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so today we really still think that you guys have been suggesting for quite a long time actually and as far as I know no other youtubers have done this yet but correct me if I'm wrong today we're gonna be catching hackers on ice over playtop sky kids on at 573 other players currently online and every hacker that we catch we will be forcing to play The Dropper what is the dropper you ask well I'll tell you after the cool wishy are all transition thingy oh that transition never gets old the dropper is a really famous minecraft map basically objective is to jump from a really tall height avoid a ton of obstacles on the way down and try and land in the water at the bottom let me give you an example of what we're gonna be getting hackers to do bear in mind that I'm in vanish so I don't take any follow me so we jump off and now I have to avoid everything avoid all the obstacles are and then at that point I would have died objective is to land in this water at the bottom so every time we catch a hack out we will be tp'ing them to this spot and they shall see these signs you've been caught hacking you must now face the dropper jump off the edge and try to land in the water if you do not play along you will be perma banned if you land in the water you will not be burned but only if you do it only first time also no hacking is allowed during the dropper because there'd be an absolute nightmare if hackers turned on their nawfal hacks and didn't take any follow me acha turns on their glide hacks so that they could fall really slowly if any one scumbag out there wants to try that then they could face the wrath of my perm bun but anyway that is the plan for today's episode standard first offence for malicious tax on sky kid it's 30 days if a hacker plays along with the dropper I might knock it down a few days if I can manage to land in the water they won't be banned but I think that it is very unlikely and that a hacker will actually land in the water I on my first attempt if a hacker decides to griefing them up or tepees away or tpz smith's or anything like that and then they just got hit with a perm bun straight away anyway that is the plan for today's episode now all I need to do is find some hackers oh yeah we are so today we are focusing specifically on all p factions if you were interested Wolfie has just caught drop that combo apparently using mob or a mob or if you don't know every time a mob isn't from this guy he will automatically swing until it is dead so this place comes out yeah yeah you say that so we can test this properly we'll just spawn a blaze straight in front from you ready look at that a just a just kills him literally it doesn't even give the blaze time to get his bearings he doesn't look at that oh my christ 3 coming down right now and look at his head definitely definitely hacking wolfies asked if he can only bind him sure why not let's see v targets players as well as mobs no it doesn't seem to me Oh My Christ yeah he does he does I want to try that I'm gonna invade just for a second you ready for this oh my bran first I'm assuming he'll just lock onto anything yeah if I place a little cheeky rabbit over here rest in peace rabbit place a Guardian yeah I'll go after the Guardian so if we place a ton of Guardians look at that head spin is demolishing every single one of them now the issue with this guy is mobile is designed for when you're afk so that you can just grind and kill mobs and get a lot of XP and a lot of items without actually having to be there and afk people can't play the droplet that's the nightmare so you've ruined my fauna droplet and his bloody name's got drop in it as well well if he's not gonna play we'll just bring him along for the ride we'll leave him over here there we are actually no no no well put him in it we'll put him in a nice spot we'll put it oh oh my god he's just come back from being afk that's perfect I guess that is fine by me just gonna give you a quick murder if that's okay at all on you're wearing prop 15 on my dropper really glad he's no longer f care that is perfect gone do not be shy here we go he's reading the signs glide drop that combo you know you want to hes lieing himself up look at him looking for the perfect spot is great oh he's got phrase good for it ah he's dead alright well he played along so standard first two phases 30 days because he played along I'm gonna knock it down by two days so again well if you do buy him for 28 days by the way I got a quite a few currents on the last episode people are asking why I don't buy them myself that's basically because all of our buns show up on a public website and if people say that I'm banning people then they know that I'm online it kinda gets the game away anyway that was a food first one I'm glad that he played along let's see if we can find someone else yes Ohio space reckons that T up is apparently x-ring oh my goodness yeah so I assume space just place this little chest into the mountain and as we can see they are x-raying straight to it so I'm gonna stand right here I don't know if this will line up or anything but I'm just gonna do a nice little slash slash pissed there it is oh why did I have to paste it right they have a place on it one more block they'd have fail but go on off you pop they go yeah they're right there falling into the void at the minute that is excellent so I'm gonna go ahead and undo that and now we can bring them to the actual core seen it oh they logged out they bloody knew that they got diddled and they got frightened and off they went unfortunately tea up does not seem to come back online that is a real shame because I really wanted them to play this but they must have just absolutely corrupt themself when we pasted the dropper on top of them because they logged out straight away and they are too embarrassed to come back in there we are Tia has been banned for the full 30 days because they did not give me the opportunity to reduce it I wanted to reduce your bunting up but what can you do Oh Wolfie reckons this corner the one apparently right now azúcar zach is x-ring also what we're gonna do is we're gonna just stand inside of him so we can see exactly what he sees and yeah he's just gone straight over to Diamond I'm just gonna sit here I'm gonna have a quick sip I imagine he's about to go yeah there we are more diamond definitely x-ray so we're in his inventory the minute oh it's just set himself on love a one absolute nightmare and I'm about to took all of his diamonds these got into the lava it is not your day all of a sudden Zach what it is estimate what he's panicked on well let's see it see you later Oh Zach may look more lava you need to watch where your mind you need to stop buying into all of this lavas I obviously it's all pea fractions so death takes a bit of a while so let's just there speed things up there we go and now let's bring him over to the drop out or welcome Zach they stood still at the mall we'll give him a little bit of a slap Zach wake up man will ya there we ice paying attention read the sign sack did you did you read this one ah that's more like it wolfies give it a go fair enough right Zach may I'm feeling good about you I think you can do this go on don't be shy don't be shy oh he's Godfrey's Godfrey's got Freddie hey Scotty blue zoomed off lately you actually made it to the bottom wall fair player to him but unfortunately he did not land in the water so we gave up the guy 28 days lack made a lot further so let's give him 26 days this is just got two new waffles doing a bit of the old x-ray so it looks like we've just missed him x-ray this old real bass but that's good because it means that he should be heading over back in the wild soon so we can go base pace down and we can see if we can properly pull off the spawning dropper in front of them thing cuz it didn't quite work last time all right waffles May which direction is he heading you are going over this way excellent oh look at that posture noise changed his mind oh no he's going this way right 8f no no he's changed his mind again what's he doing this guy it looks like he's focused on this wind also what we shall do is we shall paste our base let's paste it onto the water I'm gonna plunk it just down there just like that that was not a very good piste for me so I might have to just cover it up a little bit just like that yeah oh my Jesus yeah awful paste from me but that definitely counts as x-ray doesn't it so he's mining into the base at the minutes what I'm gonna do is this ah it all right there it lands another little ping-pong ball with me right let's just look at what he's looking at right now can you imagine what would be going through your head you just mind your own business things are far too calm let's liven things up a little bit over here they are in a lot of trouble you run out of blocks waffles there he goes now he's standing he's lost his armor we can bring him over to our drop a challenge I love watchin hawkers read their little sides it's so cute bless them alright waffles I'm feeling good about you I think you could do this one full zoom it Awful's you land in that water that's no bun fine by me I'll let you just keep on x-ray no I wouldn't actually let you keep extra and I probably have a bit of a word with you and try and make sure you turned your client off and whatnot see because they get perm buns if they don't play along everyone just gets on with it it's great whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa hey bro he broke my sign do you mind I think III write this on the side yes master thanks for that you can always just you know not break mum up and just do the game instead of breaking my side so I have to go ahead and rewrite them you gotta jump waffles or what I think he's gone phrase lighting himself up wait for it let's do a three uh uh uh he's really being careful about this he's gonna try it from over here that's fine by me waffles you jump wherever you want me no no I'm so gonna for if I yet this guy that looks like a good spot in all fairness to you waffles I think you could do this one you're gonna get fireballed if you don't get on with it me oh oh he's God phrase Godfrey I know oh my god he died ready I'll get my little fireball stone ready well he is not in the water so he did not survive that he also broke my bloody mop the scumbag yes master I don't even remember what was written on this side he played the game so I will reduce the bun but he also took the edge and broke one of my signs it's all we're only reducing it by one day it's all kicking off in the arena at the minute apparently five blue is killing at the moment so let's just watch the boys got anti knock-back I don't know if he I think he might have toggled his killer off but he's definitely got anti knock-back at the moment no it seems like it does have killer because he's got Pitt in there either way let's just drop him a little slash kill so everyone can pick up his item so you guys enjoy and let's find out what his falling skills are like so we bring him over oh no armor allowed on the drop him up me let's try that one again there we are yeah that's that's more like it all right there do you think you enjoy then that's absolutely fine oh my god he went for it yeah he was very close to not getting a burn he landed I think that was this red block that he landed on Oh can you imagine if that would be the first time in a hundred like sixteen episodes of hockey capturing and trolling but a hacker got away with no bonnet oh my god I make new maps on fire remember that time I fireballed them up well that's a nightmare I forgot that forgot that fire spreads on well I'm not pierced him again because I didn't have any signs saved i'm not writing all them signs again so i guess we're just racing against the clock at this point let's just go with a 28-day ban for blue and then let's find some other hackers quickly before my troll just burns down there we are new stuff when were fallen captain just got his first ever kill aura ban twenty-eight days four five blue nicely done looks like we've got another kill aura in the walls on WC wolf is causing some trouble let's just watch his hits on this gentleman he's a little bit laggy this journalist was kind of hard to tell oh I just watched him nor thought you just toggle this hacks back on there definitely yeah and you can see his heads moving all over the joint as well let's just kill him before he does any more damage fortunately the fire hasn't spread up here just yet bring him over all right WC wolf he's reading the little signs he's doing a little shift of understanding he's doing a little peer over there everyone else has thought oh he's taking it in stages oh he's wearing armor that's against the rules I forgot about that that was a close one oh that he was gonna get away with a free ban there we go I've taken back to his last spawn point you carry on me it's like nothing ever happened I'll tell you what actually this time we're gonna sit inside of him oh he's gone phrase God for it and wait what wait what wait wait no no no no he's got no for hugs he's got no for likes wait if we bring him up here and then watch him yeah he's got I crap myself for a second there I'm not gonna lie did you not read this sign whoa wolf get back here nor hacking allowed during The Dropper gets a little arrows that's a perm bun for you mate that is an absolute permit he's got bloody anti knock-back on as well I like this guy God I crossed myself when I saw him land in that water I was terrified fortunately he was trading he's using nawfal hacks which means that he doesn't take fall damage and because he cheated our little minigame he is getting perm buns but if they play to him for trying there we are Wolfie is just bad wolf perm bun someone just claims that prisoner is using antiknock what yeah they are definitely use an anti knock-back oh wait apparently we've got another one as well t door what's T door do and Tito is it sporty noise killer oh my god they're both here together it's it's ball of that it's Huxley hax this is incredible and Jonathan's getting in on things Jonathan get out of there why is it the tea dogs doing his tea Daugherty no skill whoring I think do you think right we could piss The Dropper map right here in the walls or they're coming over this way I'm gonna try I'm gonna try alright so they are no no no no prisoner cool bug prisoner I need to capture I need to drop the ball wait that's Jonathan Jonathan you can't I just want prisoner and I want the other guy what was he called tdawg prisoner and tdawg so I need to be just ready with me slash slash pissed mister all zuzia mister all's you need to get out of there and now I'm gonna do this here we are Oh God there he goes he survived he's on the gas he landed on the guest well we'll leave it to it just do a little game of three see you later Tito I'm gonna go see how prisoners do and I hope I hope you're alright whoa whoa Jonathan Jonathan's hacking as well Jonathan I trusted you with my life Jonathan and now he look his teeth urine all over it well bloody slash slash pistol there we have it see ya there goes prisoner I think I think Jonathan died already Christ that's three dodo they just down there well let's just undo that looks like we're gonna have to bring all three of them eating together after Jonathan I don't know where you are in the world but you've just been killed same with prisoner and same with a tea door and I'm gonna bring Jonathan air gonna bring tea door yeah and I'm gonna bring prison area as well prisoner what you doing put your gear on get him slash killed oh no Jonathan's picked it up excellent right they're all here well that's this looks too you guys don't let me down here prisoners claiming that always God for it this is buddy is no dead alright that's T door T door is just reduced his bun by two days oh the prisoner and Jonathan and I'll fighting each other Jonathan haha Jonathan's blown up my mop well it's the final troll I don't really care too much to be honest 28 days for tdawg I don't even know where prisoner went prisoner went to spawn 34 reasoner and then seen as Jonathan's gonna blow up money uncut replace wall TNT deep you're here Jonathan flash fireball I'm just gonna move out of there there we are so Jonathan blew up I'm up I did not play along so that is a perm and also I trusted you Jonathan that was but anyway guys thank you very very much for watching this episode that was really fun to record actually I hope you all enjoyed watching this episode if you did then make sure you click that like button down below there we are Jonathan's just mean perm but well and come and show you have a server playing on sky kids on that 570 elder players currently online I spent this whole episode on all P factions we've also got sky block regular factions SMP and kit pvp play so touchy and I'll see you all next time [Applause] 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