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hey everyone how's it going octopus here welcome back to the Cydia opera omnia now I'm gonna go over the fastest way to level up your characters get a bunch of tier 3 crystals the ones you need to make your character at level 50 crystal you're gonna get AB up to 40 of them per run and a ton of Gil that you're not going to need to farm Gil ever again so this is only here until March 12 after this it's gonna be cut in half you can go up to 2000 experience a little bit over that up to 20 crystals so this is still relevant even if you guys aren't here in time to see this but this is up until March 12th it's been out for a while I just been a little behind on all these videos but I do want to continue making videos like this where the last one I did was how I got 82,000 gems like tips and tricks how to save your gems what to plan out for I want to keep making these videos where they're kind of like my play style my personality into the game and see if you guys like it if you do then you guys can copy it or make your own version of it so what I'm talking about right now guys there was a campaign that was released like I said at the end of February chapter 6 release campaign here it is so as soon as this chapter got released we got psycho quest rewards times 2 so we got double the crystals double the Gil and doubled experience which was amazing if you guys have one of these characters you really like it you want to level up you also get double experience on top of that double experience so you get a lot experience from one character so you can Maxell walk home right now to low 50 and a couple runs it's really good so what am I talking about the city of points we get a hundred every day we log in 100 to city of points we can only cap out at a thousand after thousand you can't collect more no more so you should be buying psycho quest key all five of them right away because there's seven days in the week you get seven of these a city appoints you will run out and you're gonna have to start buying Gil if you don't buy five every week so make sure you are just dumping five every week and you just start stacking on these two I got thirty four of the psycho quest keys so with that being said the next important thing guys is the relics and the books relic of all knowledge gives you double the amount experience Gil and item drop where book of treasures you could only get experience sorry you only get double the item drop book a fortune you get double the Gil and book of training you get double the experience so depending what you guys wanna do you're gonna use a cycle key to unlock 30 minutes of a quest one of these cycle quests so you have 30 minutes to get in there and do that quest as fast as you can so you want to bring in your 18 like I said your characters don't have to be maxed out for this I'm gonna go enhancements to show you my crystals real quick this is where you guys want to choose what you're gonna do but your character doesn't have to be a high level to do this as long as your character has their weapon has their armor not even the armors needed just her weapon and you have them at crystal level 20 or plus you're gonna be okay to use even those characters because you're gonna have both of their abilities unlocked at crystal level 20 and if they have their weapon they're gonna do a lot of damage weapon and crystal level is more important than the character level itself you get a lot more bonuses from those two things than the character level once character makes level 50 you get a ton of bonuses but it you're safe to use a character is not level 50 to do this quest but again it's 30 minutes so you want to do it as fast as you can plan ahead of time though guys because you are gonna get a ton of tier 1 and tier twos you're gonna get up to 40 maybe 36 to 40 of these crystals so you're safe here you need 550 of the tier 3 crystals for any character to get them out to all the way to the bottom here so all this right here from this point onwards from this point here onwards you need 550 of these crystals in this corner so make sure that you wasted tier 1 and tier twos on certain characters that you don't really care about at the moment or you don't have the armor 4 and just kind of dump it in there like Bart's I don't have this weapon I don't have his armor I don't have anything for him I wasn't planning to use them but out of all the crystals for the yellow one he was only one that I saw that was future-proof and I would actually care about you stole is pretty good Tifa you know iconic for everyone but everything else here guys I was like I'm not gonna use him I'm not gonna use your stole I'm not gonna use Tifa Barts has future-proof irony the opie character I'll have them kind of ready so dump your crystals into a character that you're not using right now just to get the excess out of there plan ahead of time though make sure you don't have too much over here around 600 it's safe so I am gonna farm for the purple ones and see how much I get out of this so here's a screenshot guys 661 for tier 1 tier 2 and that's my tier threes as I do 30 minutes I'm a into the video how much I actually got out of doing 30 minutes alright so right here guys is a team you kind of want to do you want to make sure you have a team of characters that do bravery and HP attacks Vaughn over here he has white world and red spiral cloud has his cross slash and squall has his renzo kin which is basically it does bravery damage build it up and then it does an HP attack all in one move this way you can kill enemies a lot quicker so you want to make sure you bring in these characters with a five star weapon so they have a lot of tax so when you click on this character I have a total of a thousand 125 attack clouds got 1497 and my squalls got 1479 so the more attack you guys have the more brave you're gonna build up your max bravery also matters too so Maya Vaughn here is not that strong but he does an HP and a bravery attack there's other characters that do this as well so you can bring them in down here I haven't level them up yet but I believe fear in here has an HP and bravery attack so whatever character has an HP bravery attack bring them in that's gonna be your 18 and that's gonna help you do more quest in that 30 minutes so you're not wasting cycle quest and you're not wasting those relics or those books so a quick tip before we actually go into the event is the world of illusions right now you have two paths path on the Left gives you more crystals path on the right gives you orbs I'm farming the 30 or brain now because this event that's going on right now you're gonna farm as many crystals as you need currently for all your favorite characters and saving up before the future so I highly recommend that you guys farm orbs because once you start pulling for weapons if you notice I have a t-1000 once I start pulling for weapons I'm gonna need a ton of orbs see especially if I get a 6 star of a weapon it takes a lot so you guys can farm as many orbs as you want it doesn't count towards your gear total even for the armor so you guys can see here I got a ton of these for the armor I got a ton for the weapon so just keep farming because they don't count towards your 200 caps so just farm away at the world of illusions as you guys can see once I get a weapon I'm ready to max out that weapon so while this events going on and do the war illusions do the side where it gives you four armored weapon because you're gonna need a lot of this once you start pulling you're gonna notice especially when you limit break a weapon so that's a quick tip before you do all this make sure you are using world of illusion for the orbs for the weapon and the armor now the event itself what I was talking about this is it as you guys can see rewards times 2 up to 2,000 experience just by doing this right now for 10 times a day but we want to go access if we want to go crazy we want to get 4000 experience for this I'm gonna quickly show you guys just one quest when you're doing this unlock key do not do the bottom ones do not come down here you want to make sure you're doing par 5 even if you haven't completed these yet make sure that you save that for when it says 10 tries don't do that doing your half-an-hour that's just a waste save the 10 tries to complete these quests when you're doing half an hour creat key unlock and the relic will only do par 5 if you don't have strong enough team yet go do the 10 daily make them a little bit strong and then you guys can go at this but make sure you're doing the 5th quest it's gonna be the best unless you're really really underleveled I wouldn't recommend doing the 4th and below but if you really want to you don't wanna miss this experience for double could drupal a drop wait then go ahead but I really recommend quest 5 so I'm gonna do this quick quest right here number 5 I'm gonna skip this part on the video with you guys and I'm gonna show you I want to put on this team because I am leveling up Bartz right now to level 50 I you could do more characters but I kind of just like I'm fine with this so I'm gonna do this quest real quick I'm gonna show you guys exactly the amount of crystals experience and Gil okay quest is cleared guys like I said before bringing characters with times to experience on them especially for on a level them up but this is what we have to look forward to when we do this without the books and with else the relics the the relic of all knowledge 940 kill 2,438 experience and as you guys can see 8 and 8 you guys can get 10 and 10 which is up to 20 but right now we got 16 which is like the most common is gonna happen because that's what's gonna happen if it's a lucky drop you get 10 of each that's up to 20 tier 3 crystals and again you need 550 just a max of one character so what's gonna happen when we use the book and the relics that this is gonna be 4900 this would be 1800 and this is gonna be all doubled on top of what this is not just the same effect it's gonna double the double campaign so let me go into one of those right now again when you're doing the nine tries the ten tries here when you do this quest bringing characters that you want to level up and go through it because you guys can use skills you can use your summon when you're not Auto bottling and you can take your time you don't have to have no brakes you don't have to have a character not dive the character dies as long as you pass a quest you'll get all that drop weight and you don't have that 30 minute window to worry bail so bring in two characters that have the double experience if you really want to start maxing all characters especially if they're your favorite characters but for what I'm gonna do right now guys I'm gonna unlock one of the keys right now solo 30 minutes you're gonna be able to do the keys so pick the one you guys want me I do want the purple one so I'm gonna use a key on this and use it right away make sure you're not doing anything else right now you're not gonna go unlock missions you're not gonna go rearrange your crystals because you have too many crystals drop rates make sure that you're doing this without any distractions nothing you want this half-an-hour to go as far as a ficient as possible meaning you're only doing this and nothing else a game no clicking on some other quests don't go do anything else it's half an hour as soon as you activate it no matter what you're doing if you turn off the game if you log off if anything that countdown is happening it's not half an hour of inside the battle it's half an hour in real life so 30 minutes equals 30 minutes guys so go ham so as soon as you guys do this you're gonna jump up here and click your support items and lock the relic that you guys want to use me personally I only want the crystal for Mary now I don't need experience so I'm gonna use a book of treasures only here because even my Gil actually I'm gonna use book of treasures and the book of wealth or whatever it's called so I'm gonna get max guild and I'm gonna get max crystals out of this so go here we go guys this was gonna look like go to support book a train them twice the amount of treasures use yes and book a fortune twice the amount of guilt yes use so you guys can use all three books they do stack here we go 29 minutes click on the level 50 right away and make sure your a team is here they're all good and you're good to go who cares about what the quest is just click on the fastest character don't go through your character list and just keep this is how fast you guys want to go so I got cloud coming up I moved all my HP skills down here so I'm gonna use them right away you guys don't have to be super efficient about this just make sure that your going ham on this I'm gonna use white world on the cacti here so the better the skill the more you're gonna be doing who cares if you get broken just do all the damage that you want to do to kill them as fast can so be efficient about it in that half an hour we're gonna see what's gonna happen but here's the end screen guys I got a better score for this one here's the amount look at all that forty sixty two tier ones for the tier twos 48 of them for the final one sixteen thirty-two I got 40 I got 40 of that right there guys so I think that was a bonus that was lucky that wasn't supposed to happen so on top of it I got more than 40 crystals like I said look at that experience that's 24 it's gonna be a 48 but you say Gil got doubled that got double if I did experience that would have been 4,800 but I'm wasting time right now guys I'm gonna do this really quick in another 29 minutes click on this go into it I'm gonna show you guys my end result like I said you saw my Gil you saw my crystals I'll be right back alright so my 30 minutes are done basically went through the whole thing as quick as I could I did a lot of mistakes so it would have been a little bit better than this I guarantee it's because there was just the recording getting back into a comfortable position and learning what HP attacks and bravery tacs I should have been using and also someone wasn't a smartest idea during certain times because I could just unlike HP talks instead but I went from all the way to 780,000 guilt I did about 25,000 Gil for that run and let's go see the enhancements now when I was going through it I noticed that I'm gonna be over 999 of the purple ones and also the yellow ones went overboard as well too so when you saw that I had six hundred and something of each that wasn't good enough guys you gotta drop that below 500 because we farmed so many crystals this way and I went from 85 of the tier threes up to 517 guys so I got a total of 432 from this quest by doing this relic and doing it during the campaign guys 432 every time I unlock a key I'm pretty much guaranteed if I do a smooth run and depending what the crystal low is the are easier I can Maxell any of my characters to level 50 by doing this guys so that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go max all all the characters I care about all the characters are future-proof and just keep on farming I'm gonna have over a million Gil if it hits over nine hundred ninety nine thousand we'll see if it does I haven't done much I'm only at 780 right now but imma do that I'm gonna bring some characters at level 50 after that I have ton of psycho quest keys and I think it's the best time you guys should be doing this because what at the time you want to do is it's code Drupal everything is code rupal if you use a relic or the books it's amazing guys so hopefully this helped you I don't think I've any other tips for this again like I said if you want just experience user psyche request key and just use experience book only if you want to all use relic if you just want the crystals and the guild do what I did and just use two books what I recommend buy more books for a hundred gems and all that actually I would having this much farming out of the way guys is really really good so if you guys want a future-proof yourself well you don't have to worry about characters and you want a big variety I would really do this right now guys it's really good don't forget to city appoints unlock those five cycle quiz five cycle keys every week so if I did miss anything by screwed up anything if you have more advice how to do this more efficient than I did again I'm still kind of new at the game I'm learning as I go I'm just really really enjoying it and what if I learned I'll let you guys know but if you guys got a more efficient way of doing those cycle quest key a lot faster than I did let us know down in the comment section if you did enjoy the video though and don't forget to hit the like button and as always thank you so much for watching keep on smiling and I'll see you in the next one

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