produces like a stack of iron per hour this thing produces tens acts of iron per hour but at the same time I also don't want something that's absolutely insane like the iron Titan or the iron Phoenix or something on that sort of scale I think this is kind of a nice sort of happy medium between the two 640 iron per hour 16 villages that's big enough that it might even be a little bit of overkill for a single-player world but it's also small enough that it doesn't feel too much like overkill it means that if I go there and I afk overnight we're set on villages or on iron fur for quite some time and that's what we need so I need to get all the necessary resources together for this thankfully there is a full link a full list of all the necessary building materials in the description of the tutorial for this iron farm so that's very convenient I really appreciate it when people do that for their redstone videos um but we also need 25 villagers and I think I have that I'm pretty sure that there are 25 villagers if we go through this portal I guess we're gonna find out let's just look and see yeah we got a million villagers here we should this looks this looks like it should be 25 villagers but see oh and there's a ton of them up there as well how am I gonna get out of here I did not think this through good job self break that put a ladder out of the way people please and I can't use a water bucket this was very incredibly stupid on my part I I can't get out there I'm trapped there's no way that I'm gonna be able to put a block down like in any of these spots this is the this was incredibly stupid I should have thought this through better I really don't to kill any of these villagers maybe I can just like do come on jump there we go dirt okay we were we've done it we're okay there we go so yeah this definitely looks like 25 villagers especially once you take those into account 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 yeah this is probably like 30 to 40 villagers I would guess that's not an exact count obviously but I think what we'll need to do oh hi you're dead I think what we'll probably need to do here let's shove these guys in where they belong we want to make sure we do this without actually going through the portal go down there we go all right so there's the villagers they should all be fairly safe and then what we're gonna have to do is basically do like a minecart system to pick these guys up and take them to wherever the iron farm is gonna be and I don't yet know exactly where that is but we will definitely need a minecart system or an ice boat road or something because we need 25 villagers for the iron farm so I'm going to figure out where exactly I want to put the iron farm I'm going to get the villager system all set up and then hopefully we can get to actually making this thing alright guys I think I've found a good location to build the iron farm we are currently due east of Solus which means that basically actually we're like due east of the portal if I go flying back this way it's not super far right here is where our portal is at and therefore in the nether right here is where all of our villagers are stashed so I think we'll make it out there kind of over the ocean that should be a location where we can easily control the mob spawns which i think is important we can get the villagers there fairly easily because it'll just be a straight path for us to take them to where they gotta go and also it's gonna be an area that's kind of out away from everything else because I'm gonna be honest this iron farm I really don't care how this thing looks this is not gonna be a build that's made for looks this is gonna be a functional one so I think we're gonna build it out here overtop of this there like this island I think will be a nice little kind of hub if you will like a little gathering point I think this will work really well so I'm gonna get all of the resources together I'm gonna get 25 villagers or so moved to over here or maybe I'll just move them yeah I should probably move them to over here but anyway I'm gonna get everything set up on this little island get everything ready to go and then we'll start building the farm alright guys I am back I've got about 15 of the villagers moved so far I'm doing I'm like five at a time and I figured why not show a little bit of this so there's one two three four and five so that makes twenty basically all I did was add a little rail line that goes through here take it all the way down there to where the portal is and then when I'm done I just block it off and I'm basically sending five of these guys at a time that's that's what I'm doing and it's squirting I think let's turn that off cause you need to come to a stop when they get over here I just break the minecarts and do my best to shove them through the portal so that now makes 20 out of the 25 villagers that we need there we go turn that on so I can push these guys again well this will be 20 once I get these two through the portal there we go and then if we go through the portal ourselves we go into a little room that looks kind of like this there's a whole bunch of villagers here they're all kind of ok this actually might not be working as well as I'd hoped maybe I need to lower this a tiny bit also it's night let's sleep real quick and we can take a look at this I may need to rethink this just a tad because I don't want them to go back through the portal at all obviously so they come out of the portal here and they're supposed to end up going into a water stream but I think what I need to do is actually lower this by one block like so and then we'll take the the water here with a bucket we'll take the water and we'll lower that down just a tad and that way when they fall down they'll be stuck like for good I think that's gonna work a little better I need you um come on work with me here and you'll be able to get up on that ladder er wow this is easier said than done there we go break that and I need another ladder and I think I have one somewhere no no other ladder huh okay well we'll make another one oh [Music] let's just do one of those and there we go now I have another ladder and we can put that right there and that way I can climb up and get out of here when I go through the portal well you got 20 of the 25 villagers that we need they're all getting kind of crammed into that one little corner right there which i think is good I'm also gonna put a ladder right here so I can get back through the portal and I think yeah this guy's gonna be a little bit of a problem I'll just have to shove him back in no what are you not completely out I guess you weren't completely out in the first time there we go now you were completely out though through the portal dude this guy's this guy's being real annoying okay well I'm gonna if the other villagers move through and then gather the necessary resources so he can build the thing all right guys I am back I've got all of the resources gathered and everything ready to go and I have started building the iron farm I've actually got to I've got the easy part done the easy and very grinding part anyway so this is gonna be the main spawning chamber where all the golems spawn doors doors lots and lots of doors this is all done to specification now it's all the technical redstone II stuff so I'm making progress we are getting there and at this point what's left is all the redstone as I said all the pistons and getting the villagers in place I hope I've decided to build this far enough off I think this is far enough up off the the sea level that I should be fine and ultimately this is gonna go away this is just a temporary little staircase for while I'm building but we're getting there all of the blocks are in place this is this is the majority of the actual like grinding block placing I think I have 20 doors left that I still need to place elsewhere I've got I mean it's basically that in the redstone and there that the redstone is not like super super complicated there's not a lot of really crazy stuff and I got to admit the tutorial ETA's tutorial super easy to follow so hopefully I get it right but there's also like a lot of I guess you call them like checkpoints along the way where you can say like okay this is supposed to line up with this and this is supposed to line up with this and if this does not line up with this you did something wrong like there's a lot of little things like that which will kind of help me get this right so I'm gonna get back to it I'm gonna start working on some of the redstone and I'll come back to you with the progress update in just a little bit alright guys I am back and I think I've got the left side aka the western side pretty much done at this point I'm still I'm cleaning up some of the rails and stuff like that but I got the two villagers here in place wasn't too hard basically just use some rails to kind of yank them and put them where they gotta go and once once they actually got up there they weren't too hard to get it into position so that worked out just fine but now I got a tear all these rails behind me and then I've got all the redstone over here in place as well so we're making progress uh I'll tell you what I'll finish cleaning that up off-camera so if we look at the Redstone it's pretty simple it's it's like mirrored 180 flipped or it's rotated like 180 degrees on each side so basically these two sides are the same rotated around this kind of Center bit and this is all here to kind of reset the whole thing and make it work so we've got this in place I think from this point it's pretty much gonna be I'd say we're probably about like halfway done with the whole farm and probably about a third of the way done with the Redstone with the parts of the farm that aren't just placing all of this all of these blocks so we are making progress we are getting there things are happening I'm gonna finish up the other side and then I'll be back alright guys I am back I think I've got the other side done I just need to eat the villager in place so we're gonna launch a minecart grab a villager get that flying all the way over to here I'll just chill for a minute well let the villager come on over and thank you for coming to his stop f3b so I can see what I'm hitting I'll smack that and then we just gotta kinda get you into your hole are you belong lovely and then I think if I put a piece of glowstone right there that should be good and then it's just a matter of getting rid of all this stuff so we'll just got it I'll do that off yeah I'll clear a little bit of space so we can kind of see what's going on over there but I think that is basically the majority of the farm done I still need to do the on/off switch and the control mechanism and then I still need to get the rest of the villagers all into places but we're getting there this is it we're so close to done I think I'm probably like 2/3 of the way done at this point and so far everything looks pretty good so I'm going to get this finished up and then I shall return alright guys I am back we're almost done all I need to do is get all of these villagers and I hope there is enough of them I'm pretty sure this is exactly 20 if I've done my math correctly this is exactly the right number of villagers some of them are all like glitched into each other those so there's not really a good way to check but if I've done my math correctly we take these villagers we need to send them up a water elevator and into this little chamber and then they should basically be good so this is what we are going to attempt to do right here I've got a little thingy torch in here and I'm gonna go with kelp so we turn this all into water source blocks like so and then we just got to figure out how to get the villagers into there and that should be pretty doable I think so let's see right now they are attempting to get out right here we can get rid of all this minecart track stuff we don't need that anymore so let's see if they're all pushing out right here let's just go like this right here and we'll kind of go like that so this is like our our village your pathway as derpy as it is it doesn't have to be good it doesn't have to look good cuz this is it's gonna get removed in a minute anyway so something like that and like this I need signs just a couple of them there we go grab like two signs put those right oh right there okay and just for good measure let's put one leg right there as well although they're not gonna get pushed in from right there so we need to actually change this just a little bit so it goes that way so what'll happen is we'll have a water stream that will push them like so at least this is the plan and it should basically push them directly to where they need to go okay only one way to find out if this is actually gonna work let's do it there we go alright my friends go forth be free onwards you can do it my plan is to kind of like leapfrog the water as they go there should be exactly the night the right number of villagers right here this should be every single one we need okay I'll put a water source block there [Music] pick that one up and now they should basically start kind of going along the path very very very slowly uh tell you what let's put one here see if we can get these guys even where they need to go maybe oh I think I just saw one yep there's one okay it's a start and they could take a little bit of damage that's fine so let's go water I need glass blocks here glass this may be a terrible plan well let's do something like that to kind of keep them in place

this is a debacle but hey it's it's it's okay it's gonna work I have faith we'll just grab a couple of these water sources come on come on my friends you can do it go forth go forth um up into the villager holding cell place thing I believe in you you can no don't go that way well whatever it'll be a lot easier to deal with like two of them there will be to deal with a million and a half of them okay we're getting there okay this is fine look at this they're they're going forward go be free in into the water stream okay actually you know we could do better idea go ahead take that sign right there and put it right there nope no that's not gonna I thought that would stop the the water what have we do this and then we say you know why can i no longer water logs then whatever I guess we'll just do that it'll be fine okay how many are we you how many we have left we have two this is this is totally doable alright you my friend go that way give me that one alright go forth go towards the elevator you can do it I believe in you and one more there we go we've done it okay outstanding and we'll just do that so that should be all of them they should all be wedged in up there where they belong why please

and it appears they are so that's good there are no more villagers left there's just a whole bunch of them right here and I think if I put a lever right here and do that that should push them into where they need to go and they'll just chill there there's a ladder in place so that should basically do it other than the fact that I need to make the spawning I need to put the water in here and the spawning platforms and make the little killing room but I think all the villagers are in place I think the hard part is done oh we're so close all right let me finish up this farm we are nearly there all right guys I am back I think the whole thing is done we've got our golem killing chamber in place here super simple they fall down they go into a water stream they hit the lava blades and then there's a set of hoppers here that'll pick up the items have total of nine double chests to hold on to all the items we've got all the villagers in place I think so as long as I've done everything correctly I think it's time to fire this bad boy up and give it a test run and see if it actually works so I think all we need to do is press this button right here it's going to start doing stuff it'll reset and apparently it takes about 25 minutes to fully reset with the first golem appearing in roughly 6 minutes or so so I'm gonna go afk for a little bit and we'll see if this thing starts working check it out guys there's a golem it's burning Oh give me your sweet iron drops I haven't been any of K that long I but we've been afk for maybe five or ten minutes but even still it's definitely working we're definitely getting golems things are spawning oh did I just see another one I thought I just saw another one spawn in there yeah maybe not still this is totally working it's not super super fast yet but as I said it takes about 25 minutes to to like warm up and get going all the way cuz of the way that like resetting villages work but the fact that I'm seeing golems is very encouraging to me and I've seen a couple of them now that was not the first the first Wow Brett 14 iron ingots already okay yeah the first one I didn't see like I had I went afk and when I came back there was one in there and I wasn't able to hit the recording button fast enough but it appears we are definitely getting golems in our iron farm it is totally working this is fantastic okay so I'm gonna let this thing run for a bit oh there's another one hello mr. Gollum come in - what is it tango calls it spicy hot juice or something what did he what does he call the lava I forget and but anyway yeah I'm gonna let this thing warm up all the way definitely let it run I'll probably let it run for about half an hour and then we'll check and see how quickly these golems are coming in alright guys I am back the warmup period should be done right around right about now I see a golem coming in and during the warmup period so that's roughly like 25 minutes or so we got about two and a quarter stacks of iron that's not bad and about half a stack of puppies as well and now that this thing is running at full capacity now we're getting iron golems like crazy look at all these guys they're popping in all over the place so now we will get iron at a much faster rate this thing is supposed to produce roughly ten stacks of iron per hour which is fantastic yeah look at that they're coming in hot and fast oh I'm so happy man this is uh this is great like this honestly this exceeds my expectations and then some a huge shout out to two eda 740 from the side craft server for coming up with with this design I have never built an iron farm in vanilla minecraft ever this is the first one that I've ever built and the tutorial and the design are great I mean this is a 16 villager farm I believe the iron Titan is a 32 village farm to kind of put the perspective like capacity wise and if I can follow along with that tutorial having never built an iron farm in my entire life anyone can do it I'm super impressed so huge shout out to him as I said I'll put a link in the description to the tutorial this whole thing took me probably about about 6 hours to build from start to finish and that includes like the time that I just spent the the half an hour that I just spent now AF King to let it warm up and test it and the time I spent grabbing the resources from my storage rooms and like all that kind of stuff that's really like I recorded the very first clip of this video about 6 hours ago so that's actually really good that that took me much less time than I thought it was going to I'm very happy with this so yeah we have we now have a working I inform it's not built in the spawn chunks that's why but it's resettable so that doesn't matter we're getting tons of iron I can just afk here for as long as I want and we should be good to go so I will probably afk a bit between episodes we'll do a little bit of that because this thing is totally working so I'm gonna do that I'll afk between episodes overnight probably but before we call it today I should probably get a comment or question of the day for the video so let me grab one I'll be back in a sec alright guys I'm back I've got everything put away I put everything away in the storage room in regnum just cuz it's much closer than my storage room in Bowl stone but I have our comment of the day all picked out and yeah so the comment says just a thought here wells but if you have an excess of villagers you don't need why not transfer them to your various kingdoms and have actual villagers in said kingdoms it would bring the kingdoms to life and that's from Walt Beasley this is a question I get asked very often why don't you put villagers in the kingdoms and the answer is pretty simple villagers are annoying but just all that just man never ends they drive me insane I actually hate villagers yeah I don't want them in my kingdoms because they would slowly drive me insane that's the biggest reason they're annoying they make annoying noises they run around they open doors they shouldn't they go in and out of structures they shouldn't and they're just generally pest a generally a pest so that's why I don't have villagers in my kingdoms now with that said they announced at Minecon Earth that they are going to be completely and totally overhauling villagers so it's possible that when that happens once the villagers do get overhauled it is possible that I will at that point then start putting villagers into the kingdoms right now all the kingdoms are empty because I don't like villagers in their current incarnation the way that they exist right now it drives me nuts I so there is a chance that once that those changes come and that's gonna be you know probably within the next I don't know six months whenever one point fourteen or one point fifteen or whatever it is that the village update whatever the village and pillage update comes out which is what they announced at Minecon Earth and by the way if you have no idea what I'm talking about with these announcements I did a recap a summary and recap video that kind of went over everything important from mine Connor so if you have no idea what I'm talking about right now go ahead and check that video and it was I think it came out on Sunday but anyway we may put villagers in the kingdoms down the road depending on what changes they make to the villagers and if they make them not annoying so there that's the answer guys if you enjoyed the video you know what to do links in the description below so check that out as well if you want to learn how to build this iron farm for yourself there's a link to that tutorial in the description but other than that guys thanks for watching and I'll see you in

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