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hey guys it's Maddie be here and today we'll be putting weird things in this water filter y'all are already - who are you I'm not Evie no I'm not you know I okay timeout wait what is it what is this what are you doing I'm putting weird things in this water filter for my vlog Channel what is your vlog Channel my vlog channel is named Maddie B vlogs okay okay so journey yeah I mean but I don't have a mini me it's just me every big youtuber always has a mini means like don't you see them you're my mini me yes all right guy said he thinks he's mini me come to stand next to me do you see any resemblance yes okay maybe what I was like how are you okay maybe when I was like 9 my point exactly I am your mini Mac beep alright guys I don't know what to think honestly said do you think we should get to know him yes if you want to get to know him we will sit down me see you mini Mady me let me break it down for you I got a couple reasons why you can't be mad at me because I can do some things that you can do give me one reason I like MattyB raps I can rap can you rap yeah okay let's hear something caught up in a frantic got a caught up in a friend zone let me tell you about a girl I know break in next everywhere she goes she's a media auntie ain't it they need to fix up the Quemado Jos job wish you bought killed oh alright alright I guess I guess you'll get the pass on that guy's deal did you like that we can rap I'll give you that but here's something 100% why you can't Humanity is because I can dance well you want me to show you how to dance you can dance yeah but I'm gonna need an open space for this okay I'm ready

honestly I'm lining the line I used to do that exact same thing like that little thing we're spending on the ground season how do i do nasty dance I do gymnastics answer let's see what is that yep yeah he said yep okay guys guys did you like the dance all right listen so you can you can rap you can dance I guess but I know one thing that'll differ you for me is that you won't got the ladies you're too young what do you mean brother I got ladies you got a ladies yep okay but there's one reason you can't be mini Maddie because this is my vlog channel like I'm known for doing challenges and stuff and you can't you need challenges well how about we do one right now and fix things up a little but okay but if we're gonna do a challenge you got to know what's poppin on YouTube like you've got a challenge ready would you about a water filter charge I mean let's do it okay all right so like what is the point of this so we're just putting a drink in a filter what is it supposed to do it's supposed to make it to watch all right I mean let's go and I want you to drink it you know okay but no you know I don't know you gotta drink it okay fine all right guys so we got sweet tea and coffee so we're gonna start off with the sweet tea is that okay with you how much important tell me when to stop stop stop listen I don't think it's filtering it's not working what what is this okay I actually I guess it's a little bit lighter then like okay show up here so when we pour it in I guess it's like should we pour the coffee in and see what it does yeah all right let's just do it let's just do coffee me is that okay with you sure hopefully it works they're working supposed to do that supposed to make your water thank yous that oh honestly it's not completely clear but it's a lot lighter like look at the top look at the top and see how the dark it is and then okay actually it's getting kind of go up but it's still as hard as it is it looks like cranberry juice right there guys you whoever made this water filter challenge why did you lie to us why is this like literally just coffee right there then taste it first this is wack all right many many these aren't a lot of caffeine so what oh I'll try for you let's see what it tastes like it tastes like coffee you ready okay I smell it it smells like coffee definitely definitely smells it looks like coffee so guys I'm thinking that this challenge I still don't like coffee it just tastes like cold coffee pretty much yeah I guess I guess you're not supposed to put coffee in a water filter because I guess it doesn't turn it into water alright mini me so I'm not gonna lie that that challenge is kind of a bust so like what are we gonna do we need to do something epic something that no one will expect something that no one could even know what's happening something that the lights turn off they feel blank and then pow so so to be continued to be continued guys ready be here in nature Lincoln's with me if you want me to be honest and tell Matt to make sure to keep me on more and if he does it she's true [Music]

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