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by: Graenolf

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so what's that underwater sphere after all our Google whales actually realized eking a time-traveler other children of adam' slowly turning into ghouls is dog me to synth oh there are so many theories that it can be hard to decide which ones to actually entertain right so today I will be listing my top 5 fan theories and fallout 4 and then after will be able to decide if they seem legitimate or not number 1 the vault boy is not actually giving you a thumbs up he's testing to see whether or not he's going to die see apparently there's a rule that was probably taught a lot more during you know the 1980s that in the event of a nuclear bomb going off and you see that huge mushroom cloud in the distance if you can hold out your arm and cover the cloud with your thumb alone then your safe distance from that blast and you won't be affected by radiation now if the cloud is bigger than your thumb what you need to do is then drop your hand okay turn around and then pick up your feet because if you don't start running you're screwed and from what we can see in the picture it certainly looks like he's doing this you know he even has his left eye shut to sort of better gauge that visual and honestly I don't know how many people wink and give you a thumbs up at the same time that's just too many mixed messages going on at once so this theory goes on to say that the vault boy is actually in far more danger than a smile would have us believe number 2 the sole survivor the main character of the game is actually a synth and essentially this was sparked by Dima back in the far harbor DLC because you know you asked your character this directly if you know you're a synth or not and it got a lot of people wondering but really let's think about this guy generation 3 synths are being produced in 22:27 and that's around the same time that you wake up to see sean being taken away by kellogg then you pass back out well there's 60 years that go by until your character finally wakes up so the thought is that during that time the institute took out your human body from the chamber they imprinted your memories into a generation 3 synth they put you back and then let what happens next unfold as you play the game so essentially you are the institute's perfect test they give you your old memories right you have a clear motivation in this case it's finding your son and then you go out to live your life freely any way you choose and if you end up joining the Institute well now you can replace father and be the next director or if you join let's say the Brotherhood you still prove to be independent in forming your own alliances making your own choices and your thus the Institute's perfect human they succeed either way number three will Nick Valentine eventually forget you okay I'm sorry to bring this up I know this is a bitter possibility and certainly the people on tumblr we're not happy to think about this but here's the theory behind it deema in pharr harbor whoo now I'm really starting to think she'd just keep his mouth shut mentions that Nick and himself because they're prototypes can only hold so much memory right it's like a computer who's you know hard drive is completely full and to make room for new files it's going to have to delete old ones now obviously nick has struggled with his memories for a while now and certainly the Institute and what they did you know that plays a big part in that but let's take a step further at the start up for harbor when you meet Kenji Nakano you learned that him and Nick worked on a case together just a few years back next memory of this is very limited he says that the details are fuzzy that he has to be reminded of you know what's going on and then he even forgets Kenji's name so the theory behind this one is that after years of traveling together eventually Nick will forget all that you two have done together number four there was a vault specifically designed for cats and it has finally been opened okay so after the last one I thought we needed something a bit more lighthearted so here's what this theory suggests in all other Fallout games we don't see any cats right and a new Vegas that go as far as saying that cats are extinct well I did some digging and apparently in Fallout 2 there was a little girl who used to own a cat but apparently her mother ate it thanks mom and with the exception of that story in all of these games which take place on the west coast never do you see any cats until fallout 4 comes out and they're all over the place and not just in the vaults either like with them ashes in vol 81 there's Wild Ones they can find while you're out exploring so what this implies is that at the very least two cats male and female were kept in a vault during the Great War right they got out afterward and then repopulated the east coast with cats or this one is just a lot more fun I'm going with this that there was a vault specifically designed for just cats hundreds of them and of course they would then need a caretaker right whatever crazy cat lady was willing to volunteer to do this and once the dust have been settled they could be released back out into the wild wonders of New England so I think I'm much more set on that one and number five fallout 4 and Skyrim take place in the same universe yes can you imagine now I don't know about the same planet okay that seems a little far-fetched and certainly I haven't said anything far-fetched in this video as of yet certainly don't want to start now but in the same universe I think it's certainly possible here's why okay I've got three reasons number one they both share the Nirnroot plant okay in Skyrim it's called just that in Fallout 4 it's it's an experimental plant but they both look the same they've got the same properties both glow and then both are found only by the water number two just recently in the nuclear world dlc also all be outrageous has shown us that magic is real can fall out it's always been just about physical mutation from radiation but now out of all those magic abilities that allow him to turn invisible and then raise the dead that's magic that is very familiar to Skyrim and then number three the ultimate mystery has been discovered okay all of Skyrim's lost sweet rolls have ended up in the Commonwealth they're all over the place who smuggled them over I've got no idea but we know that it's someone who knows how to get from Tamriel all the way over to Boston okay that's making the two locations in the same universe and I'm totally cool with that now the only beings and fallout that could make that kind of travel or aliens so are they the ones doing all of this mmm next time you play Skyrim I suggest you keep an eye out for aliens and there you have it my top 5 fan theories and fallout 4 if you enjoyed the video please like comment and subscribe down below please tell me do you have your own theory about something anything and fallout 4 all right thank you very much for watching and I should probably go make dinner now man I'm hungry wait did I already have dinner I

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Nick would never forget who I am, right? Here, I list my Top 5 Fan Theories for Fallout 4. Game theory hunting can be difficult when you have so many - forgetful nick valentine reactions, many deacon theories, newfangled cats, Skyrim (mod not included). But story theories are fun to explore, and might even lead us to a secret ending we didn't know existed. In addition to theories, I love exploring Fallout 4 secrets. There are so many secret locations and hidden locations. And certainly testing out new settlement builds. Since I'm on PS4 I can't mess with the new mods or best mods, but I love searching cool armor mods and weapon mods. Remember that these fan theories can lead us to not one, but sometimes all endings. Please like, comment, and subscribe, and if you want to connect, my other social media is below : ) https://www.instagram.com/graenolf


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