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ladies and gentlemen thank you very much for joining us this edition of lead project I'm your host Rex pare and we have returning guest Gerald Clark with us we are going to be discussing the latest intel on the possibility of the return of the Annunaki like mar duke maybe Enlil could this be from before the ancient battles that happen in the past are we going to see the same things happen in our lifetime well there's some very interesting things that are taking place right now and if anybody saw that recent tunnel ceremony where the deepest tunnel ever created at least that we're told about they had this weird occult stuff going on and Gerald actually brought that to my attention when I watched that I certainly had to do a double-take there was some real weird things going on in there so Gerald thanks a lot for joining us here at the week project how the heck are you hey I'm doing really well Rex glad to be back and yeah it's definitely some interesting times were living anybody oh yeah I mean that was crazy I hadn't seen anything that blatant for quite some time as far as the mock sacrifices that they had the the tunnel that went to the abyss the other side and it just had this real odd presence where they had like those worker bees at first were walking all around robotic transhumanists light do whatever they're told robots and then after that the weird symbology and stuff it was really fascinating you know I think there's probably two or three shows that could be done on all the symbology the messaging that was done in that ceremony a couple of the big takeaways that I utilized when I did this previous I think it was episode three of my seven planet broadcast show where Marty urk Eagles Nibiru arrival declared I think what's the title of it in that one I started looking at kind of the message from the tunnel ceremony and putting two and two together with what I was discussing about Marga and I realized had to what they were saying was the essentially that loser was coming it was arriving kind of simulated coming through a portal in the on the big screen you remember seeing that where they had the kind of looking like a portal and the three angels coming through and are you with me yeah absolutely I remember that no change others yeah I was crazy so anyway but the takeaway I got from it was a they were announcing the arrival of Lucifer in this change that their predicating in this new world order you know it was pretty clear well I've been I've been working for the last probably two years off and on looking at different theories who said who is Lucifer who said who was Satan and trying to connect this with the Anunnaki from so that we kind of had a clearer idea what the battle lines were between this dark and light force that we read about in the Bible you know God and Satan right you know simplifying it but well you know I'd talked a long time about this hat Foot McCoy situation going on between the animal lights and the inky Heights and you know and sometimes the offspring would cross over that we saw in the Wars of gods and men and several of the books that describe the wars that went on in Mesopotamia so anyway when I saw so my takeaway from that tunnel ceremony was well first of all I was in Switzerland which we oftentimes affiliate with gold right we talked about that last time I believe that clearly if it's a tunnel that's that long it's probably not just going point A to point B that there are probably access points there to lots of other underground facilities and passageways we know that every major industrialized country in the world has been building these things whether it's for a continuity of government purpose in the event of nuclear war or just whatever happens on the surface of the planet they've most country's big ones like Russia and China and India the United States have underground facilities that are quite extensive some of them even connected with maglev trains and you know equipped to support entire populations you know so it really varies in size and whose a got a ticket to the bunker kind of thing but but we have them and we know those are there so I I speculated that clearly this tunnel probably because of the importance of it and the symbology of it probably connects to a lot of the deep underground military bases or accesses and via tunnels that are already there right so so it started making me wonder you know okay what's really going on in this whole phase of the primitive workers being used in this these rituals relatively Illuminati and we know that they're very much affiliated with these secret societies that go all the way back to babble on you know so you start doing putting two together and go what's really going on why are they doing such a blatant ceremony right in though right in your face and you know this isn't the first time look at what's happened at the halftime ceremonies at the big football games you know I'm saying oh yeah like the Super Bowl is yeah exactly they so started paying attention a little more to this I guess it was 2014 and 15 I watched specific the only thing I want to see was the halftime show to see what kind of signaling was coming from this New World Order Illuminati outfit that was clearly using very esoteric rituals whether the public that was there paid any attention to it or not I have no idea but it was almost like a stadium full of people in Rome being fed circus and bred while right in front of him they were discussing there they're very destruction they're sacrifice of the primitive workers that were there or watching the game that's that's kind of what I took away from is like wow and nobody even gets it they don't they're not even like well it was very entertaining or you know she had a nice dress on what wasn't that cute you know just really just oblivious of the whole thing so did you see the helps the commercial gauze yeah well somebody coughs jumps up acting a patriotic for their team vicariously getting a hormone so you know some sort of blood fix from some stimulus that they get by watching violence and then spilling your beer on your back while they dump their peanuts in here into your jacket you know so it's like what what an experience you know welcome go team yeah I know most but most people that are sports fans probably just hate me and listen I'm one of those people you won't find me in the stands you're gonna find me in the root of middle of the Ring every time I'm not a passive sports enthusiast I want the real thing okay just so you know about me okay so anyway so I so the takeaway was it in my mind I knew way back in the ANU manila Sh from the Sumerian documents and this is in both of my books this is the I don't know this is their Babylonian epic of creation this is their cosmic cosmogony they're seven tablets of creation okay count okay well in this account that we got and this was you know circa 1700 BCE but it goes back even further than that but the one that we had had Marduk's name in for the planet Nibiru so he had taken it upon himself to rename their home planet after after himself you know elevating himself as the most high because they viewed their planet is the 12th planet which was the highest number twelve was a real key number to them okay and they had 12 members on their Council you know we have 12 hours in a day 12 hours of the night it goes on on on this this affiliation with the number 12 is that well 13 is considered so taboo well actually in my second book I always wondered about that I started looking into deeply about the number 13 and it's always been demonized for some reason well it turns out in the Emerald Tablet writings where it's talking about this special number 13 it equates it with the four aspects of the creation of man along with the nine parallel dimensions that he's able to occupy which created the number thirteen really really amazing and he so far fulfill eiated that number with the creator of all and so the fact that there's it's being demonized like no 13th floor the 13th sign of the zodiac or Fuca switch was related to a healer holding a serpent which was clearly one of the inky idea turning cheetah or somebody affiliated with the Anki line that was there to help mankind alright so so the the idea of and the fact that we use a zodia or we use a Zodiac now you know with our birth month and everybody's looking at their nail chart well we base it on a zodiac that only has 12 houses not 13 so the Hindus uses a sidereal zodiac that has actually accounts for the 13th house and I put that in my first book the adjusted table for the Hindu sidereal zodiac so you know what your actual birth sign was over the last 3000 years versus what you were told you were because it's actually different huh yeah you know how a lot of people though they'll think that they're spot-on with what their sign is and I'm sure a lot of that just has to do with yourself I mean you want to look for things that will sync up and your brain is always going for that connection yet at the same time I mean there's some pretty good stuff out there if you've ever studied the you know you know what your birth date is if you know obviously everybody knows what their birth date is but you add up all those numbers so if you were born let's say April 20th 1977 and you added up all those numbers and it came up to let's say 47 then you took the 4 on the 7 that comes up to 11 you take the one on the 1 that equals 2 and then if you look at what the star chart is based on number 2 that is your Life Path number a lot of times there's some great connections there I know that I've checked my life path number and it's spot on so yeah I yeah that numerology is pretty neat stuff I got somebody demonstrated that to me one time and I thought it was pretty fascinating so in this in this last report I did looking at mardukas Nibiru and I'm doing connecting a lot of dots well right toward the end of it I decided to do a little update on the pixel analysis of VA 243 because I found an anomaly of the sate the size of Nibiru relative to the other scalars where I was doing these equivalents were relationships you know just checking to see well if it was this size and then if you had these distances and you could compare them the only one we didn't have actual data on to compare with was Nibiru so we had the size of the Sun and all the other planets that you could play this little three very four variable game where you knew three of them and you just had to solve for one and get it was easy okay well in this uh last report I did is remember when I did that I used three different methods pixels and lines based on V 243 and a digital analysis of it a hole I started all over and that is gone well you know I based on the original size of Nibiru that was in the the data that I inherited the scalar for the earth was about seventeen point eight times bigger and everybody is gone now it's got to be four to eight times bigger that's why we ended up with planet-7x which to me is a complete lie I'll just say it right now that that is a complete everything to do with planet-7x hoax what do you mean by that well III don't want to go into that right now but I went into very deeply with Marshall and he did an entire show on it from the LA Marzulli a recent show that they put out where he was on there I think was called Watchers 9 yeah well I you know and I I didn't really know Marshall that well until I started doing shows with him got to know him a little bit he was very offended by what was said in that show and to be honest with you so was I and it pointed right back to mr. Broussard and I don't know what he's up to but I'm telling you about Gerald Clark's watching it and he doesn't agree with any of your BS okay I'm telling you right now okay that said you cut that out if you want you can leave it I don't care no no yeah I'm tired of the lamp asking people the way he did anyway so from that report which surprised me and I I have it shown under method one two and three toward the end but in that in a document that I published with that report the earth scaler in three different ways came out to be sixty six point four one sixty six point zero seven and sixty five point five three I was kind of shocked by that when I averaged those together it came out - exactly using just two decimal places a scaler that Nibiru Marduk was sixty-six times bigger than the earth that's what the numbers show okay and I published it so anybody can go look at it they measure it themselves I was shocked at this where actually wait a second I thought it was about you know even Harrington said well I think it's about this you know about four to six times the size of the earth or whatever he said four to eight well this the data here from VA 243 says its 66 times bigger without question okay so I'm like okay well what does that mean it's just a data point I don't know well I started looking at this and realizing at the end of my document that the anunnaki used a sexagesimal number system and that's how I ended up being able to correlate these the actual size of the planets with the pixel size or the linear sizes and you've got a you've got a real problem taking big planets of different diameters and trying to fit them on a little tiny cylinder seal think about the difference in the size of the Sun versus the size of Pluto how do you represent both of them on a very small cylinder you know a circular device first of all and make them to scale so that you can still see Pluto because it's so small compared to the Sun how do you do that that's the problem it's a mapping problem of taking this geometry in real space and fitting it on to a little tiny crystal cylinder alright so you can't do this in a linear way it has to be done logarithmic means somehow do you understand what I'm saying yeah absolutely okay so that was kind of the key to finding a way that they could actually take the planets fit them on there so that we could at least compare those numbers and see if there was any correlation between what they showed and what we found well in that we found out there was a ninety nine point five zero three a ninety seven point four three four and a ninety seven point three eight one percent correlation between the pixel the original pixel data the linear method that I use the second time in the remeasurement of all the pixel data that I did myself so we're talking over 97 percent correlation that's pretty good to be able to translate the size of our planets onto a little tiny crystal cylindrical seal in Reverse to make this work out oh yeah this this is not by accident okay even even in somebody now trying to do that without using a CNC machine or something that was doing it completely by Machine how would you get 97% accuracy logarithmic ly that way unless you use the math said the circle for this one's got this size is maybe the size and you implemented that from the very beginning you would you there's no other way to do it see I'm saying so this this to me was why this was so significant okay that said I was like okay this crazy number shows it 66 times bigger than the earth of my work and imagine that coming around oh geez yeah so so from that if you if you scroll back to the beginning of the document there's a book that one of my fans I'll have to go look at what his name was that gave it to me can you scroll back down this one the herculeo bus or the Red Planet and it was written by a VM ROM Bulli and I thrombo Lou and I think it was written in 1998 it was originally done in Spanish okay so anyway he's making it available and things like that well one of my fans pointed out that in he write from the document scroll down just a little bit more you'll see where it says the planet is called by different scroll down just a little bit more yeah the plant is called by different names her key Lobos blah blah blah and he says it's a five to six times bigger than Jupiter do you see where I highlighted that there oh yeah absolutely yeah you got the document zoomed up where you can't say there you go five or six times bigger than Jupiter okay so taking that I thought okay now scroll down let's go down to these numbers I just showed here so what I'm looking to do is see what this guy said VM a bully yeah stop right there compared with what I came up with a Super Sport I'm looking to see if there's any correlation okay okay so we know Jupiter's diameter I showed at the top there Earth's diameters right below that and then he said five to six times so let's do five times Jupiter's diameter and that's seven hundred fourteen thousand nine hundred twenty kilometers okay and then if we compare that to the Earth's diameter that's 56 times point zero four times the size of the earth well I just said in my table but we came out with 66 so let's not far off and then let's go do 6 times Jupiter okay the third line down yeah there you go now you see it's 857 904 well if you divide that by the earth diameter you see that's 67 point two seven five times bigger than the air so my 66th times that I came up without that table correlates with the range that he picked you see that yeah and I'm also thinking that number 66 is so significant in numerology as well well it is so significant that's what blew my mind when I discovered this knowing the well it was was this the reason the anunnaki chose a sexagesimal based system in the first place was because the relationship of their planet size and size of the earth I bring this up just as a thought because you know I when I first got into sacred geometry I was looking at the ratios of different things different things going wow this fee ratio show up here to interrupt and I had a table of all the planets sitting in front of me one day in their orbital time around the Sun in days I thought well I wonder if what would happen if I compared a couple of these is there any ratio between these planets being put in place in the crater of all implementing his fee ratio or her fees ratio as a as a function in the in the planetary setup because we see it all through nature and plants and everything else animals you know fit the the the designer fee ratio is just everywhere so anyway right I started looking at it and I didn't really seen anything until I got to Venus in the earth so if you take the orbital path of Venus and the over the earth I can't remember which it was I think the Venus is longer correct because our just 360 thought no no there's a shorter so if I take Earth and you divide by Venus it ends up at exactly the fee ratio I was like wow so how did that happen yeah it's incredible so you know so the idea that the Anunnaki might have done sauce in the kharka texture to put their planet in a particular orbit where they wanted it based on some mathematical ratio I don't think that's beyond them actually based on what they said in the Anu mulisch they were splitting planets and doing all kinds of stuff masking the radiance of this one in that one all in order to protect their planet as they came into perihelion with the Sun going in a retrograde direction where everything was like a billiard ball if they could collide with let me jump in real quick I got asked that way because you obviously know a lot about these ancient texts and scriptures and such and I've seen moons or at least they're supposedly moons that orbit the outer rings of Saturn ones called by a pattice once called Mimas and they literally look just like the Death Star in Star Wars and as a matter of fact I a pitous from the high-res images that I have seen that you can actually go to the enterprise mission comm it's one of Richard Hoagland's websites and Richard Hoagland is a great guy I certainly don't agree with everything he says but I don't agree with everything anybody says you know I mean we've all got our own opinions and beliefs but I really like some of the stuff that he talks about the type to civilizations that might have had a galactic war a long time ago and that kind of reminds me of the Star Wars story the Anunnaki and possibly these ancient structures that we can see clearly from satellite imagery not only on our own moon but these other moons maybe the Annunaki were the ones that actually designed those and then take that one step further I mean this is all speculation you guys but what isn't to an extent when you get into something that happened a million years ago you have to go on what you can find what if the Anunnaki were actually almost human you know I mean what if they were us at a different time there was a giant catastrophe because the technology they had a few of them got away and then they came back a million years later and and told this story and sold it as they came from somewhere else we've talked about that before I know but it was just something that I wanted to bring up in this conversation because that those are things that I think maybe people need to look at more we oftentimes don't give ourselves as a species enough credit in my opinion don't you think a lot of the media and stuff tries to take away what we really have the ability to do well you bring up an interesting point about whether our ancestors would be considered simply ancient astronauts and genetic manipulators or we would consider them time travelers so if they sow the seeds of a genetic species you know two hundred thousand years ago and then whether they left her state or didn't have anything to do with us or whatever they did irrespective of their interaction with us over time depending on what what they did to the species here whether it was a chimera or how much of their DNA was clamped you know some of these things we just don't know exactly what the functional capabilities of their primitive workers were when they create him on different planets and I don't think earth was the only place they did it I think they did all over galaxies and lots and lots of races not just one so the question is over two hundred thousand years what were they designed to become were they designed to become a subset of the prompt the dominant DNA in the in the Chimera which in this case looks like it was the Anunnaki not the bipedal hominid that had a lesser developed brain so in what is a reference point I like to think about this way the Anunnaki may have created us as chimeras but because of the evolution of our consciousness and how we're designed I think to interact with the electromagnetic spectrum and all the other energy fields that the impact us here on this planet through various latent triggers we have progressively become the Anunnaki we are the Anunnaki although we're not as capable as the ones that created us we're where we have their mark we have their stamp we have their genetic material so I think once a person comes to grips with that it helps them move beyond calling their creator their genetic manipulators their creators and I'm not listen we need to distinguish clearly between the Anunnaki and the creator of all which all beings in the galaxy that basically venerate recognize acknowledge that there is a creative force that that set up the simulator for us all and we call that the creator of all okay this is the and by the way I described the tenets of this crater wall as we were mentioning this beings number was referenced as number 13 the most sacred number of all and it's because of the denied design aspects of humans which by the way if that if that was known it's very clear that the career of all or it or its emissaries would have had to been involved with anybody who was manipulating or creating life on another planet and this is a point that I bring up in pretty significant detail that I like to address and cover when M and I'm not allowed to use my imagination when I'm writing a screenplay so it doesn't to always have a reference okay but I truly believe that in order for Anki and nimah and ning schita the three that were truly involved in the genetic operation they could not have done this without permission from galactic cycle masters who essentially realize that if you're going to jump start up bipedal hominid from you know maybe possibly not having the cognitive cognition that we have now for millions of years that you jumpstart them such that they get it in two hundred thousand two hundred fifty thousand years maybe they were allowed to do that because the species in accordance with the timing of the creator of all working through these galactic timing masters which Thoth calls the seven Lords these are the beings and the halls of Amenti or controlling the galactic wobble cycles and coordinating with each other what's allowed to happen at each one according to him I mean that's pretty profound yes that's the case yeah well if that's the case then perhaps we needed to be jump started because we weren't evolving quick enough to participate in some galactic cycle event that was intended for us as a species is that possible I think it's possible as well we don't we don't truly know things at that level but it's fun too it's fun to think about anyway so before we get lost on that let's uh let's talk a little bit about Marr do because he seems to get gets he seems to have gotten left out of history quite a bit going back to Mesopotamian region in the AH traces tablets Anu comes to the earth goes to africa and Enki and Enlil and nerteaux and in ma and in new g the canal controller and a few other people are there as part of this Anunnaki Council to split up the territories between some of the top members of this Anunnaki race that were here as the lead Scouts okay and in particular I think they needed on who needed to separate Enki and Enlil because they they were half-brothers and very much were like night and day it was like an engineer creative artistic scientific person versus a military commander and not that military commanders can't have those attributes but when they're in their functional role that's not what they're asked to do okay they're really really smart or really strong but oftentimes it'll like both in the same body okay it's just how it works okay so anyway when they kept when they separated these these regions inky got Africa which turns out to be where a lot of the gold was found in the world right if that's what they were here for was to get gold Anana got the Indus Valley which I thought was very interesting given the the proliferation of the Sacred Feminine in the Vedas there and lo got Mesopotamia and in nin ma who was the medical officer having a city in the her medical officer her medical headquarters was at Shahrukh but apparently she got assigned kind of like the referee with a striped shirt to have the region where the bond heaven earth was up north of sipar and eventually up into Jerusalem with a Mission Control headquarters was moved after some minor flooding okay so we started out in the poor with their mission control headquarters and then sipar was our spaceport well that region was in Mesopotamia and that got given to annual so that's what I want you to understand these regional delineations between the two warring factions because this is going to lead right to what we're going to talk about with Marty okay so so the African region belonged to Anki he got it in the casting of the lots and they often refer to it as the Abdul in the Sumerian documents and that's what you'll see in the ultra houses you know I got to jump in real quick - yeah jump in I got it I gotta have a drink ago hahaha I talked to John Moore earlier yesterday we were on his show at the he's the Republic Broadcasting Network the John Moore Show and he talked about zecharia sitchin working with somebody in the Navy showing different charts and Sumerian tablets and they were talking about just how incredible it was and then three months later this person mysteriously dies from this fast-growing cancer very peculiar circumstances but I asked John about his beliefs on how accurate he thought zecharia sitchin was and he said he thought he was pretty spot-on so then I asked him about the Annunaki translations and he kind of I think he fills that the Annunaki or more humans or at least that's kind of what he talked about but I find it fascinating that Navy personnel that were real high up in title and rank believed what he said they went out and took I think this guy was at mr. Richards was at his name he took a telescope to the South Pole or something like that and he comes back and he dies you know I'm talking about right that was a dr. Harrington I'm sorry dr. Harrington yes so that's very odd but then you know John is uh used to be a homicide detective I mean he's very he's got a title and prestige that a lot of people would say hey that is a very reliable person and great guy to talk to he's firm believer of Planet X and he talks about how many years ago these documents came out to military personnel that showed them the new Navy map of what the earth is going to be like after these catastrophes and a lot of people moved up to the Ozarks and the Midwestern places so yeah there's obviously yet Oh am i on yeah you're on huh okay yeah I actually I've been watching listening to the Liberty man for quite a while he's a he lives in the area where I used to I was spent ten years of my life in the Ozarks oh I know well um so I've been listening to him and I do think he's an honest guy and based on yeah I don't actually have very many disagreements with him other than his view about the origins of they oughta know key whether they're indigenous or not I don't know you you just stated something that I wasn't aware of from him but I truly believe they're in extraterrestrial species and they know me and they did not come from here but they stayed here there's no question they stayed here and they and they view this is a I don't know a little outpost where they get resources just like probably many other races so anyway I know you speaking of the military and credible sources Preston James writes for a veteran today and in back in 2013 I got to pull my document upon this side so I can see it the one that you're sharing is kind of blurred Rex I'm not sure why it's so blurred but because it looks like it's coming in perfect on my end let me try so it must it must just be on my end but let me let me go out so Preston wrote two articles that really caught my attention and this was you have to understand I released my book August of 2013 well he wrote an article in July July 5th 2013 it was titled a secret space war three Marty clans in Africa and I was like wow and I read this and I was like wow who's telling who's who's talking about this at these high level play facilities where it's the Pentagon or wherever that he's getting this information from and I do believe Preston being a writer for veterans today gets approached by people that are in the know okay definitely definitely does so I read this and he was talking about Marv Duke coming to Africa and as you remember during Nelson Mandela's supposed funeral world leaders from all over showed up there in Senegal which was a very odd thing especially since a three-one of our current president - past president has showed up there at the same time I think it was a President Bush Obama and Clinton all showed up there and and on top of that I think the reason Preston got this article was because one of the one of them had I think it was Obama or Clinton had specified they were actually gonna be somewhere else so they basically were using it as a ruse and a lie and then they showed up at this Senegal meeting well the but the bottom line is that according to Preston's article he believes that mardukas came back to Africa Morrow Duke was the chief deity of Babylon he stayed in Mesopotamia Inc animals region and went to war with him and he eventually ended up as the head of the anunnaki Council ranked 50 only ones higher with him ranked 55 and 60 and that was on you and on - okay the ones that were back on the brew because on who went back to the brew when he cast lots he included himself in it okay so so here Preston is saying high level sources are telling the rumor is that mardukas return he's gone to Africa and the this whole ceremony for Mandela who supposedly died several months earlier and this was just you know some afterthought to have it in a big stadium which was very strange he states that this was done so that the new world leader could be paid homage to by the existing president you know from all over the place and that he was using Africa as his launching point his father's old domain to set up a base collect resources like gold and then take over as the New World Order leader and that was his plan I was like what really and I'm like I'm writing my book about this stuff and I read this thinking oh is this a coincidence is this real I mean you know I I don't know so anyway we'll put the link up there let people look at it but I thought it was absolutely bizarre you know yeah and he wrote another one then in December - yeah yeah yeah so then then so if that wasn't enough then in December he comes out with a number another one December 22nd my birthday is December 23rd so okay I must have been home and I caught this and it just shocked me and my book had been outs at all since August and I'd already done national shows and everything so when I saw this kind of stuff coming out you know I was still at the place trying to figure out okay you know now we finally got the place we believe they stayed here they did this here and that there and there's this faction in that faction they have these symbols looks like they're puppeteering this country in that country you know and I'd done that lots of times but but at Margit seemed to have gone out of the picture after the height of his rule which about 2000 BCE in Babylon and by all the way Babylon was his gateway of the gods where he viewed this was going to be the access point the bond heaven earth for going back and forth and Nibiru and he built essentially apartments for all the other 11 gods on the council that could come there and stay there as part of his a Babylonian hotel you know but it the tower he was building there was actually a facility for takeoff and land for rocketry probably having a lot to do with the gold that was part of their mission okay for getting it back and forth to the weigh stations and getting it back to where they needed it so that said Mark had no business being in Mesopotamia why he was why he was up there I truly don't know whether he thought he was going to avenge his father who was a lower rank at 40 and he was 40 animals 50 and Anu was 60 and then that all the other ranks I don't have those memorized my ever and I need the table in front of me so I did the god table anyway so here Marty which by the way let me jump in real quick if you want to get a copy of that the leak project comm actually is having a special with the e product from Gerald's website there's a banner you click directly on that you'll get 10% off and just a great price already without that 10% but make sure to check that out because Gerald has so much good stuff on his web site now your website is Gerald Clark 77 dot-com is that correct that's correct yeah awesome yeah yeah what you were referring to was a three foot by 8 foot genealogy table from the prehistory of Nibiru all the way down including all the Sumerian Kings and stuff from all the way down to the 12 tribes of Israel you know what I call that a treasure map yeah you know you know and will it will it ever be complete and exactly right who knows only the beings that know you know every genealogy table I've ever seen has differences in it and you know all you can do is try to justify each each one you did and here's why I put this one there and and publish it and that's what I've done so and it looks cool yeah it looks cool too and you know what I it's been out for several years now and I haven't had too many I haven't had any complaints I've had some people have you thought about maybe this one's a kid of that one and that's why they act like that you know those kind of things I'm like what look into that control B you know but it's a map it's a map and it's very helpful when you're getting caught up in all this name sue but let's get back to Africa because that's where Mar Duke went okay well remember he was in Mesopotamia he died in 484 BC and was entombed in Babylon okay but they also had a dying rising God ritual where he was reincarnated in three days just like many other of these Anunnaki it seems okay so he came back and uh and started and started showing up later in time but for the most part we know from 44 BCE until the time the Alexander the Great made it to Babylon to take the hand of Marduk he was entombed there so we know he was he was out of the picture for a while well he he ended up down in the Egyptian dynasties it looks like the nubian Kingdom was run by Marjorie so eventually he came down to Africa into his father's domain after whatever happened up in in Mesopotamia battling with animal okay so when he got when he was in in Egypt is his brother Thoth Ning Sheeta was there as well and so so they had history together there and of course Thoth is known to have gone off to start the Mayan civilization when he introduced the solar and lunar calendar to keep more accurate time than what they were doing in Egypt with just the solar calendar all right well not to get too off-base theory what I want people to understand is Marduk had a good reason if Preston's telling them if his sources are accurate okay that Mario had a very good reason for going to Africa which is where the Anunnaki started there but part of their mission in the first place getting gold well there's massive resources in Africa of many many different kinds whether it's diamonds or gold or other metals as well all different kinds and you can look up the Anglo American Mining Corporation and the Viking Mining Corporation very interesting names if you think about that in Africa right you know getting gold well when I first looked at Africa to try to corroborate gold mines in Africa the Anglo American mining corporation came up because they actually owned the gold mines in Southeast Africa where the Anunnaki were purportedly working I mean who else was mining gold a hundred thousand years ago in South Africa let's think about that so that was corroboration point number one for me but anyway so getting back to Marv Duke he had he had good reason to be in Africa there's a lot of gold there a lot of gold and I think what you're going to see by the time we get to the end of this I kind of was discussing what the reasons were behind the accumulation of gold making it the currency basis and so and several other issues surrounding gold why that why it's been treated the way it has and I think we're going to talk about that in just a minute so then but before we get to that in the book Guns Germs and Steel there was a incident down in Peru that involved a massive amount of gold where you could kind of see these the quest for the Anunnaki assuming they started trying to get gold was still going on but it was showing up through trading companies and religions and countries that were being represented going but they're their key mission in exploring was to go and get gold and so the idea of this this discussion in the Guns Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond where Pizarro had learned about what Cortes did in 1531 in Mexico up and up in the north where he had he had landed and started you know terrorizing well they didn't really have much of a the locals didn't have the kind of writing so they could keep track of what happened fifteen years ago well Cortes or Pizarro found out about this and went down to Peru where he had an encounter with a ruler called Otto yaaaa basically he tried to get him to convert to Christianity ah - yah he refused 148 soldiers on horses with guns and swords came out killed about 4,000 of them before sunset at which time they were piling on each other trying to get away from they'd never seen guns and horses and steel okay so 148 of them just routed him well Pizarro held Otto yopo this ruler in a room hostage and said bring me enough gold to fill this room and I'll let you out and so ought to yep it does that well he kills out two yappa and after he'd gotten enough of the gold and because he found out his cousin Montezuma had even more so he went on a hunt to try and go get him this is the kind of disgusting missions the primitive workers were put up to to go and steal other people's gold on behalf of the Anunnaki how about Gaddafi supposedly having almost a hundred million dollars in gold and that's all over the news and then a few weeks later oh we gotta go blow that guy up he's a bad guy he's people yeah exactly so uh they learned today right just with different technology yeah so I bet I started discussing some of this with one of my fans and I'm have to give him credit cuz he did lead me to these points and we just we talked about a back and forth just briefly and I'll have to give him give him some good credit his name is JC Cole by the way he sent me an email we've been discussing things back and forth for quite some time but anyway I want to give him some credit for me putting this list together because I really really made sense to me when he filled in a few of the places that were missing so let's let's look at what the anunnaki did to the primitive workers in the grand scheme of thing all the way back from me mines in Africa when they replaced the GG workers as genetic bipedal chimeras of the Anunnaki and the Neanderthal and go all the way forward - what just happened at this tunnel ceremony in Switzerland just as a fun example of what we could do in a 36 hundred year period we'll call it a char okay that was an that was an Auton akhi year and it's in the Sumerian Kings list for anybody who doubts that and it's also in the AH traces they listed mining for an entire char which was 3,600 years before they revolted okay so let's go down this list really quick I think you'll like this so I call this the long-term Anunnaki gold acquisition plan for the primitive workers okay this goes across many cultures in many many years okay okay the number one you got to make sure gold is the currency basis which it has been for the last eight thousand years for all governments has it not yeah I mean least most of the ones that we know about I guess yeah I can't think of any governments that don't use it is it well I don't know ignore 300 yeah okay so so well whether they're using paper not but that's establishing that what that paper can be tradable for is your basis for its monetization is what we're saying that's always been the case well haven't we been using petroleum to basically for America I should say not we but the the way that monies were traded as petroleum is essentially well yeah that's that's a whole other story about how the petro dollar led up to the security relationships with the countries that had it so they could dominate them and make sure that they traded in the US dollar but that's that's kind of different that we're talking about here but there there are crossover points and I think you'll see these okay so number number two you got to get why ad D is kicking in sorry if Gold's a currency basis and you get all your primitive workers to gladly dig it up because they're going to trade it for food labor tools lectures everything I mean everything that gets bought is going to get paid for effectively in gold okay now coach Gold's very heavy to carry around you know so is silver so it's very difficult to have a currency that's based on a commodity like a precious metal and be able to carry it around you know imagine you had to carry a whole bunch of it to go from a long distance to pay for something you know it's kind of a pain in the butt right so you can see why they came up with methods to come up with paper that said this is worth this amount if you go from here to here and you get there will have a reserve over here to reserve over here that reserves it's a shell game and we'll take that gold over there that represents the gold you got over here and if you get there safe you can turn this paper in then that Gold's yours well that's what the Templars did right okay that's what they were doing okay so you incentivize them to dig go get gold listen when I was and with the Templars attacked on Friday the 13th that's why it's such a yeah taboo now I'm bringing that up because we just talked about 13 so well this this goes back another conversation on the back to the Gnostic so let's do that another time okay all right so um so now you got your primitive workers incentivize go get gold anyway didn't get it listed it it exists in places around the earth right so you might be out staking claim to a creek bed trying to loose out you know minuscule amounts of gold because of the fact that it's now worth food it's worth other things okay so it's a big deal that it got turned into a currency and listen I did it when I was a kid I bought a metal detector I got a map and a dune buggy and took my dog out at old home sites and covered by the lake now this one's receded blah blah blah I loved it I was a treasure hunter as a kid it was it was the most fun well this is why okay alright so back in so in 1945 the Bretton Woods committee gets together and they replace gold with this paper u.s. dollar well that that's like I said you know currencies or metals are heavy to carry around so this is part of the reason why they probably did that and there are other motivations too I think long-term motivations it has to do with the progressive movement so so in essence the US dollar ends up on this gold standard and it separates the world reserve currency from from the gold exchange so the United States was holding all this gold and said well you know we'll be to come the world reserve currency and we'll make it an exchange rate fixed at 35 bucks an ounce and you guys play with the paper because and will hold the goal well they didn't realize that when everybody got spooked they turned the paper in and the gold started withering good because it is it you know they wanted it back they weren't they weren't cool with this unstable paper well it's kind of like what's going on now right that's a good point yeah so next the strategy to get gold from the primitive workers is you devalue the exchange rate for gold in other words you rigged the market okay okay well so that the powers that be that want it can get it at the lowest cost well isn't that what we just saw with the bank in Germany they just came out and shown to have been rigging the price of precious metals gold silver and several others so they're not the right value based on what paper they printed to put up against it okay so that's a fraud so that then you continue number six you continue these future trainings on these products so that creates a false supply of gold and silver pushing the price even lower okay so again this points to the market being rigged well then take it one step further to try to get the gold out of the hands of the primitive workers that's where this is going right is you separate digital and paper dollars and you create this illusion that allows the purchasing of physical gold and silver with an analyst amount of digital dollars as you now you got the Federal Reserve just keep printing it right right okay so eventually that system crashes but while the illusion goes on the Ponzi scheme goes on that's what they did so ultimately though monetary policies like physics the rules apply everywhere and hyperinflation hits right so when that happens let's see I think we got to go down to number eight scroll down number eight I'm on number eight it's just not showing I guess all I mean it it takes a minute but yeah so it's essentially talking about hyperinflation right right oh there it is thirty that's good so with hyperinflation hits you know from cranking out their handle on the Federal Reserve and pumping dollars out and throwing it at banks that are too big to fail and all that kind of stuff that's going on well ultimately hyperinflation hits and you'll start to see the price of things going up because of its it's there's too much float for the paper versus uh the it's like stocks in a price to earnings ratio how much flow you have versus how much people don't have so this a directly affects the the price another thing most people understand that okay so once you've done that all of a sudden if the Fed decides way way way we got to go back to the gold standard because this paper is going to start in flight you're going to need a wheelbarrow full of paper just to buy a loaf of bread right that's what's going on and then as well like back in Germany before will yeah yeah yeah well they well if you decide to go back to the gold standard and say oh let's go back to safety alright well this is exactly what it'll do it will drive the price of gold back up because everybody will flee to the safety that's when guess what the powers that be that have now hoarded all this gold in primarily four different locations looks like they are holding it according to Karen hoodies under deep underground bunkers and their military bases so all of a sudden now you see this gathered Swiss tunnel ceremony pointing to Marv do you suffer arriving which we know that is Nibiru and it's probably a signal for them to 100 and head to the underground bunkers get the rest of the gold that's outstanding and Marduk's coming around asking if his slaves had produced the right amount of gold because they got a delivery to do when you long long way along with the other Anunnaki okay not just Marty but Wow right on you said that the time hit 1 hour 1 minute and 11 seconds talk about new rules again yeah you know I'm telling you man they're talking to us it's funny because you bring up these connections with the money harvesting the gathering of gold and then the collection and I'm thinking about World War 2 and didn't the administration back then say give us your gold and was that during the Depression when was that because it seems like when these global Wars happen then they round up the gold you've got this blood sacrifice and offering of I think it I think it had like right after well there had happened more than once I know there was an incident that happened after the after Nixon where there were so much destabilization over the petro dollar the whole thing that when people wanted to go trade their money back in there wasn't enough gold to do it and it caused a caused a real stir right so so that so that and and the government mandated in this document that I did called Ghana gold Ebola and something else I got a link on it on my youtube channel I just put it on my Facebook page Gerald Clark on my Facebook but I gave a link to two shows I did one was called Ghana gold and one was as in the days of Noah well the god of gold one goes in back into Africa and starts looking at what's going on down there relative disease kind of like the disease and the Guns Germs and Steel incident in Peru without a yatta and Pizarro right well the disease that they brought over to Europe from being exposed to domesticated animals in their farming in their farms absolutely decimated the Aztec population they'd never been exposed to smallpox and those other diseases that wiped them out so in this ghanagold YouTube video I did quite some time ago I think it was in 2014 when the Ebola crisis was going on I noticed that the Ebola crisis was going on in the countries where it was spreading really fast surrounded the country of Ghana where the a cannot see gold mine was staked out by the Viking Mining Corporation out of Australia this is a huge gold mine so I'm thinking to myself huh petro dollar crashing put some disease around here to keep the Chinese and the Russians out of our gold mining claims right scare the hell out of them with a disease and then go get some gold so that we can prop up this petrodollar before this thing all comes crashing down you know in the Ebola scare every year there's this new freakout sensation oh it's going to be the flesh-eating disease it's going to be the swine flu it's going to be the the donkey flu oh you're going to get turkey cold you know it's they come up with these stupid names no let's go get your vaccine folks so you'll be protected because the CDC says that this is going to be a global catastrophe and now it's the Zika virus if you get stung with or if you get bit by a mosquito you're going to have a baby with it's with a with a tiny head it's these retarded scenarios that a lot of times there will be a few cases that it actually happens or maybe more than a few and they'll take that and expand upon it they'll amplify it they'll freak everybody out they'll create a fake scenario on why it happened I remember those guys pushing that swine flu vaccine several years ago on TV and I thought they look like the slimey's time shall timeshare salesmen I've ever seen in Las Vegas I mean they just Oh we'll get 10% off - if you get your swine flu vaccine at anything you buy at this pharmaceutical company you ever wonder what they're actually put in those vaccines you think the Annunaki might have their hands and that is well I heard that they were trying to put some type of set D n/a before this is we're gonna jump off board here for a minute vaccines if you're the hey hey while you're on this page go to the seventh planet tab right there Mercury Rising and go all the way to the bottom of the page cuz in that message that's on there Rex I'm here and click yeah click on the set yeah go all the way to the bottom of page there's an audio message that I got a couple of years ago and I it was a text message anonymous supposedly from Anki if you can scroll all the way the bottom of the page there's an audio file I want you to go down to that okay I'm at the very bottom of the page and I don't see it are you on the seventh you're on the main page go to the seventh planet tab oh yeah okay although the right there anyway right at the bottom there what I want to say was inky talked about something that was going on with his son martyr in addition to chem strip chem spraying putting nanites in the chem spray to dumb down the populace and turn and take away this was the key thing that got me to take away go out scroll all the way the bottom of the page yes yeah okay they're all I just had to catch up he said that the Marduk's praying program and vaccines and others was trying to take away and disable the gift that he gave us which in my opinion was maintaining this inner energy which Thoth calls our Baugh energy that is essentially an instance of the Creator Vols light source are light beings from the creator of all and we're eternal okay what mardukan cord in him is trying to take that away from us through these programs so the dumbing them down getting them exposed to vaccines they're looking to change your DNA and if they can't change your DNA to what they want they want you dead and they'll get a chimera that'll do what they want and whether it has a soul and feelings or not that's not important so in essence you do think that the vaccines that they're given people or change in the DNA to the point to where they will lose connection to source yeah or turn them into autistic excuse me to clear my throat or give them autism or God knows that however many neurologic development diseases that have been introduced by the CDC in the world health organization through vaccines listen I'm living proof of it I've got a kid who has a genetic disorder that cannot be predicted from the parents now you think about that and to have over 200 symptoms with genetic material missing it I mean and you know what I used to I used to think you know wow this is pretty unique to me it's not it's it's it's all the genetic abominations among our population are incredible and I believe it's done on purpose so if they can't kill you by we you know exposing you do something dastardly and if you're very if you've got a strong immune system and genetics you might survive and someone else not I mean we saw this with people being exposed to Ebola some people would kill them and some people produced a many an immune response to it that was the key to overcoming some of the problems you know at least at some point in its a new mutation stage every time somebody gets it it mutates into something different well and you know I certainly feel your pain on that it's so horrific what these Dungeon Master's are doing these you Genesis that have access to creating the vaccines at the top levels and the experiments and studies that they do you go back to the smallpox vaccine the polio vaccine how they proven without a shadow of a doubt that there were cancer cells that literally produce cancer not only the people that were injected with those vaccines sometimes but also future generations it's I mean that in my opinion is one of the biggest crimes on humanity that I can even think of as the stuff that they put in the vaccines and then they convince the parents to take that stuff to given to their kids it's horrible and we could go on and on and on about that I'll leave that where it is and I'm really sorry hear about that so that's yeah yeah actually I wanted to kind of go back to something a little more positive I know we want to let's end this on some pauses if you go back to this rabu Lee's book that was written in Spanish in 1990 the first one we talked about it's quite interesting he has a worldview that believes very much like I do from an energy standpoint such that he believes as we progress in time and get closer to this event that energetically the earth is going to be hit with frequencies that will affect the human constructs such that we will either a say face an ascension event will be or the energy will be so significant that if you're I don't like if you're stuck in a shocker that you shouldn't be that you will destroy yourself and this this coincides with what I've seen in Eastern religions as well in terms of how energy affects the human antennae and I need just imagine imagine you know you can stick your finger in a plug in the wall and the electricity would somehow change your I did that today by the way sure I know it early it was an action and you could get your hair styled instantly you know and and smoke coming out of your eyes and stuff but you know just playing around but it wasn't like that if you could change the energy state of your body such that you had more at each chakra well what he's what Thoth and all these other teachers are telling us is that eventually over some period of time or some exposure to some energy event you are going to change form you're going to change into your fundamental form which was a light being free of a body that can take on a body anytime you want like higher dimensional beings can so when I saw that I was like wow you know so really no matter what happens here you know you could you could run and hide in one of these underground tunnels if you get a ticket and you got plenty of money and think you're going to be okay but the reality is if you really think about what you're doing you're acting out of fear for your own life and you're selling out the rest of the people that you wrote you're having a relationship with because ultimately you can't take everybody with you that you know so you're going to throw them under the bus to save your own carcass and what do you think that does in terms of a character trait when you're trying to ascend to a higher level do you think that's the right response I don't and this is why I'm so stuck on not running to save my assets um you know some earth catastrophe is going to happen am I going to do pragmatic things absolutely if I see a tree fall and I might go all the way but there's only so much you can do to prepare based on the resources you have and one of the obvious things is if you know there's a big storm coming in and you know you got to batten down things and stuff to do the best you can put plywood over your windows and you may end up having to evacuate anyway and come back and see if there's anything left well so what you know the idea that this material world really means anything in the in the big scheme of things in the progression of our human species and our consciousness is is really not that important what's important is that we find as a species how we can be good stewards of planet's resources other people and live by the Golden Rule and recognize that what we've done is completely dastardly for probably the in most of the inception of humanity and how they've related to the resources they've been given and I bring up Jared Diamond's book you know we were talking about things collapsing well if you read in his book you know we're kind of like cockroaches in a way we moved to a place and this is mentioned in the matrix by Agent Smith we consume all the resources and then we have to move someplace else to get more and you know if you're farming you know you're replanting crops and blah blah blah but the the devastating part of that is if you're not doing it in an eco friendly way you end up destroying the water and the resources where you are and eventually causing the Dust Bowl like we saw in Oklahoma you know so it just goes on and on but anyway it's a pretty good book about how we need to really rethink how we relate to resources and if you can't figure out how to relate to objects well in a in a way that doesn't lead to your own destruction how unworthy are you going to relate to other sentient beings in a proper way and and if you can't even relate to your other fellow peers in some kind of non warring violent way how on earth are you going to have a relationship with someone at higher dimension it's going to expect a lot more from you than that see you saying I'm saying so we talked about what the matrix is and I believe it's a holographic creation from the creator of all and probably augmented by the Anunnaki with their own false murk all the fields and everything else to control our consciousness but the reason we're in it is because of where we are in our process to evolve to a higher state of consciousness we we can't be out of the cage yet not acting like this and I think that's the I think a lot of people you want to want to hate the Anunnaki and everything else but the reality is yeah they clamped us and treat us as slaves what they also gave us the opportunity to run our affairs with freewill and as you recall in the Matrix Reloaded the final one the final movie when neo gets to meet the the system architect and he tells him you know the first one we created was perfect but because of your nature you wouldn't accept it so we had to give you all this all this struggle and conflict and and that's why you're in the matrix that you're in so think about that in terms of our relationship to galactic beings that are probably from other places even higher dimensional ones like the Anunnaki we're with they've always treated the earth as a prison planet for in karting souls that have to go through material lessons to freaking grow up to take all the qualities that are eternal and I think that we as a species are very nascent in that process where we're we're the new kids on the block and we're the ones the least evolved as far as I'm concerned we've been taught with it worth the height of the height of evolution well that's absolutely not true according to general Clarke okay may Anderson yeah I probably ranted enough for one night for a show that I really hadn't anticipated doing this is when you get the best stuff man I'm telling you this is epic all the information you brought to the table every single time we talked general you just you really bring some gems of knowledge and balanced approaches that I certainly appreciate and I know our audience does as well and even those that look at what you say that goes against their beliefs and you ruffle some feathers and there's nothing wrong with because we're all in this together whether we like it or not whether we're reptilian shape-shifter and Annunaki a Native American whatever doesn't we're all in some way connected and once we realize that there's going to be a lot less division a lot more amazing opportunities I feel so this is great and also folks go to Gerald Clark 77 dot-com if you use the code leaked project if you purchase a ebook such as the Anunnaki of Nibiru or the seventh planet Mercury Rising which are amazing reads you'll get a 10% discount so make sure to go to Gerald Clark 77 comm and use the code leaked project and Jerell this has been great my friend thank you so much for coming on yeah yeah yeah hey listen I really appreciate you I'm really happy to see you giving up your day job I don't know if I can say that or not oh yeah absolute but I really like what you're doing you're a treasure hunter and keep looking for the keep looking and exposing the truth and uh and and I'm going to do the same and listen I hope everybody hears us not saying well this is the fact and this is the truth we're having a dialogue it moves along it's supported by data and wherever it stops that was where it is for the time and I'm not looking to defend any of it and I always treated my spiritual path that way too by the way is a is it's a moving stopping dialogue that none of us can truly know the absolute truth be given the fact that we have a skewed perception prison that we've been born into and your your physical eyes your ears your sensors they limit that and there's nothing that you can do about it less you want to become a transhuman and get some al DNA so you can see at night and some I don't know some Eagle DNA so that maybe you'll grow some wings and fly okay whatever they're doing with the super-soldier program let's jump in with that real quick Jarrell do you think that that's a bad idea though because we've already been manipulated right so well it really depends you know you this this kind of comes down to the cosmic role as a programmer for a genetic design can you give it capabilities and allow it to go along a path to where it has a sentient self-reflective consciousness that it can compare and contrast and realize ultimately some point in the in its experience that it's an instance of the creator of all and it basically is self recognition you know that's kind of the whole path we're all on right does it recognize the Creator that's within us and and finally understand the mystery of us okay so yeah well this is true this is not true just for human beings it was true for the Anunnaki it was true for beings all over the galaxy and everything everyone in the simulator is on that same path you know I remember a few years ago when I worked for a large corporation I was with him for seven years and they were actually if you had if you have to work for a corporation they're pretty cool and make a long story short the guy that I worked with very close minded but I really appreciate him his name is Pete and we were always butting heads because I was really gung-ho on exposing aspartame genetically modified food chemtrails you name it I was the guy that was talking everybody in the lunchroom about it getting everybody together we were yeah you know anyway make a long story short I was talking about the Gnostic text one time with him and I've read through those several times in one book in particular in these Gnostic texts I'm referring to is called the secret book of John in the Dead Sea Scrolls and if you read it it talks about the archons and how the archons created man and how they actually one of the archons tried to help Eve as the serpent and then I mentioned some of this stuff to Pete and and he kind of took it the wrong way because he's Christian and that's totally awesome and he goes well what are you saying your God is better than my god and I was like no that's not at all what I'm saying I'm just bringing up ideas to you so a lot of times when we discuss these different philosophies ideals whether it be spiritually or anything that is different versus somebody else a lot of times people will take the wrong approach and instead of just listening and maybe taking a piece or two from that and using their own intuition to come up with the answer they'll look at it as you're attacking their belief or saying that they're wrong and when reality we're not we're just giving dialectic and given opportunities to discuss other things yeah I guess I what I would say to that is ultimately you have to decide what your authority is going to be for determining your truth uh-huh and and you can put it outside yourself or you can put it inside yourself where you say okay well the within myself how do I know something's true and our most primitive feeling is our gut feeling which actually goes back to earlier sensors that we had when we were not using our brain primarily for perceiving but we had a more primitive system well that gut feeling that feeling that you have is different than what someone else is have but guess what that feeling is right for you so whatever is right for you will lead you to the truth because the truth is a pathless land your path is not going to be the same as someone else's to get there and it's designed that way so you can't just copy somebody else and cheat it's unique to you and it's designed that way so the only way to know truth for a person is to put your eyes put your sensors on it and decide for yourself you can't listen to someone else tell you this is true that's true this is the fact that's what you got to do it yourself and when you do that you will find the truth and you will be set free but you have to you have to put your own sensors on the material your own ears your own eyes not through the allegory the K bouncing off a wall from someone else who's throwing you a sound bite not me not you but all we can do is expose people to the data the map inside you you can look at it if you want here it is giving you the references okay but you get you know you can't force anybody to believe anything all you can do is you know plant the seeds of truth and when people hear truth guess what they recognize it because they recognize it internally they they learn to attune to their truth filter and they know bs when they hear it so so if you if you only speak the truth and look for the truth that's what you're going to find yeah right on absolutely we are co-creators in we'll bring to our lives what we're searching and discussing and thinking about that's cool that's exactly right that's exactly that's exactly right whether we can figure out how we go from thought to manifest during reality probably because it takes a you know you don't know how long it takes to go from a thought to a manifestation maybe it's a based on some mathematical formula that is on a telescoping decline to the point where as soon as you think it it happens and it only happens at a certain window in the Galactic cycle where you get to see that and the other times you got to use your reflective consciousness and study and struggle really hard to put the pieces together in your unique path to figure out what lessons you're supposed to be learning to progress and which ones you're resisting because it keeps showing up in the vignettes and the scenarios different names places and people but the same lesson keeps showing up when you have that happen you're stuck in resistance and that's that's a lot of unfortunately what people ascribe to groups and dogmas end up as is that they they end up defending the group is you know we as a group there's more of us than you so we must be right you know and that's it that increase the essent them the whole crazy thing get out of a group don't join any group really examine yourself and ask yourself why I need to participate with a bunch of other people believe that believe exactly what I do and we all say it together listen that's that's not that's not an individual path that's our cult that's a cult that's controlling your mind and especially if they're telling you what you can have access and not access to to put your sensors on they're telling you don't read this because this will damage what you what we're telling you your hackles ought to go up so high they took you jump out of the room okay I mean come on right so I don't listen dice I'm a very spiritual person and I always have been but but it has to be tied to the reality of the truth for me and for me I've only shared it like I said it's a stopping place in the dialogue and you know it it resonates with a whole lot of people and I'm glad about that because I kind of felt isolated for many years so having these things these kind of threads revealed to me you know so yeah anyway so I think that's probably where I want to leave it tonight but I'm sure we'll have lots more to talk about absolutely well we'll keep in contact and thanks again gerald recommend our listeners once again go to Gerald Clark 77 comm use the code leak project and stay safe everybody thanks for all your contributions and support comments information pictures data everything be the change you want to see this is Rex

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Gerald and I discuss the latest Orbital Charts of Nibiru and its Mass. Also could the Anunnaki be retuning? Will it be a battle of Marduk -vs- God of the Old Testament? Who are all these Gods & Ancient Astronauts anyway? Are they one in the same? What is God? Check out Gerald and his work at

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