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wagwan people it's legit all right enough cop updates on what's taking place in Danza so no the first one on the 22nd of August 2018 it was actually tree down Sal entertainer's earth Chung well it could be more silly but not that I know of what Manasa was reading King Benny man and Alibaba earth strong and you know what it's so ironic that the world emerged strong fall from the CMD his image has done Sal entertainers and ministry for an Austria logical sign cause it still which is Lea but that probably have some food awaited us with his him as a people but I'll miss her arm distinct deeper than a I think it is enough here money we're deeper than you think it is people so big up the universe still big up dancer music because as people with us a re me music Chisholm is Emmy so right now people born tequila Ashbaugh dance a legends happy earth songs political ur first took to is AG and had this to say about beanie man what's up dog long live the king blessings pump blessings upon this day and beyond calm it's a mighty long way to go anima got 30 super fierce because it's not a risk more life and prosperity brother kaboom I'd be in Amman and as I can see being a play on say blessings god and anybody who have some knowledge about dancer no say being and bond use of humor and clash and Allah is i'ma say on a fee and facilities are gone it's definitely a good look is similar people on board Aquila even address this because a girl in aboard the comments section commented and said I knew y'all were secretly friends and Bounty Killer reply to that comment on Sadie's Noah darling we're dealing with secret are not an undercover the world don't know me and my friends years no and director saw other Sonic's confirmation show Sarah to legends I'm good you know I mean people so that's definitely hot movie azeemi [Music]

Savanti calorie posted a bit of Bogle and had this to say in his Instagram caption happy birthday to new king of dance in Google energy learn a lot from yummy G if a lot of them think you know me they were wrong what makes tiara so I ever did and others happiness in even me know you were sure a father got the dance move them what he frees the location shop side so here people that was from one tequila begin a bit too late in them fandom earth strong is similar people and as we said before it was a lot of celebrities earth strong from the odd was 22 is immense unless of anybody who are watch this video if you're a strong was an almost 22 as well is immersive people surai channel available apologized to be Nieman for saying he killed the dance a book so people check available above ec jamia can't people lavalava come to apologize for the thing grams upon youtube bought the entertainer salable abba way arsenal talk to the people in the audience of some sort of LSD I'm a joke all right I'm gonna attack things go for - sigh - wrong I'm being a man I like [Music] I don't what you're gonna take a piss what's bugging me well so what's your opinion on this people job a comment on let me know general you're the master saw the elder and some are owner in I'm a comment section for the previous video upload I set a time for the police intervene oh because I'm chat name on one bugger things occur no one but a theories on you know conspiracies on what things people bought is a kisser so job a comment and let me know is still here simian stance my owner eveness insecure female a of no that's why I apologize and they mostly trainee mark whatever it soon as and people if not say the junk in one with the truth Soumya so they know really why I'm apologizing I know you know I mean so jabo comments to people is the kids are gonna you know is amiss so a comment telling us about this question about this on people make sure that you subscribe to the channel if you haven't already for more dancehall entertainment news and turn on notifications to be notified whenever a new para is uploaded and go follow me on instagram are legit TV so people right oh no Nikki dizzy is speaking out on the current stage of dancehall and she also has something to say about rising Kings so check out a radio personality up to see on people let me know what you think about her opinion in the comment section so watch unleashing to this clip from Nikki Z so like I said I made the post the other day right when I came back from Dexter that's party and I remember in the poll somebody even asked me about Ryan King and if I remember correctly because I didn't rewatch the video because I pretty much can remember mostly everything I said cuz I said what I feel I don't know a lot of his music next thing I hear you do stride Jean King how did I diss the men you have to understand that there's also different types of music lovers out there in the world and people need to start respecting that fact everybody is not saying everybody doesn't listen to the same things everybody don't love the same things so if I tell you I'm not that impressed with a lot of the new artists that are out there right now that is my opinion and I am fully allowed to have that opinion and then for people to turn around and be like oh it's because you like what purpose do y'all have could we speak facts could we go and talk about that let's talk about that I understand when you are fans of people I understand when y'all love people and that's okay I have never said nobody is bad I have never said nobody sucks this person is a horrible artist you don't hear that coming out my mouth all right but guess what if I don't listen to them or if I don't immediately join the hype that you guys are in guess what I'm fucking human and I'm allowed to do that just like there are people out there you know that don't even listen to me on the radio the fuck I'm opposed to cuts you and I want to say oh suck your mother you don't listen to me oh you must be a bad mind person does shit is some straight ignorant like on some real shit it's ignorance and one of the greatest people in this industry I'm gonna put it on bone tea you know why I'm gonna put it on bone tea and the reason I say this is Vaughn tea is one of the most cross angry miserable motherfuck toasts in this business you understand and I remember there was a time I don't know what he did but I went on the radio and I talked about it and it wasn't the nicest things but it was how I felt and if bouncy ain't come try race me up oh yeah he did send a little message to gaudi's but it wasn't nothing where I was like wow it was just like you I heard what you said motherfucker you know what I mean so if Monty can understand that people are allowed to have opinions in this business got y'all run shit and think that mother you all right i watch these stage shows for years from then till now I've been in this industry from then till now I could see the difference I could see the difference I can hear the difference when promoters call me overseas crying about the prices some of the new artists are setting before they even have set it in motion that they are performance that you need to come and see so before they even even pulled themselves they want to charge these absorbent amounts of money so half the time y'all can't even fucking see them why well they figured you on social media like in a shit they don't need to actually do some of the struggles and things that some of these artists who have been here longer do so in return of that what you end up getting are a lots of new artists who have not really fully developed every aspect of being an artist that's just one part of it there's so many others so I hear you and I get that the new generation does things different I love that great I love the fact that there are new ways to explain yourself to put your product out there what I don't like is now the fact that people don't feel like they have to put in the work they're old it's a narcissism so I don't have to put in the work no more because I gained my Instagram followers so now I'm worth $30,000 what the fuck does that have to do with the music because at the end of the day you have artists who have minimal followers but when it comes to what they do on that stage it's all about the people and it's all about the music and in no way that I ever say every new artist sucks because y'all motherfuckers know my track record I play the fuck out a new artist I've been stream and Jada Kingdom before y'all even knew what the fuck of Jay the kingdom is Brian King has good radio songs but sucks on stage I won't back my money he said see that's what I mean that's your opinion I didn't see him on stage I don't know how he was on stage I don't know but either way dancehall culture I love the fact that y'all find players that y'all love now if I know or don't know them does it mean that I'm bad minding them there's a lot of artists out there that I will never hear about until they make that first real authentic radio hit because that is the level that I put my music listening air and once again if you don't like how I deliver it you ain't got a listen to me either but stop fucking cussing people out but a fucking opinion it's their opinion you know what I mean it's my opinion understand that you know what I mean yo Sara you know I'll be like on some real shit I feel like I'm an alien more time and what's about to start happening it's because this shit right here y'all bout to start making me talk a whole lot more and there's another friend of mine in media overseas who she actually came to me and said she want to do something because she feels the same way she feels like when she talks that instantly people get aggressive instead of listening you can't argue with me if your only argument is about the point I'm trying to say and pick up to that website global dance all over the fuck that numbnuts is first of all you just want followers on your page who the fuck goes to a blogger page and makes a comment and tag the same blogger who paid you on dude they fucking see you it's their fucking page but then you want to acne and change my words around then turn around and say oh you was high fuck you what the fuck you know about weed I've been smoking weed since I was fucking like 13 years old my nigga there's not enough weed in the world to make me not know what the fuck I speak up all right know yourself know yourself oh the young artists now work on the stage crap see I'm not gonna speak in general terms because maybe it's speaking in general terms that pisses people off but you're right a lot of the new artists do not work on their stage craft in the way they should and when you say to some of the new artists take a vocal lesson they take offense to it because maybe their friends are telling them they sound good already certain things you don't see happening like back in the day it's no longer how it used to be so you're not gonna have it where artists go to parties and jump behind the sound and then develop their craft that way that was a big way to develop your crowd to get behind that sound system during up dense during a party and make sure you maintain the Bible we don't do that anymore so you don't really have that set of practice so traditionally the way that a lot of the veteran artists really develop the craft it's not really existent anymore but that doesn't mean that they can't do better and not just come out there and figure well I just got this big paycheck so I'm a rattle all of these songs and then do whatever I mean who trouble me honestly a lot of people trouble me this isn't about one person chaos this is just about the fact that we are no longer allowed to say our opinion and it's not even just in music this is in real world shit like look at the fuck that we got look what the fuck we got in the White House look at Trump and then it's like when you speak out instead of people having conversations it goes to arguments look what just happen with the wreath of Franklin to people was in a barbershop arguing who should um play her who should play who should do the tribute for her you know what I mean and and it ended up into a gunfight this is where the world is and that shit is crazy like it's crazy to me why the fuck can we not have opinions hold on let me read some of this shit that's what I'm saying even in interviews but no one I hear you know people don't want to hear the truth and I hope to god that more people start telling the truth because they always say truth tellers walk alone right and I have already deemed myself that person that's meant to just walk alone I'm alright I've already developed a knack for being able to live in my own little bubble but what I'm not gonna do is be silenced on my opinion by people who don't even comprehend words or can't even have an adult conversation back this whole world we live in is so hell-bent on getting likes and being paid attention to cuz like I said you know the person who just tagged me why would you tag the same blog site that you just put the comment on as if they don't see it it's on their fuckin page that right there shows you the narcissism it's like look at me look at me look what I have to say even if what I'm saying is bullshit fuck you go suck some Enfamil you know I mean go go go cuz you a baby go suck some Enfamil like for real I got a new word for them they call nun domes or dumb dumb dumb nuns are numb dust and why I call them that is because they're willfully dumb I hate calling people dumb but when you willfully done there you go willfully dumb and then the numb part is because they are numb to reality they are numb to truth they are numb to things and that's why I call them dumb nuns and then you tag and say well look at these artists doing good things Massacre Jameel um Jada Kingdom and krottas I don't know like Ron's name was in that tag but you know I mean these are artists I have played and do play have supported into support as Massacre as Jada kingdom as chronic see even though he nowhere near in this category ask them so when I speak I speak I speak from both angles I can love our artists and not like certain things that they do you know or like when I say something about Movado and they're happy all y'all motherfuckers go in the comments talking about oh because they fuck that's why she's saying this are you stupid do y'all even listen to what I say about Movado I keep telling y'all he has one of the greatest voices out there I'm just waiting for him to find his footing cuz he is not where the fuck he's supposed to be but then something I'll take that like I'm saying an insult it's not a fucking insult when you can't comprehend things when you can't comprehend and you're just a fan that's when you keep putting these reactions out there will you tell people to fuck your mother fuck off pursue your no no nothing how people hey Martinez 13 yo girl I saw your video would you sing another day and that's one of the talents in this business that I think should have gone farther star Tino Martinez she is a real

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