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super Gracie world thanks everybody so yeah I'm Juan tech this is super Gracie world it was actually made by white moth over here we also got waffle hi Jesus Shuttlesworth and good just saw [Music] hey white mom you want to give us a little backstory about the game sure yeah so first of all I just honored to have this game here thank you very much so basically I made this game because of the time there weren't many easier kinds of games out there and then basically wanted to fill a void yeah okay we all appreciate it yeah you started the trend all right I guess let's just go we all good ready for the countdown three two one go boom hello there this ROM is dedicated all the cute little kitties in the whole wide world I hope you enjoy and enjoy we will mm-hmm and just like a lot of other kinds of games you can die in that title screen alright we're coming up on the first level here and right away we're gonna be having one attempt at probably the hardest skip in the game and the reason for that one attempt is that even if I get this 100% perfect there's only about a 50-50 chance to meet actually it's alright we can get back there real quick what is saved about 3.7 seconds called shuttle skip yep you're the one who found it yeah alright now you guys get to see the way you're supposed to do it you just take both bullets and then you got a this thing that makes it cool is you can skip having to wait for this guy to pop out of the show now we just got to ride this mole here get over these guys there's a hidden block right there that I avoid by waiting a little extra time and then that guy's letting us know and he's follows guy to get to the end of the level I love Ricky buck shoutout for that hitbox is incredibly forgiving extremely as long as you're moving again if you're moving up it's the opposite yeah all right here's coin guide cavern here's the ice level of the game and they try to troll us they're hiding the beans so here's the first shell jump of the hack we're gonna see plenty of those later and then there's a hidden block they're already at the checkpoint now here's where the first bit of orangey could oh we got that's a fast boat ball that is the fastest that can happen actually so we don't worry about that now a troll fish there make sure to avoid those guys now we're gonna skip two cycles here on the spiked tops that stays about two seconds okay time on again they've do a little but slide to make sure I don't get killed by the football there and we're out of there [Applause] [Music]

alright the next levels gonna be really interesting especially for these Kaiser games because people like to keep them tight and keep them without a lot of cheese but white moths missed something here yeah this level is lavender skies and it's got the only substantial skip in the game it can take a few tries to get but it's almost always worth the try because of how much time it saves because what's gonna happen is when we get it we're gonna skip about half of the entire level an entire sublevel yeah so we avoid the troll and then take an intentional death on the troll has to set up the timing huh yeah those three spin jumps will set up the timing and this is basically a three part trick he has to get that bounce yes can take a couple tries we're gonna be worth it for the time we'll save pretty much no matter what where's the first part there's the second part jump right off the edge it's a lot harder than it looked Oh almost got it I'll try we're still good on time for it too which is the crazy part which really underscores how good this skip was that it was bound oh oh I've seen it I've seen it take Oh many tries it can take a lot yeah fun fact white Mont this was completely unintentional yes yes entirely unintentional so why are the chucks there now you just eat the sublevel this is the first I've seen this part in a long time yeah luckily oh you try to get us yeah this is everything that we would skip like all these wait times oh my okay and once he commits to this level he has to do this up level whoa yeah yeah obviously now what happened before yeah I'll play it that's never happened before it's been a while but I promise he has played this before a couple of nights I promise that played this before once or twice so in that little hallway you have to hold the jump on right after hitting on the Chuck just to do a low and a long balance yeah let's you extend your balance a bit and if you jump if you hold it too early you'll get a full bounce off of them yeah they call those regrets and they're just all over this and you gotta do a really controlled jump there and then this guy's pretty at least yep there we go that's that's where you would have gone I think it's good to note that all those deaths were actually a good thing because I'm doing five bucks per death for the charity shuttles here's doing 10 bucks per death for the charities yeah I forgot that was all on purpose actually you need to focus yeah now this little is the it's the ghost house of the game and it's the closest thing we've got to an autoscroller because we've got a respawn these Erie's to kind of card us around through the level and even so here we're making sure to stay right where those guys are here is again taking us to the vertical pipe entry which it's harder than it looks actually yeah most of this level is gonna be more of the same except this time we're about to have two of them taking us yeah these stairs can be those spikes at the end that you want to not have the momentum to slide into those [Music]

absolutely we have 250 dollars from Grand Poobah who says hey glitch cat I'll be ever want that I'm so pumped for you want to show your amazing Kyser skills to the world you all inspire me every day with your skills and excitement you bring to this weird little Kyser thing we do some shredder took me ten hours to complete let's reach that in 5 min you want you missed the goal that first goal if you go in it doing this little fanfare walk up hills fall in the pit and die yeah it fell for it twice my first place because I looked away and didn't see it happen he didn't know why he died the first probably only wanted to get caught out twice by it everybody gets caught once though oh yeah all right here's the first Castle we nicknamed it run killer originally because uh how many of the world record attempts back in the day used to just get choked out by this it's got a lot of the regrets we were talking about where you got to get back on the button but not too early and these really low jumps where you got a just really control your jump height and your fall speed there's a lot of small manipulations here that can catch you out it makes it a really fun level when you do it really clean though it's a it feels great so here we go here now we're basically just me riding this guy to the next section probably got time for one more donation okay we have fifty dollars from leg week who says got the Krusty crew together to watch this run good luck yo Cody yeah shout out to the friends back home this jump that takes a lot of people quite a while on the first try and then you got a hold jump there to make there we go

now here we're going to invade big boos home as he's minding his own business and just kick him out for no reason and now I actually have to hit jump and grab on the same exact frame to make sure I don't fall under those spikes there and same for this next block here when time comes did not fall in the pit and died [Music]

[Applause] doing that practice but I felt confident oh and not only did we just kick King Boo out of his own house but let's blow it up to make sure you can't come back don't you just love cats they're cute cuddly independent and they kill small animals for fun what's not to like

[Applause] alright we're moving on to the only switch palettes of the game yeah and like a lot of switch palaces in a lot of Mario games they're shorter than most levels you're gonna see but that does not necessarily mean it's gonna be easy all those hidden blocks that's one of the worst ones no one can get you if you're not paying attention got it now we're gonna be doing something fun with this bomb here we're actually going to be resetting on a couple times so we can actually jump off of his explosion there it goes oh nice and they let go he's trying something new come too low this is uh we call the last level run killer but I think it's good to note that any run that stays at a good pace to this level this one likes to take those away from us yeah it's just tricky clarify if you jump on the bomb too early it will poof just gonna hold that white button down and yeah that the frame window for jumping all that explosion is weird and tight if you jump too early or too late you'll get killed by the explosion if you don't wait too early you'll get killed by not getting I did that one a long time that's an example of trying to do one of those regrets but getting on it too early there we go we're gonna take this just pour a little Goomba with us and sacrifice them to the Bullet Bill here [Music] reset button does literally nothing we hit the blue switch palace by the way the blue switch or the boost which in the red switch palace and we activated the yellow switch blocks all the while nothing actually happened in their room there are no yellow blocks thanks for that little that little joke white mouse now this is this one's called bill kaizo it's a bullet bill escort basically we got to make sure this bullet bill doesn't get too far away from us to the left or the right because we need him for that jump right there two hidden blocks on that jump and it's gonna be the same story here except we're gonna be escorting two bullet bills this level feels great this level when you get it it just it's one of the most satisfying levels I've played in all of kaizo and we use these two little coins here to line up and then show one to mold and worthy to a level that uh the Mario maker crew is gonna be a fan of yeah possibly you know a thing or two about this level oh yeah I actually don't you can just go over it yeah the referral frame perfect tricks to do so which is why we won't be trying that but it is interesting to watch yeah for the RTA player it's uh it's mostly a bunch of shell jumps there's a hidden block there as well there also but there's the ton in this level there's one right here we got to go under now we gotta wait for him to turn around so we can shoot him over there some he'll take us to the jump over here now this shell Jim doesn't look it but that one's actually really tricky this is fun the big ol back shot right smiley face I didn't get it weight loss gives us a little smiley face to congratulate us you didn't earn one and now we all have to praise Whitelaw for this one because this is the closest he gives us to a water level in the sense that we just have to use these streams of water to get to the actual platforming section thank you and yeah a lot of us in the Kaiser community don't really like water levels all that much so this is mostly gonna be a lot of platforming the rest is a lot of the same so if you want to read a donation or to absolutely we have five hundred dollars from even odd even odd he says one thing good luck on the run give us a dab they know that I've never dabbed it before and swore I never would but if it's for charity maybe also uh looks like pork you puffer here doesn't really mind this not a water level either no idea he could fly to fish with many talents apparently I always thought you know this we're coming up on is the final castle of the any percent category this is a another one of those kinds of games where the any percent in the hundred percent can be run in the same at the same time one hundred percent is just trails off of the ante percent and normally these Koopas here are found on like fences or nets but it turns out if you don't put the fences there they still acting totally the same and their hitbox is only active when their back is facing you so you got to be mindful that the whole time navigating through oh well we get to see it again it's not like five bucks out of me your wallets doing alright shuttles yeah we're good that's a checkpoint this activates a checkpoint here so we never have to do that again it's a lot more of these guys except now they're starting to hide themselves they're not gonna squeeze and between them here they're still dancing though yeah they're still dancing away there's video and here's just a bunch of tight little jumps involving swamps gonna make sure I hold a for exactly long enough and there's another hidden block there and here's the final boss with the 80% so basically all we're doing is using this phishing boo to get up and get the shells out of these question blocks here because if phishing boo lands on one of them he'll take damage and then once I get that done yeah we'll look through the rest of the work for us that's the any percent there's that and move on to the hundred percent levels it's a fun little tree all right and now here's where the level start to get a little weird yeah so this one's called note your speed which is a hint of what we're gonna be trying to do here if I'm moving too fast or too slow when I come up to these note blocks you'll notice I can glide right across them but only if I'm going exactly the right speed so I want to make sure I'm always holding that speed consistently but it's mostly just to showcase to the text that's really short level yeah we had never seen that before yeah that was the that was the first time we ever saw that thanks waiting ah one this one's tower carpet this is the probably the second hardest level of the heck or the game has to race that door that door right there yeah if we lose this platform and somehow survived we can use that to respawn it so that we don't necessarily have to take a bath although in a lot of situations the death would be faster to do anyway yeah don't take the desert yeah it's charity man that's fun yeah we just need an even more fun version of again though yeah I could probably we probably have time for a donation yeah super we have $100 from grandpa bears chat they say here's to awesome rom hacks and awesome rom hack runners thanks to everyone making this community Austin and here's to giving cancer a kaizo block oh yeah another reset door can really borrow one the kaiser blocks from this heck yeah it's got enough to go around it has plenty to go around and here is the best jump is just so fun to do it is especially into an org all right this is cave escape this level I have named just weird yeah don't mind this fish whoops this one basically were just uh it's kind of like a puzzle level oh just two small little puzzles on how to escape these two rooms sure we got some fans of escape rooms out there Oh sometimes getting that shell off of him can be a little finicky because of just his positioning versus the shells positioning and how Mario's he boxes work wow I'm not the cloud there [Music] but get your orbs ready yeah once we get this there we go there we go I want to make sure not to be holding why on that key or else or there you go he'd be walking off the ledge right now but nothing wrong at all how to picked up that key and it wouldn't be there to block me out of fell off and taking another death give it another five dollars away this level is pretty sweet that's the name of it too and everyone's blind playthrough that's not exactly what they think of it but no this would be we said the tower carpet was the heart second hardest level this one's the hardest yeah this is good right yeah this is definitely we're good runs to go to die I couldn't tell you how many World Records have ended to this to this level yeah the mega mole hit boxes are notoriously a bit finicky oh and their noses oh it's rough there we got him now right here we busiest people you just get to bounce back and forth using these guys and respawning them with a lot of screen scrolling to wait out this piece which here now you want to make sure you're only bouncing one on each correct they come back to life except for that yeah here we go that's probably one of the trickiest parts of the whole game [Applause] all right and we're moving on to the final castle Remy's lair hey wait mother who's Remy again that box I put everything cats love in this level fish toys on strings and orangey Wendy fights didn't know about that third one well you sure Remy's okay all right so we got a got the opie door here yeah there we go we got him that is harder than it looks here's the fish should be noted these vines are actually solid blocks they're not fine miss my jump right over there's a checkpoint between each room in the castle or else this castle would been noted as probably the hardest level by far in the whole game [Music] and wake up that Rip Van fish by getting up there so we can get to the next one to use him to ride all the way to the final trick Orwell final set after oh oh [Music]

all right and then another one of those Opie doors here oh that one's really hard to get into [Music] here's I jump back there it's like a beholding jump to be able to bounce off him with a I jump instead of trying to do a regrab [Music] all right we probably have time for a donation in here as well okay we have $100 from mooing lemur who says it's been fun hanging out at this hotel been looking forward to your run as well good luck one fact when you of your time attack is a reasonably hatched trickster Michelle oh no and here's our friend fishing boo again and his in the toy he's got on a string is not one that we want to be playing with we want to stay away from that so let's we got to swing him back and forth here so that I can always be getting around that fire instead of going into it and then all we have to do is get them over there so we can go around it all right all right and here's the final boss the RNG Wendy fight mentioned earlier warp no no actually these orbs will kill us if we touch them Oh norm Nuria

now you have time to touch your we'll give you one it's a it's a quick reset yeah it's okay even good players die in the hit this fight Wendy's not play involved yeah she's not being nice right now oh I could have gambled that one but it would've been oh and she's hiding behind the orbs now she's he knows I like I'm cheering for her let's let's keep them touching them [Laughter]

coming up [Applause]

hey nice night alright I just wanna say thank you so much to everybody everybody on the couch everyone on the back couch everyone back there everybody helped get me here the chat a couple special people we got slim 87 our movie bastante kick neck is X or X man 216 shuttles ZZ Yoshi ZZ o sh t white moths were making the game making a game with and then uh somebody made a really big impact on just how much of a great time I had at this event and how I was able to meet so many good people who kept me comfortable kept me hype my good friends through underscore hunt which yeah it was just amazing thank you guys so much big shout out down dad there big shout outs out there he's back there somewhere probably and then white mas thank you sir right here if you want to read them out yourself yeah one more thing yeah then there's one last thing we all need to say yeah or now in loving memory of my cat Grayson [Music] to weight loss everybody thank you very much to want that for that amazing run of super Gracie world I would like to announce that we have a opened a new donation incentive for during the Super Mario Odyssey run for Darkseid boss rush the amount ahead is $200,000 its ambitious but I think we can do it we'll take it to a twitch ad real fast so please stay tuned




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and coming up we have an interview with the Super Metroid runners with spike vegeta and SHINee V SHINee is any there we go it's like Chinese anything take it away guys and welcome everyone back to agdq 2019 we are coming up sadly on the end of the marathon we got just a couple runs left but it's okay the next one is gonna be real long so we're gonna be here still for a while but after Sumari Odyssey which to remind you guys a new incentive just open for that if you guys throw down another two hundred thousand dollars to resist incentive then we will see bayleaf get to take on the Dark Side of the Moon Kingdom the boss rush there there's some really cool strategies that he's gonna get to utilize all throughout that you definitely want to see that extend this marathon as long as we can and blast past that two million dollars and beyond but before we get to that I want to talk with our finale of the marathon the runners of shinies any running Super Metroid reverse boss order how you doing man I'm good I'm nervous but I'm feeling really good that kind of naturally leads me into my first question that I know we had just talked beforehand how this was your first PDQ you've ever been to and you're the closer of the marathon so to kind of echo what jiyoon opinion here here on social media yes how does it feel to wrap up the event are you feeling more nervous or hyped I think I think probably more nervous but there is a lot of hype that has come through it you know more recently especially since I got here and I've just been kind of in the environment like it's really comfortable to be honest so yeah I'm definitely family hyped as well I think that's always good that you feel like a little bit of nerves before you guys they just kind of reminds you you're alive and once you get there make that first mistake it's all gonna be natural from there just playing a video game I want to told you I mean Super Metroid it's probably one of the two or three most storied speedgame histories out there such amazing runners like those oats and goats I remember watching back in you know the garrison days where Ivan I just want to ask you for you personally what was your kind of main inspiration whether it was a runner or specific run maybe agdq runner as you watched or anything got you and ask them speedrunning yeah actually I've I've been into Super Metroid speedrunning since it first kind of became a thing back in the speed demos archive days oh really yeah so back then it was people like the red scarlet and smoky that were running it was like same time optimizations oh we're talking oh gee I'm thinking like two summonings Falls like world record progression right oh these are some of the original names that's crazy uh yeah but like I didn't pursue it in a in a serious way necessarily is just more casual like sit down at my own you know SNES and try and do the tricks and stuff short but when when people started screaming on Twitch and it became more of like a a visible thing you know speedrunning in general I looked up the different the different runners for Super Metroid and it was it was definitely zoasty was the one that was the most inspirational for me and I just just watching him do the runs and the way that he was on his channel he's really encouraging and it was just yeah it was good so yeah if there was one it would be those two you probably that's a pretty good answer there's a lot worse inspirations you can take be running in general and so such a good guy we got no social media question here from rocks TV what made you choose our Bo again reversed boss order over the more popular categories you know you're any % you're hunters that we see those all the time why are Bo for you right so like I mentioned I used to run it casually and so when I when I started running it more seriously like streaming on Twitch and stuff um the the only thing that I'd ever run was hundred percent it's just from from the very beginning until until that point and then I had a friend in stream one time who's like hey you should run our Bo and it was mostly like a joke to him but the more that I thought about it the more I realized I actually I really enjoy challenging categories and challenging games you know I got really into Dark Souls for example like that in that entire series and so I was like yeah like I think I could try my hand at that and you know like maybe go for top ten or something and yeah so I like I started playing it and like seeing all these places that people just hadn't optimized the route and being like well why don't I do this instead to be faster and sure you know a year later here we are with world records so yeah it doesn't sound like a more unnatural no offense like an unnatural transition then I run hundred percent where you're kind of over prepared for everything you've got all the missiles and super missiles you want you have so many e tanks and all of a sudden the next thing you know or energy tanks then the next thing you know you have the bare minimum to get through the game in this very bizarre reverse order I want to got a question here from JMO Nimmo toss is there anything more nerve-wracking than running this category that's that's a hard question to answer in terms of gaming I don't think I've ever done anything else it was this nerve-racking no you know getting getting to Ridley on pace for example you know like oh I could I could get a personal best with this and then you know then you're nervous about the fight and you screw up the opening and and then your runs over right you just have to start over and that's that's very nerve-wracking yeah I was gonna ask you is there like a particular part of this run can I imagine with most RBI runs there's kind of a breaking point where this is where it's the most nerve-racking is that the rithly fight we're gonna speak tonight uh yeah the Ridley fight is definitely the the most intense part of the run there's there's no question about that there's there's also like a trick a little bit later in the run that I really enjoy doing and getting but it's kind of hard and so huh that's that's kind of nerve-wracking to like not not just doing it here at gdq but just in general you know if I'm if I was home if I'm on good pace and I'd screw up that trick like that that run is almost over at that point like I can finish it but it's it's not gonna PB so we got another course you hear from IRA and Jay do and we could talk about just the route in general how it changes the last time we saw it did any percents change to phantoon first routing reveal any new strats particularly useful to our BL how does thinking around all in years now but excited for it um I don't I don't think that that changed any percent really affected our Bo the thing about our Bo is that you you don't have any suits sure going through any of the areas right and in any percent phantoon first the first suit you get is gravity suit which you know opens up the tire the entire map in the game for you to go explore wherever you need to so if if if there were to like opposite categories that's probably where we're sure in terms of routing at least instead of the the more traditional like kraid first I think would even be closer to our Bo because you are still moving in that same general direction so I mean so it kind of sits out on its own little island over here in Super Metroid speedrunning definitely get forward to it guys I do want to have one more question here and we saw in a bunch so I'm just gonna echo everything everyone wants to know save or kill the animals I'm gonna have to go with kill alright yeah the true speed right let's give it up for killing them that is weird to ask for a rooting for that um but with that guys again thank you so much shiny definitely looking forward to your run I guess yeah another price pigment though right here that's good I think sent maybe spent hey spike look I'm a recurring character what are you gonna do about it yeah no one thought they were bringing me back huh it's fine I got some great prizes to possibly everyone's good I guess something to take care of ah I see you got a sword well luckily I brought with me this beautiful shield how did you move that it occurs to me that I do not have the hands required to wield this I will take my leave now that's right hey spike well you uh what's with the sword Oh just cutting down some weeds alright that's that's cool man yeah how you doing doing good man my last interview that I look forward to seeing some of the awesome prizes we got coming oh we got some absolutely amazing prizes coming up spike before I talk about him real quick I gotta take one last opportunity to tell you guys about an amazing opportunity we got here so for the entire month of January games done quick is donating all of the revenue we receive from subs and bits right back to PCF Wow so you know what that means spike you sub to the channel the money would get from that we're donating it right back to charity you gift a hundred subs to the channel weird never Avenue right back to charity now here's the catch you've got Amazon Prime then you've got twitch prime do you like those accounts together you get a free sub every month and the streamer gets the revenue for that so that means for no cost to yourself you can give us the sub and we'll donate that revenue to charity it's an amazing offer you guys should definitely get in on that but keep in mind all right we got spike laughing yeah somebody's hat that's amazing but keep in mind guys that's not gonna get you entered to n win any of the great prizes we're here to talk about I'm gonna give you a quick rundown for it two hundred fifty dollars it's gonna get you entered for everything we're talking about right now including the grand prize which is behind me a wonderful Hylian Shield and Master Sword but real quick some of the amazing stuff we have we have this beautiful piranha plant hand puppet they can type up it yeah it's a puppet I promise it's not actually from Brooklyn it does not actually talk by itself I swear it's it's super cool we got some beautiful paper crafts from the RV's social media team in the form of these wonderful wonderful little Metroid's hold one out for that yeah there we go but wonderful little Metroid's and Samus one of these Metroid's is actually made by our very own to meet you and you can't tell which which one looks the worst we have great stuff behind you spikes we have a beautiful crocomire flusher if you want to just grab that real quick come on it's crocomire III know you're not used to seeing him know he's adorable no Super Metroid speedrunners ever used to seeing that guy but don't worry he's super adorable and you guys could take him home to comes to us by aiya the way of eyes five super great from the RV social media team right next to you on the other side spike we have an amazing nightmare helmet come on guys it is a helmet modeled after nightmare from Soul Calibur six made from Arby's packaging material and you can put it on your head but where are you gonna get one of those you're not you got a donate for it it's a hundred dollars get those donations in you want that I want that I can't win that but you can win that on the table in front of you spike we got two beautiful rings we got the Koran 'they ring which is gonna improve your stamina and we got Havel's ring which is gonna you know improve your weight limit let you do faster rolls you don't wanna be fat rolling around in life you want to have the good roll get the iframes that's what it's all about that's zoom in on spikes beautiful hands there we go oh look at those rings those rings are amazing I believe the $20 donations but for all these again you're gonna want to check out the tracker it's gonna have all the information you need and again $250 is gonna get you everything we're talking about right now here I'm just gonna lean over and start grabbing more stuff up we have an endless amount of pro we have an endless amount of prizes for my good this is not amazing I love this for good 4py we have this beautiful nightmare Perla the worst boss and Metroid Fusion but the best perler of Metroid Fusion this thing is amazing and he even made an extra face for it so you can have the mask on or the mask off however you want this thing to be in your nightmares well just put that on my ceiling every night in Fargo sleep I'm gonna pull my own headset off that's how exciting this price segment is spike don't worry this is gorgeous this is absolutely amazing comes from a friend Janelle zoom on and I mean come on look at this famous on canvas Wow it's adorable it's amazing I love the detail I love the shading guys again you're gonna want to get your donations in you're gonna want to head over to games done quick comm check out the tracker you're gonna find all the information you need on how much you're gonna need to donate to get enter to win some of these amazing prizes we have here we have so many prizes again you're gonna want to go to the tracker to find them all out but I cannot talk about prizes without talking about our amazing grand prize here this Hylian Shield and Master Sword won the ones scale replicas of the Hylian Shield and Master Sword in breath of the wild sent to us by our good friends over at heroic replicas they're absolutely gorgeous I gotta got to pick up the sword one last time spike I always enjoyed picking this sword out showing it off to the crowd letting you guys see the beautiful engravings on the front of it the gold accents and you know pointing it at the interviewee every time just pointing it directly at the interviewee listen guys remember 250 dollars is gonna get you to everything we just showed and more but as always you're gonna want to head over to games done quick comm check out the tracker it's gonna have all the information you need to get those donations in and get those donations in for boss rush during that price segment right there we just passed 1.7 million dollars that's a breast race for peace bf I know you guys are loving all these prizes my boys cent is bringing you I can't get in your donations right now guys we got two runs left super mario odyssey darker side got to hit that $200,000 incentive from to do the dark side boss rush keep us here as long as we can and then into my boys shinies any taking on super metroid reverse boss order to finish out the event thank you all everyone we're gonna send you back up to the front for super mario wanna see darker side thank you very much spike xeni and sent for that wonderful interviews we have two hundred and fifty dollars from glitch hound who says that time of the marathon again where i find i haven't donated yet an hour still hasn't found his boxes let's fix both and with that I'm happy to announce the super viral to see Ross boxer shorts incentive has been met thank you very much everyone we have $100 from family consumer who says super mario odyssey is one of my favorite games to watch speedruns elf and I'm looking forward to Bailey's darkest I had run I'm putting my donation towards the dark side boss rush incentive good luck Bailey's

namaha donates $100 to say darkside boss rush in my Odyssey speedrun you better beiieve it

we have 250 dollars from Justin Bo fht who says really want to see the Dark Side boss rush thank you very much

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