pileca krilca iz rerne u marinadi od meda

by: Moja Kuhinja

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hello and wellcome in my kitchen today we will prepare chicken wings in owen marinated in honey i have here 2kg of chicken wings clean and wash it good now we will make marinade where wings will stay we have black pepper here 1,5 teaspoon chili peppers on wish put more if you like more chili 2 soap spoons of red papper spices 2 teaspoon salt and olive oil and at the end of baking we will put over wings mustard first put 3 spoons of olive oil

put black pepper

chili pepper

red papper

spices 2 spoons

mix it

little bit of salt do not overdose

mix it all and put in refrigerator for about 1 hours leave it 1 hour in refrigerator if you can the best is to leave it over night after 1 hour we will put wings in baking pan where i puted before baking paper turn on owen at 200C put wings like it is shown on video

like this baking pan in owen put close to heaters bake it for about 45min and turn it every about 15min

wings are ready for owen while they baking we will make marinade of honey and mustard wings after 20min.. turning

after turning bake it more 20min

now we will make marinade take 2 soap spoons of honey

1 spoon of mustard

mix it good

turn wings and put marinade over meat wings now smell fantastic :) they bake in own juce

smear with marinade and bake it 10-15min more

put it back in owen wings are baked and ready for serve yhay have beautifull color and taste if you liked it share and subscibe to my channel

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