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ah shit as i walked in i noticed the moving bookcase at the end of the room was slowly closing but there was no sign of the master mind and a sense is busted the moving bookcase had closed on its own without any outside help hmm where is the master mind you know everyone who's downstairs just look at the one that's missing we quickly walk to the movie bouquet are you telling me those cameras are hidden that is not hidden and then not too far away from the moving bookcase we saw ah

fuck [Music]

you call that hidden you call that hidden that's hidden fuck's sake matera ah money who had yet to reveal his ultimate talent to the rest of us lay dead on the ground with blood splatter and iron frickin bull I knew it would we saw that iron ball they're like oh it's really heavy freakin cold dead

and of course they're gonna frame the ultimate tennis player now then let's get started

for the ultimate pianist qaida Komatsu kaya and let's give you boyfriend a kiss for fuck's sake wait wait a second cut it please don't sue Ichi you better not Luis she's about to die man words are only gonna get you so far grow some fucking balls and be assertive do that shit do it do it now to this killing game I know you can beat it [Music] let's give it everything we've got it's punishment time I believe in you guys so please believe in yourselves and Tsui Chik grow some fucking balls and be a certain be a fucking boss Wow fucking everyone show everyone some fucking passion come on man okay it's a promise come on man for fuck's sake oh my god oh my god that's adorable [Music] something so cute monochrome ah for fuck's sake this is disturbing Oh God and Mark is angry cause she's still hungry I mean not mark you but the thingy oh wow oh wow that would hurt huh live live is that live a little huh wipe where is huh what's the hell pays for this crap

oh wow [Music] Suffolk oh wow poor thing yeah it's gonna hurt yeah [Music] you cruel bastard monokuma Wow what

mundo kid mono Dan [Music]

you what mana damn the fuck John says being a gentleman but if goethe does nothing piranhas will eat he Miko hmm less than ten seconds remain it's a fake water tank yeah me too

right when the buzzer hit zero the buzzer alarm went off and then the bottom of the suspended tank swung open and the murky water and shadowy shapes inside fell straight into the water tank Himiko was swimming in huh huh look the piranhas it's a fake water tank right she she just like right now she jumped at the front and there's like another water tank behind it right it's a fake one right and she pulled apart the curtain we witnessed an unbelievable sight aw son-of-a-bitch

that stupid execution video was rights

[Music] that was the second death in the execution video water so the third one is getting everyone's heads bashed in it took a few moments for all of us to even process it but then again perhaps we weren't trying to process it perhaps we didn't want to acknowledge it great huh behold the Magnificent underwater escape

[Music] a body has been discovered Wow everyone please gather in the gym god dammit yeah yeah a body in the gym then when he miko turned to look back at the water tank yeah yeah you can panic now oh god she's absolutely gone you must live I intend to live I must survive no matter what it takes if I must debase myself so be it I would drink filth and eat carrion to survive I will do anything anything to survive she screamed and she started running I couldn't believe what I was saying it was a completely undignified exit there's no way I'm letting you out of here I hit the left click like four times now spike fix the shit [Music]

it was ugly and raw and fell she just ran as fast as she could I heard my voice call out Ron Ron Ron kill Rumi Wow hurry run like I said I'm not letting you leave please run it's not like you took an elevator down here which is probably deactivated I'm getting fucking massive chill so oh god another chill ah you little adorable bastard boats chasing a Holly fuck this is gonna be brutal isn't it oh wow another chill huh oh wow another chill Oh more chills

yes oh fuck [Music] Wow aha wow this is some soil level shit Oh God Wow you sadistic fuck


wow that is so sadistic what is he Joe oh wow whoa no damn the hell wow you really know how to torture someone give them false hope because they cannot be true despair without hope wanna dam the fuck well it sucks the doorknob I realized that my palms were sweating from fear here why am i nervous I turned the doorknob push open the door and saw ah fuckin call this shit oh wait that's kinda Rianna okay all right I was like joking but okay well shit the motive worked right the motive itself was we're going to resurrect someone yeah that was the motive because it was only one stupid one person stupid enough to believe it Angie there's a hole and the thing he isn't there fucking wooden floor oh shit I see pink I see pink she's fucking dead she's fucking dead oh my god oh my god someone from downstairs like stabbed her or some shit he okay okay okay okay oh man I just saw some fucking pig she's dead hey what's going on did it really fail that cannot be that shouldn't be the case the sounds was perfect well maybe it was a load of shit and it's a double murder bitches it's a double murder now I will remove this sheet wait a floorboards moved yes someone stabbed her Kyra pinch the fabric gently and pulled it aside but marki was downstairs no you bitch don't be the one that committed the murder us whether God indeed like I was unfazed by this perhaps something is amiss there is a pool of blood yeah [Music] make a run towards the cage at a sprint you make I told you not to step on that but she wasn't listening she jumped onto the cage end Oh

fueled by desperation he Miko grab the cage lifted it up and he Miko fill she lifted the cage wow that's a lot of adrenaline really it's like really who would have thought there'd be another victim during the investigation okay question what the hell is under when I came to the whole way okay here we go I say more surprised than I could ever imagine unfolded we rather have another body or we have an orgy let's just go nuts here really I thought did I just call a third murder oh you can't I can't even imagine what the fuck this execution would be something anthropological okay cultural melting pot okay so we've got the shabari thing go enjoy

that's not fun Oh what again Oh

what's going on one in one of them is it goes now done on day off

so we use the salt way so monokuma use the salt to get rid of korekiyo and then stone is system okay sir motor coomer's the sister fucking now why ah ah when I open my eyes I can only see black I was logged out the helmet on my head was blocking my vision when I realized that I quickly reached up to grab the helmet and pull it off when I did a nauseating sight was waiting for me news dad isn't she

god fucking damnit Ouma god fucking damnit Mews cold dead body fucking knew it

[Music] Oh what the fuck [Applause]


oh boy after opening the shutter we burst into the hangar electro hammers in hand to end this to end this killing game to end this despair chills down my spine fucking you it who is it who is it

okey chills up my spine


fuck okay Maki is going to fucking explode right now okay here we go

[Music] fucking massive chill right now okay another chill Marky's get a fucking loser shit

voyage without passion or purpose oh my fucking god you could see kaitos fucking coat in that what is this what's going on Qaeda's code was in the fucking title fuck massive chill his coat was there the entire time and this fucking music oh my god it's danganronpa 2 all over again chaos and madness confusion and turmoil I couldn't stay calm I couldn't keep it in it was too much despair oh ha ha ha Maki don't forget the impossible is possible all you gotta do is make it so ok yeah thanks Kaito ah someone needs a fucking hug someone needs a fucking hug someone needs a hug someone needs a hug and a teddy bear Maki roll Maki roll how long are you gonna cry you should still smile I can't that's impossible I can't of course my bad for making you cry like that goddamnit alright then let's end this with a bang a special punishment suited to the luminary of the stars I gotta tell me I'm excited to get this started oh yeah well screw you I'm not gonna die the way you want someone give machi a goddamn teddy bear oh my god that sound well he's already half dead so you know you better be quick monokuma

really the same thing Wow rest of the second ignition I can't believe it's the same one what okay



era confirmed he died in space [Music]

that's not how gravity works he's a hog yet Monica miss best he died in space he died in space Wow I just got a massive he died in space I [Music] just got a massive chill down my spine but he died in space Wow I just got a massive chill that is not that is not a punishment that that execution was in no way a punishment he died in space he died happy why the fuck am I getting emotional fuck off Carter go suck a dick in space but he didn't die execute he didn't get punished he died happy he died with a sense of fulfillment yeah he died from his illness like you guys said but he still died in space he died fulfilled come on guys that's so poetic that's like the most nice death in danganronpa I didn't say this shit comin tamuka Shuichi Kimiko and Maki will receive punishment time to destroy the ultimate academy Wow

I like how Kibo just had these weapons

damn it's imoogi you're not worthy to stand next to monokuma

[Music] so he just had these weapons this entire time

people watching this in the cinemas what it's jus pokedex or your fault I blame kaya I personally blame kaya

okay that's cool hey do robots have to and there we go there we go no they don't they have a USB port that smile and hair reminds me of something she's like Oscar but with less reddish

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