Piano chat - Gunhild Carling LIVE 65 -Jazz for Lovers ep. 4

by: Gunhild Carling

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see your hi hi there how are you it's fantastic to see you and Here I am I have to crown rests and I gonna chat by the piano and play some love songs it's 1 o'clock in the night I'm in Sweden and I hope you're having a fantastic night

let's start with your swear way when women it's easy [Music] and geez so hard I I know it so I I rather dream he's lonely feeling stealing [Music]

and though it brings me it's easy but she's so hard to forget it's easy to remember but Jesus yeah this is song I love very much and hi yeah so this is I'm having the stream here I have periscope periscope YouTube and Facebook and I see you hi Joe Tina Jay Robin Enya let's see we have YouTube here so I turn on YouTube and I see I gotta see the shat for this so YouTube is more live chat okay hi Carlos GM ya know the piano chat was late because oh so you like my black dress I have to show it okay look at this so Oh mmm okay I have to stand here and show you looks it's like it's feathers here and sequins is here okay

yes let's see hi David Jenny Sergio Karen in Facebook and let's see periscope are you there hi everyone I I have been asked to play I haven't asked to play something by Fats Waller so I'm gonna play until the real thing comes along [Music] I worked for you for you until the real thing I always love you baby I say for you I try I take down the stars from the skies

until the reason

I say for you I would take down the star it's from this guy for you

I'm doing the real thing comes along until the council


now I will play Oh wonderful to see you there hi walton shine from Mexico it's wonderful to see you there I switch between my cameras and I I read what you have been writing so hey Karen I'm coming to America I'm coming to play at Birdland 22nd of April it's the date and I hope and I come in September to play with the Symphony Orchestra I think in Charlottesville so I have plans the reason why it was later today's was because my wonderful sister yet she had it birthday today so I was there and yeah you don't maybe you don't know it she's crazy funny everything she is safe it's like crazy crazy crazy crazy family so I just laugh and I couldn't stop laughs and the time was rushing so hello Jamie from South Dakota and hello from Brazil I I'm on periscope and Facebook and I don't want to see the other stream on Facebook where I am my personal Facebook no it was not there okay so let's go on with I have a request from I mean Bob I F she wants to hear I love you the way you are it's a song that I wrote and here we go [Music]

yeah I want you

I love the way you see your team and the way you smoke your cigar yes you're everything to me


and I love you I love you [Music]

yeah here's another song I composed and more recently because this was like one 1/2 a year ago when I was in Singapore I was composing this song but the song we're gonna sing now I wrote when I was in Stockholm just a couple of weeks ago [Music]

[Music] just stopped my smile did we embrace down the dance now since you're gone I don't know if you returned to me as iron I asked you promised to give everything [Music]

dad we raised down to dance now she's your girl I don't know if you returned to me as I promised

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

what did I do for love hi so let's see I see because stars fell on Alabama Karen yeah I sing it we we live that little trap we can feel

I can't forget the glass your eyes

I never

[Music] I hope that you subscribe on my youtube and follow me on Facebook and I promised to film this on Instagram but I I wasn't ready today you know I have to move this camera to care more in oh no wrong wrong side okay wrong I move I move back like this hi now I'm in the middle of the camera okay hi everybody so do you want to hear yeah I have another request and it's the man I love [Music]

Sunday and it'll be big and strong and when it comes my way I do my best [Music]

I know [Music]

maybe I share me maybe maybe still I sure I'm easy

[Applause] [Music] oh yeah hello I can try to do I I see your we have hi Eva suru nice to see you here on on YouTube fantastic and let's see fly me to the moon Everett Mui wants to hear fly me to the moon okay let's do it quick there is always time for a fly me to the moon let [Music] me see what spring [Music] feel my heart missile let me see you are all please be true

[Music] wonderful song oh I ain't got nobody [Music] oh yeah thank you I have this song I have a request of playing more Fats Waller and so let's see here I have Louisiana fairytale and it's a request from Michael Curley did you is


like Lucia [Music]

thank you wonderful song oh oh yeah let's see hello Bob camper you wanted I sang your song recently until the real thing comes along let's see what we have more I have some super hearts on periscope I don't really know because I'm so new at periscope but I love every super heart and I shall Louise wants to hear a laugh

I have more requests to play more from Nat King Cole and there is one song that have been spinning around in my brain for a long time and it's nothing cold and it's on the street where you live I think it's for my fair lady so it's a musical song but like Nat King Cole he presents everything like so wonderful so I I try to do my best sugar with Billie Holiday yeah I like that I'm gonna take it Oh tisket a tasket oh you have so good requests I have not I have to win I doubt this dream before but the payment always there beneath my feet [Music] all the lilac tree can you log in any other party doesn't gentleman it's just on the street

this power feeling just you know somehow your name yeah for power and feeling at any second you might suddenly happy he would stop and stand he don't bother me cause that no place on earth where I would rather be the time fiber carriage if I get me on the street were you if I can be this tree who are you oh

yeah I see hello everyone I am on Facebook YouTube periscope and here is I have wonderful requests I see you can say I seen your requests anything by Fats Waller [Music]

oh yeah yeah yeah let's see here hi hi hi hi oh yeah let's see oh we have cheek to cheek thank you I am very scoped I see I put some hearts here on ya when I touch on periscope I hope there will be more more postmodern jukebox goats cope in the future yes I'm planning on go to California pretty soon and just surprise postmodern jukebox hmm okay because my babies I [Music]

[Music] Berlin Berlin Berlin loves you I love Berlin both Irving Berlin and the city Berlin I gotta go to Berlin in hmm I go to Berlin in Austin I think I gotta do European tour in know in october/november Berlin Paris London all every capital I will visit and and I do in December tour in Sweden and in September October I do too in America I think so I have a plan I have a plan don't forget to support me by my CDs Guney calling dotnet slash shop buy postcards posters and paintings a lot oh hi Costa Rica yeah I have to do a worldwide tour welcome to periscope welcome to YouTube and Facebook and so we go on we have more oh we have more requests who we have more requests and we this one we have now is I get along without you very well Billie Holiday I get along without you very much except rate [Music]

but I get along without you very well

to hear your or someone's life that is I forgot to do


to think my breaking what's its toll no it's best to might you [Music] very well of course I

perhaps [Music] I get along shall we dream a little dream of me I take it now it's a request [Music]

seem to say [Music] sweet dreams and leave you worries behind you in your dreams whatever maybe [Music]

thank you hmm Bob camper wants to hear it to seem to tell a lie hi Bob and thanks for the support of my show Bob was buying a postcard that you can buy because I've painted a postcard and if you buy this you support my show so go to my web shop gonna call Internet / shop here we go with it's a sin to tell a lie I think I sang it last program but there's always place for it it's a sin to tell a lie be sure it's true [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

so that is my website is and write it here on Facebook ww dot here Carlene dot net and if you go to the shop AIDS so I

think I gonna play a song that I wrote and this song is called good [Music]

Oh Edward Caston a torrent he wants to hear Fats Waller I know

declare it take my share it Oh magic night Sylvia Corralejo on Stu here magic night it's a song I wrote I mean maybe there are many magic nights but I wrote one called Oh what [Music]

here the wind sounds like the moon my spine look down and think it's just another story I've seen them all it's hard to be exploring [Music]

yeah yeah a lot of people ask me to play that smaller okay to sleepy people let's see let's see we have here I am I lost what name it was bad here we are nothing to say and too much in love to break do you remember the night we used to leave your father didn't like me at all do you remember the reason why we rent this little nest and get a little bit of rest little day to say good night oh yeah here we are I think it's saying I say oh my baby just catch me chip hunt [Music]

my baby don't get shoes my baby don't care for my baby just cares my baby don't care my baby don't care for you don't care for high places and don't forget you know that's something you can't see [Music] my baby just can't my baby [Music] my baby does care follow me [Music] my new elegant sky Oh someone asked Oh ever suru I love Paris [Music] I love Paris

[Applause] Oh Perry are no Faris bad because that's man [Music] yeah baby won't you please come home cuz I never baby one baby please

Oh some Gershwin so this is a song with Al Jolson then everyone every time I want to be in a happy mood I listen to this and it is [Music] oh yeah hi I am on periscope here I have periscope stream and here I have Facebook and Jonah town wants to hear pennies from heaven and here I have YouTube isn't that high-tech okay so the very last last song for tonight will be I see what I can shoot choose from the stream pennies from heaven damn their eyes that was a long time ago I fell yeah I fell in love with you the first time oh one more time okay I fell in love with you the first time I looked in there did you have something cute way of flooding they make me feel so happy they make me feel so great big way for you my heart is jumping you started something you better watch out in brown I see me why stay Sparky bubbling they're gonna get you in a whole lot of trouble Oh baby yeah you have to see my stream on Sunday I play with three guys from Budapest Hungary and it's first time I met them and we played together and it was fantastic / musically yeah so nice swanny yes one is one is one okay now I have to see what we shall I should finish with a song that I have composed and I think this song will be [Music] every hour in the dog and when I shadows for spring then it's you I recall oh my god yeah everywhere you'll be on the cafe almost two and a summer I dream you [Music] I see it is coming in support of my show thanks a lot by CDs and postcards from my home page good hill calling dotnet slash shop something Valentine Valentine is coming up it's Valentine every day and we have to really prepare for Valentine I will be on a plane between Germany and Spain

demain Healy wants to hear because my battery soon died so if everything just pop blacks out so my battery was okay so now I play the last song [Music]

I have to go to bed because tomorrow I go on tour to Finland and I gonna play in Helsinki so see you in Helsinki Helsinki Finland tomorrow and in the weekend and I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and on Sunday I'll be back here with my Hungarian friends bye goodbye

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