Weekly Angel Card Reading for February 18th - 24th, 2019

by: Colleen Lemma

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[Music] hello everyone this is Colleen llama star seed astrologer and spiritual messenger from sacred soul empowerment come here to do your weekly angel card reading for Monday February 18th through Sunday February 24th 2019 for this week's weekly reading for the main message for everyone we'll be using the angel tarot deck by Jayne Wallace and your special message card this week depending on your stone of choice will be coming from the crystal angel deck so I can't believe it's already going to be February 24th and of course this is a short month so via next week's reading we're going to be moving into the month of March already and isn't it just flying by but let's go ahead and take a moment and look at your stones of choice for this week okay so for the first stone of choice we have a beautiful moon stone now moon stones can come in a little bit variety of colors this one's a nice creamy milky kind of white color and the moon stone is a stone of the inner goddess it's a symbol of fertility and sensuality it is a stone that connects us to our intuition and it helps to open up the heart chakra all right your second stone of choice is rhodonite and rhodonite is a pink stone and actually this one actually rhodonite is pink and it's got black inclusions and this one has you know a lot of black conclusions but also a lot of speckling of pink you can see the pink on that that little corner there but the rhodonite is actually a stone of compassion it's a stone of forgiveness it's a stone of releasing fear it helps with emotional healing of the heart chakra and it's actually known as the rescue stone in relationships okay meaning that it really it helps to assist in healing relationship circumstances then your last stone of choice is this beautiful fire agate now the fire agate and you can see it's got some orange it's got some red it's actually got some white in there and even a little bit such dark red that it almost looks black over here the fire agate is interesting because it's both grounding and inspiring if you think about red as the base chakra the root chakra color it has that grounding energy but again that fiery element is very inspiring at the same time it's a great stone for spiritual awakening it gives us courage to follow your path so giving one courage to follow their life path destiny paths all right so again your stones of choice for the week are the moonstone the rhodonite or the fire and get so let's talk a little bit about the astrology for the week Monday ISM you're really really busy day astrologically there's a lot going on on Monday the 18th and we start out very early in the morning with Venus the planet of love relationships as well as the ruler of finances and money personal resources and it's connecting with Saturn and Saturn is the planet of limitation restriction but also structure and form and responsibilities they're both in the sign of Capricorn which is an earth sign a sign that really speaks of one focusing on their ambitions and their goals is usually with their career path Life Path who they are out in the world and this happens so early Monday morning that those of you watching this early and I mentioned it in last week's reading as well and that you're going to start feeling this on Sunday potentially even Saturday previous to Monday the 18th you'll be feeling this and this can do one of two things because again Saturn can be a heavy kind of restrictive kind of planet it is the planet that rules karmic lessons and so therefore he's known as the great teacher but again he's also about responsibility now this can be you know added responsibility and taking responsibility for who you are in what you're doing but it's also that planet that gives us a sense of groundedness or structure and he helps with manifestation so this can actually aid someone with their career path their life path their goals working towards step by step what it is that they're trying to accomplish being recognized for who they are and what they have to contribute to the outer world so that can be a very positive aspect however on the other hand that kind of sometimes limiting restrictive influence of Saturn can almost weigh us down as far as relationships there could be some sort of karmic challenges with relationships or karmic challenges with money and finances or again just a need to have added responsibilities or attained added responsibilities you know there might be some sort of situation that comes up to where you need to like take charge and be more responsible with something or even with your feelings as far as that goes and because you know Venus also rules money again this can help or aid in some sort of manifestation or security matter as well so you know we're not you know we're not sure until it actually comes you know on Monday and also of course it depends on your mindset and your belief systems and what you've been believing or working towards as far as how that's going to manifest now some of the other things happening on Monday the 18th is that the Sun will be making its transition out of Aquarius and into the sign of Pisces a wider sign a sign of unconditional love and compassion forgiveness selfless service to you know other people that you know the Sun does that every year around this time moves into Pisces for about a month Chiron know this is very kind of an important shift because Chiron the wounded healer and the shaman is moving out of Pisces where he's been for a very very long time and many years and is moving into now the sign of Aries now Chiron dipped into Aries last summer 2018 for a couple of months and gave us a little taste of what that's about and then retrograded back into pisces where he's been up until today Monday the 18th where he's going to be moving into Aries for quite a few years now now it's going to be a very different feeling now Chiron brings up our our past life wounds as well as our this life wounds but a lot of our this life wounds results from some sort of previous incarnation circumstance and with Chiron beam and Pisces for that very long time it was bringing up a lot of the collective wounds the collective of humanity the collective of different groups or cultures of people because Pisces does rule the collective Pisces is also the sign of the zodiac that rules the 12th house the house of past lives and so again it was bringing up all this past life stuff and it was feeling very emotional and and not just emotional but it was bringing up wounds on a physical level emotional mental spiritual it was really running the gamut there now not that it is not gonna bring up wounds anymore because now Chiron is shifting in Aries but Aries has a different energy signature than Pisces Aries is a fire sign and so it deals more with the spiritual realm rather than the emotional water room Aries is the sign the first sign of the zodiac so it deals with the self our sense of self our sense of Independence our sense of self-identity our sense of confidence courage taking charge of our life's making things happen for ourselves so it almost is now these wounds that are coming up regarding your again your sense of self and how you view yourself or how you respect yourself or again you know yours your sense of self-identity and and healing those kind of wounds and because you know it's going to be there for quite a few years but whenever a planet shifts from one sign to another and you know that's where we feel the most intensity of it so especially with the heavier slower moving planets like Chiron or like Pluto and Neptune and Uranus they you know they don't change signs very often you know and then even Saturn and well Saturn especially sometimes takes a little bit of you know two and a half years before it goes through a sign into the next sign so because Chiron is just now shifting into Aries we're going to feel like an intensity if you will as it shifts into that sign so definitely on or around Monday the 18th we may be feeling that shift out of Pisces as it's trying to wrap up and heal and purge and release and transmute as much as that Piscean past life and our collective wounding as possible okay now the last thing that happens on Monday the 18th is that mercury the planet that rules our mind our thoughts our ideas our ways of communicating is connecting with Neptune and of course nepotism Pisces and this is where mercury is as well and in fact mercury is going to be in Pisces for a little bit longer than his normal stay in any particular sign because he's going to go into a retrograde cycle in March in Pisces but as he connects to Neptune our communications can be potentially a little bit more confusing or lacking a sense of coherency or groundedness but it can also bring in more of an intuition you know because again mercury is the planet of the mind and Neptune is that spiritual other you know other dimensional kind of planetary energy where we're connecting with our guides and our angels and those on the other side so you might find your media mystic or clairvoyant or again other psychic abilities becoming stronger or heightened at that time it's really going to be a good time for creative writing and using your imagination and meditating those are all good things for Neptune connecting with with mercury then on Tuesday the 19th we have a full moon at zero degrees Virgo now this is a super moon and a super moon is when the moon is as close to the earth you know as as it can be there's there's what's called perigee and Apogee with the moon and it's cycle around the Earth and sometimes it's further away from the earth and sometimes it's closer to the earth and of course we know the moon affects the tides on the planet it affects our emotions so when we come up to a full moon you know people become more emotional or emotionally reactive you know it deals with the subconscious the moon so it brings up more of our subconscious patterns and whatnot and with this being a super moon with the moon being very close to the earth it's going to have even more of an effect on us now this means that the suddens and pisces of course as I just mentioned it just moved into Pisces on Monday the moon is opposite Pisces in Virgo that's what creates this full moon so this zero degrees it's a critical degree it's the first degree of any particular sign is that zero Degree point so that's zero Degree point because it's the first degree is about new beginnings but yet a full moon is about completion and endings and releasing and so we're going to have Indians and new beginnings tied into this particular full moon at zero degrees Virgo this full moon is going to be connecting to Mars which has newly gone into the sign of Taurus remember when Mars was in Aries his home sign and kind of doing that dance with Uranus now he's moved into Taurus and the full moon is making a positive connection to Mars so this is I don't know if I want to use the word stabilizing but it's definitely a positive uplifting kind of connection that it's connected with Mars and Mars is more stable and the sign of Taurus that Earth sign it's also making a connection to Uranus now you're honest is still at the 29th degree of Aries so it's getting ready also in a little a little bit here a few days it's also getting ready to shift into Taurus but it's not quite there yet so this full moon at zero degrees virgo is connecting with both Mars and Uranus so there could be some potential for some interesting situations or circumstances unfolding or reactions from people again emotional reactions or communications because you're honest has that expect the unexpected kind of quality to it on Friday the 22nd mercury is now moving forward in Pisces is making a challenging connection to Jupiter and Jupiter is the planet of expansion he makes energies bigger he makes things bigger but he's also the planet of abundance and prosperity and blessings as well as our belief systems he's in his home sign of Sagittarius oh he's really strong there and sometimes Jupiter in Sagittarius can really blow out of proportion people's belief systems to where they feel they're right and other people are wrong and then there starts to be some judgement and especially with mercury and a challenging connection to Jupiter you might find people communicating their thoughts and opinions a little bit more and there's nothing wrong with communicating your thoughts and opinions as long as you're not judging other people while you're doing it as long as you're still open to listening to other people's views on things but with Mercury squaring your squarey and Jupiter on Friday there might be a little bit more judgment a little bit more you know a little bit more conflict with communication and also because mercury is in peace there might be a little bit more vagueness or unclarity regarding what people are saying to one another so it's good to reiterate because things can be miscommunicated you know or things can be taken the wrong way when you really meant to to say something one way somebody else hears something else and then it becomes you know a miscommunication also in Friday the 22nd Venus which at the beginning of the week connected with Saturn now Venus is connecting with Pluto Pluto is also in Capricorn and Pluto is that planet of power control transformation death rebirth regeneration and transmuting you know lower energies so Venus is the you know again the planet of love relationships finances and money but she's the Divine Feminine too I mean this is a really a divine feminine energy with Venus connecting with Pluto I feel like women or groups of women can be more empowered and also you if you're a woman can feel more empowered on that day or conversely there may be some power and control issues that women will be dealing with but that is also going to be an aspect of transformation so look for transformation to happen with the Divine Feminine with women look for transformation to happen in your relationships look for transformation to happen in money or finance matters so again there's like a death and rebirth energy here that Pluto is bringing to Venus okay the other thing that's going on just briefly this week is there's a lot of sextile energy aspects and when two planets are SEC styling one another it's an aspect of opportunity when you have an aspect of opportunity you have to take action on it okay so if you see a potential you see an opportunity you have to do something take action on it or the opportunity will pass you by and on Monday the Sun will be in a sextile to Uranus on Tuesday Mercury's in a sextile to Saturn on Saturday Mercury's in a sextile to Pluto so just know that throughout the week especially with mercury being about communication listen for messages or communications you know send in that email right away if you get something you know from somebody or if somebody calls you call them right back the Sun again with Uranus can be about our sense of self and feeling feeling like we're ready for a change but if you don't make a move towards or take an action towards that energy of change then that opportunity can pass you by so these are some of the things that those sextile energies can bring about all right so let's take a look at what our angels and guides have to say and this is one of one of my brand new decks I got a few new decks and you've seen this in the last couple of weeks in my readings this is the first time I'm using the angel tarot here by Jane Wallace so let's see we have two cards that came out in the first position so let's look at the first one okay this is Major Arcana number seven the chariot and this at the bottom says angel of guidance now the chariot card in the traditional Tarot just as it appears here is usually seen by a man or someone in a chariot in this case we have this beautiful angel in the chariot and the chariot is being led by two horses which is traditional one darker black horse and one white horse now this is signifying kind of our higher soul self with the white and our ego or shadow self with the dark and a lot of times as in the image of this picture the horses are looking away from each other and they're pulling they're trying to pull the chariot in two different directions so if you have two horses trying to pull a chariot in two different directions what's going to happen you're not really gonna move forward you're gonna kind of be at a standstill and so here with the chariot what needs to happen is we need to kind of blend or merge our higher self and our shadow self except the shadow self except those parts of you you know those ego shadow side to you but also merge with and connect with your higher soul self and bring them into balance they're both a part of you they're both an important part of you important part of us as human beings we are here we have egos we live in the third dimension but we're also you know fifth dimensional and higher spiritual beings of the light so we have to also tune into that god part of ourselves if we can merge those two together and we can get them on the same page the horses will be looking straight ahead both in the same direction straight ahead and be able to pull that chariot forward so here this is saying you're getting ready to move forward with something so you just have to bring yourself back into a sense of balance you know we've come out of a pretty interesting time with January being with eclipses last week we had Mars coming up to Uranus kind of bringing and activating some changes and so now it's time to find our center find our balance get ourselves you know moving in a direction basically and move straight ahead with something let's see what the second card is that goes see if it gives us additional information on the chariot okay this is the king of cups and it's interesting because you know we do have the Sun moving into Pisces that water sign full of compassion and at the bottom this card says commitment but the king of cups you know this is about being a leader or taking charge of our feelings and our emotions this is a person or an energy within you to where you're feeling very confident and strong within your emotional body within what you desire within how you feel and being able to express those feelings you're not shying away from expressing them but you're really you know expressing your love and that Sun moving into Pisces as I said all about unconditional love and compassion and forgiveness and healing and the king of cups here is really saying there can be a wonderful great healing here now you know the message of the bottom says commitment so we're making a commitment in an emotional way you know and this could be to a relationship this could be to a project that you feel emotionally connected to you know but it does deal with the emotions so you're making a commitment in some way on an emotional level to something and because it came out with this card you're making an emotional commitment to move forward you know here we have the angel of guidance trying to guide you give you messages here we have the king of cups to where you're really tuning into your feelings your emotions and what you desire in life and getting ready to move forward towards that so let's go ahead and take a look at the second card as we move throughout the week the magician major kind of number one the magician and the message at the bottom says this is the angel of magic now the magician traditionally again is someone who creates their own reality they use these magical tools around them and when I say magical tools you're using your visualization you're using your powers of manifestation you're utilizing your creative self-expression you know you're utilizing your psychic abilities your healing abilities and you can see the magician here has all these tools around him he's got a sword he's got a cup he's got a pentacle he's got a wand he's got like a magic wand or something in his hand there and so he's magically creating something new now we are at a full moon super moon this week and it is connecting in a positive way to Mars and Uranus which again you're right can redirect Uranus can bring something in quick and suddenly it can awaken us you Mars is an activator planet so he's activating something with this full moon super moon and you know I'm also led to say again that Chiron is moving into Aries that shift that we're going to feel from Chiron moving out of Pisces and into that individual sign that sign of self aries and the magician is Major Arcana number one and number one it is all about the self again this is you taking responsibility and making things magically happen for yourself okay so you're creating you're in this mode of creation alright so let's take a look at the last card for the week okay we have the king of Pentacles and the message at the bottom says generosity now we have two kings here the king of cups came out earlier and the king is a court card we have of course the page the knight the queen and the king traditionally in the Tarot the king is the most mature of the energies and so here we have two kings the most mature of the energies but the cups was about our emotional bodies or feelings the Pentacles is about earthly things such as money and finances goals career life path job you know even potentially things to do with family like you know security of the home and things of that nature and the king of Pentacles here is holding a pentacle which means he's rich with blessings you know the king again he's mature he's worked long he's worked hard to gain and materialize things on the third dimensional plane and the best way he can express his gratitude if you will for where he's gotten is by being generous to others so you know again there is this idea of responsibility and I'm led to think about again Venus connecting with Pluto on Friday and Venus ruling money and finances and Pluto being this powerful planet of train Meishan so it could definitely be here that as we near the end of the week that were coming into some sort of manifestation of some sort of security and I say it that way because it could be money in finances where there's a gift given or offer to you or promotion this could also just be about blessings though the manifestation of some sort of blessings and again some sort of gift being offered now you know sometimes we think of gifts and blessings from the universe but this is more tangible because it's the king of Pentacles & Pentacles is a more tangible thing so you're being given something tangibly maybe it's support or help maybe it's a promotion maybe it's a raise maybe it's you know an actual you know gift that's wrapped up with a nice little bow on it you know but know that you're being given something here and or you're supposed to take charge of your own financial nature or your career or your life path your destiny path again this is about taking charge of something on the physical plane and since we have two kings we're really needing to kind of take charge so you know this reading we have two Major Arcana cards the chariot we're supposed to move forward the magician we're supposed to create our own reality the kings are saying take charge of your emotions take charge of what you're doing take charge of the actions you're taking to get to your goals and I feel like you know this is a good way to what do I want to say work with that full moon super moon that we have this week so let's go ahead and take a look at the message from the crystal angel deck depending on your stone of choice so we're going to give this a little shuffle here and for the people that chose the moon stone this one's calling my attention as I shuffle so moonstone people lapis lazuli life-changing epiphany or experience and it says it's a time of big and blessed change for you and God is supporting you each step of the way so I feel like you know they're talking about using your visualization this week you know whatever this life-changing epiphany or blessing or sir stance or situation that's coming in for you is use your visualization during meditation use your imagination to see the end result of what it is that you want lapis lazuli is a stone of the third eye and the third eye is where we're imagining we're psychically seeing where you know we're intending through projecting an image basically through that third eye so as you do that I feel like this is going to help to speed up and bring in the blessings or the blessed change the other thing is is again because it's the third eye is like it says there's a life-changing epiphany that's happening like you have an ah-ha moment you have like oh my gosh that's what this was all about you know I never understood why I had to go through X Y & Z but now it's becoming more and more clear and I feel like that is you know another message that could potentially be coming in for those of you that shows the moonstone all right let's take a look at for those that shows the rhodonite gives us a little shuffle for the road night people the one on my forefinger here is calling my attention Dolomites stay strong in your faith and it says a positive outcome is depending on you keeping a positive mindset and so that was like the magician card you know positive mindset your positive intentions are going to create your reality your positive beliefs are going to create your reality so the Dolomites here is talking about staying in a space of trust and faith to create your reality stay positive now there's a lot of pink here so I'm thinking you have to tune in to the heart chakra tune in to the self-love the self nurturing the self respect the self care and stay in a place of faith and trust knowing that the universe loves you with that again that pink energy the universe loves you and is going to deliver the most beautiful blessings that you could ever imagine but you have to stay in a place of believing that okay so if you stay in a place of believing that there's wonderful things that are on its way for you and then for those of you that shows the fire agate let's give this a little shuffle fire agate people this one's starting to pop up we have kyanite we were just talking about self-care this one says make time for self-care it says taking care of yourself is essential right now again chyron moving into Aries sign of the self self respect self care your self-identity your self confidence so you're definitely need to and in fact you could actually use kyanite there's different colors of kyanite I tend to like the blue kyanite but in all kyanite is a cleanser it's a cleanser of your body your physical body emotional body mental body spiritual bodies it transmutes lower vibrational energies to a higher vibration so I feel like for you you should find a piece of kyanite meditate with it sleep with it carry it around to help to cleanse and release and transmute any lower vibrational thoughts emotions feelings energy circumstances situations etc but again also make time to take care of yourself do something for yourself get a massage take a nice relaxing walk out in nature have some alone time you know kind of set good boundaries and say I need some time to myself whatever that looks like for you that's essential as you're transitioning into new energy with Chiron and the Sun moving into new signs and with this new full moon super moon at zero degrees of Virgo and Virgo is a sign of service but often times Virgo gives service to other people and forgets to give service to themselves first so that's a message that comes through as well so I hope you've liked this weekly angel card reading thank you so much for liking my videos sharing commenting subscribing to my channel watching me on Facebook for those of you that sign up for readings and whatnot thank you so much I send you all lots of love and light as you move forward through this month of February and I'm sending you lots of angel' blessings [Music] you


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This week starts out busy as far as astrological aspects are concerned. On Monday the Sun, the lens through which we shine our Light, moves into the compassionate sign of Pisces for the next month, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, leaves Pisces, sign of the collective and past life energies, where he has been since 2011, and moves into fire sign Aries, sign of our self-individuation, where he will now be until 2027. On Tuesday we have a Full Moon Super Moon at 0 degrees Virgo. Full Moons are about completion but 0 degrees, the first degree of a sign, is about new beginnings. So, this Full Moon Super Moon will be a combination of both. The message from our angels and guides shows that we need to come back into balance in order to move forward. We must balance our ego self and Higher Self, listen to Higher Guidance, and focus our efforts and intentions to take the next steps. We are asked to take charge of our emotions and our responsibilities, and be the magical creator of our own reality now. We have been given the "tools" to manifest our dreams and now it is up to us to "take charge" of our Destiny and do so. Blessings of Love and Light to All! Colleen Lemma offers her Sacred Soul Empowerment readings, healing sessions, and other services via phone, Skype, Zoom, and email. Please visit her website at www.sacredsoulempowerment.com

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