The SpyParty Throwdown - Episode 7 - Reto vs Rhapsody (Commentary)

by: Orbital Potato

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[Music] my name is rhapsody dennings are able to potato la leche and Rio Reformation and welcome back the spy potty throwdown it finally has a title we're gonna be moving into round two here the winners bracket and that is to purposely excluded la leche there I don't probably all winners here Rhapsody we're all winners in our own way but in a much more specific and relevant way the three of us are winners and you are also here so we're gonna be doing three matches it is going to be Rito and I first and then afterwards it is going to be orbital and Rita and then me and orbital well ash is going to be here hopefully providing the color commentary with whoever is not currently playing and out of that we will form another winners bracket until there are only two left and finally when only one remains only rules change is that we have removed the norm for missions and now we're gonna be running with defaults for each map and that is to say on this map Turing's revenge any four of seven so this means that the sniper doesn't have the ability to just singularly look at one thing you have to keep an eye on way way more things however there is also less time on part of the spy how you're going by the way sorry about that extremely long intro I'm pretty good hey I'm doing good oh yeah glad to hear it alright so it is going to be we don't I in the first no it's fine no need to ask oh I I was just gonna give some sort of flippin sarcastic answer anyway so it's gonna be orbital and wall ash doing the commentary so you two can duck out into the other room and Reno and I will be playing good luck right hey daddy's right team loss but right so the rule change right any four out of seven missions that's pretty big isn't it like what do you think about that so I think that the game is going to be mostly like it's the spies game to lose now yeah I agree I agree entirely this this puts it right into into the spies hands so for the first game it'll be Rito that is playing the spy and actually Rio will get to play the spy in most games now which is kind of which is kind of an important thing to know traps he's gonna be playing the sniper for the first if the first and the third games and the fifth game so yeah who do you think's going to save this I think Rito has an advantage but he does have a shorter time limit then he's used to so it'll be interesting to see how he handles it got a good conversation going on here he is right next to the Ambassador if he was paying attention here he could have easily gotten a bug off he got it and he got a bug off he is on failure that was really really well done now would also be an excellent time for a banana bread every single person by 2 currently in a conversation now there's only one person out of a conversation you know for the seduce and he gets 51 percent another 51 percent on this seduction target and he is he's gonna be fully seduced he's gone for the drink would you ready says oh he did he purloined the guest list Oh and I think Rhapsody just saw that Oh now if he dreamed that list yeah absolutely fine but I think going for the purloined there he should have left it to last I would have almost certainly contacted the double agent and then and then that was a that was really ballsy play it was a really ballsy play yeah I disagree wholeheartedly with that purloined cuz the laser Rhapsody was not doing a great job of keeping the laser out of vision right he had he was sweeping it over the whole party and one of the think that one of one of the interesting things to note about the purloining of the guest list in this specific map is that the spy has a downwards facing vantage point therefore they can see down on top of the guest list so it is much more obvious when it is there or when it's gone however you know if you're in the whatever it's called I think it's the ballroom the ballroom where you're looking in it's really difficult to sometimes distinguish if the list is still actually on the tray so just knowing the snipers positioning and you know their view on the the purloined guest list can their can make a little bit of a difference but not bad not bad right no unfortunately I was going to say if the double agent stops in that conversation circle I would've been a great opportunity what do you think what do you think ramps he's thinking right now what do you think raps he's thinking he's not completed anything a third of his time is gone what's he thinking at this stage what would you be doing if you were Rhapsody right now I would just be chilling I mean so ultimately I'd be keeping an eye on the Ambassador and keeping an eye on the guest list whenever I could and just waiting because you're either going to they're either going to have to he gets it yes it was cheeky he gets away with it he walks into a tree but he got away with it wowsers I don't know if he did he's been mocked he saw the finger printable statue he is going for the double inspect as well now wasn't marked was he marked because he went for the statue or was he marked Oh anyway ever to swap as well oh my goodness this is this is important but out of bread if he'd been on a breads here it's a pretty good time he could purloined if he prolongs now and either hits a green or gets away with it he would be away with it he has going for the purloined oh my goodness no he didn't go for the purloined apparently I thought he went I thought you did go for the purloined but apparently he did say he was going for the polloi no interesting question another drink he is he is continuing to flirt with the surrogate I mean if he wants to play it safe you can surely just flirt with the seduction target right he's got a minute left and then he will need to walk away and he can just do a lap here I don't think Rideau in saying that only 45 seconds left to finish seducing he needs to seductions yeah yeah at least at least alternatively get another fingerprint of the Ambassador or bug the ambassador I feel like I feel that you might go for a bug with 28 seconds left I feel like you kind of have to go for a bug it's the only play that makes sense is the only play here but read oh yeah has him on lock Wow nice yeah definitely I think it was the statues that gave it away I think he actually got away with the the time at the the watch check but I don't think he I don't think he managed to get away from the fact that reto was just keeping a a bead on those statues and made sure that anyone anyone who went past them got marked anyone who is nicely marked I think he got away with the double mission on the statues mhm I don't think reto was confident at all that that was him I think his best bet was absolutely seduction you know that straight to the seduction seduction target and then just do a lap if you do a lap you get rid of the seduction cooldown in one swing and then you just go stand right back next to them again it's very difficult as the unless you're being tracked by the sniper which will be very obvious it's very difficult for the sniper to see you doing a lap and coming back to the conversation circle or the seduction tiger it's a very difficult thing to keep track of and he only needed to do that twice if he done that twice there's no hard tell on seduction and I think I think Raps would have easily taken that okay but as it stands one one one game to read oh one game two Rhapsody now reto has previously told me right he has previously told me that he considers this guy this character that he's playing as as Opie and apparently it's because you can bug the ambassador's food right and it really doesn't look like you're bugging the Ambassador now I don't know I don't know the truth about that because I was a terrible sniper against reto and I lost as you could probably tell but yeah that's that's what he said at the time so he might be like that I think the little guy is I wouldn't say Oh pee but he definitely has some strengths he's easily recognizable which is a weakness but it is a little more and it's a little more difficult to do the statue things like you don't obscure the statues as much when you're interacting with them mm-hmm but bugging the ambassador is easier you can get lost in a crowd like it's easier to hide behind groups of people Oh is he gonna go I don't believe zopi he went for the bug you went for the bug he got the bug did wraps he caught on to it highly suspicious yeah I think raps is like 80% right now and it'll I think this this may actually come down hmm retos nerve versus Rhapsody's nerve yeah Rhapsody not pull the oh you saw the microfilm hand yeah yeah now that's an interesting one right I did not think that of all the tells raps he was gonna pick up on that one that's not something you see super often the transferring of the microfilm it's not something that we saw much in the in the round-robin rounds for sure we I don't think we saw any transfers never a microfilm yeah so I think rhapsody tried to do a book transfer once with me but yeah never actually the microfilm yeah all right so straight off the bat wraps these wraps tees get into it and it looks like he's instantly marked suspicious by Reed oh he's been marked suspicious rido might just have him on lock you never know sometimes you just get the feeling you know you just yeah you see you see something that just makes you yeah I don't know if that's that looks like a player to me yeah yeah exactly exactly an Rito is actually really good at subverting attention when it comes to just like going to random places and doing like very a li things I think that's one of his one of his real drinks yeah absolutely he's really really good at pretty good banana bread there there were only he could be mark he should have been marking the lady in the writing coat for sure she was not in a Circle interesting interesting but he's he's sticking around this conversation circle looking to offset some of the attention that he's he's received I guess yes potentially looking for a bug here but bug is very difficult oh he's purloining he's purloining he much oh he got agree he purloined and he's going for a fingerprint he got a successful fingerprint and he had he got agreed on the purloined that is that is incredible so now all he needs to do is just inspect oh my goodness how did Rito do that I am NOT a hundred percent sure what was going through Rito's head right there and like when he made the decision that that was rhapsody and whether he was just waiting together following him around yeah you know maybe he was playing some mind games on voice I don't know but that was I don't know that was a very abrupt finish to that game yeah that looked like pretty impeccable play from Rhapsody right there to be honest the only conceivable thing that he did that was kind of dodgy was the statue swap at the very start but like apart from that it was it was almost perfect really had the banana bread the green purloined it's great it was really really good I might see a pub here going back to an old favorite lovely and this is for all the marbles right we've had four quick Snipes know that was a victory on 3rd cuz Rhapsody started on sniper so he'll finish on sniper because an odd number truth I believe yeah and he's sniping now this is redose third spy game is ah yes that's true you're right I think I'm pretty sure we've had four quick sniper kills and a couple of them have been very quick let's see he's got a 49% flirt is he gonna feel like he can check his watch I don't think he's gonna go for a watch check even though this is probably the easiest map for a watch check you reckon yeah and he's got a second flirt off very early here the thing about the thing about flirting is that it is pretty much impossible to tell there is no tell on the flirt or well at least no there probably is some tell but there's no tell that I think Rhapsody or Rito or myself for yourself really recognized or can really pay attention for if that makes sense yeah the big thing is there is no hard tell there's what like how you start the conversation and how the people around it interact I think you can work something out but I'd I'm not sure so we should get an inspect here I imagine could even go for a swamp easygoing swapping swapping on this map is a bad plan I just goes for the inspect and then I would expect to see a walk back to the seduce target seduce them and then go for a banana bread yeah that still leaves them with a with another mission to complete possibly a bug if the Ambassador goes I am Not sure I'm genuinely not sure on what I'd it's it's rough and I tell you what purloining the guest list on this level is really really rough because the bartender does it very very obviously it's very very apparent so there's a banana bread nice looking good well it's for people outside of conversation circles that Oh mmm no I don't think you can go for a bug here I think maybe a swap is correct Oh Rhapsody is paying a lot of attention to read oh here a purloined is he gonna pull off or purloin you might just try it he might just try it yeah I mean it is the last thing that is required and if he greens it it's a it's a guarantee it's a given yeah it's a given there's there's no way he's requesting another drink from the bartender he's very very much in Rhapsody's in Rhapsody's sight he is purloining did he green it he delegated it he drained it holy cow so in order to win do you need to do you need to pick up the do you need someone else to pick up the list I think you do and I don't know if the timeout does that show for us perhaps it doesn't show for us oh there we go I double agent I'm the double agent purloined it the double agent the double agent took the took the 3.y completed success was on rate that was really really good that was exactly Green the green polloi there I think if he hadn't dreamed that Rhapsody had him locked yeah I agree I don't think yet he didn't have the confidence to take the shot on Rito but I'm like 90% sure that he at least had him in you know in the potential 3 maybe the top 3 or something oh say let's go ahead and jump back up and congratulate Rito on his 5 sorry's 3-2 victory rating so you can just tell them together guest list and then it will eat and the timer until they get it apparently but I didn't think so I did not think that it would I thought I was screwed hence me yelling at the double-agent I did see you trying to get that bug off at like the zero second balk I was like I'm not sure how this works mean orbital with both commenting on the fact that we weren't sure how the delegated purloined works with the mission timer bird sir congratulations realistic that was really good oh my goodness thank you well done that at the very least we don't have to do that again unless we're in the finals because my poor heart can't take it I'm afraid your doctor would slap you in the face next time you see them it's true he's gonna be so mad when I tell him I played spy party you'd be like that was the one thing I told you not to do Oh God how was the how was the viewing perspective I gotta be honest there were a few snapshots that happened quite abruptly yeah and some of it was because of very obvious tells and some of it I wasn't sure about like in one of the games reader just like randomly went and and he got here right but he just randomly went oh that's the spy and bang but there was no tell before it was just a briefcase it was a tell to me rhapsody doesn't think of it I knew what I was doing but I think I knew what I was doing the briefcase and reto said people they pick up the briefcase and then they handed the Ambassador immediately boys I don't want to do it right away it's that for Renu it's that that's for real I know because I have no idea how it worked okay it's wrong it's wrong do you want to talk the game let's talk that game no Tuesday we have to play another one and no but I picked it up like seconds ago ah I'm so glad because I'm perfect a deployed I'd already swapped a statue and inspected - I was well that's that's what was crazy right is that me and lo lash were remarking that it looked like a flawless performance and then just Rito like shoots you out of nowhere and it was just it was so surprising it really was it was incredibly surprising to me I can tell you that from my front well for the moment that is going to be these five five Throwdown round to match one my name is Ben Reno that names being wash opened potato my name is Ben you know what my name is radar nations read oh well was a bit suspect no no I I had an instinct see okay okay like I really should do it some my name's Ben reto that names being orbital potato La Leche and rhapsody of Rhapsody nation hopefully you've been enjoying yourselves is a playlist inscription down below with all of our contents on this game phosphorus in the future as well as a link to each of the individual channels on which you can watch this to see the other perspectives if we been enjoying ourselves and

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