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so I'm packing getting ready to walk out the door to the n1 - and here's my suitcase I always got a lot of we've always got a lot of glam and a few items where I just realized you guys probably haven't seen this well and this is the beauty of a daily vlog before I walk out the door so you want to know where I get ready every morning my kitchen is a glam room so this is like just the stuff basically that I use on a daily basis how funny is that so who needs a kitchen when you can have a glam room so anyways I'm gonna be vlogging throughout this trip and I'm real excited so I hope you guys are liking these vlogs and yeah oh I'm about to be at the airport because I'm headed to New York my hair port drybrough always I'm really sad to leave him we just got back from Kentucky and here we go we can belong on wired coach go holler at some ladies go ladies that's what he likes to do

and I've arrived at the refinery Hotel in you

here's our room oh why they gotta give me gifts shoot such a cool hotel they refinery hotel you see yeah yeah good now I'm just gonna go explore the city a little bit till shun on the raft try on some health food up in this

all right so I'm back in the room I just got a whole thirty kind of desert this is like from a little market here so in New York it's $15 to get a little box of free woods right but I just had dinner act Keens Steakhouse which was so awesome so on Sean's gonna get here at 6 a.m. I'm gonna wash my makeup brushes and get ready to get her real glam and we're gonna do a bunch of fun things so my time 6 o'clock this time I'm waiting for Sean she's almost here I didn't hardly sleep little bit crazy made but oh it's that still like six something I am someone who's around and she she hasn't even slept she came from a college and she flew overnight she's real tough and strong

Rockefeller Center Center I just want to get shots been killing it today with no sleep we're just looking at this tough culture place we really want to go in here to get Nash and Dutch some things

on the way to Fordham University Sean has had zero sleep and how many interviews have you done today Sean it can be done this is for reals and then in the morning go to Ikea of it working and the morning you're doing Today Show today show America sponsor luncheon Olympic summit being a length bing-a-ling very changeable things got to get done she's got to do them all and now here we are at Fordham University Sean it's about to give a keynote speech oh this is the real behind-the-scenes action waiting for Sean to start her speech at Fordham University we are real tired but uh it's gonna be over soon we're just chilling in the greenroom where there are couches thankfully just say anything Sean snapchat filters priorities we all check out Shawn's YouTube channel too if you haven't heard Android daily vlog and they're killing it you daily vlog and then you put it all together I apologize I gave you the false information they weekly huh I did not mean to set up the expectation so high her weekly folks are great she is a newlywed barely even married for a week but I'll keep you posted on how it's going here we're just checking out this lawn that's are there you can yell out the window I'm hey guys a lack of a star years old

please welcome olivine gold medalist Michelle Johnson

so this is my first interview after the base day of my life this is like the interview being prepared before you know what you see on TV is like what are you gonna do now I'm gonna go to Disney World like it was the we're at a cliche like first interview big moment well we're back in the room after the longest day of history and I hadn't opened the magnolias cupcakes yet well Sean opened them and she did a little number to him so that I wouldn't eat them she was just adding a delightful topping but no she doesn't know I would still eat them took my weave and water if you put butter on that yeah no actually real butter nah that might run it boy yeah now she's gonna spray it with my brush cleaner yeah I'll need it now that's a good friend

so we're ready she's looking real lamp headed to the Today Show she's not wearing the raincoat that's just Shawn style on the way she decided to just give up her cell phone yeah I feel you I feel you great Shawn you raised ooh Hoda Kathie Lee I've actually never never been on the 10th hour ever oh really tonisha 25 times and never done her die exciting day and fun fact every single day of my training career I would get on the elliptical at 10 a.m. and dearly loved one for an hour and watch calculator nothing love it fun behind the scene facts and how many days until Rio 100 days so that she's gonna be there for 100 days

well and fanfare

these person ever photos here

then six five four three and those who don't

- let's do this Shawn Johnson Shawn local age a female gymnasts can be in order to compete in the Olympics 9 13 or 15 15 right Wow Shawn so that is it happy 16 or at least

as I'm hearing some dressing rooms trying to add some cool affordable Simon look from all I'm gonna miss my flight probably over this but whatever you're worth it to me you don't work

well we've concluded our trip I didn't miss my flight but I'm like really bitch shuffled but I just had to go shop and look at my seat as a dining room is I'm about to pack up my stuff in like two minutes and head back Nashville my trip to New York was so great and so fun and I hope you guys enjoyed the vlog so give it a thumbs up if you did subscribe if you haven't and thanks for watching

so some of this stuff that I got at H&M this really cute I'm gonna link all these it's really cute like see quantity then I'm gonna wear with black ripped up jeans these two sweet little hand towels this reminds me of the ones from Restoration Hardware that are like so expensive and they're so cute and you get a pack of 2 for 9 dollars then I got this one for like my makeup towel so cute and two of them came with this same price then oh my gosh y'all I'd die for this okay so this is like a beaded open coat so I'm gonna wear it over like like ripped up jeans and like a white t-shirt or like the black dress I mean like look at the detailing and stuff it was like 129 dollars which is a little bit more pricey but like look at all these beads and stuff like it's gonna be so cute so I'll show it on but I also got like 10 pair of their basic leggings but I have one right now so these are like my favorite leggings they're like not to see through and stuff but they're still thin and they're not 99 and I usually go

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