How To Make A Knee Replacement Scar Look Good and Feel Good.

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Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet hello folks I'm Bob Shrum physical therapists rad Hynek physical / and together we are the most famous physical therapist on the internet in our Peter Brooks a little confused here for a second brett i usually am somebody's knocking on our door okay today we're going to show you how to make a knee replacement scar look good and feel good right absolutely this is this is fun as a therapist because after a knee replacement there is this incision sometimes it got staples in it sometimes they glue whatever it doesn't look very pretty the first few weeks after therapy but there's not much you can do with it right away after it heals and they take if it's stapled they take the staples out and there's no scabs on it and before you know open areas no open areas and this is one of those things if you're ever need out you need to ask your doctor the surgeon when can I start doing soft tissue massage to make the scar look better get rid of that scar tissue that is underneath there you'll see that it over growths a lot of time so yes gets big and ugly no yeah I just had one this week Bob that's what I really wanted to do this I don't know if you can come in on this but this woman had a really bad and over over law that was bought like this and I'm not exaggerating what I've seen in myself so it wasn't this long but it was about a half-inch and I had never seen one this bad and I didn't know if it was going to come out or not to be honest with you whether or not I was going to respond right on all that scar tissue in there was had been there since you know growing since surgery if you will and it's like we got to get this broke up so incision was healed well and I just always do it's very simple you do it cross friction massage we're talking about this many times or number times in the past you go on the decision and you go across incision goes up and down you go perpendicular and you don't do it on its surface no you need to get down and you're going to feel one thing you're going to notice if you do this and there's a lot of scar tissue the whole scar is going to move everything is going to move together because all that scar tissues in there you got to get in there and I'll actually do it with circles and I'm and if I do this for about a minute or two I have to stop because my fingers get tired and a little bit sore and that's what is good for the day I've seen also because that that scar can be a source of pain too oh yeah all right especially if you're mu if you put your fingers on the scar nits it feels like it's bound down this will help that also it will help decrease some of the pain and and that that binding that can cause pain and razor motion it'll help your election range the other thing I've done Brad sometimes is I'll have people even like put a finger here and then pull like this and pull in every direction yeah and if it hurts in one direction that's the way you do it believe it or not that's the direction you want to break up so again that's where you got to really make sure that scars intact that you're not going to open up the scar yeah really don't make us responsible for doing something like that make sure it's very solid and for you and another thing is almost always when you start it might be a little painful but within 20 seconds to 30 seconds that pain level should go down if it is just more painful more painful it may not be ready yeah good point Brett it just may be too soon to do it and I've even had people just go like this Fred sure I can for oh yeah sawing like this yeah I like that technique so a lot of different ways you can do it but all all with the same goal of mine trying to break up that scar tissue and how did you her Stern out then brad is amazing this I really wanted to do this because I started Monday this Monday and then I did it Wednesday and another therapist had worked with her she came over who worked with Davey the week before and she just was in awe because that big bump was completely gone and it was smooth and you can see in another six months it's going to be almost dawn yep I'm gonna have to look for it so yeah if you want to keep a pretty neat this is what you're going to have to do you better believe it huh yeah get this one out here yeah this is a bad there's no hope for that me thanks for watching


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