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This is Couples Court With The Cutlers. This is the case of Johnson v. Monae. You all are dating, you're coming up on a year, and you're already having trust issues. Mr. Johnson, you fell in love with a reality TV star, but now, you've got some concerns. You got a big decision to make. Tell us about that. I really like Kiyanna, and basically before I pack up my life from Chicago and move to Las Vegas, I want to make sure that I'm, you know, that she's a hundred percent with me. It would be a lot, eight to ten thousand dollar move for me to pack up and leave to Vegas. Also, I will have to start my clientele all over again. So I'm risking a lot by leaving Chicago going to Vegas to be with Kiyanna. So you met and fell in love with a reality Bad Girl. And you're trying to make sure she's actually gonna be your good girl. JOHNSON: Yeah, that's... JUDGE DANA: All right, All right. I got it. I got it. Now, Ms. Monae, you're on the Bad Girls Club. Are you being a bad girl? No, I'm not. No, I'm not. I'm really a good girl, like at heart, I have a good heart, and he knows that. And just because I'm a Bad Girl doesn't mean I do bad things. He had some concerns that you're cheating. What are you here to prove? I'm here to prove that if I've been on FaceTime and talking to you for eight, nine months now, and I'm still talking to you and I haven't got anything, or any dates or anything romance, honey, that's proof enough that I'm in this. I mean, I think it is. I'm sacrificing at this point. I mean, but at the same time, if I text you at 6:00 and you read the message at 6:02, but you reply back at 9:00 p.m., it's a problem with that. I was at a booking. I was at a booking, okay? I had work to do. A club... The club... That's what she says. You saw it on SnapChat! I don't know that. No, I did not. I was at a booking. I can't have my phone. Actually, no, actually, The situation that I'm talking about, This is why you don't date a Bad Girl. JUDGE DANA: Okay. JUDGE DANA: We might as well talk to each other, 'cause they're not talking to each other. They're not even here. So how you doin'? They have got trust issues out the wazoo. What are you up to? She doesn't trust him. He doesn't trust her. Okay... They've got... JOHNSON: So... All right, so here's the deal. I'm watching this... You all are not talking to each other. You all are not having a conversation with each other. You're trying to over-talk her. She's trying to over-talk you. You all are missing each other. JOHNSON: That's the problem. There's always a miscommunication. Kiyanna wants to run the relationship. She wants to be the man. She don't want to be submissive. She don't want to be the woman. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE DANA: Okay, okay. That is not true. That's very true. I actually enjoy being submissive when I have a man that lets me you know, that I can be submissive with. You can't tell your man what to do. Well, what do you... (TALKING OVER EACH OTHER) JUDGE DANA: So listen, guys, What do you have to support your belief... Ms. Monae. ...that she is in fact cheating. For one, nobody even knows she's in a relationship. She won't even post me on her social media. Everybody knows about her on my end. When I ask her why hasn't she posted me on her social media, she gave me a weak excuse saying that her fans would be, you know, mad if she was in a relationship. That's not what I said. Well, whatever... I said, I don't want my fans to start going to your page and being rude to you and saying the things they say to me, because my fans are crazy. And I don't want him to go through that. I want to keep him safe from all the... A.k.a cop out. A.k.a cop out. ...the bad end of being a celebrity. It's hard. You know, the court does its own research. And we found on your Twitter, where you posted this beautiful picture. JOHNSON: That's mine. JUDGE DANA: And you have, "My beautiful lady." JUDGE KEITH: So he's claiming you... JUDGE DANA: So you... I liked the picture, so people could see that I liked it, so it's not like... (LAUGHS) She liked the picture. JUDGE DANA: She did... JUDGE KEITH: Okay. You like the picture? You don't like the fact that he's claiming you? That he's saying, look, "This is my woman." He's telling the world. He's proclaiming it to the world. You're not proclaiming to the world that this is your man. You see why that's a problem? Yes. But that's cute the first few months it is. But God, I'm still a girl. There's things I need... I just need certain things, okay? Like, I just can't. I get bored. It's been eight months. JUDGE DANA: Alright. I'm tired of talking on the phone. I'm tired of doing that. Come see me, let's go on a romantic... JOHNSON: Okay... JUDGE DANA: Okay, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Let me say something. Ms. Monae... Hold up. Hold up. Wait. Come on. Wait. Ho... You sure? Oh, we're doing what they're doing. Yeah. Okay, all right. All right, have you told the world that you're still single? No, I've never said that. I've never said I'm single. JOHNSON: She never said she's in a relationship either. I've never said I'm single. I'd never do any of that. JUDGE DANA: Okay, so you don't... A lot of celebrities keep their relationships private for the one reason, so the other person won't have to get the backlash that we get, that we deal with on a daily basis. She does make a valid argument, that celebrities, I mean, keep their relationships private. I mean, everybody know... And she's trying to protect you. That's not true. JUDGE DANA: Do you accept that? No, I do not. Because at the end of the day, yes, she a celebrity, but at the same time, that backlash is not going to bother me. I've got tough skin. So I'm not worried about that. Do you have any other reasons to believe that she's cheating? Besides her not changing her status and letting the world know? JOHNSON: Yes, ma'am. Um... She asked me to go to the Miami trip. Spur of the moment Miami trip. When I told her that I couldn't come, what she did was, she told me that, "Oh, well, you know, my friend, her boyfriend's flying down there." He's gonna fly a few of his "homeboys" down there. We're all gonna rent a house out together. So once I told her how I felt about that, she... "Oh, I'm just playing. It's not gonna be nobody. "I was just saying that to see what you was gonna say, see how you felt about it." How did you feel about that? I was... If I'm rocking with you, I'm not expecting you to be sleeping in no house with other men. But she backed away from that. So what did she ultimately leave you thinking what kind of trip she was taking? Oh, it was just gonna be her, her friend, and her friend's boyfriend. Just the three of them. Just the three of them. And not to mention, when she was in Miami, and I FaceTime her, um... It took her... It took about two hours for her to FaceTime me back. She said she was in a room with another friend, I met them down there in Miami I don't know if this friend was a female or a male. All I know is that it took her three hours to respond back to my call. You called me one time and I was late. That's because I was getting ready for my booking. I think he's just a very insecure person and I can't deal with that, because in my realm of work, we're gonna argue all the time. I gotta ask the hard question. (MONAE SIGHS) Did you sleep with someone else while you were in Miami? No! Never would I do that, didn't kiss anyone. Didn't even hug no one long. Nothing. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Wait, oh! Did you see how she slipped that in there? Didn't hug anybody long. Didn't hug anybody long. Okay, so... No, I'm making a joke. Church hugs only. Like, there was nothing going on. JUDGE KEITH: Church hugs? (LAUGHING) Like this? Like that? No full body contact. Yeah. I feel like he knows that deep inside, but he's just so friggin' crazy Like, I don't understand it. 'Cause I'm not like that. I don't worry. I don't think he's doing any... I don't worry too much, because if you don't trust someone, you shouldn't be with them anyway, 'cause that's just a headache. So I give you trust, like... (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

you know, that I can be submissive with. Mr. Johnson, do you have any other reasons not to trust her? Yes, sir, um... She say... She say that I don't step up, be a man and try to take her out. This and other... I planned a whole trip to Vegas, Fight Night weekend. The week before I flew out, Kiyanna ignored my text messages and calls the whole week. JUDGE KEITH: She just... She goes ghost. JOHNSON: She went ghost. When I flew out to Vegas, that day I called Kiyanna. She hit me back at 1:00 a.m. (AUDIENCE GROANING) At that point, I'm like, you know... I don't even wanna deal with this no more, so I spent the entire Vegas weekend trip without even seeing her. The week leading up to that, she ignores you. Yes. Let me tell you the truth. JUDGE DANA: All right, let's hear it. JUDGE KEITH: Ms. Monae, what's your side of the story? He called me, "Oh, my homeboys, they convinced me "to come watch this fight in Vegas. "We're gonna come out there. We're gonna come out there. "I'mma see you when I come out there. I'mma come..." So he never planned it for me, 'cause I was... I would have really been flattered if he really came out there to see me 'cause he never does anything. So that would have just made me like... (ALL LAUGHING) But let's be honest, him and his homeboys planned it. They got a hotel. He didn't even stay at my house. He got a hotel with his homeboys... Ms, Monae, regardless of whether he was coming out with his homeboys or not, if your significant other... If your boyfriend is coming out to the town you live in, you make time to see him. You didn't let me finish. He's lying to you all. Let me tell you the rest, okay? So, after he gets there, he talks crap and told our mutual friend that I was talking crap about her. JOHNSON: No. MONAE: Because he was mad that I didn't see him as fast as he had wanted to. JUDGE DANA: Okay. All right. Now, what kind of man does something like that? JUDGE KEITH: Ms. Monae... That's woman drama... JUDGE KEITH: Ms. Monae... And I was done after that. Don't want to see him. So... Now, hold on. Quiet. Quiet. Quiet. Quiet. Ms. Monae, you are saying, that all of this is because you're a celebrity. He doesn't understand the world you're living in... MONAE: He doesn't. ...and the things that you're doing, and the things that you've done are because of your celebrity status. And you're saying unequivocally, you're not cheating. No! JUDGE DANA: That is why... I just want some of that, and I can't even get that ass, I'm just... I don't know what to do. (ALL LAUGHING) If I can't even get... So, look... All right, so hold on, because... (ALL LAUGHING) Because you are a reality star, you're a Bad Girl on TV, we had to find out from a Bad Girl about a Bad Girl. Oh, no! We are pleased to have, Natalie Nunn who's gone on to become a successful entrepreneur... MONAE: Uh-uh. ...and a mother and a wife. And she was an original Bad Girl on the original Bad Girls Club. Ron, would you escort her in, please? RON: Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

Didn't even hug no one long. Hello. Ms. Nunn, we're so glad you're here... Yes. And to help us with this, and you were the original Bad Girl. I was. I was. Alright. Can you relate to this case? So, it's very overwhelming, you two. I hear you flying to Vegas, I hear you trying to move to Vegas, I hear the Fight Night, I hear it, "celebrity..." Girl... I was the original Bad Girl. Yeah. When you have a good man in front of you, really trying, you need to bring it down a few notches. I am a Bad Girl at heart. But I'm also an entrepreneur. I'm a mom. I am a wife. I'm five years married now. JUDGE DANA: Whoo! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I'm trying... I'm trying to tell you, okay? And I was America's favorite Bad Girl. (JOHNSON LAUGHS) Okay? So... Ms. Monae is saying that this is just part of being a celebrity, part of being a reality star, part of being a Bad Girl. Mmm-hmm. That what she's doing, is just part of that persona. NUNN: Mmm-hmm. It's just playing to her fan base. What's the problem with that? Your fan base is my fan base. MONAE: No... Hold on, I'm gonna let you get away with some of this right now. 'Cause I'm a Bad Girl and we work, girl. But look, you need to separate your real life from your work. You're treating him like a fan. Like, how do you... How do you not... Why don't you wanna post him? Like, and I... On the flip side of that, in the beginning, I did not post my husband either. And I can relate to that, because there were times in the very beginning of our relationship, I was like, "Oh, no, you're not about to... Mmm-mmm... "You're not about to mess with what I got going on. "Because, I don't know if I really wanna be with you." You know, I'm not gonna show the world who you are, and now you're gonna be on all these blogs, you know, now I got another count on my list, like, another guy I'm dating... That's exactly how I feel. ... I didn't date, it didn't work out. And that's the issue. MONAE: That's exactly how I feel. That's the issue. MONAE: I don't know just like he doesn't know if this is real, I'm trying to figure out if this is real, 'cause if I'm not there, I cannot post you until I know for a fact. JUDGE KEITH: And that's why we're here. To find out. Mr. Johnson, you've brought a witness today, Is that correct? Yes. Ma'am would you, stand up to the podium? Would you state your name, please? My name is Jennifer Williams. Ms. Williams, what is your relationship to Mr. Johnson. I'm his big cousin, but we have a brother-sister relationship. He tells me everything. What do you know about this relationship? It seems that Kiyanna has a problem with communication. He goes long periods of time without talking to her. And she wants to... Any time she sees him again, she wants to pick right back up where they left off. It doesn't work like that. It seems very deceitful. She doesn't seem like somebody he should trust at all. And for him to get up and make a big move like that, nobody in my family knows her. We don't know her. We don't know anything about her. Oh! You don't know me? Except, except... So, how could... How could we know you? How could we know you? Hold on. Hold on, Ms. Monae. WILLIAMS: What we do know, what we see on social media, him claiming her, and she liked the picture, yeah, like you would like any other picture that a fan would post of you. JUDGE DANA: So, Ms. Williams, you're concerned that your little brother or your cousin... WILLIAMS: Mmm-hmm. getting ready to uproot his life, with all his money, and it may be for nothing. Yeah. For nothing. Ms. Williams, thank you so much for your insight. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Johnson, you have concerns, that whether you're getting a reality star, a Bad Girl, or someone that you could spend your life with. Well, a companion, correct. JUDGE KEITH: Ms. Monae, have you been cheating? No, no. Mmm-mmm. Are you dating anybody else? No. Are you sexually active with anybody else? That's cra... Like, no. Okay. JUDGE KEITH: That's what's at stake here. And that's why this court gets to the truth. Let's get to it. The court would like to call Kendall Shull, licensed private investigator, and former special agent to the FBI to the courtroom. Ron, would you please escort Mr. Shull in. Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

How are you, sir? Great, Your Honor. Thank you. Thank you. And we're glad you're here to help us get to the truth. Glad to be here. JUDGE DANA: All right. You did a polygraph examination of Ms. Monae. Is that correct? SHULL: I did. And you obviously have the results there. I do, Your Honor. Would you please state your credentials for the court, please? I was privileged to enjoy a career as a special agent with the FBI, Washington D.C. After completing a Master's Degree in polygraph, I became the chief of the entire FBI's polygraph program. After retirement, I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, where I opened up Kendall Investigations which is a private investigative and polygraph company. Mr. Shull, just for the court record about how many polygraphs have you done over your career? Thousands. All right. You asked Ms. Monae, "During your 4th of July trip to Miami, "did you have intercourse with another man?" What was her response? She said, "No." What did the lie detector determine? SHULL: The lie detector determined she was being... Truthful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

You asked Ms. Monae, "Since you began dating Mr. Johnson, "have you had physical sexual contact with any other man?" What was her response to that question? She said "No." What did the lie detector determine? SHULL: The lie detector determined that she was being...

She said "No." The lie detector determined that she was being... Deceptive. (AUDIENCE GASPING) What? Ms. Monae, this man is wanting to move across country to be with you. If you want that to happen, now is the time for you to come clean. I'm telling you, I've never had any sexual contact with anyone. I don't even know what that means. I'm like, "Sexual contact?" Does that mean I've never had sex with anyone? Never mad out with anyone, none of that stuff. I mean, I've had some strippers shake on me a little bit a few times. But I like, never had, like... No, I'm being dead serious. I'm really shocked. All right, Ms. Monae, we've gotten the results. The question is, Mr. Johnson, are you going forward with this relationship? Are you moving to Las Vegas? And what are you going to do? At this point, I have no clue after what I just heard, so... Well, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Monae, you all have got some issues, clearly, that you need to work out. If you all decide to move forward together... Yeah. ...please take advantage of the counseling resources that we have here. Okay. I will tell you, you all need to learn to communicate. You all just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Nobody hears anything. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I tell her all the time, communication. No, no, no. Listen. If you all are gonna be together, you've got to figure that out. As we say in this court, don't cheat yourself out of a chance for a good relationship. Court is adjourned.

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Boyfriend Thinks Reality Star Girlfriend Is Cheating (Full Episode) | Couples Court

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