by: Svitlana Vronska

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hello this is your travel bronze cup today it's a busy day we will start with the Newport photoshoot in our studio and then we'll have family photo shoot outside in the park so excited about it I prepare a couple of props on the newborn photoshoot we had oh my gosh we had Christmas child we had a newborn child with a second baby and this is our third and I call her strawberry why because when her mom was pregnant when the first time we met she was wearing very saline beautiful red dress and I didn't even know she was pretty - she she look like you know model belly Tommy she's absolutely beautiful and she was wearing this beautiful dress and when she got pregnant that was the third child she had she was absolutely beautiful mouth was a third chance absolutely elegant beautiful belly and she was wearing this red dress when I saw this picture on Instagram is like oh my gosh can't wait for my strawberry I didn't know I got this idea I got this name right away and she replied me you guessed it because they'll only think she was craving during this pregnancy with strawberries so I'm gonna send my husband to the store and I want to fill this pocket with strawberries and because we have kind of history you know these comments and my imagination of this photoshoot so I got this box I think it's kind of like vintage style so I'll can you go enter to the store by service of you and so I want to create something like strawberry this is mean for a little bit remember it for Mama which she was craving for me that her call her and a beautiful images for the whole life you know I think I got everything ready we I'm planning to have around 1 2 3 4 5 6 creative shots we'll see if baby cooperates if not are we gonna continue on adding back so I always start on a bean bag this is my routine yeah cannot wait to see them again alright I think it's time to you to fill this bucket with Joey [Music] Oh

by stopping you'll have so very much oh I start since I start on a bin back so I would love to use my 50 millimeter length and this length is hiding over there I don't know if I showed you my new purse it's so we separated now we separated a backpack and purse actually I got it no like two months ago yeah my husband I do you think we separated because we have so many lenses and sometimes they don't fit in our poor I'm gonna show you I'm gonna show you my poor backpack we're actually looking right now coordinated to get new one look look it's how uses finally dying after how many years five years after five years it's almost gone yeah I think she [Music]

[Music] finally women fine [Music]


[Music] you [Music]





okay let's do the interview all right let's do the interview okay okay what's your name Mila yeah and Mule ichika tell so do you have enough milk yeah complain today it's your day speak out all right are you missing your daddy yeah ninotchka are you missing your daddy how many siblings do you have you have two more yes so did you like the photo shoot you did yes you do oh yeah oh are you gonna come back what cake smash are you gonna come back for cake smash I think I'm gonna see you again and a Christmas photo session like my mama said right

okay and tell me do you know my name do you know my name my name is Lana Lana I love what's your name Andrew bye bye say bye bye bye bye baby your hand

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