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nice sock piles sock pile sure we can do that Elvis are we going to cowboy you today yeah just folding our clothes getting ready to pack good morning everyone we are going to California today to visit our friends and family I requested on Instagram what have a video you'd like to see while I'm in California and a lot of people requested I show like a travel log and how we stay healthy while we are traveling with two kids so I would just let you know how we're getting ready for the airplane and all that we have is colored pencils I just sharpened I'm gonna put them these little baggie and he picked out this new little notebook that he wants to put stickers in so I got him some Dory stickers and he has like I knew one of those cool creative notebooks for his color pencils and hopefully Sandy will take a nap on the plane I know he will but how long only snap be that is the question so I'm just gonna get packing and make a smoothie right now and then we'll get ready for our flight and I always like to wear something comfy on the airplane I mean that's like a doesn't everybody do that I like to wear everything comfy every day anyways but especially my most comfy shirt so I got my most comfy shirt on which is a stain in it and it has a hole where's the hole it is so I might have to retire this shirt soon but it's like my favorite shirt and some jeans and these bananas are actually even though there's not a lot of spots on them they're actually super bright the type of variety that like they peel super easy without like a lot of spots so these ones are super super ripe even but some other bananas need like loads and loads of spots before they right most bowls for the varieties that you're gonna see you need lots of spots [Music] all bikes and boy boy oh boy oh boy so oh no so good for you take some of this on the flight I please open the door for daddy Danny Elvis want some can you give something Elvis can Elvis have some oh nice job sandy always eat hydrating foods before a plane ride super easily get dehydrated on the plane so we drink three watts of water pop some fresh coconut water for airplane and smooth [Music] yes I say have you seen Elvis where you go I think he's trying to go to California let's see let's get packed okay let's get all our clothes ready go to California so I finish my movie and I'm just going to answer some emails while Andrew packs at the boys especially trying to pack Rangers all packed and all ready to go he is just joining himself in the sunshine with the boys drinking some green smoothie all right so I'm packing and I'm already feeling a little bit like I'm gonna be five or ten minutes late but that's okay what we find Oh Shepherd the diapers down there yes I should put the diapers in the bottom more cloth diapers moment hold everything but I just don't have time for that right now pretty much packed just need to get our toiletries it's food ready and they're gonna be ready to go really excited to go to California and see my sister it's my best friend in the entire world nothing could separate us like I love her so much you cannot bring any fruit on the plane when you're coming from Hawaii to the mainland and there and the only actually the only fruit you can bring is pineapple and coconut meat so we have coconut me ready for the plane but we're not gonna bring pineapple because it's not a very high calorie fruit and actually even the ripe is pineapple hurts my tongue after just a few bites and so we're not gonna bring in kind of all we just are loading up on a bunch of fruit before the flight I'm gonna boil some sweet potatoes for the flight Elvis really like sweet potatoes lately so that's what I'm gonna make for him and I think I'm gonna enjoy that with them too because it's gonna be like art dinner a lot of people don't feel good eating on the flight and Andrews kind of like that he is gonna I think end up waiting till we get to California he's gonna have our sister-in-law make him a smoothie too for after the flight so angels gonna have a big smoothie for dinner after the flight and me and Ellis are gonna eat like sweet potatoes on the plane I am like I feel better when I have like some things to munch on and I wouldn't feel on a super empty stomach while I'm breastfeeding waiting like five-and-a-half hours till we get off the plane to eat so yeah and I also don't want to just like munch on a bunch of nuts that doesn't make me feel good either so that's why we're making sweet potatoes but I'm also going to bring lots of fresh like cucumber and a salad even though it's technically a fruit if it's mixed in a salad um the everytime so far the airport has been okay with me bringing salad so I'm going to mix up a salad and put it in a little like to go container for me and I was to eat as well so now I'm going to drink lots of fresh coconut water right now while I get the snacks ready for the plane oh thank you did you pick that yourself yes thank you all this I got my fresh coconut water also hydrating all right time to practice X I'll just pick out these sprouted pumpkin seeds we got a bag of these obviously not gonna eat all these on the plane or eat crackers oops to go utensils for the salad we'll be having on the plane you picked out this um two moms in the raw sprouted bar nut bar make the salad for Papa 6 2007 alright so I finished on my coconut water and now I'm gonna drink this whole glass of water as well and pop these in the oven keep our mouths fresh so we're playing cucumber and a little 15 [Music]

get some dolls in here soon oh you got your backpack on oh boy this is gonna be awesome I'll let them cool down and then pack them in let's go continue Riley ready to go there you go buddy are looking at me okay Andrew I didn't know had bought fresh dates at mana yesterday and so he's bringing fresh dates for the blade okay we are ready to go let's do this you ready got a link I'm gonna see your papa and you grandma shui me yeah and your Grammy yeah and your grandpa yeah and your cousins yes could they did you look at they've done oh you look so tired if you fall asleep now you won't get a real rest because we have to go into the airport in ten minutes over me

Oh Oh

[Music] boy you excited to see Grammy sandy sandy thank you got a luggage he's ready to see Grammy


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