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go walk one two right left yes there we go one two roll around three hits for Lucas it's full it and then you swirl it around in your mouth I am I gonna do that yeah I know that Bank on liquid diets yeah

[Laughter] [Applause] drop-top it's supposed to draw toxins out of your gums it's good for gum hell [Applause] it's good for Rita Ora it's good enough for me with great tried it 20 years ago because that's a dancer you have all kinds of injuries you're try exactly and you know they say it doesn't hurt I'm sure it does it does and she loves anything big and green all right they're clean green can I just check this is on in the afternoon it is what the Janice could she be righteous Janet avoid screens if you do watch TV we're special orange-tinted facile Mars it cancels out the doing life she's just trying to look cool and then finally [Applause] that's your wheatgrass repair oh I love the bit of wheatgrass that's gonna get a boost your immune system [Applause] ah that's like your gardeners sucking the ground [Applause] we'll just show you this so which one which lapis you first and so you put the egg use the water or with it Janet oh right so if it sinks lies on its side it's fresh I knew that that's just note no if it sinks lives and excited if it stands up on one end it means that it's on its way out but still edible okay if it does this right right no it's floating see right if it's not on float right out of date that one's just not had more fiber in its diet yes exactly know how it means the air has got in so then it floats to the top which means it's out of date except my son got it the wrong way around and was on the toilet for 45 [Applause]

you know bright right down to green goddesses in one green okay [Applause]

I mean I don't understand with the bikini your sound fashion but it says holes for your head arms legs and bum yes you don't have to remove it even to visit the loo yes now we're doing the two essentials for all things Beach no need to carry a cumbersome towel or an easy to lose swimsuit here take Thomas one what shall I show you how good it is on the beach [Laughter] [Applause] imagine you're on the beach get down I can't get down my hips down like this very beautifully yeah you want me all to see make the buckets larious so you're gonna lower your center of gravity bend your knees hips go back bottom back chest up okay try a little bounce from there [Laughter] [Applause]

right here right here if you've got green hemorrhoids he needs to go you said will gain ready yeah wine workout thought brilliant and you've just taken shoes off taking our shoes oh but you look you look great the beautiful thing is that all you need is your own body weight some nights and a bottle of wine Malthus mommoth so do you feel like moving and grooving elbows are gonna go wide okay no all you're gonna do is start lifting the knees up towards your toe now start adding a twist oh he's fine there you go nice and wide we're gonna drop it low and get into tissues yeah

Oh a snake well you can just have them yeah so we're just gonna come already wailing sleep is not white sheet Zuma bleep people should do this at home you have to know what you're doing is that right yeah I want well yeah you kind of need someone else to do it with you yeah and they bring into it that I'm single okay she won't be doing at home so just two while you can you can carry on doing that and it's clearly that's an art involve you sit cross-legged on the floor you yeah wrap up in a blanket or a piece of cracker fabric the practitioner secure a blanket was not before rocking you gently from side to side now normally their heads it's completely covered we can't see what you look like clean look at the money so you feeling zhenya Killeen are you have been exam I'm just sitting you're thinking I love to be a really big pop star Killeen you're big in Japan why don't you sing I'm a little teapot short and stout

now clean this is supposed to that's what the combat stress a little anxiety with improv slight yes yeah do you feel relaxed I've never felt more relaxed I think it looks lovely I'd say yeah ordinarily you have your face as you saw in the video so that you're closing off the rooms reducing stimuli just able to relax so we can just gonna lay down

[Applause] I never go into a gym I can imagine in the in the right sort of surroundings it's very calm and the music actually being the bracelet the cameras not that angle down there well you know postnatally there are a lot of customers from around the world about wrapping women just getting everything back and how it works in all seriousness if I could be serious dressed like this it is actually this bit of it it's actually really relaxing what we're rocking in the room we've got babies it's a soothing no see my mother didn't that was beyond this debate so I got ripped in the draw


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