Opening a Pokémon FATES COLLIDE Booster Box! (Part 1)

by: TyranitarTube

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yo with the what dark whoa freakin chores Oh what I'm have to open this up I'm have to get myself a zygarde let's go perfect zygarde fates collide or colliding with my faith and let me tell you something about fates collide fades Clyde is a set with over a hundred and twenty cards that also incorporates cards from the mega adeno and the perfect sagar decks which i think they're only available in japan but they had a ton of crazy cool cards in them even the mega dino looked crazy cool and you could also get perfect saigon in this so because that you could get diane cex genesect e^x perfect zygarde okay do not overlook that you can get perfect zygarde in this freaking booster box just look how glorious those packs look go in do that thing do that thing oh my god I want to be a kid again walk into a store pull out one of these packs and be like okay that'll be $5.99 let's pull it four packs and I'm about to tell you the kind of card you can get in this a perfect zygarde pack that is so amazing oh my god a mega Alakazam pack that's so nice break delphox and a break lugia pack this set is gonna be the best of this little time period so first of all you can get cards from genocide e^x day ante x2 Regirock e^x all the way to a perfect zygarde and there's also break cards break delphox break lugia break almost are the freaking helix this is going to be some of the best packs ever I'm so I'm looking forward to it so much you'll notice it's in two parts I can take my time with this first eighteen packs in part one second 18 packs in part two maybe I should vote which half is gonna have the better packs because I want that damn perfect eye guard the only thing I'm kind of sad about is that they didn't incorporate Tyranitar into this actually I don't even know if there's a Tyranitar it sounds like there could be a tear on it's our fates collide green packs come on man zygors my brother so let's start off with this eye guard pack oh my god so why am I so nervous here we go fates collide perfect zygarde I'm looking forward to just see new cards seeing some damn new cards so excited I'm like a little boy or a girl I don't know whoever gets more excited I'd rather be the one who gets more excited oh my god carbink fanuc and that is some nice freaking everyone's running together artwork it actually connects with I think another set of cards Co all lonely that's like some penguin artwork a penguin paint Pingu Pingu piglet stuck in some frost cave Snivy that's nice freakin gen-5 evocative where madam I never liked this poke on I'm sorry if your warm round tube but I hate I hate it Pokemon fan club Audino spirit like this means good things listen spirit link cards mean good things can I put your damn spirits spike and oh what the hell Altaria Altaria yikes what we just pulled a glorious holographic it's got that nice ancient holo to it and it's not just the camera you can see that nice flare in real life and it looks so good it like distributes red and then blue separately some weird holographic or maybe I'm overreacting but either way I love it already I love that sour first pack that's literally our first pack does that mean it's time to get disappointed of course it's not because this is a mega Alakazam pack and this is not what he grew freaking arm likes for okay trying to pull some good cards XG g jg is what the thing said so man I don't know if there's two Megas you can get in this so far I obviously only know Meg Alakazam but I really want to get a mega mega czar the best to get solace is Snivy what the hell are you doing stubble by nichole I swear I thought I saw Nemo me out I'm a knight oh that's towards oh you can just get that Oh 10% zygarde you can just get 10% zygarde warm a damn Kabutops to counter the helix a holographic Lucario I'm in love but it ain't female is it no I'm in love still fight alone oh don't go Naruto okay we not only got a nice-lookin Kabuto but it's a reverse still pretty nice looking we got a 10% zygarde I almost want to see that again what the hell you can just pulls Eiger like that and he's got or a brake on we're expecting Zeiger to be like on Arceus level as this like second god like Arceus creates the universe but zygors the thing that protects the earth so in a battle it could potentially kill Arceus not just the agree to doesn't mean you're stronger chill fight with me all right Meowth freaking turmoil strike are you kidding me Jigglypuff that's great riolu bronzor freakin bronzer I can never take it seriously as a frickin currency Deerling whimsicott ammonite freakin oh my god Tiger ten percent again cottony and a Kabutops it was this the reverse I just got that I wanted in a proper thing and I see this is where it gets crazy with a freaking break Luke yep I do it f Megas I want to break luga and you guys know how breaks work it's pretty much replaces the reverse so in packs like this face collide it's interesting that fates collide is also part it has break cards in it um there's I think there's a recent one or generations doesn't have break cards in it I believe but um you can get break cards and all-star card in each pack which is insane valla be fennekin nice then again what's Whismur well I swear you can see like an Xenia in the background min Chino Gothita devolution spray what the hell why would you do that to someone do ocean whimsicott ultra ballers are reversed Oh what no what - do do do do do do not understand what this is this is a full art mega Alakazam e^x oh my god what the hell did we just pause why did we pull this why'd it work with this fact number six and we're already dominating is the real ancient Hollow I love these mega cards they've got that like textured rainbow like holographic pattern but it's textured it has this moves end force which adds 30 damage again and again and it just gets so annoying and the thing up there actually says Zen force if you were to get the Japanese set everything would be in Japanese and this would actually say Zen force in English so we got one of the best cards in this there's Megillah cuz I mix and then there's mega because I'm e^x as a full art not just the normal one this is that full art here we go perfect zygarde so one interesting thing I think you guys should know is it's based on something I ran on poke of each calm but you guys know the story that Alakazam Cadabra they're all magic like words so when they became Pokemon names some magician tried to sue Pokemon it banned that evolution chain from the TCG they didn't print cards for that obviously something's going on if they can print Alakazam again which i don't know too much about but it's cool to get Alakazam and all them back again if or maybe I'm stupid and they've been there the whole time I don't know Gothita solid that's a freaking that's a shiny okay maybe it's not it looks blue Snivy snubbull again stop hiding bro by nicole chin chino devolution spray don't do that to people okay now we got white this ain't the helix i lords Rico dangerous tentacle i tryna go near you a prick home start we got one of the best breaks okay no Luke here's the best break we got a freaking break helix omastar though oh my god we got the full really close evolution line in the pack - and omastar dude that dangerous tentacle and that break pattern dude we pulled a normal hollow we pulled an X we pulled a mega Alakazam full art and then we pulled an almost our brain we're pretty much getting the base pieces of what you want from a good booster box I've said this every single time I've opened a booster box this is my best booster box I'm gonna say when this is done so here we go as a mega Alakazam again I really want to know more about Alakazam being banned in all that because apparently the last time he was ever in a TCG set was in like 2009 who the hell knows use your magic freakin jordan von strangle who's freaking totally a Kadabra but Ellis Cadabra what species that a mouse is he a mouse there's always a mouse who the hell has a triangle face man Chino spoink cuffing the such a devious coughing cottony oh my god you could get Tyranitar in this larva tar Mountain munch you know why it's mountain munch cuz larva tours are born deep underground and they eat their way to the surface just to see their parents face don't fall so cogito Kabuto special energy chin chino devotion and a wrote on that is super weird Rotom I would not have expected that but I did get it right that there may be a larva thar and that is what's dope now I have so much more to look forward to dude if anything F every goal in the world okay to wish to pay as that we gotta fix our toilet f that my only goal in this world is to just get a common Tyranitar okay f plumbing the toilet TG k nice boys wanted the TGK oh my god dude I could just see it yell what up bro little bro larvae thar vallah be keep sleeping Anakin what the hell you're gonna like evolve into a pony - Whismur I'm a genome chuckle out of here Franklin Kabuto we're getting revived energy ok energy fairy garden barnacle we've had this controversy you're not a rock water type you're an ice fighting type you frickin fighting Pete it's a piece of land that's fighting listen I'm gonna frame every single larvae tar card I get I'm gonna make a plate out of all the pupitar cards I get and I'm gonna make a house out of all the Tarana tars I get and all I need are two I think I don't know listen you have your goals I've mind but like I said every go goes down the drain which cancer can't go ron's or burn me carbon that is a shiny car bank car banks are not that that's a shiny carving that's dope hey hey another pose I like that Diglett oh my god a freakin menacing wheezing al laughs especial chuckle another chuckle and is a nice Rotom oh my god we got helix but what does he looks manipulating over there the spotlights what the hell are you doing why are you there is that a fork goddamn it healing I like that lava tar post oh this is what we need all right freakin perfect zygarde I know I kind of wish I don't feel how much it would matter in reality to people but I kind of wish each different pack design had something unique about it so like you maybe you can only pull a certain card for zygarde in this maybe zygors available in all the packs but a search and rare card about tigers and that and then like a search and red card about other mascots are in that because be so cool to add uniqueness to it it's just all the same pack masa del the hell you doin okay you're freaking commercializing okay Diglett min chino spoink okay spoink's on top of the world trying to save its life prolong its okay that is so sad coughing cottony hawlucha put your head back the right way is that duty fiddle carefully it looks like toucan Sam's brother look at that Wow wheezing loss is special its last why don't keep saying loss Whismur what is going on with the larvae tars and then the dancies do we got a DNC he eggs Sparkle Vail wanders stage it's just getting better and better I've gotten most of the cards that I needed to get and now I'm just adding the pile higher and higher dude if I just get a Tyranitar I can't believe I got that the answer is one of the cards I wanted so bad other X's that are in this are gen sect you've got Glaceon Umbreon yeah I wonder why Audino like I said in the beginning Regirock and of course you've got die guard in this oh yeah the three Megas are mega Altaria mega a dino and of course mega Alakazam we've already got Alakazam so goals are complete Jigglypuff dear link riolu that's so freakin badass double what the hell are you opening up for the sunset for that is good Altaria is parently good very good cha chaos tower freakin hawlucha oh my god they're trying to revive the freakin ammonite and a pterodactyl oh my god you got restored from the old amber that is so cool Aerodactyl I want to they should have had mega Aerodactyl in this dude why is mega a Dino and fates Clyde this is fates collide not freaking good meets pamper three to be badass Pokemon like mega Alakazam mega Reducto perfect Zeiger and then you got look at that ancient break lugia oh my god but no mega adeno hello hello Eddie you know we need you here why it is a seal perfect Sagar great alright bye Nicole opening up for the sunset bronze or burr me is that Khon Kaen deburr me shiny carving hey what up dude Team Rocket's handiwork I'll tear you spirit link chaos tower whimsicott what what is this who did this who put that in this boy it's holographic - someone tell me that's like a bonus card or something because you can't just casually add this in a pack why Kieran burning icicles which doesn't make sense and then he burns you with a blizzard which makes at least a bit more sense casually a holographic light cam it looks like a fake pack no I'm not saying it's a fake is it just like a situation where life gives you lemons and you make fire out of it no you turn into a buffalo and then you casually say oh hey you didn't know you could do that but I feel betrayed but in a good way okay break Luca okay we gotta get back on track all right break lugia check I mean check but we're gonna pretend like it's checked and then we go for the Tyranitar alright let's go let's go we need we can get a bullet in one pack okay remember that breaks don't mess with hollows okay they're in the wrong league which may or may not be smaller but fennekin solace is I still think that SHINee Snivy Meowth got Theda breaks in fairy garden with the help though the fizz it's just a fun a bunch of flow out there Team Rocket's handiwork what are you doing in the handiwork section what why are you okay okay what's what this is actually faith colliding me white Jairam the helix is thrown in there you what is all this this is faith glide this is actually an end really a grumpig oh my god it's a grumpig getting yelled at bikes augurs no no he can't be on stage what are you talking about just be an illusion but it looks like the MU is a bit hollowed as well I didn't know reverses were like that dude there's so much to pull in this like clearly you can tell by the way open packs that if a card looks nice I still like it it doesn't have to be the freaking special secret rare of the pack and I'll still be satisfied so when I see cars like that I just want to collect like whatever they put in this thing if there's like Celebi freaking dark grind a bunch of just different fates collide in this any dope alright let's see like paradise Jigglypuff teaming up that's like a frickin mystery red dungeon the Erling riolu snubbull scorched earth why is this freaking ground on related breaks in fairy garden bronzor okay this has been the most disgusting pack and that's that's okay but since we keep getting all those it seems so big forget about it okay that pack didn't exist in fact you know what you know what you got to do two packs like that you got to cut them out literally what's not in the video with scissors you idiot ought to cut it out of the video think use your brain all right 940 k why do I say the first three digits numbers letters just doesn't make sense dude there's like a mystery in every pack like usually you get bored like seven packs in because you keep getting the same comments it's getting unique valo be riolu cottony pause the pingu CEO oh my god Whismur war madam old amber dude I got there dactyl now scorched earth oh my god you pissed off Lucario Wow a syrupy riyer why is that look so peaceful cirfairy looks like such a peaceful pokemon you know Serperior actually I could imagine it as a pokémon you catch then a starter I think it fits better as a Pokemon you catching the wife doesn't mean it's worse like it's like a narco night something you could catch in the wild not something you start off with like the entire evolution line just seems a bit weird to me but that's how it turned out and that's are we gonna follow it alright let's see Whismur fennekin solace is Snivy me out these are just little kid Pokemon random receiver we got up we just got someone's random receiver so this pretty much just lets you get a support card from your deck that's pretty cool old amber again warm Adam got dead worm a damn okay marijuana but boomer bone meringue is not gonna settle this time you know if you had like a very ghostly background this would touch heart this would touch hearts so damn bad and yes that's a bad thing okay no one wants to feel those emotions break oh my god break Lu get every single time I see this pack I want it more I keep getting her mind in like if you forgot our chocolate tasty do you want it crave it anymore but no hey this is a loogie it looks like crave it chocolate this what it tastes like freakin get invited to willy wonka's oh my god the shiny car pink is back here we go larva tart larva tart is always beside the car bank in a Diglett cave until the spoink pops up with the coughing and then why are you doing like you're just gonna hide all day Kangas gone wow that's totally looks like a safari zone area random receiver again reverse larvae thar cool what when you're hoping for a common Tyranitar and you get an Alakazam yikes are you supposed to be disappointed or happy I caught the full art mega Alakazam e^x and I got the Alakazam e^x this is it it may have been a different card but there is a card that lets you pretty much get mega Alakazam from your deck as its ability so you could instantly summon egg Alakazam if you had both pieces not sure what card was i thought it was the Kinesis effect but it doesn't seem like it I kinda want to pull that card as well but dude we're getting all the pieces like dude I've never opened a poster box this good so to larva tours in one pack that's gotta mean something perfect Tiger here we go perfect soccer mom we all we got was 10% zygarde there should be like 50% and 100% I don't think it'd be cores there might be like support cards with cores and then that'd be cool but dude we only pulled zai guards in the beginning so we thought they were common but no we haven't pulled them since they're kind of pretty rare coughing wallaby riolu okay cotton HL co that's the third seal we've seen ultra ball Kabuto Kangas gone Kabuto bronzong well what you want to hug or something what is ours out of metal fortress what okay dude you're in the middle of the sea so clearly in a useless location prevents all effects deponents attacks including damage done to your benched pokémon that's pretty overpowered I don't know much about the TCG game I know a bit but that seems pretty overpowered but little do we realize this is the last pack mega Alakazam let's go there's so many ways this can go we could get a zygarde we could get a Tyranitar we could get that ancient lugia nice break I don't know you NN whatever it was one two three one two let's see where this goes oh my god freaking - fingers crossed that's it that's okay - there now that was four fingers min Chino snubbull hey there like I've never gotten a Dueling what the hell riolu Jigglypuff you're fine Shauna Oh goddamn it ultra ball piglet whoa what that is the best I love this what that is that is amazing dude this is the most classic way you could present a motorist it's if I knew you could get this this would be another thing on the list this looks a bro it actually has like this comic like texture like it was drawn on and you can feel like the pencil omos it's crazy don't feel it here you feel it on that's crazy probably on its way to like the Elite Four flame so ash can lose again all right guys we just opened our last pack the 18th pack of this part there's another full 18 packs to open in the next part to look out for it it's going up tomorrow if you guys open your own packs let me know what you got or just let me know what your favorite card is because I'm about to show you what we pulled in this we stand of course I'm excluding cards like the meal when the Moltres cuz you're not considered wares but lucario nice holographic white cure I'm the most casual and subtle way to excite someone Altaria eggs one of my most favorite dragons Diane cex Alakazam e^x a break omus star and then a full art mega Alakazam and dude this is what I would expect to be the pile after I've opened the full booster box this is half the booster box this has to beat the best booster box I've opened this is crazy guys look out for the next part but as always keep playing keep laughing

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