Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients

by: LearnSpellCasting

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simple love spells without ingredients by learn spell casting calm welcome to smart spell casting this is your girl but I easy s and today we're going to do a very simple love spell without any ingredients all you need is one small square piece of paper and a pen that's all you'll need so the first step is to write down the name of the person that you are casting a spell on so I'm just gonna write John Doe and I'm gonna write it five times so you whatever name you want to use if you want to use a girl's name just make sure you have the full name otherwise this will not work so here we go I am writing this down so now the next step is to either either way you can either cross it this way or you cross it that way but you're gonna put your name seven times on top of john doe's name so i'm just gonna write your name and see how it covers it you can barely see what's going on and you're gonna keep writing it seven times you always want to cover it completely and you know adjust in case you write a small or large so that's on one two three four five I'm gonna keep going and this way you could see it clear now most of the times I'm a lot neater than this but there you go so you're gonna write it one two three four five six seven times now here's the part where you need to concentrate in this part you are going to go into a semi trance state of mind you cannot be checking your social media and doing the spell you have to concentrate and you're gonna write a short but precise sentence that describes what you want the name of the person to do so in this case I just want John Doe return to me and the key here is you're gonna write it and not remove the pen or pencil on the paper so what you do is you turn it every time you're gonna go around so I'm writing return to minute and I'm not writing their name I'm just saying return to me I think I wrote a little differently before but we turn and this is in case John Doe has not it's about to leave you or has already left you and you're writing to get it in frame to me return to me but you can also write love me and then what you do here when you get to the end you keep writing it one more time now written the name of the person John Doe you've written it five times one two three four five you've written your name seven times on top of there's one two three four five six seven and then here turning the paper you have started writing it's okay be you don't dot your i's or cross your T's it's okay you're writing return to me you turn to me aid without lifting your pen you're gonna in circle or in this case square completely what you wrote this is called a petition paper you don't need any ingredients you can just use this and I like to make things a little bit like just come but that's not important so this is your paper you can light a candle on top of it if you want but this is without any ingredient so what you do is you fold it towards you when you want something towards you or to come to you or to attract you always fold it towards you so you fold it once to me John Doe and you say it with feeling you say in that trance state you say it like it's a chant and you fold it again you turn to you and you do it once more return right so what do you do with this little piece of paper there are different ways you can use this paper this is now a charm spell right so what you can do option one if you're a female you can wear it in your bra you can pin it to your bra and wear it number two you can also male or female put this in the middle of your mattress underneath you lift up your mattress and you put it in the middle and what you do is at night you say before you go to sleep return to me John Doe or the name of the person and that is a very simple charm spell this is a little charm chance spell that's written without any ingredients but remember you do it in a state almost like you're in a trance-like state almost like you keep chanting it over and over and over with rhythm and you will see before soon what you wrote on this paper will come to pass thank you so much for watching this video if you liked it please give a thumbs up if you want to see more like this please give it a thumbs up if you have a question put it down in the comments below and please hit the subscribe button to be notified

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