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through the speakers in your car instead of hearing music you hear this

[Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so what do you guys think I should play oh no I know what I want to see god I wish I was since over man I'm gonna rank up a new account um let's see should I go on to dead she just gave me two free goddamn boots yeah let's do that alright guys this is first hand next level if you want to fucking learn how to play the klepto fucking pull out your notepads guys pull out your fucking notepads record what the fuck's on your screen right now what I want you to do is take the footage upload it to fucking something watch that shit over 9000 and one times unless okay hold on before we do that I gotta I gotta get the room you know item by default like

oh good


okay then workout then a workout but it's all good they need that [Music]





[Music] I like to drop mitt I like to drop that shit definitely love the drama huh Robert cuz I'm out of slide in that motherfucker baby what's up what's up [Music] what's up what's up that's right what's up wha wah-bah-bah what are you doing [Music] watch it don't win come on run uh-oh nobody that I'll help you nobody there for you either that just let him die [Music] come on oh fuck do you think you're dealing leak come on it if the price is right but I say get the fuck off my screen baby fuck off my shit it's plop-plop players

come on babe let's split the defense all day man all right heat for 2018 baby - got his back I got made I'm software I'm fuckin huh

who overall shadow

oh shit that god is dead you know why I know because I got a special delivery coming in I got a special delivery we're gonna see what's up we're gonna unravel it's looking like some chicken and some some why ride that see I might just going in this game you need to have the word that's probably a smart idea drop words fuck words

well like like are you fucking kidding me boy




fuck up not alone boy if Jenna was smart if Jenna had a fucking brain any type like like just a little fucking peon brain just a little bit of fucking thought process going you know she would've realized okay I'm gonna let this Kendra die we popping off when the deer is deers here


take away go go go John John John why me why aren't you jumping for that shit look later hurt yeah okay who's to follow who's the phone who's the fire you don't do enough damage in fuck off my screen okay I mean my mom fucking food good months I Platt five and I'm watching you play hold on I'm Platt five what would you say I'm plat five and I and watching you play makes me feel like a bronzy you what trust me trust me trust me you I mean the thing is the thing is like well first you know I don't know where to start their young once you heard what he said like a bronzy because there's like there's a mark you know some people that been stuck in bronze and silver they finally get the gold they're happy yeah you're happy you made it and it took you fucking five years you know I'm not trying to hurt your feelings for your heart you know your your accomplishments but all in all it's just next-level fucking garbage play man let's let's take a look at the match history like how to fuck you guys suck this is why I like you know when I wanna you know help you guys you mean well first off you don't listen to me like you're looking at both these like goddamn how I watch you play because you know you got to learn to play the map you got to make better decisions you got to stop following shit into what he called our bot lane was Owen 30 but still ended up going 1711 and what he called because they don't know what the fucking focus on when they said people top see when my fight is struggling so look at Malphite 8 5 and 14 he probably think he did well he didn't do well first off I mean he was willing to trade with somebody you're not supposed to trade with not only that you know I'm running klepto not only that I'm going tanky I'm rushing ice-born CDR you know there's you know I haven't perfected that this build yet you know you know I I just probably got a switch more towards like you know tank and then you know these type of items and start fighting rather than trolling you know what I'm saying uh I'm not trolling it's just that you know we're trying to get in size of my fucking pocket we trying to rob our laning partner but getting back to the uh you know the game like when this motherfucker sees me he needs to understand okay this guy's three levels above me oh he has brambles and what do you call it it's gonna take a fucking arson or kill him so taking all our resources to pump it into this guy it's pretty much waste depending on what the fuck we're gonna lose across the map but they do it anyway they do it anyway they don't think about that type of shit not only that they started to Steve's down mid when they started to seach down men you saw what happened right I'm sitting there dancing around them the longer the fight drags out yeah I couldn't kill them all because it got CC they got flashes everybody's got a goddamn flash besides we they're all I have is a little nas boosted or whatever items I decide to buy and then but getting back to you know the Popoff it's easy like they weren't thinking like shit you know I'm safe underneath my thought you're not safe you're not safe when you focus on you and and greed it up even though you know I could clean this up a little bit I should have been probably like maybe one death and then it'll look nicer you know how to couple station that but that but yeah when you focus on yourself you get places you have to be greedy [Music] this time baby that's fine mister a

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