Ostracized for talking about fast fashion? My fashion pet peeve? ǀ Spring Q&A ǀ Justine Leconte

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hi everyone its Liston this is a Q&A video and I do this now every season so four times a year I asked you four questions on YouTube and on Facebook and I got in total over 240 questions back thank you so much for your enthusiasm in your interest so I decided in order to keep this video short and digestible to go today with the questions that are quicker to answer and got more likes from other yours because they seem to be interesting for more people and I've kept the more complex questions for dedicated videos later on so stay tuned first question how did your personal style change throughout the years it's not like I always knew what suited me I think it's the same for most of us as a child the only thing that mattered was to wear skirts and dresses that turn when I turned and in bright colors that's all when I was a teenager I got my feminine body very late so I was a tomboy until pretty late and dressing in sweatpants and things that allowed me to do my sports I really started to get into the meaning of clothing and putting outfits together when I started to study and then to work because that's when I realized that what I'm wearing gives an impression about me and I was giving a not so professional not so interesting and not so attractive impression so when I started to work especially first I went with what would be considered appropriate office work and then I realized that does not all work for me and that's when I really started to develop my own style and I'm not there yet I still feel like my style is changing every season or every couple of years so it's an ongoing process and I think it's absolutely normal have you faced criticism or have been ostracized as a designer for speaking about fast fashion short answer yes I've heard fashion designers telling me well you shouldn't spit on your industry like that you're making us have a better reputation all of us who is us I've heard people saying oh you produce in Europe sweet whenever you really want to have proper margins and make big money you up going to Southeast Asia like everyone else I produce in Europe it fits my values and I will prove these people wrong by sticking to my values to be honest I think there is a market for every kind of Brent fast fashion brands sell huge volumes clearly but there is also a lot more many more options in the market for for more niche brands for more high-end brands there are customers for everything and the interest that my channel has found among you all watching here proves that fast fashion is not the only way there are many people who wonder how to do it differently how to be more ethical in clothing shopping etc so there is a spot for everyone I don't have to go into the obvious and easy path and I don't want to what are the top five items clothing accessories beauty products etc that take a wardrobe from decent to noticeably on points five items shoes several pairs but that comes as one colorful unique statement shoes and have fun with your shoes then jewelry I like to keep my finger in hanji worry quite constant you see that in many videos because my hands are me so I tend to stick to a certain style of jewelry instead of switching and like for the shoes so that's two then I would say a very well cut very well fitting leather jacket or vegan leather jacket because you can wear it over anything then I would say item for a perfect t-shirt a t-shirt that really fits well falls nicely in five different colors counting as only one item works with everything and allows you to switch up your wardrobe a lot more and create many outfits number five a lipstick of course that fits you really really well and much easier shown next question how do you organize your daily routine so that you have time to both work on your craft but also to fill your creativity and fits your ideas by reading watching movies are the channels going to museums cetera seems like you really don't list and to be honest I can't do all of that every day I have two jobs I have a fashion label I have a YouTube channel everything else in between I don't have time for all of this but I do make sure that I do a bit of each thing you mentioned within one week this yes and I do have a daily checklist to achieve and that contains learning something new every single day seeing something pretty and doing one thing that I don't have to do but that I like and enjoy doing the rest is split and organized and shifted around within one week next half use adopted and German fashion traits since moving to Germany so I'm French I live in Berlin I think Germans dress more casually than French people in general if you take the capital cities Berlin is definitely more casual than Paris 100% if anyone disagrees let me know I'd be happy to discuss but I think that's the way it is my style has got more casual since I live in Germany I think it's probably also due to the fact that now I work for myself and I can decide when to dress up or not but when I do dress up people notice and I get a comment in general why did you have an interview today haha yeah I think overall I'm more casual hi just in the last couple of years the concept of cultural appropriation has been at the forefront of a lot of fashion news what's your opinion about it do you think it's right when for example a white woman wears an african-themed dress as a fashion statement or should it be reserved for cultural purposes only and the viewer commenting this is from South Africa so that gives a bit of context thank you from my perspective from where I'm standing here in Europe I feel like this has become more of a discussion topic recently very much in America because I can see and feel minorities feeling threatened but I also see other cultures where it's less of an issue for example in India people would wear saris tie clothing on one and Western closed the other day and they have both wardrobes it's more an issue for African cultures I think as you pointed out as it's apparently the case in your country as well but when an Indian person where is one thing or the other it's just they just switch and they appreciate the advantages of both if I go to India I definitely try on a sari and I love it because it's just a beautiful piece of clothing so when somebody who is not from a certain culture likes to experiment or show respect or show respect and wearing these clothes that are not stemming from their own culture I think it can also be a sign of open-mindedness and I don't see a problem there how do you decide what clothes and bags and choose to take when you go on holiday I always over back please give some tips first off hey there I know exactly who you are you back lady you were one of my very early subscribers so hi there I'm gonna skip the clothes because it really depends where you are on holiday and what your style is but in terms of bags and shoes here is what I take with me choose three things flat sandals that are comfortable but you can still wear in the evening when you stir your self up a bit Sandro's then flip-flops which I end up wearing the most to be honest and a pair of sneakers just suit you also have closed shoes to go on a hike or for uneven grounds or when you're commuting between two places during the holiday so three pairs and then in terms of bags I'd say one backpack in fabric something that you can fold away and store in very little volume in your luggage when you're not using it totes that you can carry on your shoulder resist and so it one to carry all the stuff you need during the day put your towel when you go to the beach and whatnot and the third one would be a clutch format something like this crossbody with a chain so that you can carry that around when you're going out and you don't have to worry about pickpockets or anything it's safer crossbody so that's what I take what is your fashion pet peeve a very straightforward answer to this I hate they constructed the name I know that many people like it many designers do that because it works well commercially and I hate it I like the name but not they constructed like when people take old jeans and turn it into a skirt and everything yeah yeah I won't design deconstructed than in things anytime soon you know what I feel that this video is getting very long so I'm going to stop it here and we're going to do a part two on Wednesday what about that this way I can take more questions because there were so many good ones thumbs up if so far you enjoyed the video and when part two is online you will show up here somewhere on the screen okay until then have a great Sunday take care bye


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