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laughter looking dangerous every time they come forward and they look even more dangerous when that man comes on further feel dangerous luckily has got to stick men on the pitch who things it in the air is mixed [Music]


perfect to break here is Yvonne Quinta - Leo messing up chubby

put on there to the Aaron and his way into it janiga has also come on in place over this year old obviously the only run to fix up a yellow card in this game club is it kicking the ball away but it goes army art in fact I'd love to see Freeman here I became two-trucking goes in the first off and

three pillars of the tivities in his second off three attempts against the woodwork becomes mir-method looking to make it three for Boston [Applause]

okay one of the sizes that you say you can see in the right place go keep evolving the techniques nothing you could do though about the rebound

they're the only member of the subcommittee still the fill is to goalkeeper Pinto is I again a marvelous a to kick the ball onto the crossbar De Sanctis this planet whoever plays I find the same so yes looking to make it poor wanker

quencher once more see how wide the dozens sauce turns off instead go dr. Sergio is messy javi into petrol wonderful pie [Applause]

and it sold about makes it look at this messy Jovie Pedro messy again and that's bull luckily a Finn awful awful but when faster cut the bit between their teeth there's no awful lot you can do

fantastic Google from Pep Guardiola's Barcelona

face of mascara

storefront walk

really enjoying themselves inside the camp now as the Mexican wave goes around in this preseason tournament a tournament held at the beginning of every season here at the Cal now this is the 46 position including this one Barcelona the fat fed chubby and the tactic clear Missi comforts bring it under control and the Bulls out for a naturally throwing

this Gary alumnus who does indeed of the captain's armband they're JIRA vertex in caboose get messy knocks it forward into Busquets to observe past as well

he's inside the chubby 70% of the possession Barcelona have had message the stands on the ball but regains possession though he gives it away stuff in this interview survived [Applause] you may commence again homicide the oxen time five for Barcelona in the phones they're absolutely thrilled with what they see narrow the count now there's no effective way to kick off the new campaign them with five mil victory then the joy on campus ottoman it was a lovely through ball in fact from Erika without and they are messy quite simply doesn't meant from there

slide the ball into the far corner to make it by champion

the sons of one's messy come in under play Jack Brewster 30 Roberto or the substitute goal from Victor Ruiz the sidecut decide against neo mystic wouldn't have counted as it was rough thought he got a hand to the ball we in acres of space in the center of the pitch finds Leo Messi actually the glue to come back enough Cesc fàbregas scored the game's first goal and his first goal in a bottle owner sir after 26 minutes and from then on things just got better and better they've made it fast alone r5 napoli know as far as 35th joy in the giant Ganther trophy and yes [Music]


[Music] [Applause]

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