Celebrity Baby Guessing Challenge!!

by: Team Edge

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that's our the ceiling I'm not kneeling I'm just shot

today we're naming that baby I've collected 15 babies popular babies but collected 50 babies hey I've collected pictures of celebrity babies J Fred and Brian must name the babies if they do not name the babies they have to spin the wheel like have to come up with a name Arnold sunflower that is a horrible name just like pear and apple I don't care who you are you don't name your kid Apple gosh are you ready wait make sure you stay till the end of the challenge because the loser of this challenge Brian or I it's gonna have to spin the wheel and get punished I will punish you first baby Frank give him one of the Pens no Brian bad name this celebrity child so my guess is Dakota Fanning oh it could have had away these are all relevant people Oh destined to go to winning hope she's not a teenage fans you just copied him you get negative points for copying him was the code of Fanny as a joke Brian negative one point JPEG zero points no why are you doing that why do I get a negative point I'm right here what sophie Turner is that a person what an actor on Game of Thrones next take a minute come up let's just say she's precious I might give you extra points for the pun because she's a precious stone Emma Stone Lindsay again Emma Stone yeah tangent there who is this celebrity child these are the most popular people in the world right now Brian take a gander at the goose my guess is Monalisa cuz it kind of looks like Mona Lisa let's be honest I'm trying to lose it's not like they're gonna win this anyway that's incorrect Emilia Clarke who is that it's your game in our own what is the game of Thrones game I think there's maybe one more person communism's pictures of Amelia Stone that's not a person pictures of Emilia Clarke mamacita hey I am Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds I spell his name right no okay that's two points for me zero for Brian this little girl Oh Brian do you have your answer ready you've covered up Selena Gomez covered it up Selene Rhodes

look who it is who could it be ready don't don't reveal yet the answer is Brad Pitt I think most popular man in show business very piercing I remember those eyes according to I am didi tom hiddleston he's actually his brother in the movie Wow John Cena that kind of looks like John Cena John Cena is the most relevant man oh one letter off oh I was actually kind of close it wasn't a no right there I missed the end yes yes next up that is a recognizable face I'm Chris Larry the Cable Guy was my answer Larry the Cable Guy Owen with John Cena again why do you think John Cena is irrelevant oh dude I know come on you can't give him that much time Robert Downey jr. DJ that can be Roy Dave I owe them I'm reading Raj this frame was taken from the original Jurassic Park I know I don't know a name I know absolutely no idea who this is this will blow your mind I'm gonna give you a chance to correct that before you make a big mistake okay fine thank you Chris practice that's not Chris Pratt yes it is next battle who's that person if you don't know this well I gotta get on social media a little bit more I totally see her face yeah I know that I'm just aiming right at it okay let her swim would you right right next up who's this chica Jennifer Lauren ah I guess I got thrown yeah what what are you ready next up who's this little baby question mark you wanna see what I wrote question mark it was she was in a bathing suit I'll give you a hint on this okay yeah what's the him deceased celebrities don't always have to be in movies I don't know why she's British I asked her something about London then she just turned to British forever I'm not kidding Steve Jobs Squishy's John Cena nice work you're just learned 15 terms study again was this Quizlet ji twins x point landslide spin the wheel jumbo that shirt anyway hey Brian feels like this is unjust it is you got to get a new shirt anyways you got like grease stains all over it hey there they go pumping off like ripe fruit ready set

Oh myself in the eye all right guys give this video like if you liked it and remember we do challenges Monday

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