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hi guys it's candy and I'm here to show you some do-it-yourself and makeup tips and tricks and secrets how you can get picture-perfect skin because it's not just like you get pictures for your yearbook your driver's license cool pictures wedding you just anything now that we all have cell phones and everybody's instagramming Facebook and tweeting you want to look good all the time not just like a couple times a year for photos because photos are being taken every day all day long so I'm gonna show you some tips you can look extra good whether it's oily skin large pores fine lines and wrinkles extra redness or your makeup just seems to keep melting off I'm gonna go over products and tips and do yourself things at home for all of these so the first one that you can do at home is my lemon sugar scrub and I have a video in tutorial which I will put a link below this video but basically it's just stepping on kitchen it's got alpha and beta hydroxy acids which are gonna help with hyperpigmentation skin discoloration large pores acne blackheads they're just gonna make your skin feel amazing just do it I'm not gonna tell you about how great it is just do it and feel your skin after it is amazing the first thing that we'll tackle is boy the skin because that's a huge issue and especially that it's summertime and hot an old makeup artist tip and trick is you can use milk of magnesia yep the one you just get at the drugstore you can apply it on just like as a treatment you can even apply it with a cotton ball so it kind of looks like dry and chalky all over your face and then go ahead and put your regular foundation on just as usual right on top and it will look amazing just test it out and see how it works now another step for oily skin it's really important and even if you're not putting makeup on you can use a primer now the power of primers is really amazing so people may be asking what is the difference between a primer and a BB cream or my BB cream says it's like a primer the difference is if you have a true in one shampoo shampoo and conditioner in one it's gonna clean okay and it's been a condition okay but it's not gonna work as well as if you use one shampoo and one conditioner your primers may promise to do 25 billion things but they're not gonna do one as well as just one that's concentrated on one thing think of it as like um your base coat for your nail polish if you put a base coat on it makes the nail look smooth and the nail polish look better and lasts way longer than if you don't use one that's how a primer is it's gonna make your skin look smooth and flawless and it's gonna make your makeup adhere to your face and last longer much better than without it so that is the key importance of a primer these are my favorite right now these are the Smashbox primers and I'll give you a little bit of history before we go on so if you don't want to know the history you can skip ahead maxfactor is the makeup legend he was Max Factor his huge back in old hollowing the day's there's a Max Factor makeup Museum in Hollywood but his two grandsons Davis and Dean started Smashbox Studios I think in about 1990 and it was just basically professional photo studios where every celebrity from Madonna to JLo to everybody you can think of has been photographed there and I think it was about 1996 they started Smashbox cosmetics because they were thinking you know makeup artists keep stepping in to do touch-ups and why isn't there a product that lasts long so somebody doesn't have to keep touching up and adding more makeup that's when Smashbox cosmetics was born so it really was to really make people look perfect and flawless and lasts really long that's why it is a favorite of makeup artists and why there's Smashbox cosmetics and every makeup artist kit oh I went there and they gave me a goodie bag with three of these which are amazing and I'm gonna tell you why I like these each for different skin problems also so for oily skin they have a great one this is the photo finish light and this is oil-free so there's not gonna make you feel oily and cakey like other primers and it's going to increase the longevity of your foundation your makeup it's gonna make your skin look matte and oil free and it's gonna eliminate fine lines and large pores and it's not like some of those other ones feel like you have this big this big like mask of oiliness on it's really light and it's totally oil-free this is a key product if you are a makeup artist and you do makeup on men or say you're even doing a wedding party this is something that would be great to put on the group you're just gonna put it on he'll think it's like a moisturizer so they will be like oh my gosh putting makeup on me this is great to make them look really matte in the photos so they'll make them look really matte and kind of perfect and that's probably going to deal with is acne or any kind of blemishes or things like that again try the lemon sugar scrub because it totally will help and primer for that is you want one that also has blemish control in it this is the blemish control which is oil free and it has salicylic acid so the cells Phillip acid is going to help fight and combat the bacteria in your skin it's something when I have a breakout I used to put on salicylic acid right on top it helps kill whatever is in the zit bacteria and you know with an hour the next day your skin looks totally better this is kind of like when makeup meets skincare put this over your bare skin every day as like a skin treatment also now another tip if you have a lot of acne um sometimes different foundations have a lot of products like mineral oils or other oils that will kind of they'll exacerbate increase make worse the acne that's on your face so one of my favorites is using Everest foundation without an airbrush you can apply it just with a regular brush I like the dinair airbrush makeup they come in just little bottles like this I'll put a link below you just need a couple drops and you can apply it with a sponge or with a brush like this you can just apply it all over your face like you normally there's no oils in it it makes your skin look flawless and people that have used this actually show an improvement in their skin quality I really really like this it's really amazing and you can apply this right over any of the regular primers to if you have certain spot blemishes it their breakouts I have a video on how to conceal those and I will put a link I would've been all kind of links below this video so you can watch that too now the next one that we're gonna deal with is something that I deal with myself which is redness in the skin so whether you have rosacea your cheek seem extra rosy or you just have a lot of redness that you don't like um I have been using the color correcting adjust photo finish primer this also helps with the pores and fine lines but it has this green tint in it that you put it on and it's really cool because you'll put it on and then like a minute or two later you'll see it kind of oxidizes with your skin and the air and then you just like the redness is gone so when you go to put your foundation on it's gonna work that much better the real pigment and efficacy in that product is gonna come through so the real shade of the foundation is gonna come through not this redness is gonna be popping out through your makeup and it's just it's just really fun to use so I'll show you right now be prepared me without makeup show you putting that on right now I have like some fine lines and things that I kind of want to like blur and make look like they're not really there I'll apply just a like a little pea-sized drop them out and then put it all over the face and what I notice too is that a few minutes after you put this on it really starts to take effect and cancel out the redness which is kind of fun to watch because you'll put it on go I don't know grab your makeup or what the next thing that you're gonna put on your foundation and then you look back in the mirror and your skin looks like it's not even read anymore and it has a really light texture it doesn't feel like you're coding slimy silicone or something all over your face so it makes it feel really light and just makes your skin feel really smooth and soft I will let this sit for a few minutes and work its anti redness magic as you can see a lot of the redness like around my nostrils eyelids mouth all those areas it's been diminished so this is going to give the perfect foundation for whether your next step is to put a BB cream on or a foundation it really is going to let the pigment of that actual product show up instead of the redness from your skin coming through also so now I'm back with a full face of makeup on and another great touch is highlighting for photos it just makes your cheekbones pop you can make your nose look straighter if you want to see more of my videos on contouring or how to make your mouth look more slender or straight or smaller I'll put links below to those videos I'm just going to use any highlighter that I have lying around a little brush and I'm going to show you how when you just add a little bit to the very top of the cheekbones kind of from the outer part of the colored part of your eye and just sweep it back up onto the cheekbone and down the center of the nose just gives the most kind of beautiful just illuminated glow that looks fabulous in photos so the next skin problem might be that you have skin discoloration hyperpigmentation or maybe during pregnancy you got a mask of pregnancy or different darkness because the hormones when you're pregnant can make you have these dark blotches or splotches that pop up and they just kind of don't really go away for a long time or years or ever so they have a great product which I do not have but they also have one it's for skin discoloration and this is one of those that is also a skincare treatment as well as a primer in makeup which is really awesome so you can just put it on a loan itself and it'll work its magic kind of making these kind of skin discolorations in areas fade and disappear altogether if you have large pores and that's something that you really want to hide produce any of these primers that will work on this light one won't work great just for smoothing that out what happens when you have large pores is that when you put your foundation or your makeup on sometimes it makes it look exaggerated because the makeup settles into those pores or if you apply more powder on top of it or if you have oily skin and large pores then you're putting more powder on and it just packing making this kind of yucky separation area that looks really gross so you want to make sure that you're priming the skin first so when you put the foundation on top it just settles on top of there it so definitely a good primer is gonna help smooth that over so the makeup can't settle down into those pores and make them look even larger now the very last step that I'm going to show you this is great for makeup artist or if you are a makeup artist that works on brides or you live in really hot or humid muggy weather where it's really hot and your makeup just seems to melt off this is a finishing spray and this is the model in a bottle finishing spray and this is the sensitive formula I only use the sensitive formula and I would use this to spray on brides I'm setting their makeup it makes their makeup virtually waterproof so whether you're going to cry or sweat it leaves your makeup on I've been in weather that was a hundred degrees plus in very very humid locations where everybody's just dripping in sweat and their makeup has long melted off and mine stayed perfectly in place with this so I'll show you how I do it I usually like to do it just spray it just to get the pump going and I spray it in an X pattern like this and then kind of in a cross pattern like this so us and then across in the nostril like this and trying to just make sure all the misses all the way so you don't forget it this will lock and set anybody's makeup in so this is an essential for your makeup artist kit bag and also if you live in a humid place where this is great for summer it'll just lock your makeup in and it won't melt off and you will look picture-perfect and have picture-perfect skin no matter what makeup look that you do is so huge hug from my house I will see you in the next video bye and don't forget you can follow me on Instagram Facebook Twitter my blogs my second channel called candy land I'll put the links below to everything so if you're not sick me or you're bored you can just keep seeing more stuff I made for you to see okay and stay tuned for my next video is because coming up soon will be a DIY video on how to read a blow your t-shirts two different ways to make cute summery kind of tank top two different tank tops I also always remember that you are more beautiful than you know you're more talented than you think and you're more loved than you can imagine even if it's just for me telling you that I love you today I love from my heart to yours I'll see you guys

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