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yo what's going on guys welcome back to the channel my name is Zeke shadow he's back at it again with the solo survival at the end of last episode you guys saw me taming an RG you would expect it to be tame by now but I couldn't find a sheep and then I just kind of raged went to sleep so that our GD spawn for all I know so instead I went out and got another IG level 145 knocked out I was hoping to have farmed a whole bunch of metal by now so that I could actually do some stuff today but can't really farm metal with a Griffin I farm like three or four stacks with the pickaxe and then I got over it I just got enough for us to make a chem bench the reason for that is because someone on discord actually dear me a base that I could raid it's in pretty much the same spot as mine it's in the spot where I put down my RG trap I scouted it out I may as well throw the screenshot on the screen if I actually have one so as you can see there it's got two vaults it's not too well defended we should be able to do it without flack that we have so the reason I want to get the chem bench is obviously because of the two vaults we're gonna need a lot of c4 so yeah I didn't want to really grind gunpowder out in a mortar and pestle so we got the we got the can bench ready to craft back at base before we go just want to take a quick look at the RT stats we've got 800 stamina and we got 584 weight pretty low on the way but really nice damn there were a shitload of Griffin names in the comments I'll take a look after I make the chem bench and decide what to name it based on the top up voted one so in here I farmed up how much metal died thumb up I got 800 metal ingots in here guys the chem bench is I believe 300 250 so yeah we can make that we're just gonna grind out the hundreds bark at us alright there we go we got the Spock powder we need let's get the chem benchcrafted and I'm gonna have to demolish some walls I think to actually place it where I want to place it which is next to the fabricator here we go so I think I don't need it demolish hopefully two walls maybe the two above it as well that looks like it clips into the fabricator so much I think I might be out of fit - I would have all placed one for now and then possibly in the future we might need a second one it actually doesn't clip into the fabricator at all I don't know if I'll be able to fit a second one but doesn't really matter up so yeah we got the Ken bench down once we actually get the og tame we'll go ahead and farm a whole bunch of gunpowder we're gonna take like an hour to tame the odd you guys and then we're gonna pray that we can actually find a sheep couldn't find one yesterday so hopefully my Luck's a little better today theology should be just about ready to tame back at the base guys I came over to the highlands and actually got lucky I found two or three sheep there's one white one here and there's like a brown one down there guard to see it so we should quite easily have enough mutton to tame the og we could probably get another carnivore team out of the way as well I don't really know what else I need to be honest now apparently dive-bombing these things gives you good mutton now I've never actually tried it myself it may as well try it now oh he's eating it he's eating the mutton nope give me them on 13 mutton I guess you gotta keep going up and down right yeah I mean it gives you a decent amount but it's pretty fucking annoying to actually do especially in this like I don't know that should be enough I don't really know how much we actually need but I'm pretty sure that'll be fine we don't actually need to kill that brown sheep we'll leave it alone it might be up next time we come around so I was just thinking guys on the way over here about that RG the despawn yesterday the only bad thing about that is that if you remember when I knocked it out I said oh shit let me put the saddle in here well that saddle is now gone I believe was like an 80 armor Rd saddle kind of annoying that we lost it alright the RG is not actually dead that's a good sign let's go ahead and throw the mutton to it so we ended up getting 45 pieces of Martin I think to tame it you only needed like 21 so that's gonna be fine all right there we go guys instant tame did we get any good stats we got one point one case Tam and 600 wait I don't think we've got any points in wait we've got some decent stam though HP's kind of nice as well so we'll get this guy back to base and then I'm probably gonna want to build the the beer barrels guys we're gonna need to be going I'm gonna want to start raiding like harder and harder bases now and to do that you probably need beer either need be it better flak or beer or both but before we do that guys we're gonna go ahead and do the Dino names there were so many name suggestions for the Gryphon and I think the odd she had a couple as well so I'll throw those on the screen now and do those names Griffin name is pretty basic guys I've seen this name so many times but it was the highest operator one so we've got Peter Griffin RG was mr. fluffykins and the Anki was called Ganzi I believe that's how you pronounce it all right there we got a guy's diner names are done next up as I said I'm gonna get to be a barrel crafting and place that down all right there we go beer barrel is crafted I've explained it before am I in the do I series so some people don't really know it'd be a does it just makes you take reduce damage from anything so you drink it before you run into turrets and you take reduce damage and the way it's crafted is with a beer barrel we could put it right there yeah fuck it why not guys can still access our vaults for this to work guys you fill it up with thatch and berries and I believe you wait six hours and then you get one beer you put in a glass jaw to get the beer out of the barrel so next up guys is gonna be the big c4 farm I'm gonna follow up a whole bunch of gunpowder probably gonna turn off my recording cuz it's gonna be pretty boring all right let's go guys we're on the server I placed a sleeping bag down earlier when I was scouting hopefully there's no tyrunt's on the sleeping bag I've had that happened to me before so I crafted 21 c4 which is enough to blow his vault and then three doors when I was scouting it out I heard him open three doors to go inside so yeah let's do it guys let's hope for the best please no tarts all right seems clear good shit we're right above the waterfall way he's placed by calls so I can't drop down to his base he is online going off to demolish time and that actually means that he's online right now all right and we're up guys so this little ledge here is what I was walking on last time to scout out his base it's pretty convenient that it's actually here the base we're raiding is right there you can see is to run it on hit he's turrets are unpowered don't tell me he's already been raided did he already get raided though up in the screenshot right I'm almost certain they'll up in the screenshot we could just go for this right now guys he's gonna be inside there but we could just go for it oh it's a little bit awkward to actually grapple up to it all right we got in without actually getting hit by plantoids good shit

oh my god his doors opened where is he I know he's in here he's got fucking internals why is all this shit opened generators turned on okay there's stuff still here so he hasn't been raided raw mutton he's got a whole bunch of mutton just a fucking shitload of Martinson so is he actually switched he starts off like that's the only explanation because they're definitely powered he's got dung beetle it's got a really nice like compact style base it doesn't look like he really has anything I guess they'd be in the vaults like if you had really good she'd probably store it in the vaults all this room up here whatever that is he's got a trike saddle BP forty-three armor and then he's got one with 47 armor so take that one what was in here he's got a lot of bullets in his turrets holy shit I want that shit give me all these bullets oh he's coming in

all right we killed him what do you have on him he's got fertilizer bolas GPS just like random stuff I kind of want to blow a vote guys like I'm feeling like blowing a vote I don't know which one cuz he does have a couple probably the one inside right that'll probably have the best shit so let's blow this up two at a time what the fuck [Laughter] that's disgusting we got absolutely wronged what's up with all these boxes charcoal so he's got pretty basic stuff like he doesn't actually have anything the guy that actually DME about the base that he had thirty eggs he's like his base is gonna be so juicy they got third eggs and all this stuff but I'm not seeing it so it must be in one of these outside vaults which now I can't blow because I'm out of c4 I didn't loot his storage boxes so we've got some more foot we got a generator we got a bit of flack off flack actually weighs a lot now doesn't it 168 durability it's not that good a little bit more ammo and in this one more ammo or we've got two autos two grapples why the auto is in the box and not in the fucking vault that's what I want to know all right I think we're good to go guys we can't actually sprint we're very fucking slow but I think that'll do we'll get off server guys we'll head back home or craft up more c4 and we'll go out to raid again I was kind of hoping for something a little bit more juicier than that the way the guy described it was uh made it sound a lot better than it was metal is done guys we've just got to move it into the base and make as many err cons as we can I don't really know how many we actually need to hatch a wyvern egg we can make 13 I don't think we need that many we'll still do nine cuz we already have one made so we'll make 10 air cons for the time being and I'm thinking we place them in this building with the generator we have a whole bunch of space that's not being used over here all right there we go hopefully that actually works guys he's never actually tested it like this but it should be fine so go grab a wyvern egg and we throat down here and hopefully your hatches okay seems fine let's quickly jump off and check the level we got a level 95 fire that's not too bad I could take the fire one and cut all of the wyverns out of the out of the scar we got a 95 poison so many 95 I will take it we'll take it all right let's go the final leg guys what is it it's a level 100 fire okay we're taking it that's what we're gonna have we're gonna have a love 100 fire Ivan we're back at base let's see if my air conditioners actually work for incubating the wyvern eggs ah nope doesn't work guys they're too cold I don't think we have enough air Khan's unless they're not in range let's see if we can hatch them up here to cold yeah definitely not enough air Khan's fuck I think we can make a few more okay there we go they're incubating guys takes five hours so the next thing we're gonna do guys as I said is head out for some more pvp alright guys so over here we're on rag someone has actually told me about this base as well it's in these waterfall cave in the highlands now they said I probably need beer or rocket-launcher to actually do it they didn't tell me anything other than that so we head over there now we'll take a look of course it's nighttime guys they've just been really unlucky today with actually recording during the night everything I want to record happens at night times so here we are this is the cave I was talking about I can already see turret lights honestly doesn't look too bad apart from the AIDS amounts of plant turrets there is so many plant turrets in there I don't honestly don't think it'll be that bad so we run in we place one c4 cuz it should be six times damage I so run in hug the right wall chuck one c4 down and then try and run out fuck it let's give it a go why not guys why not all right here we go here we go alright see falls down blow it up blow it up alright we made it out was it actually six times okay it was we got the first tower down good shit guys good shit so the second pie it's gonna be slightly more annoying we've got to run all the way to the end and actually see for the building at the end but to do that we have to fucking run the gauntlet of plan text arts we're gonna run straight down the middle and hope we don't get tagged too early and maybe find a spot to hide behind the stone building I'm already than I'll ever be so let's go guys three two one go

all right we fucking made it that was easy how's it looking we barely took any damage nothing to worry about I don't want to destroy the hiding spot so what if I jump up and place the c4 really high so that's pretty high the foundation and the hiding spot might actually survive so let's try that step out ah then from there we grapple in and switch off the turrets okay there we go that mission is done back into our little hiding spot and we need to see under the gate so I'm gonna have to run in I'm gonna have to take a screenshot very quickly so that I can see underneath and decide what to do next

okay there's no extra targets guys from what I can tell there's no turret inside I so let's get this gate blown up hope for the best no turrets from what I could tell I'd seem safe guys let's go let's get in there are they fridges okay we've got some fridges this could be fucking good guys this could be juicy I don't want to cause too much damage like I don't a blow-up fabricators and Smitty's and shit like that I want to actually use them to repair my armor so let's see four right here and get inside oh he's got a hatching area a breeding area what do we got in the fridges so his level 77 he's in primitive flak damn it we need some food hopefully he's got food in his fridge brought me does he have anything cooked there we go we got some cooked meat tons of dodo eggs throated kibble die low kibble oh we got three c4 in the fabricator a whole bunch of hard poly and electronics and gunpowder is that everything we need for c4 oh shit guys we can actually make c4 and a lot of it if we find fiber and hide we can actually make so much c4 in here let's check the smithy always got blueprints anything good not really we got fiber and hide one grenade I need fiber and hide fiber and ID ah there we go we fucking found it oh yeah we fucking found phoo Brian pehla pehla is that Spanish there's also one inside of the detonator that he's got in the thing we can make 13 that's fucking huge and we've got the detonator as well let's continue going through the boxes tighten random stuff whole bunch of narcotics a few flame arrows I'll take those primitive armor and random stuff so he doesn't actually have a lot of stuff what's this oh we got a wyvern egg 160 there we go boys who the fuck even needs to gather euro drive an egg well we've got more stuff upstairs that we need to check out as well all right what are we got we've got another level 74 asleep this is personal storage but it's empty Michael and Danny we're gonna saw it I'll take the sword let's just see what I can carry out and fucking leave so we've got the pace we've got the electronics I really love hard poly I say it all the time I would love to carry it all I don't know if I can let's see I'll wear kind of overweight what can we drop there we go we can actually move around so we can sprint we're only getting out with 450 hard poly though we got the c4 which is fucking brilliant how much did we get in total I think 17 from the space so really happy with that we got electronics wiving egg fucking amazing oh my god I'm so glad I decided to actually attempt this though we got a lot of c4 out of it saves me having to grind some Aussie for later for next episode alright so that's gonna be the end of the video guys there's not much really more for me to do it my base I have a whole bunch of farming which I plan to do off-camera I got to farm up metal and bullets not to interesting so I don't want to include it in the video so yeah that's the end of the episode guys I had so much fun I hope you guys enjoyed this one and as always I'll see you guys in the next video [Music]


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Yo what's going on guys, welcome to my new series, going solo on officials, solo pvp on the official servers. In today's episode we go out and get some wyvern eggs, craft a chem bench, and head out for some raiding, in one of the bases their door was open!
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